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SALTWATER SCHOOL:  Casting a Circle for Beginners

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Witchlings and Baby Witches, gather ‘round to learn how to cast a simple Circle.  You may be wondering, “Why do we cast Circles?” and that can be easily answered!  Most of the time, we cast Circles to create a sacred space where our spellwork and rituals can be conducted.  There are other various reasons, but you can discover that with time, research, and practice.  For this lesson, we are going to focus on creating that sacred space for you.


**Circles can be cast alone or with others.  If you are participating with other witches, you may want to print them off a “script” of what will be said and done that way everyone can participate.  Change “I” in the script to “we”, “me” to “us”, and so on and so forth.

**Circles can be cast indoors and outdoors.  However, I do caution you not to cast Circles without getting the permission of the person who owns said space, home, property, etc.  

**You can decorate and dress up for your Circle casting.  Using the appropriate colors, plants, stones, and meaningful objects can aid in powering your Circle.  This, however, is not necessary.

**Decide in advance what will be done in the Circle.  Make a plan of what you want to do inside your circle, whether it worship, prayer, spellwork, or meditation.  Don’t feel rushed and take your time.  

**Music may be used to accompany the Circle casting and rituals.  I typically choose songs that don’t have words.  (I get distracted easily by music.)

**Feel free to customize these words and tailor them to fit your own practices.  You can substitute “walls and floors” with “foliage, stones, and ground” if you are casting outside.  Names for Gods and Goddesses may be used in place of “Lord and Lady.”

**There is no right way to cast a Circle.  There are many traditions that different witches use.  Find what you like, experiment and customize your circle casting ritual.

**NOTE**  This is just one example of how to cast a Circle (one I used when I was just starting out.)


Candles, incense, matches (or a lighter), representations of the four corners, decorations, an athame (ceremonial knife) or wand. 


1.  Ground and center, and then lay out where your Circle will be cast.  This doesn’t have to be physically marked, but I have seen people use cord, chalk, and candles.  (Note: using lit candles can be dangerous.  Please take precautions when doing this.  We don’t want anyone or anything getting hurt.)  I used to create a small altar at the direction North with representations of the four elements.

2.  Light incense and candles, and make your announcement:  The Circle is about to be cast and I freely stand within to greet my Lady and my Lord.

3.  Take one candle in hand and begin walking the Circle.  Here, we are acknowledging the Four Quarters (North, South, East, and West.)  We will stop at each direction and call out the corresponding greeting found below.  For this, we will walk deosil around our Circle.  To move deosil is to move in a clockwise (or sunwise) direction.  Once you have finished acknowledging the directions, return to North.

–North:  I call upon Light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the Circle.
–East:  I call upon Light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the Circle.
–South:  I call upon Light and Fire at the South to illuminate and warm the Circle.
–West:  I call upon Light and Water at the South to illuminate and cleanse the Circle.

4.  Return the candle to its rightful place and raise the athame or wand into your hand facing North.  Call out:  I draw this Circle in the Presence of the Lady and the Lord that They may aid and bless me in my work.

5.  Lower the athame or wand and walk deosil once more around the Circle, envisioning a blue light shoot out from the Circle’s boundary.  Call out:  This is the boundary of the Circle, around me, through walls and floors, above me and below me as a sphere is the Circle cast and consecrated to the Lady and the Lord that They may work with and through Their child, (your name/Craft Name).  This Circle is charged by the power of the Ancient Ones!  Only love shall enter and leave.

Begin your ritual, spellcasting, meditation, or any other word you wish inside the Circle.  Within it, you will be protected.  However, a word of caution: if you are a witchling, make sure you do not over exert yourself inside the Circle.  Casting any magic can make anyone grow weary or tired, so be aware of how much energy you are expending.  Like any magic, it takes time and practice.  When you have finished your work, you will open your Circle.


6.  Take the athame or wand in hand both hands facing North.  Call out:  Lord and Lady, I have been blessed by Your sharing this time with me; watching and guarding me; guiding me here and in all things.  I came in love and I depart in love.

7.  Raise the athame or wand high in the air in salute.  Call out:  Love is the Law and Love is the Bond.  Merry did I meet, merry do I part, and merry will I meet again.  The Circle is cleansed.

8.  Kiss the flat of the blade or the tip of the wand.  Here, we will bid farewell to the Quarters and move widdershins.  Widdershins, which can be spelled withershins, widershins, widderschynnes, appears to come from German and Lowland Scottish. In German, widersinning means “against the senses”, that is “not the usual”, or “against the grain.”  For our purposes, it means to move counter-clockwise.  So, we will go from North to West, South, and East.  As you move, this would be the time to blow out candles if they are how you laid out your Circle.  Once you have finished saying goodbye to the Quarters, return North.

–Depart in peace, Elemental Earth.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Water.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Fire.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Air.  My blessings take with you!

9.  Raise your arms into the air with athame or wand in hand.  Call out:  Beings and powers of the visible and invisible, depart in peace!  You aid in my work, whisper in my mind, and bless me from the Otherworld.  Let there ever be harmony between us.  My blessings take with you.  The Circle is cleared!

