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I loved that we got a buildable rug with the Vampire gamepack but it only came in a Victorian pattern and since my builds are mostly contemporary I thought I’d try my hands on some plain recolors. I ended up with a corner piece add-on too to make it even more versatile. :D 

► Re-texture of the Custom Victorian Runner & End
► Corner add-on
► Comes in Poppet’s True Romance Colors
Requires Vampires Gamepack! 
► Made with the awesome sims4studio

Download: simfileshare

interrupted (m) part VI

pairing: reader x ???

genre: angst. so. much. angst.

summary: part 6 of this trash i call a series.

word count: 3.1k (specifics: 3,095)

warnings/triggers: drinking, swearing, violence, blah… you know the drill

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Need some help

I’ll make a proper sale post later, but now would be a great time to place an order if you’ve had something on your mind. Maybe a niffler, or a merbunny, or a doll of your favorite character that there never seems to be merch for? You see, for the past three years our gas company Eversource has been sending our bill to the wrong address, though we have been repeatedly trying to wrangle it. We finally got a bill for $800 when they showed up yesterday to turn off our gas, even though we’d already made a partial payment. Finances have been pretty much terrible anyway, to the point where I’ve been contemplating shutting down the shop this year, but I managed to reverse the switch off by basically emptying my account, since we can’t get an actual person on the phone to work out any leniency for their error (and not to mention two ex roommates worth of bill, as well)… So I need help. Share a link to the shop on FB! Reblog some favorite designs! Talk about how neat your purchase was and how I’ll make *anything* custom to your little corner of the internet.

The Stitchy Button on etsy
Use coupon code SHIP17 for free shipping in the USA

*doing returns*
Customer:where is your bathroom?

Me: If you head straight towards the shop, take a right into the very corner.

Customer #2: No, there’s a bathroom up here.

Me: No, there’s not(wondering if he’s about to pee in our isles)

Customer2: yes there is

Me: Our only bathroom is in the back

Customer 2: there is one up here I’ve used it

Me:*realizes* That’s our employee bathroom. You can’t go back there.(closest entrance he starts pointing to says “no admittance. Employees only” as do all entrances)

Customer 2: I know. I’ve used it before.

Me: You shouldn’t have then and you’re not going back there now.

Customer2 to 1: Fine, we’ll go across the street and use their bathroom.

Me: The tire shop doesn’t have a customer bathroom but okay.

I work at at a tiny little Joann’s Fabric and Crafts. One side of our neighborhood is retirement villages and general SnowBird Land. The other side is sketchy, cheap motels and halfway homes.

I was working the cut-counter, with an enormous line of grandmas with carts filled to the brim with fabric. Since my store is chronically short-staffed, the regulars had taken it upon themselves to entertain the more impatient customers. God Bless these Grannies.

I was four yards into a ten yard cut, half-listening to the regulars banter, when I saw another customer approach from the corner of my eye. I immediately paused my measuring and looked up to tell them to get a ticket before they started shopping.

The customer was a middle aged woman with dirty clothes and bright blue eye shadow. She slowly walked over to the cut counter, stared intensely into my eyes. In a croaky voice, she asked- no- told me “I need a computer.”

The store was silent, the Grannies had paused their story to watch the newcomer, and I had no idea what to say. The poor woman was obviously stoned out of her mind, and I’m already a lump of social awkwardness. After stammering for a few seconds, I lifted up the bolt of flannel I was measuring and said “We’re a fabric store?”

The woman stared at me for ten more seconds.

“Okay.” She finally mumbled. “I don’t need a computer.”

Then left as slowly as she came.


Let’s congratulate our favorite little witch on this special day ! … Or rather… Special night !

When asked what kind of celebration she’d like, she said that she wanted to go back to Otonoki for a night, with all 18 of her friends along for a sleepover. Considering that the 6 month move to Uranohoshi has already been done for this summer, the staff started off with a negative answer. But… Nozomi can be very persuasive.

