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Dedicated to One of The Most Talented Japanese Voice Actor, a Marvelous Leader, a Hardworker, a Heavy drinker, but most of all  for Someone that I Love The Most, The Love of My Life, and My Everything o(>ω<)o

Battery as Mizugaki Shunji

Yoiai as Romani・Conti III 

-8 (Minus Eight) as Nijioka Rion

Chiruran : Nibun no Ichi as Saitou Hajime

Sengoku Night Blood as Kousaka Masanobu

BRIDE of PRINCE  as Prince Nico

Higashi no Eden as Takizawa Akira

I-Chu as Kakitsubata Aoi

YESxNO Kareshi as Hasukawa You

Hybrid Child as Seya Ichi

Custom Drive as Shion Kannagi

Yunohana Spring! as Izumi Takahira

Kakumeiki Valvrave as Karlstein L-elf

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu as Izuminokami Kanesada 

DAME×PRINCE as Prince Mare Selen el Phiazar


Love Stage!!! as Kuroi Takahiro

PsychicEmotion6 as Kinjou Mizuki

Dear♡Vocalist as A’

Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan as Ukai Shougo

Kuroko no Basket : Last Game as Kise Ryouta

Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei as Hattori Hanzou

Jigoku no Oni Gohoushi sareru「Yomi Koi Yuami Jigoku Onsen~Gensen kake Nagashi~」as Ranmaru

Servamp as Hyde “Lawless”

Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama as Henryk

S+h(スプラッシュ) as Kiryu Kaishi

White and black Alice as Cheshire Cat : Minette

Midnight Kyonshi as Iroha

Tales of Zestiria the X as Sorey

Tsukiuta. The Animation as Shimotsuki Shun


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE Revolutions as Hyuuga Yamato

Kareshi ga Ichaxx(rabu) as Kyouya



大好きだよ, 良平さん /(>×<)\


 Maybe some of you guys remember the posts of tumblr user @teknekolor regarding Acitius and character/design theft

^Here are their posts talking about their experience


And because I know Tumblr is shit with the resizing of images I have collected screenshots of the news post and any following comments in this Imgur album

TL;DR Acitius ToS says that designs of copyrighted or otherwise licensed characters/designs (aka other people’s OCs) are allowed to be uploaded as custom pets as long as they make the artwork themselves and keep it on the site WHICH IS SHADY AS HELL!

I STRONGLY advice everyone who holds their characters/designs dear to NOT join Acitius or support the site!

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  • Qrow: I wanna give you a piece of advice. This guy looks like a tough customer, and you're bound to get into some situations that maybe you're not prepared for.
  • Jaune: Right, like a rodeo.
  • Qrow: Now if that happens, if you find yourself in danger, or if you’re in a situation where you think something bad is going to happen, I want you to remember just one thing. Never, EVER come back here.
  • Jaune: Ok.
  • Qrow: No, I need to know that you understand. I need to hear you say it.
  • Jaune: Don’t ever go backwards.
Tradition and War

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: Dark themes

A/N: Gif is not mine. This was requested by a fabulous anon, I will say I found it rather difficult to write but the concept was really intriguing. Prompt: The reader can’t sleep on her own due to having nightmares about the war. Being forced to sleep on her own. Draco wakes up in the middle of the night to his bride-to-be screaming for him from the other side of the Malfoy Manor. What will the older Malfoys make of him breaking tradition?

Part 2 here: (x) Part 3 (x)

Following the end of the final Wizarding War, the Malfoy Manor gained one new addition; the soon to be Mrs (y/n) Malfoy.

To say that the events of the past had a dire impact on the self-glorified family was an understatement. Sleepless nights and horror-filled unconsciousness of truth or its even more twisted, mutilated twin succumbed even the most strong-willed Malfoy. 

Being in the thick of the war, (y/n) seemed to face the full force of this post-traumatic state tenfold. Not to take away from the Malfoy family’s personal horrors, but, in particular, the possibility of loss and the actual loss of, not one but many, for (y/n) is a gratifying difference. 

To escape the terror of the dream realm one must be awake, to escape the lingering grief, one must slip into unconsciousness; the peace of the dream realm it supposedly provides. Alas, the dream realm is a reflection of conscious-state and offers no shelter nor security. Grief can be lived with; “Light can always be found in the darkest of places." 

The Manor was large, expensively and intricately decorated. Tradition; was one word that would describe the entirety of, not only the Manor and the vibe it gave off but also the residents themselves, the Malfoys. 

Due to this, when you had moved in following the loss of your family, the only reasonable place to fit you was on the other side of the manor. Your fiancé had tried everything to convince his mother otherwise given the circumstance, but she was firm. 

It was sheer luck that his father hadn’t been in the room, Draco would not have gotten away with any hint of rebuke without some form of retribution from the eldest Malfoy. 

Darkness filled the house in a literal sense as all the inhabitants of the manor resided in their designated quarters, the candles’ wick’s charred black from recent use, its wax now solid again. A howling roared outside as branches whipped and scratched at the crystal windows. 

The young (h/c) haired woman thrashed around, eyes clenched closed and hands gripped tight at the silk sheets. In contrast, the blond slept peacefully, beyond the dream realm in a dark deep sleep of bliss. That was until a scream cut through it like a knife. 

Instantly the icy hues snapped open in alarm, sheets flew from his once sleeping form as he sprinted out the door and down the poorly lit corridors. His bride-to-be called to him in utter terror as he drew nearer and nearer to be her side. 

Only one thing was going through his mind at that very moment; I need to get to her, she needs me. 

His heart raced as sweat beaded and flew from his pale face. Turning corners sharply and sprinting the long halls, he ran at top speed; adrenaline was one hell of a drug. 

He reached the doorway, his lungs felt constricted as if screaming for air. His face was red and his legs aching as the adrenaline wore off. 

Rushing to the aid of his fiancée immediately. She looked to him panicked stricken and panting heavily. 

"Shh I’m here, (y/n). I’m here, it was only a dream.” Draco didn’t know what else to say, it seemed stupid to say what he did, given the fact that it may very well not have been a mere dream but a memory. 