10.  Take the athame or wand in hand, and move widdershins once more around the Circle, calling out:  The Circle is open yet the Circle remains as its magical power is drawn back into me.  The Circle has been cleared.  My ritual has ended.

11.  Place athame or wand aside, and take a seat on the floor (you may also lie on your back.)  Close your eyes and focus on grounding excess energy by touching your palms to the floor.  Let the magic in the room (or outdoors) disperse and settle.  Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and begin cleaning up your space.

I hope all of you find this helpful.  Again, Circle casting can be completely tailored and customized for your needs, and you don’t have to cast one this way.  It is meant to be a resource for those just starting out.  If you have any questions, you can reach me via ASK or by messaging me.

Blessings, little ones!

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“Enjoy your sleep, Billy.”
And with that, ACen is over, and Billy returns to his grave.
Prosthetic is custom sculpted and slush cast in latex, and painted with Mehron fantasy FX paints and alcohol activated paints by I Love FX Makeup.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Iron Fist receiving such negative reviews?

It sucks, and it makes me sad that people are going to miss out because of it. Maybe they’ll choose to watch Iron Fist once Defenders comes out. Finn Jones says Danny Rand does a lot of maturing and growing in Defenders, so I’m hoping more people will come to like him. He acts like an arrogant, insufferable dude for much of the first half of the season, which is why I think people give him the White Savior label. Danny certainly fits the trope at first, but as @emanationman has pointed out, that completely changes by the end of the show. Danny doesn’t complete his “mission.” He doesn’t save the day. He doesn’t become the Big Damn Hero. He fails, over and over, and there are severe consequences because of it. It becomes a painful lesson in humility and growing up.

Most of the bad reviews came out when the first six episodes were screened, so it wasn’t even an accurate representation of where the show ended up. They didn’t get to see Ward Meachum’s character arc, or Danny becoming disillusioned with K’un-Lun’s rigid, dogmatic teachings and come to terms with his own shortcomings. And Colleen and Claire… I mean… they’re basically the voice of reason throughout the show. I love them both so much. And Madame Gao is such a complicated, sympathetic villain. Their actors deserve all of the recognition.

All of the actors I’ve seen in interviews have been so proud of the show, and really enjoyed working on it. The sets were beautiful and custom-built, the cast seemed to really bond, the show has one of the most unsettling villains I’ve ever seen in the MCU, and the opening scene/theme music is actually my favorite out of all the Defender shows.

There are a lot of legitimate criticisms to the structure of the show (poorly shot fight scenes, questionable dialogue, awkward pacing), but it’s not that bad. Iron Fist originally had a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Like, that’s ridiculous. It doesn’t hold up with Daredevil, Luke Cage, or Jessica Jones, but it’s hardly the worst show in existence. Come on.

I wrote about Iron Fist and folks saying it’s a racist show here, and followers offered some really interesting points and rebuttals in the reblogs if you want to take a look. I hope that answered your question, anon!

I do big projects for no reason

A bit of backstory:

About a year ago I decided, purely from boredom, that I was going to make a character for every canon god tier (excluding Lord and Muse)
It didn’t take long to realize that I had no use for 144 new characters, so I started throwing them at my friends. About a month in I got tired of rolling a d12, so I started offering to make specific characters for people. That went along the lines of ‘give me a god tier and a few details if you want and I’ll give you a fully formed character’. I started offering to do trollsonas with the help of a custom blood caste algorithm my friend and I made.
And now I’m doing full sessions.

(Details below, may need to view post on my blog)

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Veterinary nurse makes colorful, custom casts for animals post-surgery

Up there on the list of “most heart-wrenching things ever” is seeing a pet in a cast. Pets, as good and pure beings, don’t deserve to feel any pain or have to go through any suffering.

But alas, animals are no more immune to illness and injury than we are. So all we can do is ease as much as possible any suffering they do have to experience.

Kate Doyle, a veterinary nurse in Perth, Australia, is doing her part for pets and pet owners by creating stunning custom casts for animals who go through surgery.

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Image: kate doyle

Image: kate doyle

“I’ve worked as a vet nurse in Perth for nearly five years now. I’ve been making these bandages for about two years,” Doyle told us. “In most cases these bandages are done for animals with fractures or that just had a cruciate ligament repair.”

Doyle explained that these jazzed up casts, while not too different from regular casts, help owners feel better about their pets’ situation and earn smiles everywhere they go.

“I make each one totally in my spare time and keep a folder of them at work ready to use,” Doyle said. She spends anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours creating them, and sometimes shares them to Instagram.

Image: kate doyle

Image: kate doyle

If you ever have a pet who needs to undergo a medical procedure, Doyle has some great tips for how to make them feel as comfortable as possible afterwards.

“Keep them somewhere comfy and warm with their favourite blanket or bed,” Doyle suggested, adding that animals tend to struggle to regulate their body temperature after operations. She recommends placing a hot water bottle next to them or dressing them in warm clothing.

Most importantly, of course, is letting your pet get tons of rest and sleep. Placing your pet in an area of your home with minimal foot traffic will cut down on disruptions.

“Don’t force them to eat,” Doyle advised. “They will eat when they are ready.”

And finally, don’t forget to show your pet lots of love. While you may not be able to design amazing casts, you can be easily there for your furry family members and that’s something they will appreciate forever.

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