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Programmable LED Fidget Spinner

It was bound to happen eventually …

Product combines Fidget Spinner with simple Persistence of Vision LEDs to create animated lo-fi display (yes … a fidget spinner with a USB port):

  • Highly customizable by connecting to your android phone after downloading QR code android app.
  • Micro usb cable included for charging and connection to phone.
  • Multiple color and text customization possibilities
  • Quality construction built with ceramic bearing for extra long spin times.
  • Currently available in black only without silver metallic packaging

These first caught my eye via Facebook feed to this Amazon Japan listing here, yet it can be bought via US Amazon here. (PS - China beats Kickstarter again)


The Black Fairy’s cardboard prison is finished and ready to be signed by Jaime Murray this weekend 😊


@bobthedoctor27 asked me

“I enjoyed the reasoning behind your 10 Ugliest Sets. Was a very enjoyable read. In contrast, what are the ten canister sets that you find most appealing and how would you rank them?”

For some unknown reason, Tumblr is refusing to allow me to add images to this answer, so here I am making a post instead. To answer your question, here is my top ten Bionicle canister sets.

10. Kurahk

To begin, we have one of the Sons of Makuta. I always loved the design of the rahkshi regardless the fact they are clone sets. With this stated, I chose Kurahk because of the nice contrast between the white and grey elements in the set, as well as, the consistency in design between the spine and staff- the defining features which differentiate each rahkshi from the other.

9. Thok

When I was younger, the marketing campaign for the Piraka did not resonate with me. I ultimately chose to skip these sets and await the release of the Toa Inika later that year. Boy, do I regret that decision. While I certainly don’t think the Piraka sets are all that great even today, I must admit that I adore Thok’s design. From his razor-sharp spines to his cryo gun and shit-eating grin, I can’t help but love this cool little backstabber.

8. Stronius

By the time of Stronius’ release, the inika build had been done to death. Regardless, the most impressive aspect of Stronius’ design is its consistency. The club, mask, chest plate, pauldrons, and thigh armor help convey a rock motif which really helps this set stand out. In addition, the black and metru-red color scheme looks fantastic. Unfortunately, some serious gappiness in the torso really holds this set back.

7. Carapar

Much like Stronius, an interesting visual motif conveyed through new armor molds helps this set stand above others which share the same tired inika build. The unique marbled plating on Carapar’s limbs, torso, and head give him the carapace look which is his namesake. That is, Carapar looks like a crab, and I like crabs.

6. Krika

I really like bionicle quadrupeds- particularly since they are rare among the main sets. Krika’s mantis-like design is both unorthodox and somewhat menacing. The black, white, and mata-red color scheme is nice- particularly with the marbling in Krika’s blades. The major pitfall of this set is that there is no mata-red in the torso, thus the color balance is off. In addition, the distinctly-organic design of the blades contrasts with the mechanical look of Krika’s body, thus creating the illusion that Krika has four tiny arms holding large blades rather than said blades being a part of his limbs. This issue is only exacerbated by the color imbalance.

5. Toa Iruini

The Toa Hagah, two marvelous sets Lego graced us with in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the “Lego system”- whatever that’s supposed to mean. Regardless, these sets are an extension of the metru body type- one of my favorite designs from Bionicle G1. Iruini’s metallic gold and metru-green color scheme is fantastic, and the added breastplate really balances out the gold distribution. The spear is also a nice touch, for the only other toa set to feature a polearm up to this point was Takanuva. If you could guess by my self-moc, I have a particular fondness of polearms. Oh, and did I forget to mention that mask? Glorious.

4. Toa Norik

Ditto, but replace “metallic gold” with “silver” and “metru-green” with “metru-red.” Norik is everything I love about Iruini but with a nicer color scheme, armor, and weapon.

3. Toa Jaller Mahri

Remember how I dislike the repetitive inika build? Well, here’s yet another one. Again unlike most other inika builds, Jaller Mahri, like Stronius and Carapar, is visually interesting regardless. He has fantastic aesthetic consistency due to the motif shared between his mask, breastplate, abdominal plate, hahnah crab, and power sword. The chest tubes and the tubes on his mask are also a nice touch. Finally, that crab is just too cute, and that power sword is perhaps the single-best weapon part to come from Bionicle G1.

2. Vamprah

I love this set. I love bats, and this set fits this motif to a T. The Mask of Hunger looks quite vampiric and bat-like, and the small hooks on the front of Vamprah’s wings is an excellent detail. Another aspect I love about this set is its absence of feet; he’s another quadruped. If I had to complain- nope, I have nothing. His construction may be similar to his comrades on a base level, but he does more than enough to stand out on his own.