However, it seemed to work for the woman’s breathing slowed and became more regular as she became more aware of her surroundings. “I can’t be alone. I’ve tried.” She mustered quietly and looked longingly into her partner’s eyes. 

“I know. I hate to do this to you.” Draco replied with a sorrowful look on his face. “It kills me to leave you alone knowing I can comfort you but am bound to customs." 

The room grew in occupants, the elegant woman made her presence known with a soft sounding clearing of her throat. "Mother, I-” Draco started but was cut off. 

“Breaking the rules.” Her words were harsh but her voice was not. “Draco dear, I know you want to be in here, but we must adhere to tradition, you are not yet married and therefore must be in different sleeping quarters. I know this is an extreme circumstance but we can’t jeopardise such a long, sacred and delicate tradition.”

“Draco, it would do you well if you listened to orders.” The deep voice cut through the calm at atmosphere, both you and Draco went rigid at his stern warning. You had learnt very quickly about the authoritative role Mr Malfoy possessed, it was best to do as he said, his word was always final. “Now off to your room, Draco.”

Without Lucius’ knowledge, Narcissa offered you a kind, remorseful smile before the three Malfoy’s made their leave.

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Smile (Prologue)

Jungkook x Reader

MeBeforeYouAU! Series


A/N: Guess whose back back back Back again gain gain Guess whose back guess whose back. I’m back!!! Sorry this took so long really. I hope you enjoy this new series that I’m creating and please anticipate for more!

Prologue / 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. /


The probability of having a fatal car crash in the state of New York is 1/8,860, which gives any average person more than wiggle room to prevent themselves from such actions. However, not all the time is fate on the person’s side, as Jungkook can clearly point out.

A thriving career, supportive girlfriend, a multitude of talents; all put on the line with one night in the big city.

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The Five Times Eisuke’s Daughter Broke his Heart.

I wish you were my daddy Baba.

Ten minutes - that was how long you said you’d be, yet Eisuke had counted an hour so far on his rolex. You had just headed to the nearby grocery store to pick up some vitamins for Kayo and he could think of no reason why such a simple thing would have taken an entire hour. He was growing rather impatient waiting on you to relinquish him from his babysitting duties, He had work to do, important work - he hadn’t the time to watch over a clingy three-year old, no matter how much he loved her. 

He crossed his legs on the sofa as he watched Kayo toddle about with her teddy bear tight in her grip. It was a tatty old thing that Baba had given her when she just born, it was long-since ruined and far too imperfect for his daughter. He recalled how he had bought a thousand other cuddly toys in the hopes of replacing it, all hand-crafted by the best toy-makers that money could buy. No matter how soft or pretty the toys he bought her were however she would still gravitate toward that one-eyed scruffy plush for a reason that eluded him completely. He set his eyes back on the laptop on his knee, sighing.

He had five business contracts to conjure up by the end of the night and the distraction of Kayo talking to her stuffed animals incessantly was throwing a spanner in the works. “Kayo, daddy’s trying to work can you be quiet.” He asked, she didn’t answer but fell silent in response.

He managed to get ten minutes of typing done before he felt a little hand pull on the leg of his trousers. He turned his gaze to find his daughter looking at him pleadingly, his little princess who looked so very much like you did with your big doe-eyes and red cheeks. He adored her, he just didn’t know how to show it. “Daddy… I’m bored.” She looked to her feet, almost as if scared of him.

“What do you want me to do about that?” He asked her questioningly. “Do you not have enough toys, will I buy you some more? Is that what’s wrong?”

“No… I… I don’t want more toys.” She spoke clutching her teddy tighter to her. She bent down and picked up her stuffed dog and handed it to him. Ota had made it for her, another favourite of hers, she called it Koro… “I want you to play with me… l-like uncle Baba does!”

He didn’t know how to play. He couldn’t recall ever playing as child. Baffled by the notion he set the toy back down.

“Mummy will be back soon and she’ll play with you. I’m very busy with work Kayo.” He forced a gentle tone to his voice, yet that did nothing to soothe the disappointment that washed over her little cherub face.

She toddled over to the television and horror filled him. He’d read an article about a television falling over and injuring a toddler in the newspaper a few weeks ago and that had been just forty inch one - he didn’t want to think about what a hundred inch television could have done to his little ball of light. “Come back here Kayo, where I can see you - I don’t want you to break the television.”

She didn’t complain, disappointment still plastered across her face as she settled safely at his feet with her stuffed teddy in tow. He ruffled her hair with his hand, letting his fingers linger on her tiny scalp for a moment. It felt a little dry and he found himself googling the causes for a dry scalp instead of writing business contracts. After a thorough search of mumsnet, he’d ordered a special shampoo that would rectify the problem with prolonged use. She let out a soft little sigh and he felt his brows squint.

“You know Kayo if you want to play with me so much then I guess I could take a little break-” He was cut off by the penthouse door swinging open. He thought it was you at first until he caught sight of Baba with that annoying hat of his in hand. He inwardly groaned as his daughter’s face lit up.

“Unca Baba!” She hurried into his waiting arms. Baba twirled her around with enthusiasm, catching her nose with his thieving fingers. “Give me back my nose! I need it to smell!”

“Oh do you now? But princesses don’t need to smell…” He twirled her around again under Eisuke’s scrutiny. He was twirling her too fast… she could fall and hurt herself, worry washed through Eisuke at the thought.

“Baba. Be careful, Soryu’s little dragons still haven’t moved all the auction junk, I don’t want you knocking anything over.” Eisuke spoke coldly.

“Daddy knows just how to steal his princess’ fun doesn’t he?” Baba chuckled, twirling a piece of Kayo’s brown hair around his finger, she giggled as he did so. “Don’t worry brave knight Baba will ensure you have fun.”

Eisuke watched them play together for a while, happy at least that Baba could bring a smile to her face and could distract her from annoying him, then he heard a horrible sentence leave his daughter’s lips

“I wish you were my daddy Baba.”

I just wanted you.

