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I work at the royal burger and this was the worsr customer of the day
Cus: -shows me one (1) coupon- I would like two of these?
Me: -sees that the coupon is two Jr Whippers and two fries- ok so two Jr Whippers?
Cus: yeah, but I want two of them.
Me: two Jr Whippers….?
Cus: No two of this coupon.
Me: -realizes they want me to use the same coupon twice- Oh! I’m sorry. You can only get one deal per coupon. If you want another two Jr Whippers you’re going to need another one
Cus: oh ok, then that one, and then two of these -shows me one (1) other coupon-
Me: -internally screaming. Especially since I have the drive thru headset and it’s beeping in my ear because there’s a car- I’m sorry, but like the last coupon you’ll need another coupon if you want another deal.
Cus: can’t you just put it in twice?
Me: No, because I’ll only have one coupon to show instead of two like you want to order.
Cus: -looks uncomfortable and looks to his friend who just shakes her head and give me the two coupons and then orders the extra Jr Whippers on the side-
Me: -internally- oh thank fuck.


Model- Maria Sanchez

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hair- here by @missparaply

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nails- here by @salem-c

waist coat- here by @simpliciaty

shirt- here by @mariamariasims

shorts- here by @cleotopia

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M!A harold starts coughing up magic items for 7 asks

((Y’all picked the really fucking funny one and I don’t think I’m ever going to stop laughing about this.))

*He seems to be humming a quiet tune as he reads a novel.*

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jeans- here by @puresims

boots- here by @madlensims

Lookbook: Bold and Beautiful

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hair- here by @missparaply

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