The staff gave in and reopened Otonoki for a night. The charge is on Ms Minami, don’t worry, she’s aware. They will hop back on a train ride to Uranohoshi on June 10, in the morning.

After all, she’s even customized her own corner of the dormitory after all these years ! It kind of became her room ! And after all, at night, no one knows the daycare better than Nozomi herself ! She’s got plenty of cool things to show !

They can tell each other stories, have pillow fights, challenge each other to explore the daycare at night, share food, like any kid’s dream sleepover !

Let’s see how it goes ! Happy birthday, little Nontan !

anonymous asked:

I dress pretty butch at work so I read as being gay pretty easily and long story short I had a customer corner over by our DVDs and go on a tangent about how when we invite the demons in (??????) we lead sinful lives and do things such as being gay. If I wasn't at work I could have just walked off, but instead I had to sit there and smile and nod. Like fuck off guy, I don't get paid enough for this. One of my coworkers had to literally come and bail me out


Hey guys, a while back I made a FireAlpaca brush for myself that was, well, supposed to be for making a hair texture–but I found I actually quite like it otherwise! (I used it for these two doodles, actually.) It’s rather soft looking.

Anyway, I just now thought to myself, “I wonder if anyone else would like this?” So here you go! Just save that first picture up there and use it to make a bitmap brush. I use the the settings pictured, but of course do whatever you want with it!

Corporate remodeled our fitting rooms. We went from 8 stalls with 2 accessible stalls to 6 stalls with 1 accessible stall. They also added a electrical room, and the entire fitting room was made smaller overall. The rack we keep in the fitting room to hang returns on kinda blocked the fitting room in the corner, but customers could still get in.

Apparently several people complained on store surveys that our fitting room was “cluttered,” so management took out the rack of empty hangers we use to hang up returns, completely locked one of the 6 rooms to block off a corner for the rack of returns, and a manager comes in every two seconds to tell us not to leave stuff on the counter even though we use the counter for folded returns and accessories. It’s driving me crazy, and I’m waiting for the day the fitting room gets busy and someone yells at us for having a usable room blocked off during a rush.

Kim Kardashian Lookbook Part 2


Dress by @inabadromance

Earrings by @sims4-marigold


Dress by @missfortunesims

Coat by @starlord-sims

Shoes by @madlensims

Hair by @salem2342 (x)


Dress by DarkNightt (x)

Shoes by @madlensims


Dress by @mayhemfashionsims4

Shoes by @madlensims


Dress by @mayhemfashionsims4

Shoes by @madlensims

Hair by @salem2342 (x)


Dress by @mayhemfashionsims4 (Thank you)

Hair by @salem2342 (x)

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Smelly Customers

Why do so many customers seem to lack basic hygiene?

Today was a really hot, muggy day and I had at LEAST four customers who stank so badly I had to use the room spray we keep behind the counter for such occurrences. 

HOW do they not realise how bad they smell?  Surely they must catch a whiff of themselves and think..maybe I should apply deodorant or have a shower?

The stench lingers long after they’ve left the building! It’s so disgusting 

title ⟶  Nodus Tollens
summary ⟶  It all began over a mindless exchange of play lines and a bowl of ramen. Entranced by a simple gesture, Kim Taehyung awakens to a reality that is no longer familiar, where he’s forced to live in a society that survives on the deaths of others.
pairing ⟶ kim taehyung x jeon jungkook
words ⟶ 3.2k
genre ⟶ angst, humor, tokyo ghoul!au
warning gore, violence, mentions of death

001. of ?

a/n: It’s been a really, really, long time since I’ve written and this is my first ship-fic so yeah, enjoy! >.<

Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?

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Annnnd happy 3422 everybody, wish me luck not hitting on any customers…

(Do not take this as authorization to make advances at cornered customer service people, even in spring, okay?  Leave your email address on the table, tip if tips are a thing where you are, and leave.  If you’re a regular, first ask a different worker there if your email address would be appreciated by whoever you want to hit on so you don’t wind up seeming stalkery.)