You were beyond livid at your husband. You knew he would have had a good reason for being in London at such a time, you’d learnt over the years that Eisuke always had a more selfless cause at the root of many of his actions. Whatever he was doing in London was important you knew that, but was your daughter’s birthday not important as well? 

You tried not to feel angry as you watched your daughter sift through her presents sadly. Eisuke had taken charge of the shopping as he usually did and you dreaded to think how much money he’d spent on all the toys that were now  scattered messily on the floor. Kayo already had a full to bursting toy room and you imagined that she would soon be in need of another. Your daughter had everything in the world except the one things she wanted - her daddy.  

“Will daddy be back in time for my dinner?” She asked with a flicker of hope.

“His flight isn’t till late at night Kayo, but he’s going to video-chat with us before you go to your bed.” You told her trying to lessen the blow. She nodded numbly, a resigned look on her face and it struck you that a five-year old shouldn’t look so miserable on her birthday.

The dinner went okay. Soryu bought her a set of kid’s books, all custom-bound with her initials on them while Mamoru gave her a packet of candy cigarettes and a water gun. Ota made her a sparkling necklace with a jewel-encrusted tiara pendant and Baba bought her a bouncy castle. There were no kids to play on it with her of course. Eisuke had insisted that she be home-schooled by a tutor as apparently it would be better for her in the long-run. As a result Kayo didn’t have any friends, ones her age at least.

“Eisuke not back until tomorrow?” Soryu asked you during a silent moment as Kayo showed Baba all of her new toys. You nodded your head. “He wouldn’t miss this unless it was really important. You understand that right?”

“I do. But Kayo doesn’t.” You spoke sadly.

Once they were all away you flipped open your laptop and settled Kayo on your knee. She was smoking one of her candy cigarettes trying emulate her “cool” uncle Mamoru. You quickly set up a video-chat with Eisuke, who was in a hotel room, still dressed in his work suit with a tired look on his face. He had stayed up to see her. “Happy birthday.” He instantly forced a smile on his face when he caught sight of Kayo cuddled into you. “I’m really sorry I wasn’t there today.” 

“Are you going to thank your daddy for all the presents Kayo?” You smiled at your husband as your daughter chewed the end of her white cigarette morosely. She was perfectly embodying Mamoru - it was rather frightening.

“Thank you daddy.” A dutiful voice.

“Did you like them all? Did you get everything you wanted?” He asked, concerned by her less than jovial spirit. She looked shy all of a sudden and shook her head. “Tell me what it is and I’ll pick it up for you on the way home? I’ll have it for you tomorrow, Kayo… what have I missed?”

“I can’t have this thing… I can only have it tonight otherwise it doesn’t count…” Her little voice carried and you kissed her temple slowly. 

“What is it sweetheart?” You prompted. “Daddy will try his best to get you it.”

“I wanted…” She was shy again. “I w-w-wanted daddy to be with me on my birthday.” She set her gaze on the blurry image of Eisuke. “I just wanted you.” 

Monkeys make better fathers.

It was a blisteringly hot day and the zoo was packed full as a result. Eisuke had offered to have the whole zoo vacated so Kayo had a free-run of the place but you had rejected that offer on behalf of your little girl. 

What Kayo wanted was a minutes’ normalcy, to be just like the other little girls. She wanted to sit on her father’s shoulders just to see over the crowds of people. She wanted to wait in a the mile-long queue for an over-priced teddy and a pencil sharpener. She didn’t want to be special. You would give her that today - or at least try your very hardest.

“What do you want to see first Kayo?” Eisuke took her little hand in his, being careful not to lose her in the crowds of people. She was wearing a bright yellow top with a sunflower on it’s front, she looked adorable, yet she looked adorable in anything she wore. Her father had chosen her outfit today, arguing that if they were to lose her in the bustle of the zoo the brightly-coloured hue would make her much more easy to spot. “Today is your day.”

Because five years worth of days before hadn’t been.

“Unicorns.” She spoke in all seriousness and Eisuke looked at you helplessly. You held of a laugh. Your daughter always seemed to want impossible things.

“Kayo…” He started breathlessly.

“I don’t think they have unicorns here.” You finished for him carefully, kneeling down to your daughter’s level and tying her untied shoelace. “They have horses-”

“But horses are just unicorns without the sparkles and the horns. They’re boring.” She complained. You laughed.

“How about we start of with the elephants?” You countered happily. She nodded but grudgingly. Kayo was difficult and she sure as hell hadn’t got that from you.

“You wait here with her just a moment, I’m going to nip to the… the ugh toilet.” Eisuke kissed your lips quickly before vanishing off, wallet in tow. Your brow squinted in confusion wondering what your husband was up to, Kayo however pulled your attention away from that query.

“Do you think daddy will buy me an ice cream later?” She asked tentatively, clutching at your hand. You followed her gaze to find a father wiping ice cream of his daughter’s chin. They were both smiling widely.

“I think your daddy would buy you anything you wanted.” She grinned at that. “Everything he does is for me and you, even his work. Sometimes daddy just shows his love in weird ways… always remember that.”

“He is weird.” She giggled. Eisuke returned and slipped his wallet back into his pocket. He took Kayo’s other hand and he guided you down the path that led to the horses, being

sure to keep his pace slow enough so as not to tire Kayo.

“Eisuke… the elephants were the other way, I thought we were going to see them first?” You asked quietly. Eisuke shook his head and kept his silence. He didn’t say anything, but you knew what his gaze meant. Trust me.

The pair of you walked with Kayo wedged between you, every so often you’d hoist her into the air and she’d giggle away legs dangling. She was already having fun, giddy with excitement. You approached the horse enclosure. Eisuke had his trademark smirk on his face.

Then you saw why. The horses had glitter in their hair and horns strapped around their foreheads. Unicorns. Kayo broke out of your grip and ran toward the railings. You grinned over at your husband. “You’re…impossible do you know that?” You kissed his cheek firmly.

“I just want you both to be happy.” A rare moment of honesty. The small sentence took your breath away.