1. Takadox

If any of the Barraki deserves the title “Creep from the Deep,” it’s Takadox. To begin, let’s examine his color scheme: metru-blue, black, trans-medium blue, marbled light blue, silver, mata-red, and trans-red. Sounds like it would be a mess, yes? Yet this set balances these colors impeccably. The marbled light-blue draws attention to Takadox’s face, which possesses an unsettling and almost alien quality- reminiscent of many real creatures of the deep. This quality is further exacerbated by Takadox’s red eyes which are far more striking when contrasted to the soft marbled blue of his skull. While this splash of red would typically throw the color balance off, this is prevented by the numerous mata-red spines which cover Takadox’s body- which contrast well with the metru-blue and trans-medium blue elements. Speaking of his body, it uses a custom construction which makes for a refreshing break from the ever-present inika build. While some may not like the spindly construction of Takadox, I feel it further lends to his creep factor. Finally, those serrated claws- menacing. Overall, Takadox is my absolute favorite Bionicle canister set.

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Tami Erwin, Executive Vice President of Wireless Operations at Verizon, Shares 12 Fundamental Leadership Attributes

1. Get things done. The first job of a leader is to act.

2. Balance focus on strategy and execution.

3. Provide the right tools and resources to face the problems your team might face.

4. Be visible to customers and employees. Engage with what is happening.

5. Communicate openly and honestly, both with employees and customers.

6. Exercise constructive dissent. Rally once a decision is made.

7. Lead by example. Do the tough things and be engaged when it matters.

8. Be passionate. Demonstrate a commitment to the objectives before you.

9. Believe in yourself – and others. Spend time being an iconic developer of people.

10. Celebrate success, even when the chips are down and the work is hard.

11. Maintain balance for yourself and those who support you. Give and get all that life gives you.

12. Give back. Identify and support emerging talent. As a leader, if you don’t give back, who will?

I didn’t know...

…that I needed the next Fallout to be simultaneously a Sims, Minecraft, base defense, animal companion, exploration/survival shooter until Bethesda told me so.

Prepare to be bombarded with photos. Last night I had the chance to take my new self-made corset out on the town, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit. I can feel the contours of my pelvis just below my cinched waist, and my rib cage is hugged with such precision that I can feel the subtle outward curve of each half on either side of the busk. I could not imagine a more precise fit.

Now, on to the things that make it imperfect:

  • That damn wrinkling at the waist!  I know that techniques exist to correct this, but since this was my first time working with coutil I wanted to just focus on the basics of putting a corset together.
  • I’m not very good yet at tipping spiral steel boning, so that step in construction took the most time and effort (and under-my-breath swearing)
  • The binding was finished in a hurry, so it’s not as neat as I’d truly like it to be, though still better than your standard mid-price OTR.
  • I patterned the waist to be about an inch smaller than what it came out as.  How did I manage that?  I thought that my margin of error on each seam at least balanced out by the fact that I would deviate equally in the direction of “too far out” and “too far in” by no more than a millimeter on each seam.  Oh well, it’s still a fine reduction.
  • This has more to do with my personal physiological cycles - when wearing it last night my underbust measurement was down by about 0.5" from “normal”, meaning that there was just enough room for me to slip two fingers in the top edge.  Somehow that minute difference (even if it won’t be there in a week) perturbs me…

(And yes, I am on public transit in this picture.)

Voltron Inquisition AU

Takashi Shirogane, the dual wielding rogue with the hand that can close the Breach.

∙Shiro came from a really small farm life background in the Exalted Plains, raising horses and bison on his father’s farm. When the templars and mages began warring, he was drafted in as a scout, injured heavily, and allowed (with the reluctance of the Order) to leave. While he was away, his father passed with age and his mother sold the farm. Shiro’s grandparents were also living in their home at this point, so being there felt..wrong. It didn’t feel like home anymore, and every time he closed his eyes he could only imagine how it used to be. His mother encouraged him to move on and travel the country, but he was very reluctant because he wanted to provide. Eventually he gives in, because his PTSD nightmares are too vivid and painful to be contained in a small farmhouse with soft firelight and elegant drapery. 

∙He is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when the explosion happens at the conclave, and when he awakes in Cassandra’s jail cell his is cuffed and his hand aches with the pain of the Anchor.

