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A Black Lotus, artwork done by @isharton I believe? I found the proxy on a Google plus group and I just wanted a soothing art project for my Saturday night.

I definitely don’t take any credit in any way for the artwork or border or anything. I only printed it out and foiled it.

You can also see up at the top there is a mistake. Still fun to make though! Thought I’d share!

Thoughts? :)

I’ve been making fun proxies of Magic cards I own as of late, but that got me to thinking about doing fantasy equipment from other games as though they were going to be, loosely, turned in to Magic cards. This first one is The Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom from The Adventure Zone.

I’ll probably do a few more from TAZ before I move on to other fantasy universes.

Kingdom Hearts Monopoly

Hey guys, well i’m apart of the Sarcastic Sora page on FB and we were talking about Kingdom Hearts Monopoly during a live stream. There had been some made but none with a full set so i decided that i would give it ago.

Below is the board, the game pieces, star shard as the houses and gummi ship as hotels, community chest cards, chance cards, Sigil’s (stations), muney (money used in game) and the property cards. Created on Adobe Illustrator and has taken about 5 days to make. All of the game pieces drawn by me. 

Please feel free to use this to play your own monopoly games. Please enjoy =D

Copyright to Monopoly, Square Inc and Disney 

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Hey! Maybe while you’re here you might want to check out Skirmish for yourself!!!

Sorin had looked through his notes over and over, but they all led to the same thing. He had to go back to Zendikar, and see for himself. As he arrived at the location where the two titans, Ulamog and Kozilek, had fallen, his heart sunk. The ground shifted and rumbled, and a creature rose out of the ash. Sorin’s predictions were right, when he wanted them to be wrong.

A custom flip version of Ulamog I made. I am sad that the two titans died and I want them back okay ;-;. 

The lore behind this is still a mystery, but some of Sorin/Ugin’s notes led to Sorin beliving that the Eldrazi would come back, and alas, one rose from the ashes reborn. 


Both names included, but this is the fruits of all the labors of everyone who commented on the post!

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Once again, thank you all so much for that!

Halo 5’s new REQ system immediately reminded me of Titanfall’s trading card system. But I feel like 343 has managed to improve this type of reward system. 

Players are rewarded REQ points during matches and can be redeemed for REQ packs. These packs contain virtual cards and items such as weapons, boosts, helmets, assassination animations, vehicles and more.

REQ packs come in many varieties (and we’ll get to rarities and card kinds soon):

  • Gold: Contain REQ cards ranging from Uncommon to Legendary.
  • Silver: Contain REQ cards ranging from Uncommon to Rare.
  • Bronze: Contain Common REQ cards and single use cards.
  • Premium: Contain a large number of REQ cards with an increased chance of higher levels of rarity and more permanent REQ cards.
  • Supply: These can be obtained by purchasing Halo licensed products at retail which comes in three levels: Basica, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Promotional: These are available through promotions. For example: predetermined rewards by pre-ordering Halo 5: Guardians. Also comes in two kinds: Promotional and Advanced Promotional.

 There are three kinds of REQ cards: 

 Cosmetic - Which is basically armor, visors, helmets, skins, and various assassination animations. They can be used once the player has unlocked them in Arena and Warzone. These items are also considered Permanent cards because you get to keep them.

 Permanent - These first three are exclusive to Warzone:

  • Weapon Loadouts: “Warzone allows for the user of Loadout Weapon REQ cards. There are 4 base loadout weapons players can acquire via REQ cards. Player can unlock advanced versions of these weapons that have special attachments and scopes.”
  • Certifications: “Once a REQ’s Certification has been obtained the player will have a greatly increased chance of finding related REQ’s when opening REQ packs.”
  • Armor Mods: “Armor Mods allow Spartans to augment their abilities in Warzone, such as increased Sprint speeds or the ability to carry more grenades.”

The next permanent item types can be used in Warzone and Arena:

  • Weapon Skins: Customize the look of your weapon with different colors and styles.
  • Assassinations: These cards allow players to choose a different assassination animation other than the default. 
  • Stance: “These cards unlock stances for Spartans when viewed in menus.”
  • Armor: Customize your Spartan body armor.
  • Emblem: Customize player cards and multiplayer game lobbies.
  • Visor: Customize the look your Spartan visor.
  • Helmet: Helmet cards are for customizing your Spartan’s helmet.

 Single Use -  These are one-time use REQ cards. So in Warzone, once these cards have been accessed, they disappear. These cards are typically powerful. 

  • Power Weapons: “These weapons have been upgraded in Halo 5: Guardians. They now come in a variety of different power levels or with new unique behaviors.” Hm….
  • Vehicles“Let you call new and favorite vehicles directly into Warzone matches at a friendly home base or a captured garage.”
  • Boost“Provide players with the opportunity to gain additional REQ points or earn XP at an increased rate in match made multiplayer games.”
  • Power Ups“Grant temporary Power Ups to players such as Active Camo, Damage Boost, Speed Boost and Overshield.

There is also elements to individual REQ cards. This might explain a bit:

In Warzone, you are able to use Linda’s sniper rifle, Nornfang, as a single use Power Weapon. YESSSSSSS

Energy Level is the green hexagon encapsulating the 7. Calling in Power Weapons, Power Ups and Vehicles cost Energy. For this particular item, the expenditure is 7. But spend your Energy wisely. This resource takes time to recharge during matches.

Rarity is well, how rare a card is and these come in a wide variety of rarity. Nornfang is an example of a legendary REQ card but it also has a Mythic Status Ribbon (which I will get into shortly). Here’s the rarity breakdown:

  • Common 
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra-Rare
  • Legendary

Mythic items are considered extremely rare and transcend the rarity levels. These Items include Linda’s sniper rifle, Kelly’s custom shotgun and the deadly Prophets Bane. You can find permanent cosmetic REQ cards in this category too.


I’m a sucker for customizing so the cosmetic is calling out to me, especially the assassination animations. Its new and different. Some people will require more getting used to than others and it might have some hiccups at first but I’m sure it’ll work out, be fair (I hope) and most importantly, be fun. I can’t wait to see the various different kinds of cards we get to see at launch and in the coming months after. 

Here are some that 343 has decided to show off:

Dat Mako Chthonic helmet tho…

Designer Questions:

- What is a good amount of cycles to aim/limit your design to in a custom magic set?

- What is a good amount of themes and when does an umbrella of a theme (example : my set is aimed to be Fairy Tales) start to break apart into smaller themes?

- How many cards constitutes a tribe?

Feedback is telling me I might have too much going on.

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