“Well I’m happy and judging by the squeals of delight currently emitting from our little peanut I’d say she is too.” A little peanut, that’s what Eisuke had called her when she had been in your belly. At the start of your pregnancy it hadn’t been used as a term of endearment - he hadn’t wanted the baby. He had saw it as a nuisance, a little parasite that was draining life from your weak body.

A peanut - something small and irrelevant.

Then he’d heard the heartbeat and saw your belly swell and felt feet and elbows moving underneath his hand then all of a sudden his eyes would go more gentle when talking about his little peanut. You’d awake at night with his hands splayed around the swell of your child protectively, sweat dripping from his forehead from a particularly unpleasant dream - he never told you what those nightmares were about but you knew deep down - losing the baby.   

A peanut - something small but infinitely important.

“Enough of the unicorns. We’ve got other animals to see Kayo.” You grinned at the thought, taking your daughter’s hand and practically dragging her away.

You eventually reached the monkey enclosure. There were crowds of people in front of it and Kayo was unable to see over the heads. She looked up at her father pleadingly.

“Can you not see anything Kayo? I’ll get all these people to move if you give me a second.” He told her carefully, already looking for a member of staff to bribe. You rolled your eyes and picked her up.

“You want to go on your daddy’s shoulders don’t you?” You grinned, not allowing Eisuke a moment to protest before you set your nodding daughter on top of his shoulders. He held her legs stationary and she gripped at his hair to keep her balance. “Now you can see, take her a little bit closer ‘Suke, while I run to the toilet.”

“Hold on tight Kayo, people will think I’m a bad father if I drop you.” He chuckled, Kayo put her hands around his neck and preened her head to get a better view of the monkeys. “That daddy monkey has it’s baby monkey on it’s shoulders too.” She pointed excitedly.

“Yes he does doesn’t he?” Eisuke chuckled. “And look over there, there’s Uncle Mamoru and Uncle Soryu as well.”

Your daughter’s gaze followed his finger to land on two squabbling monkeys stealing bananas from eachother. She laughed lightly and the sound was music to him.

“Unca Mamo got the banana from Sor and now he’s sleeping!” She laughed again but Eisuke wasn’t looking at the monkey versions of his friends. He was looking at the father monkey and the baby monkey - marvelling at how the parent was ever so cautious not to drop the child. A good father.

“Daddy! Look! There is the penguin parade!” She was excited all of a sudden, moving frantically to catch sight of the parade and twisting herself around fartoo quickly. Eisuke held on to her tightly but it already was too late.

She had slipped from his grip.

Tears came from her the moment she hit the concrete, a bump on her head already forming and a bloody graze on her knee. Eisuke’s heart thumped hard against his chest as he fell to her side to check on her. “I want mummy.”

She wanted you - not him - never him. 

He gathered her into his arms regardless and went to look for you, her tears soaking his shirt. He rubbed her back soothingly before he cast one last look at the father monkey - it’s baby still safe on his shoulders. As guilt washed over him he realized that even a monkey would make a better father.

The father you deserve.

Eisuke crossed his legs on his desk, phone pressed to his ear and his fingers twirling around a ballpoint pen. “Call Soryu Kenzaki, he’ll see to it that the man is removed from my building.” He spoke confidently to the manager on the other end of the phone. A professional gambler had been counting cards down in the casino and Eisuke was eager to get rid of him. Cheaters weren’t good for business. He set the phone back down and returned to his emails. 

He had an inbox of over a thousand - he’d really let them build up during the last auction. He’d have to dedicate the rest of his weekend to sorting them out. His mood soured at the thought that time with his family would have to come second for a little while. He opened a particularly interesting email from his Italian partner Mr Bucci and read it at his usual lightning pace - once he had let the information it contained soak in he set about creating a response. He was interrupted however by the door nudging open. 

“Daddy…” Kayo’s soft little voice came. Her hair was tied down her back in a little braid that he expected you had spent an hour on this morning. Sometimes he envied the amount of time you and Kayo had with eachother. 

“Remember what I said about never interrupting me when I’m in my office.” Eisuke tried to sound strict yet soft at the same time and failed. Her eyes sunk. 

“I’m sorry… b-but uncle Ota said it would be okay just this once…” Her voice trailed off and Eisuke returned to typing his email, making note to raise the issue with Ota later. “He helped me make a drawing for you. He did some of the p-pictures, but I did all the writing by myself!” 

Her voice was excited at first, but slowly decreased in enthusiasm as Eisuke continued to type. “Thanks Kayo but I’m a little busy right now.” He spoke devoid. “Just leave it on my desk there and I’ll look at it later alright?” 

She slowly set the crumpled piece of paper down on the desk and turned her back and left - braid whipping after her. It was another hour before Eisuke finally got the chance to look at the drawing between phone calls and video conferences. The tattered piece of paper had been worked upon very hard, harsh dents where a pencil had been pressed in to deep. It was a rather simple drawing of a little girl, Kayo, he presumed, holding hands with a taller man with a phone to his ear, which he figured was him. He could clearly see the parts which Ota had drawn and the parts that Kayo had - the six year old scribbles next to word-class sketches was rather odd he had to admit. 

The picture wasn’t what captivated him however, it was the writing, the messy and barely discernible writing; 

I love you daddy, even though you’re always working.

He shut his laptop sighing. He took his ball point pen and intricately scribbled a few words of his own under his daughter’s.

I love you too little peanut, more than I can express.

He made no promise to work less. He couldn’t make that promise. Drawing to his feet he walked to Kayo’s bedroom, the door was shut and he realized it was her nap-time. He simply slipped the drawing under the door for her to find later, he returned to his office, to his work. “I can never be the father you deserve.” He spoke to himself, before typing away diligently. 

I always knew.

Kayo looked beautiful in her white dress. It was more ivory than white in truth, a slight contrast to her creamy skin - but it was beautiful nonetheless. She looked very much like you had on your wedding day, except she was younger, too young to be getting married. Eisuke thought of his daughter’s choice of groom, Shuichi Hishikura’s son of all people. She could have done so much better - yet like her mother she had settled for a man who could never be worthy. 

