custom bongs

I had to go to work so I haven’t taken totally awesome photos yet but I just had to show you all that it has arrived and it is more beautiful in person and more beautiful than I ever had imagined!

I did smoke a bowl from it before work and it hits like air! I hit it 3 times, didn’t even finish the bowl.
Was too stoned to take a dab even before work.

Don’t mind my mess of a room, gotta clean!
exo as stoners

Chanyeol: the reddest eyes™, takes dabs just because of the name, rolls all the joints because he thinks he looks hot while he does it, usually has a boner because he’s thinking about how soft dogs are, ☺️

Sehun: master of smoke rings (”o sehun”), has a 7 minute long snapchat story of himself smoking

Baekhyun: king of the munchies, wraps his entire body around whoever’s closest, DTF a n y o n e, dies of laughter over nothing, “byun BAKEhyun, get it heh heh heh”

Junmyeon: bought a custom lightsaber bong, always asks the Deep “hits blunt” questions, tells exo he loves them at least 20 times per hour

Minseok: the giggliest, moves really slowly and gets mad when people say it’s because he’s old, watches trippy videos in stunned amazement 

Yixing: the Provider, eyes basically shut, actual king of weed - could smoke 3 bowls out of bong, a joint, and  do 2 dabs like its nothing

Jongdae: wants to hotbox every enclosed space, always tried to make the smoke tornados but can’t, knows every word to The Next Episode

Jongin: could pass out standing up, coughs every time and complains about cottonmouth (drinks a full half gallon of milk to remedy it) 

Kyungsoo: listens to music and asmr videos with his eyes closed smiling, everyone makes him cook so he makes up weird/gross recipes, loves being able to feel his heart beating