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THE BOX IS DONE 🔥🔥🔥 a custom deck box for a very patient and awesome person, decked out with wood-burned card art. Juicy Jace, Umezawa’s Jitte. The back is Tolarian Academy, Griselbrand, and Thalia. The front is Birds of Paradise, Karn, and Sensei’s Divining Top (which was extra spicy to burn). The bottom is a promo art of Hypnotic Spectre vs Serra Angel.

A Black Lotus, artwork done by @isharton I believe? I found the proxy on a Google plus group and I just wanted a soothing art project for my Saturday night.

I definitely don’t take any credit in any way for the artwork or border or anything. I only printed it out and foiled it.

You can also see up at the top there is a mistake. Still fun to make though! Thought I’d share!

Thoughts? :)

You Compleat Me(ld)

So I am one of the folks who loves meld. Brisela is the big angel horror I’ve always dreamed of. Hanweir is my favorite legendary ooze that can’t actually be a commander. Chittering Host is… the easiest pair to get a lot of copies of and actually play a deck that gets to meld things consistently.

And personally I’ve felt Phyrexia could make great use of meld tech and just really make some creepy stuff. But I’d want it to be Phyrexia’s main schtick in this take and meld as is just doesn’t work as anything more than a creepy sprinkle on top of a set.

The solution is to make cards that can meld with more than just one specific counterpart, but how do you accomplish that?

(Image of two handmade cards, one basically Vampire Nighthawk and the other a sort of Sabertooth Outrider)

Here we have your normal ole creatures. A cute vampyr and a mean looking kitty cat. You might recognize them, save for a few bits of text down there at the bottom, Phyrexianize and Test Subject.

Phyrexianize would read something like:

Phyrexianize COST (COST, sacrifice this creature and a creature with test subject: Return them from your graveyard to the battlefield melded.)

The specific rules text, cost and stuff could all be tweaked. The important bit is that you have the action of phyresis here being to meld the card with Phyrexianize with a card that has Test Subject.

Test Subject just serves as indicator text for Phyrexianize to care about. That gives it something to look at other than the specific name like the current meld cards (it might work better in this case as a supertype or maybe a subtype). It also insures that you have a specific subset of cards that can ever be combined with the Phyrexianize cards–a bigger subset than our current meld cards, which name one other specific card (the smallest subset you could have really), but still a specific couple of cards, which is important because you get this…

(Image of the backs of the two handmade cards pushed right next to each other with a blank art box that combines over two cards, along with name and type lines that run across both cards)

You’ll notice a few things here that are all very intentional.

1. The name and type lines run the length of the first card so that it’s very obvious that the last bit overhanging onto the second card is a part of each of those. The name is hyphenated with the last word and would conceivably fit any noun there quite easily. It could be a Phyrexian Vampyr-Cat, -Dog, -Phelddagrif, you name it. Also I know I’m spelling Vampyr incorrectly and also that Phyrexian is not and likely never will be a creature type, but it really helps fill out the type line on the first card so it looks natural. It needs the room on the second card to fit the rest of the type.

2. The power and toughness are displayed on the left and right of each card, pushed together so each card contributes half and when melded the P/T is now displayed in the “center” of the melded card. What I did here is make the backside double the power and toughness of the respective creature contributing that part. That’s just an easy take on it, there are different options here though.

3. Each backside features all the rules text abilities from the front sides (minus Test Subject and Phyrexianize since those are no longer relevant). So combining the Flying, Deathtouch, Likelink with the First strike, Trample get you a creature with all those abilities.


I see the main challenge as the art. How do you make multiple pieces of art that can be convey a semblance of what the creature used to be, look different enough to be recognizable across the table, and yet also combine in an aesthetically pleasing manner with the other half which could be any one of a number of other pieces of art? I mean the two concepts I’ve brainstormed so far basically boil down to this:


(image from a children’s mix and match dinosaur book)


(image of Two Face from Batman)

Which to be fair I bet Magic artists could do some good work with, but I’ve only ever seen these very cartoony examples of this sort of thing and this would absolutely not fit Magic’s creative tone.

Actually, I think the art is the biggest challenge. There are likely some rules hurdles to figure out (I don’t know if meld supports this sort of use) and I imagine the development of these would be difficult. Otherwise my biggest concern would be complexity but I also think it’s so damn cool as to be worth that cost.

I’m also really attached to the particular flavoring of this as Phyrexians trying to perfect themselves. Take an essentially hopeless subject (Test Subject, that term probably isn’t the best but it fits for now) and use it’s best parts to make a better specimen even better.

My Own, Custom, Magic Set

Hey everyone! So I’ve been slowly designing a Magic set and finally decided to put them into a card creator and show them off! The set is based off of my fan plane, Jarguund, where Asmund is from, and is the leader of a small country. It’s based around snow, Vikings, and Norse mythology. I’ll be uploading cards sporadically through the next while, so enjoy, and any feedback would be appreciated!