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Custom tattoo designs

I have plenty of room to take any tattoo commissions! If you’re interested e-mail me on 

If you want to have a look at my work and what I specialise in, you can view my most recent pieces on my blog under MY WORK

 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :) - Liv

Another tattoo design, this time a half-sleeve illustration, created for a client on Custom Tattoo Design. The art depicts the client’s future self reaching down to save his mother, reimagined as an angel, while she protects her two children against a horde of predators. The client’s mother had died during his teenage years, and so he wanted a meaningful first tattoo to commemorate her. I was deeply moved by the premise and jumped at the opportunity to help him visualize the design.


To celebrate Liam becoming a full time artist we have a ton load of flash on offer! All custom designs ranging from £40-£140! Call to book your appointment 02082417778 🖤

Imagine you’re in a conflict with yourself, imagine everything has actually happened for some reason, imagine you have to get everything straight, and then imagine every simplicity has a hardship inside; gather them all and you’re now ready to be alive.