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Hey, sorry if I'm bothering you with this question, but, what brush do you use to outline the your characters? Like is it a regular brush that's already in the program (sai) or is it a custom brush? And if it's a custom brush, what are the settings? I really like your brush and I can't seem to find a brush that I like to outline my drawings. Thanks <3*

^ This is for those.. ‘big drawigs’ (dunno how to call it) like my header picture (it has that paper effect I like that :3

And that one is for the standart drawings (like the pictures which I draw to answer some questions)

Hope I could help :o

Szajnie's custom brush settings (long post)

Here are some of my favorite brushes that I’ve made screwing around in Sai. These are made simply by messing with the settings, so no importing needed.

#1 (Soft brush)                                   


#2 (bushes)


#3 Painterly

My personal favorite is my Tree/Cloud brush

I hope some of you find these useful. ^-^ Enjoy!!

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hello i love your art so much!! it's really pretty. i was wondering what are your brush settings (especially for lines)? i love how they look. have a nice day!! :)

thanks for the compliment!! :)

i don’t really use a specific brush for each of my artworks so i constantly change the settings (even while drawing).. 

but for some of my recent drawings i’ve been using customized brushes with this setting as a base:

this setting in particular feels good (for me, at least) to draw/sketch with..

BUT, the best brush setting is something you find comfortable drawing with and something you can easily control bc no matter how “good” a brush is, it doesn’t matter if it’s not comfortable for you

also my brush settings aren’t that great anyways haha

illumelnati's colouring tutorial

h-h-hello everyone!! i have made a colouring tutorial requested by hurrdicane!!! i am honestly surprised anyone would ask… b-but here it is!

so right… first thing’s, my tools!
the only tools i always use are airbrush (default settings), brush tool (customized settings) and water tool (default settings).

my brush settings are:
lmao omg i’m sorry my settings aren’t even… (they’re like 21… 43… smh) but yeah! most of my works are purely paintings so i use the brush tool a lot. one time i lost my brush settings and i panicked for days i had to work so hard to get it back lmao okAY MOVING ON!

i get my lineart done first!

after that, i create a multiply layer and base colour everything in one layer. i shade lightly using the brush tool and it normally looks like this after:

i always base colour the drawing using a darker shade of the original colour (like for example, the apron is white but i base colour it grey). after i am finished base colouring, i merge the base colours and the lineart together and they are now in one layer.

then i take the brush took again, and start painting over my lines. the final result is this:

here i have another example of my colouring process:

as for colouring picking… i honestly don’t think i am too good in this as my colours are quite dull, but i try to use a lot of blue and greys and occasionally add fluorescent and bright colours like hot pink, turquoise and so on. a work in progress of mine usually looks like this:

as you can see everything is painted under one layer :-)
that’s all i have to say i guess! i’m sorry if this wasn’t informative enough, but i hope it can help you in any way! if you have any questions feel free to ask me anything!

thank you for reading! \(T∇T)/

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To the guy asking about brushes on SAI: it may not be the exact version you're looking for, but it's probably "Paint Tool SAI Anglicised With Custom Brushes". If you google that exact phrase, you'll get a version of SAI with a huge number of cool custom brushes and more settings to change them with.


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helloooo, i'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but could you please tell are there any special brush settings you use making your glorious artworks (if it's not top secret information ofc)? and THANK YOU for sharing your art and bringing awesomeness to our dashes

Hello! Thank you for this lovely message!!
I switch between default and custom brush sets for MANGA STUDIO 5 (which is my program of choice), this one by haloghost and this one by 888toto  - there is a small fee for the latter but it’s totally worth it in my opinion, also I like supporting independent artists when I can.
Here are my TOP 3 -

FIRST BRUSH// G-PEN - a default brush, so no downloads necessary. Since it has such a nice pointy tip but also a very full body, it’s my go-to brush for sketching, or when I need to fill in large areas with colour. Reminds me of the ink tool or pen tool when I used to have SAI 
˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

SECOND BRUSH // MARU - a custom brush. This is my SERIOUS-BUSINESS tool. There isn’t a huge difference between this one and the G-PEN except how very very FINE the strokes will go without ever needing to change the size of the brush - and, if you know me, you’ll know I’m all about the tiny tiny fine lines, perfect stray-hairs-and-eye-creases-brush. MY FAVOURITE. 

THIRD BRUSH // SKETCH PENCIL - custom brush. An effect I like when drawing fabric/clothes. 

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Do you just use the standard round in photoshop for inking/lines? They are so clear!

For inking, yes, I just use the standard round brush at full opacity and flow! I turn off pressure sensitivity for better speed (and because I am very light-handed). Results look like this (this is CS5):

For general lines I use a custom “pencil” texture brush set at 30% flow. Results look like this at 100% zoom (also CS5):