“Dad what if I fall?” She asked, staring down at the intimidatingly long aisle. Eisuke chuckled. As if he would let that happen, he’d let her fall once… he wouldn’t do it again. “What if I trip on my dress and make a fool out of myself-”

“I won’t let that happen.” He assured her. He looked at his rolex, they were fashionably late bordering on unreasonably late. “Kayo. We really have to go now. Unless you want to jilt your groom in which case I am in full approval.” 

“I’m not jilting Jin.”  Kayo laughed before taking a deep breath. “Right let’s go.” 

She pulled her hands out of her pockets and linked arms with him. A dress with pockets - he wondered if there was a reason for that. Eisuke mastered his stony impression as he walked with her down the aisle, the music complementing their every step. He was giving her away. Handing her over to a Hishikura - it was wrong, yet Kayo had wanted to be wrong. 

They reached the top and he found himself unwilling to hand her over. Jin coughed a little and Kayo laughed. “Dad you can let go now.” 

“Kayo I-” He held a little tighter for a moment. “You know that I-” 

“I know dad.” She smiled at him. She put her hand in her pocket and withdrew a folded piece of aged paper and forced it into his palm. “I always knew.” 

You put a hand on your husband’s shoulders and drew him back to stand with you. As Kayo exchanged her vows with Jin he unfolded the piece of paper and felt his eyes grow watery. It was the drawing she had made him years ago, that drawing of her holding hands with him, a phone pressed to his ear. He looked at the words he had wrote - those words he had been able to convey more easily in writing than he had in person - 

I love you little peanut, more than I can express.

The legitimacy of kings in Westeros - Daenerys, Cersei, Euron, Jon

I’ve been thinking about the legitimacy of the kings in Westeros and the pretenders for the Iron Throne for some time and in case you’re up to some super long meta, here are my thoughts, the thoughs of a medieval historian. Now, my historical expertise doesn’t make my thoughts better than the thoughts of other readers/viewers of the show, but the consistency of how kingship and legitmate kings are depicted especially in the show has made me think for some time. And I think that the legitimacy of the various kings will be very important for the plot.

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Recommended Reading: WestAllen Edition Part Two

Here’s another quick list of some WestAllen fics to help us survive the hiatus. Enjoy! You can find part one here

3AM by enefasparable Iris. He said it like the word was water in the middle of a desert. Like the word was the sun shining on a barren planet. He said it like the air around that word tasted differently, balancing it delicately on the tip of his tongue and making her think, think that maybe…                

A Brighter Day  by LadyGambit Inspired by a post by barryalin on Tumblr: Flash AU: Where Iris thinks everyone’s teasing her when they say the world is only black and white until you meet your soulmate, because she’s been seeing in color since she was a child, and when she asked Barry, he said he’d been the same. A short look into the Iris West journey into discovering her soulmate.

 A cup of sugar  by MiriRainbowitz 5 times Barry asked Iris for some cooking ingredients and 1 time he actually asked her out (the rating is only because of the last chapter)

Burying the Lead  by  mosylu  Iris is trying to be a good, supportive friend and hear all about the new woman Barry’s in love with, but it’s awfully hard when she wishes it were her.            

But I won’t lie to you  by mmtion When Iris thought about how she’d spend this weekend, she certainly did not imagine: a) infiltrating a couple’s retreat to save her fellow super-villain colleagues; or b) doing so with her brother’s best friend whom she recently slept with.

It’s all rather stressful, really.

Catch Me by the Chin  by mosylu He’s allowed to say please, thank you, and his safe word.If Iris does her job right, he won’t need his safe word.

Come Undone by enefasparable Barry Allen and Iris West getting it on in Star Labs. Prompt for Day 1 (Masturbation) of Westallen Smut Week!      

Did You Ever Love Them? by withaflashoflove Iris feels a little insecure about Barry’s past relationships, especially after a run in with a certain someone.

Drop your holster  by mmtion  Where everything is the same except Joe lost the battle over Iris joining the police academy and Barry regularly drops f-bombs.                      

His First…Everything? by Lspark High School AU. Barry Allen during his second year of High School, has Iris West move next door to him, and he is struck by her, and how different she is to anyone he’s ever known before. What is it about her?

Home by Irissswests  Iris realizes Barry is her home too. Set during and after 2x20. Part 1 from Iris’ POV. Second part from Barry’s POV.

Organic Chemistry  by iriswesttt In another Earth where Barry is a professor and Iris is a grad student and his best friend, of course.

Over the Edge  by mistressbabette51  The Second Annual Westallen Smut Week begins today. For the next seven days, each chapter will have a different prompt (the same as last year), but to keep things somewhat cohesive, they will be connected in some way. Earth 1 and Earth 2 Westallen will be the focus of these chapters, although separately! Read on!

Something Great: The Bluest Blaze by quickwest  What makes Iris love Barry the way she does?    

She Said No…? by withaflashoflove   Linda and Wally have been dating for the past year. Wally decides he wants to ask her to marry him, and he goes to get Barry’s advice as to how. Quickly, he realizes Barry is having his own problems when it comes to proposals.              

Spin Cycle by mosylu  Locked in the basement laundry room on a Saturday night with her hot new neighbor, Iris finds a few ways to pass the time.

Sweet Talking by thisslatina  There are two main things that the world doesn’t know about Barry Allen:
1. He’s The Flash.
2. He’s pretty amazing in bed.                

To Iris, With Love  by Zesty Bod  Earth-2 Barry and Iris accidentally make a sex tape, and Earth-1 Iris accidentally watches it. Twice. Set after 2x15. One-Shot.

what a feeling to be right here beside you now by whenzombiesattack Barry runs faster knowing she’s got his back in everything he does. Barry runs faster knowing he can go home to her. Barry runs faster because — I love you, Barry. I love you.                

What’s in a Name? by  ArgentLives There’s a reason why the late shift at Jitters is Iris’s favorite. And sooner or later, her favorite do-gooder customer is bound to tell her who he really is.       