∙He is skeptical of the Inquisition at first, but accepts it more readily than others might expect. Shiro has no life to return to, and would rather put himself to a good cause then return to a stagnant life in the fields, watching the breach grow larger above them every day. 

∙ Shiro meets Keith by coincidence in a village bazaar. Keith tries to steal himself food and nearly gets arrested when Shiro spots him and appears out of nowhere. “Little brother! There you are, I’ve been looking for you. I forgot to give you the coppers to pay for that…”

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anonymous asked:

Hey I see your edits with Jack as a companion and wanted to know what mod youre using for that or if youre doing it differently?

Im on mobile so I can’t post links, but I used LooksMenu and Construct A Custom Companion :) I opened Jack’s face as if I were going to edit his appearance and I saved him as a preset. Then I created a companion with the latter mod and loaded Jack’s face onto them. The mod also includes an item that lets you rename your companions by choosing from a list of names it provides. It’s far from perfect but it keeps me happy enough :’)

I was going to do the same with Edward but the mods ghoul companion creation is messed up, and the last update on the mod was in 2016 so I don’t look for it to be fixed anytime soon 💔

One of these days I’d love to learn enough about Creation Kit to make a proper Jack companion that actually utilizes his audio from the game. That won’t be anytime soon either though 😂

submitted by Mikey Bautista
External image

Adding gear made of copper to your EDC is a great way to add luster to your loadout. Like a good pair of leather boots, copper only gets better with time and use, developing a personalized patina that tells the story of your experiences. As one of the denser tool materials, it adds a nice heft to your gear, giving a solid feel when used. Copper’s material properties allow better heat dissipation for tools like flashlights or electronics, keeping them cool and safe from damage while running. Needless to say, it’s also one of the most beautiful and unique metals you can find on everyday items.

We’ve put together ten of the coolest copper products on the market, so check out our list below to find one to color up your carry.


Maratac Copper CR123 Flashlight (pictured Left)

An EDC classic with thick, beefy knurling and notches that work well with copper’s heavier weight. Its twist activation will help develop interesting patterns in the patina over time. Shown here alongside copper companions, the Karas Kustoms Retrakt, and our next pick courtesy of Everyday Carry user Ron Dean.

Buy ($55)

External image

Zippo Copper Coated Lighter

What better material to use in a tool designed to be handled regularly? The beautiful copper color and patina also work well with the colors of fire.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Corter Leather Bottlehook

One of the most recognizable and effective keychain retention designs on the market. Like the rest of Corter’s products will wear and patina elegantly with every bottle opened or door unlocked.

Buy ($37)

External image

Suunto Essential Copper Digital Watch

A premium Finnish digital quartz, sporting an equally premium copper finish.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Olight S1-Cu Baton Flashlight

The Olight S1 was one of the best EDC lights to come out in 2015, offering high performance at a low cost and an even lower footprint. A limited copper offering definitely helps its value as a desirable everyday light.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Ti2 TechLiner Shorty Pen (pictured Left)

The TechLiner’s magnetic cap sets it apart from other machined pens. Copper construction with a well-worn patina will help it stand out even more over time. See the TechLiner in good copper company (including our next pick) courtesy of Everyday Carry user Chris Szaroleta at his original submission.

Buy ($70)

External image

Prometheus Beta-QR Cu Flashlight

We loved the brass version, and the copper variant has the same, impressive midtech fit and finish. Copper’s thermal conductivity working in tandem with its body ridges makes for a cool light when in use.

Buy ($75)

External image

Ka-Bar Coppersmith Barlow Pocket Knife

A gentleman’s knife that will age just as well as its copper fittings. With two blades in a classic style, the Coppersmith is an heirloom in the making.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Fisher Space Pen in Copper Zirconium Nitride

A pen that needs no introduction to everyday carry. Simple, compact, reliable, and now uniquely appealing in a copper zirconium nitride finish.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Personalized Copper Money Clip

Carry your cash around in customized style. Copper construction, hand-stamped, and smells like money — a perfect combination.

Buy on Amazon

Do you have a favorite copper carry that didn’t make our list? Or do you prefer your gear a bit lighter and classier, or with the sheen of titanium? Show off your carry’s shine in the comments below!

anonymous asked:

Whoah what's the big green mech, it looks like Hana's but I feel like it's different

It’s a custom mech that Ingrid constructed based off Hana’s old mech model! She lets Andy use it because Ingrid herself isn’t very combat-pragmatic.