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fic title: right turn

[or: the motocross au i’ve always dreamed of writing] 

alex danvers crashed and burned - literally.

after a terrible accident in the world championships two years ago, both the danvers sisters disappeared from the motocross scene. in the absence, maggie sawyer rose to the top. a true cinderella story - with sawyer speaking honestly and openly about how she was kicked out of the house at fifteen for being gay, how she went to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins and it was her aunt who taught her how to ride. who took her to her first competition.

maggie sawyer is a success story of the greatest kind, but if there’s one thing the people love more than a cinderella story, it’s a comeback.

enter kara danvers.

after two years of near silence from the danver camp, kara shows up unannounced at a local motocross rally. one sawyer happens to be at, and it’s one that sawyer looses.

the motocross world is clamoring for details, but kara danvers is unfailing polite in interviews and speaks nothing of her sister, of the accident, or of the race.

and it’s not that maggie sawyer is angry, she’s curious.

so she visits the danvers’ camp and that’s when she meets alex danvers.

alex danvers who has custom built every bike kara uses. and who barely blinks when maggie knocks on the side of the trailer and goes “holy shit these are sick bikes.”

“i made them.” alex replies “of course they are.”

and cue maggie sawyer definitely not falling in love with her biggest competitors older sister. oh no, not at all.

except she is.

kara and maggie trade off wins across the motocross circuit, always polite, always laughing and good natured in interviews. and maggie ends up with her coach james having drinks with the danvers after rallys. and what’s some harmless flirting. and like, a kiss. just the one. however there’s a storm brewing in the danvers camp, and after kara loses two races in a row in shocking fashion, maggie is concerned.

thrilled, because winning,

but it’s not fun if your biggest competition isn’t racing well. plus, maggie /cares/ or something.

heavy on the something.

turns out kara’s distracted by alex. alex who is trying so hard to be supportive of her sister, and trying so hard to make karas dream come true. but watching kara live alex’s dream? it’s ripping alex apart.

and on the three anniversary of her accident, it’s the biggest rally of the year and kara drops out. says nothing else, but ‘i’m out for this one ’

maggie goes to find her, but only sees winn. resident tech expert for the danvers camp. maggie asks why kara dropped out and winn goes “I know you two are friends, or something, and you get along really well with alex. so, you deserve to know,

alex is missing.”

maggie’s stomach drops out.

she checks her phone and there’s a message from alex,

alex who’s drunk. alex who’s crying. alex who’s saying she’s trying to be a good sister to kara, but watching kara do this is ripping her apart.

maggie has to make a choice.

compete, probably win and secure her legacy as a legend of motocross.

or drop out,

and go find alex danvers.

james tells her the same thing he tells her before every race - trust your gut.

so maggie drops out.

she calls kara, who picks up at once and splutters “but the race,”

and maggie replies “but alex.”

they find alex, eventually. she’s at the track her dad taught her to ride at. she’s sitting there on her back, laid out on the s curve, looking up at the stars and for the first time since the accident, grieving for what she lost.

it isn’t easy after that - alex goes sober, both kara and maggie have to explain to sponsors what happened, why they dropped out.

[it’s ‘personal reasons’ and 'family stuff’]

and basically this is slow burn sanvers, with girls riding bikes and finding a new path after the world ends.

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:0 a singy song I guess