Westallen Fic Reccomendations

 Not weird at all by iriswesttt Westallen friends-with-benefits high school AU

People finding out Barry and Iris are dating by withaflashoflove (this doesn’t have an actual title) the reactions of Joe, Wally, Cisco, and Linda 

His First…Everything? by Lspark High School AU. 

Barry Allen during his second year of High School, has Iris West move next door to him, and he is struck by her, and how different she is to anyone he’s ever known before. What is it about her?

Iris West was not interested in moving to Central City, but she’s also happy to be away from Coast City. Will life here be right for her? Will she go for that innocent, cute, nervous, nerd?

Romance In Centeral City by withaflashoflove Wally and Jesse muster up the courage to ask each other out, along with the help from the rest of Team Flash.

I bet you start loving me by RailLocket “Oh, big spender,” Cisco said, penciling in an amount next to Caitlin’s name. “I’ve still got ten on Linda, and she has ten on Becky, and Kendra has ten on herself like usual. But twenty. Damn.”

Caitlin smiled, and glanced at Linda. “Well, he’s definitely gay,” Caitlin said. “And he doesn’t know anything about Hartley yet.”

Barry is the new kid in school, and all of Iris’s friends are taking bets on who he’ll kiss first.

She Said No…? It’s Okay to Ask Again by withaflashoflove Linda and Wally have been dating for the past year. Wally decides he wants to ask her to marry him, and he goes to get Barry’s advice as to how. Quickly, he realizes Barry is having his own problems when it comes to proposals.

Caught (A Westallen two-shot) by josephwest (1) (2) Hey! So, this is a fic request from an anon and it’s about everyone finding out about Barry and Iris’s relationship which they originally decided to keep secret. It’s Post-Flashpoint (and post-sex😏 ) and a couple weeks or so after they start dating. (Full disclosure, I do not know if WA will actually date in S3 or not.) 

waiting for you to make the first move by mmotion Prompt: ‘We were each other’s first and it’s been years but I just ran into you and you’re still great and I kinda want to show you how much better I am now.’

Plus One by quickwest Over on Earth 2, Barry notices something is up with his wife, Iris and as he tries to figure it out, he remembered their first dance. Prompt: “May I have this dance, wife?”

What’s in a Name? by ArgentLives There’s a reason why the late shift at Jitters is Iris’s favorite. And sooner or later, her favorite do-gooder customer is bound to tell her who he really is.

Just thinking about Macbeth by iriswesttt Earth-2 Iris and Barry becoming study-partners and then something else

It’s Just One Kiss (And Then It’ll Crash Down) by irissswests  Following the singularity and Eddie’s death Barry and Iris stop speaking, they avoid each other at all costs. Only Iris wants to know why, why Barry won’t look at her. A confrontation leads to sex, and they begin a friends with benefits situation, only they aren’t really friends at this point, they are just using each other for sex and they both know it can’t last.Three parts (Then, Now, and After) Very angsty.

Drunken Nights by withaflashoflove Sunshine Twins get a little too drunk.

Westallen Trope Bingo: good vibrations by theopensea 

A Partial History of Lost Causes by inksmudge Barry and Iris’s twins want to know about their first kiss.

The Fangirl by mosylufanfic Iris West is a reporter and her passion is investigative reporting. So the first prompt of Iris week goes to her job.

How to write better error-handling

Let’s say you have an array, TileBehaviorFlags[] Tiles. It could have public getters or setters, and maybe you don’t want the contents accessed directly, so you decide to make a helper method that retrieves a value from it:

This works, but what happens if you hand it an invalid value? It will throw an exception. So you decide to add basic bounds checks in the form of another method:

This is better because it checks for null/out of bounds, and returns a proper value. However, it still has to check by calling a method, which can be slow if you need to cal this sort of method every frame on thousands of objects. We can do better.

Here, I’ve attached a preprocessor directive (a pragma) to the method. Now, if I compile the program with a custom CHECK_BOUNDS value in the compiler option, it will include the bounds checking. In the debug build, for example, I might keep it enabled so that I can find bugs and remove them. In the release build, I can simply remove this flag for performance, and in theory, it won’t get bogged down with performance checks.

Rather than relying on the underlying language to throw the exception, I raise it myself so I have more control over when and how it happens. Instead of returning TileBehaviorFlags.NONE, I use default(TileBehaviorFlags), which is usually zero - but this can vary, and wording it in this manner ensures that it behaves consistently if I happen to change the enum’s values down the road.

Finally, my debug class looks like:

I wanted it to be a globally accessible class. It is almost always best practice to create a singleton instance and place the instance in a static container. Here I’ve also given it a private constructor and made the static field read-only, so that it is impossible to message around with. The client code may change the flags around if they need to, of course.

I can call Debug.Log(), which is just a wrapper for Console.WriteLine(), so it’s quicker to type out. Depending on my compiler options and what flags I set here, I can either:

  • Call the method and return the correct value
  • Call the method and return a default value
  • Call the method and raise an exception
Mood bound

Originally posted by dhjung

Warnings: Sex and horny jokes with our favorite saxophonist.

I’ve lost count of my steps for a while before I realized it. All I want is to walk on my bare feet, getting them back to the natural position they were born with. But instead, they’re trapped in these 7-inches heels, struggling to compromise with the pain that is slowly spreading from my ankles. Only now that pieces of my shattered dignity remember the words slipped through his lips. Early in the morning, he stopped by my office with a cup of hot espresso, not forgetting to deliver a warm smile to tell me that he could offer me a ride home, instead of having to take the bus. I was so glad to finally have a boss who treated the employees well and accepted without a moment of second thinking. Yet as soon as I settled myself on the freshly new leather passenger seat of his dandy black 4-wheel Mercedes, we took another turn. He started talking about one night hotels and nights that he considered to be passionate and intimate. His diction made me sick and disgust of the kind of person he really was. But before I could vomit on the carpet that probably costs more than my monthly wage, I stepped out of that care and smacked in his face with the two most revolutionary words “I quit!”