My first attempt of Halsey.

Skirt by @sims4-marigold

Shirt by @simpliciaty

Accessory Jacket by @salem2342

Cap by JS Sims

Shoes by @madlensims

Earrings by @leahlillith

Seventeen: Host Club

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host club AU


  • the “passionate” host 
  • he WILL have all the customers at least once 
  • showers every girl with compliments
  • smirks for days 
  • loves it when he gets a shy customer that blushes a lot 
  • extra greasy with customers that flirt back


  • the “prince” host 
  • actual real life prince he’s so majestic
  • one smile from him makes girls swoon 
  • lets customers that visit him a lot touch his hair
  • tucks customers’ hair behind their ears
  • most requested host EVER it makes s.coups jelly


  • the “gentleman” host
  • literally the perfect gentleman with the best manners ever
  • but then sometimes he goofs up like when pouring a cup of tea
  • and laughs in embarrassment, looking shy
  • it kills girls every time
  • one dopey smile from him and you’ll be requesting him for the next month


  • the “surprising” host
  • you never know what junhui has up his sleeve
  • he literally has so many talents
  • one day he’s showing off his juggling skills during the circus theme
  • then in the paris theme it turns out he can speak french???
  • customers never get tired of him


  • the “active” host
  • there’s no such thing as sitting down and having a long talk with hosh
  • customers are constantly moving around the room with him
  • and by moving i mean he’s holding them by their hand leading them around
  • s k i n s h i p
  • it’s an absolute must with him


  • the “cool guy” host
  • the customer does most of the talking as he nods along, his deep eyes burning into their soul
  • when he talks it’s always something cool
  • often takes customers into the corner of the room where it’s quieter
  • did i mention super intense staring?
  • when he laughs all customers around him go quiet in surprise, making him shy


  • the “sensitive” host
  • will listen to all thoughts and try to help the best way he can
  • makes observations about all of his customers even if they only come once
  • the more they come the better their experience gets as he applies what he learned about them
  • gets really flustered when he overhears his customers telling others about how great he is
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed host


  • the “sunshine” host
  • actual ball of sunshine dk everybody
  • no customer leaves him without wearing a giant smile on their face
  • memorizes jokes every day to tell them
  • some of them are really bad but the customers laugh anyways bc they don’t want to make him sad
  • welcomes everybody that walks in like a walmart greeter


  • the “natural” host
  • girls naturally flock to him with his nice hair and height
  • eating time is all the time
  • customers wonder how he isn’t a whale
  • really good host but don’t choose him during allergy season
  • poor bby sniffles the entire season and no amount of medications donated to the club for him can solve it


  • the “marshmallow” host
  • such a cutie pie ohmygosh
  • customer gets to pick whatever they want to do and he’ll happily comply
  • aegyo on demand
  • like jun he’ll be spontaneously cool and manly so the customers are just :OOO
  • but then it’s back to fluffy marshmallow the8??? what even????


  • the “eccentric” host
  • breaks out into song every day
  • very protective of his customers 
  • tones down his sassiness with the shy ones and tries to build up their confidence
  • often makes his customers cry from laughter
  • obsessed with fruity-smelling lotions and always has some to give out


  • the “awkward dork” host
  • acts totally chill but is internally screaming
  • fills awkward silences by filling his and his customers’ stomachs
  • blushes when he accidentally makes contact with his customer
  • tries to mimic his hyungs but messes up
  • customers love him anyways


  • the “playful” host
  • loves playing games a lot
  • his customers get challenged to all kinds of games both physical and mental
  • customers’ rewards for winning is picking the cake and tea
  • when dino wins he picks another game to play
  • always a good sport, constantly complementing the customers’ moves

♡ kiss kiss fall in love ♡

so these drabbles will be written one of three ways: 

1. one member = 20+ bullets

2. one unit = 8-12 bullets

3. entire group = 5-7 bullets


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