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Three Days For Us  - Zig x MC

#ChoicesCreates Round 21

Book: The Freshman/The Sophomore
Pairing: Zig x MC
Prompt: “What if…?”
Rating: T 
Hosted by @catsrtheboss this week!

[A little note: The first ship I thought of was initially something else but I decided to take a small break to work on some other stuff. This is supposed to take place after Hartfeld University; except Zig and MC has never met formally until now].

[Summary: Another end of the year, means another round of Christmas parties and exchanging of holiday gifts. In a world filled with family and couples, MC despises this season until a twist of fate means she might not have to spend it alone this year.]

The mall was overflowing, cluttered with people three nights before Christmas Eve. Little children scurried with their parents trailing not far behind and couples walked hand in hand, laughing and joking with one another as if they were sharing some sort of private joke. They might as well had been.

Dia was distracted by her own sullen thoughts, when her eyes had swiftly snapped at attention. Three children were incoming fast and she narrowly avoided slamming into them in her distraught fumble of angling out of their way. She clutched her own shopping bags tightly, startled as they raced by her.

Seconds later, their parents had followed. They spared a glance in her direction, uttering a hasty admission of guilt as they swept by her.

She bristled at the sight of pity in their eyes and found herself wanting to say something. The urge to convince them as she had often tried to convince herself nearly overwhelmed her. She didn’t mind being alone. 

Everyone had someone during the holiday season, everyone except her. Her messy entanglements never lasted till Christmas, and she had never wanted them to. But as she mumbled miserably at the misgivings of seeing everyone else quite happy, watching and wedging herself between crowds of people on a night such as this; she had never been so painfully aware of just how alone she was. 

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The one that’s not actually about grinding, but the rivalry between Eren ‘who owns a coffee shop’ Jaeger and Levi ‘who owns a tea shop’ Ackerman. They might fall in love along the way.

1 - 2 

2 - A Brewed Awakening

Levi wants to scream.

Well, actually, he wants to strangle Eren Javafuck. But he’s pretty sure that’s illegal, and the little jackoff had the balls to open the most abysmal piece of shit across from my shop, will probably not hold up very well in court.

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