Now here I am, striding through the streams of people with my bleeding toes icy skin, completely exposed to the harshness of Seoul’s early spring. A drop of water lands on the top of my head. I hold out my hand and drops of rain hit it like little explosions. People run hysterically, looking for a place to hide from heaven’s sadness. So I’m not the only one who had a bad day. I quickly run to a small café located a few steps away. Standing in the pathway into the entrance, I wipe the remaining wetness off my shoulders. I look up to where the light is above my head.

“Mood bound” - big, lower case letters of glowing white neon.

The café inside has a few tables scattering asymmetrically around. Each table contains two seats and up to the maximum of four. There are candles on the wooden shelves and on the steps of the stairway leading up to the upper level. There is no sign of electronic lights, accept for the golden incandescent light bulb shining above the stage. On that stage, a young man with coffee brown hair is playing his saxophone, entertaining the few customers with a funky upbeat jazz number. I choose the table closest to him as the request of my curiosity. He closes his eyes while his delicate fingers surf on the keys, flaunting his silky eyelashes. Wearing this black vest outside of a gray shirt with half of his sleeves rolled up, he looks like those male models in the advertisement page of a magazine. I want to take a picture of him, but the essence of his music keeps my mind busy. The view captivates every way I can exclaim and for a brief moment, I have no regrets about what happened earlier.

The music stops coming out from his saxophone, following by a pause of time and a round of applause. He stands up and bows to his audience. The moment he retreats from his bow, our eyes meet. I’ve never tasted eternity before until now. It feels like my heart skips an integral beat that can make or break my life and my blood cells are going against their current. He bends down to put his saxophone in the navy blue case and leaves the stage.

Don’t leave. Where are you going?

“Miss, are you ready to order?” The waitress seems like she has been waiting here for ages and is supposed to lose her patience anytime.

“I’m sorry. A cup of cappuccino, please.” I wait a bit for her to finish writing my order down. “Do you know when that saxophonist is going to perform here again?”

She smiles. “Taehyung is here every Friday. He plays the songs ordered by our customers so if you come next time, don’t forget to request one too.”

My brain immediately writes a new post-it note.




I quickly find myself become a regular customer at Mood Bound, a Friday customer to be exact. My seat never changes, making sure that I have the best view of Taehyung as well as he can notice me from the dark audience seats. Every time coming here, I request a new song that I found the day before on the Internet. The way he plays it matches me like two pieces next to each other in a puzzle. Sometimes he smiles toward my direction. I always try to photograph those moments with my eyes as clearly as I can so that when I’m deepened in my dream, I’ll take them out and create my own gallery. Today is not an exception. It’s becoming some kind of routine, like waking up and brushing your teeth.

Taehyung did a wonderful job performing today. As always, the crowd adores him. They cheer for him with longer rounds of applause and sometimes stand up from their seats. For me, I always smile. He and his saxophone draw so many emotions on my face, I’m glad most of them are happy and emotional. He puts his saxophone in the case as usual and heads off the stage. By this time, I’m ready to pay for my coffee and return to my cold apartment. But while I’m searching through my purse for changes, the seat opposite mine is pulled away. Sitting in front of me is now the guy who was on stage earlier. My eyes open widely, looking at the calmness of his smile. Whatever reasons that he’s sitting here, I’m secretly thankful for it.

“Did you enjoy the performance?” He asks. His voice is deeper than I expected.

“Very much. I’m your biggest fan.” I can’t help but burst out a wide smile.

“Thank you.” He says. “You gave a lot of good song requests, too.”

“How do you…?”

“Oh, you came here so often so I recognize your handwriting.”

He notices my handwriting.

“I haven’t had anything since lunch yet. Do you… maybe… want to grab something to eat right now?” His sudden offer confuses me a little bit. One moment, I was admiring him from below the stage and now we’re having a dinner date. Calm down Y/N. Freaking out will only make you look more like a dork in front of him.

“Sure.” I nod. “But let’s go to my house. I had everything cooked there.”

He seems a bit surprised. After a second or two, he accepts.




“I’m sorry if it’s too mediocre.” I look at his empty plate. “We should have eaten out.”

“No, don’t be. It was so delicious. Thank you!”

As much as I want to believe in his angelic smile, a sense of guilt that I didn’t serve him how a guest should be served tickles my stomach. The fact that he finished everything brightens my mood up a bit. I got to know Taehyung through the little conversations during our meal. He talked a lot about playing the saxophones and the experiences he had on stage. His life sounded so dynamic and festive, making mine seems rather pathetic. And I was busy looking at the features on his face and falling in love with them.

“Now you make me want to play the saxophone.” I laugh as he mentions the girls he met through the instrument.

“I can teach you.” He says excitedly, taking the saxophone out of his case. Taehyung places my hands on it, ensuring they are where they have to be. My heart races uncontrollably as I feel his chest pressed against my back. The contact of our fingers sends a tsunami of electric throughout my body. Once again, I’m shaking under his aura and this time, it is worse. My body shuts down, blocking all of my commands out of its reach. The muscle of my fingers disobeys me. It controls my body in a different direction.

“No! It has to be like this.” His increase in the volume of voice shocks my heart. Just when I turn around, his cheek is right there, inches away from my lips. I didn’t notice how close we have been. He turn to where my face is and now the only thing between our lips is the blurred line waiting for us to cross. The pupils of my eyes shrink as Taehyung crosses that boundary to reach to where I am. He presses in deeper, melting my stiff body like a Popsicle under the sunny summer sky. I place my hand on his cheek, sinking myself harder into the sweetness of his tongue. He puts the saxophone down next to me and his hands focus on roaming on my back.

My clothes come off by him, but with the voluntary help from me. Everything happens so quickly, giving me not a single time gap to refill my breath. I take the fancy clothes off his body, leaving this baby smooth caramel skin underneath. The more Taehyung leans forward into the kiss, the more I lean backward until my back hits the carpet. Like a snake, he swiftly slides down to where my core is. With the same lips that blow the saxophone, he uses the techniques he knows on me. The little kiss marks he leaves make me chuckle. Along with the sensual feeling of his tongue licking up and down my clit, the way he cutely stroke my core stamps a smile on my face.

“Is this the same with you and your saxophone?” I ask.

