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A Black Lotus, artwork done by @isharton I believe? I found the proxy on a Google plus group and I just wanted a soothing art project for my Saturday night.

I definitely don’t take any credit in any way for the artwork or border or anything. I only printed it out and foiled it.

You can also see up at the top there is a mistake. Still fun to make though! Thought I’d share!

Thoughts? :)


Both names included, but this is the fruits of all the labors of everyone who commented on the post!

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I really hope I didn’t leave anyone out/mis-tag someone! Thank you all so very much for reblogging the post and talking about it and stuff! It really meant a lot to me, especially since I just kinda threw it out there on a whim and it looks like it’s been liked a lot!

Once again, thank you all so much for that!

Designer Questions:

- What is a good amount of cycles to aim/limit your design to in a custom magic set?

- What is a good amount of themes and when does an umbrella of a theme (example : my set is aimed to be Fairy Tales) start to break apart into smaller themes?

- How many cards constitutes a tribe?

Feedback is telling me I might have too much going on.

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The Cultures of Massiv

The worlds of Massive are both diverse, and unique. There are four major races of Massiv.

Humans are the first of the races, native to the homeworld***. Humans are not the most technically advanced race, but are plentiful and resourceful. Humans cost less to play compared to other races, but are weaker.

Aliens* are the foreigners to the homeworld, native to only the stars. Aliens are the most advanced of weaponry of the races. However, the distance to their homeworld means a higher cost to balance the fire power. 

Beasts* are the other native race to the homeworld. Beasts are rabid, and powerful, however lack any form of technology. They make up for this lack with a lower cost, but can take less damage.

Machines are a new comer to the war of the homeworld. Essentially mercenaries, Machines fight for any side that can offer the highest reward. Machines have an average cost, with an above average power. However, Machines need maintenance**.

Evergreen abilities:

Humans: Humans will have a mechanic similar to haste from mtg. Humans also will have a mechanic similar to burn. Flavour wise, this is from guerilla warfare and traps.

Aliens: Aliens will have a mechanic that will be able to produce tokens. As well, Aliens will have the ability to prevent threats from entering, essentially countering the opponent. Flavour wise, this comes from the advanced technology, and the speed at which this tech operates.

Beasts: Beasts will have the ability to play additional creatures at lower costs. The Beasts will also have a mechanic similar to devotion, gaining from each other. Flavour wise, this is because of the unity of the forests, deserts, oceans they live in.

Machines: Machines will have an evergreen mechanic that will be similar to mana rocks in mtg. Machines will have an evergreen mechanic with costs each turn, as part of the maintenance.

*Working Name

**A mechanic similar to upkeep costs from Magic: the Gathering

***The world that the first story arch exists in

doombladez what do you think of this? anything that seems out of balance, or any new ideas you might have?

Anyone can suggest ideas