“Of course not.” I feel his smirk against the side of my core. “How can it be like this wet core of yours?”

I giggle as he continues to suck the juice coming out of my body. He takes a long lick of the inside of my core, making my body shiver. Just like his saxophone, whenever he blows into my core, I make a sound that no languages can interpret. Taehyung sits up straight and I can see the sticky white milk on the side of his mouth. I burst out more than I can imagine, but I have him to blame.

“Now for the fun part.” He looks down at his harden erection, then to my face. I put a half of a grin between my sweaty cheeks and dark eyes.

“With pleasure.”

Taehyung inserts himself in smoothly. Once he is completely sunk in, his hips begin to thrust into my pelvis. I grip on the carpet as he grabs tightly on my thighs. My mouth open widely, feeling my sensitive spots being hit continuously. Orgasm builds up like dozens of little water balloon inside the lower half of my body, ready to explode anytime they are overloaded. He picks up his pace, trying to hold on every opportunity to keep the climax going. The invisible water balloons stretch my muscles outward, tighten them up with extreme tension. I can feel them reaching their capability and finally burst out. Water flows out of my core like an erupting volcano, soaking the carpet between my thighs. He pulls out and momentarily after, spills his seeds on my stomach.

He flops down and rolls to the side. Lying next to me, his breath forms into sounds of exhaustion. The aftermath feels more than just satisfying. It is definitely something new and memorable for my gallery.

“Well that was fun.” I huff.

“Rest quickly. We’re going to do this until the dawn breaks.” One of his hands gropes my breast. I guess I should begin to familiarize myself with this.

Inspired by the saxophone history of Taehyung the sexy porn star. Hope you guys enjoyed it!


A commissioned box made for a couple for their Chinese wedding dinner.

On such auspicious occasions, it is customary for guests to present red packets (usually with some monetary blessings) to the couple at the dinner. Instead of an usual off-the-shelf tacky cardboard box, this couple had commissioned me to build them a box for this special occasion. The recess on the top was also made to house a custom made, full-leather-bound guest book made by @dddots. 

The wedding theme was ‘art decor’ and so I designed a box with strong triangular patterns and shapes. This also led me to invent/create a special joinery on the sides. I call it a 'housed-dog-tooth joint’. It is similar to a housed dovetail joint but in this case, I hand cut the joints in a triangular manner. 

I included a 'secret’ compartment at the bottom of the box as a small feature for them.

The box was made with walnut and maple, with a ziricote sliding top with teak lippings, hand cut the triangular veneers on the front, and finished with traditional french polish and hard wax oil.

Starvation is Hell // AU

A young man with red hair and the face of an angel sat alone under the shelter of an overhead roof, watching the rain hit the pavement and listening to the familiar sound of a passing car, murmurs and footsteps, waiting until that fateful moment when a kind stranger would take a wrong turn and spot him there. She would offer a smile and crouch down to his level, inquire into his health, and in that moment he would look up again, and his eyes would be horribly black, only coloured by menacing red irises and with a smile back that was almost apologetic. No one would here her screams when he pounced on her with animalistic strength and bit a chunk of flesh from her neck, and if they did, they would only walk hurriedly on. This was Japan, Tokyo, and the ghoul situation had reached its most critical state in years. The streets were no longer safe, and tensions were high. For those creatures, the ghouls, they were even divided amongst each other.

A ghoul might roll his eyes at the endless stream of anti-ghoul propaganda one could be bombarded with on a daily basis from endless newspaper headlines and news broadcasts, the reassurance for the general public that the threat could be maintained by the Commission of Counter Ghoul, a ruthless organisation dedicated to wiping out the race as a whole. It was an undercover struggle that could only truly be observed by those involved in it, with the effects of the countermeasures against them hitting the community as a whole. Their investigators could be terrifying, and sadistic in the worse kind of ways. For a peaceful ghoul like Castiel, it was questionable as to who the real monsters were.

At some times in the day, the trunk of his car could be filled with assorted limbs and body parts acquired from the corpses of whoever he could salvage it from. Mostly, this would be a suicide victim here and there, those he could take from without having to take a life himself. Today, he had prepared the scraps he could find and wrapped it up ready for delivery. He pulled up in front of the small and cosy cafe Anteiku, no one any the wiser as to what he hid inside the duffle bag he carried. At the age of thirty-five, he was an active member of society and all-round pacifist… until the situation was truly desperate. And right now, with such heated ghoul-human tension in the air, desperation wasn’t so far off the mark.

Anteiku was open to human and ghoul alike. A kind of no-man’s land, a place where the human customers were out of bounds and any struggling ghoul could pick up the food they needed. When Castiel entered through the front door at a relatively quiet hour, he looked immediately around for Paimon – but to see him at the front of the house was a rarity. He was the brains behind any counter attack they might make towards the CCG, Aogiri or any other potential threat. Plus, gathering food wasn’t the only thing Castiel did around there. 

“Cas.” He was greeted by an apprentice waitress and former fugitive teenager from across the bar where he sat. She offered a friendly smile. “Coffee?” 

“Sure.” He passed the bag on his shoulder over the counter with a pointed glance. “Is Paimon around? It’s important.”

“He’s out, I think. Feel free to hang around until he gets back.”


aidan turner and olga kurylenko as kupalo and kostroma, the tragic lovers from slavic mythology, the twins who fell in love unaware of their blood tie, the couple whose souls bloomed into flowers.

once upon a time, the myth says, there were twin brother and sister – kostroma and kupalo. separated at birth from each other, they grew until they were at a marrying age. as she was walking by the river one day, kostroma’s wreath fell from her head into the river and was accidentally picked up by her long-lost brother – kupalo. ignorant of being relatives, kostroma and kupalo fell in love and got married, since a man who picked up a girl’s wreath was bound by custom to become her husband. learning however that they were related, kostroma and kupalo drowned themselves, and the gods, feeling pity for them, turned them into flowers. those flowers later were called ivan-y-mariya.

“kostroma, kostroma
why do you love kupalo?
i love kupalo because
he has curly hair” (x)