custom bongs

exo as stoners

Chanyeol: the reddest eyes™, takes dabs just because of the name, rolls all the joints because he thinks he looks hot while he does it, usually has a boner because he’s thinking about how soft dogs are, ☺️

Sehun: master of smoke rings (”o sehun”), has a 7 minute long snapchat story of himself smoking

Baekhyun: king of the munchies, wraps his entire body around whoever’s closest, DTF a n y o n e, dies of laughter over nothing, “byun BAKEhyun, get it heh heh heh”

Junmyeon: bought a custom lightsaber bong, always asks the Deep “hits blunt” questions, tells exo he loves them at least 20 times per hour

Minseok: the giggliest, moves really slowly and gets mad when people say it’s because he’s old, watches trippy videos in stunned amazement 

Yixing: the Provider, eyes basically shut, actual king of weed - could smoke 3 bowls out of bong, a joint, and  do 2 dabs like its nothing

Jongdae: wants to hotbox every enclosed space, always tried to make the smoke tornados but can’t, knows every word to The Next Episode

Jongin: could pass out standing up, coughs every time and complains about cottonmouth (drinks a full half gallon of milk to remedy it) 

Kyungsoo: listens to music and asmr videos with his eyes closed smiling, everyone makes him cook so he makes up weird/gross recipes, loves being able to feel his heart beating

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What Mepphy, Amaimon, Shiro and Lewin thinks about weed and his S/O smoking some?


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  • Mephisto has been around a long time
  • So of course he’s done drugs
  • Not just weed but more serious stuff too
  • This wasn’t for any other reason other then to try it out
  • He likes subcultures, so he’d probably experience this just out of interest
  • He never got addicted to it or anything because he didn’t do it frequently enough, only now and then
  • If he saw his s/o smoking weed he wouldn’t really mind
  • He’d be delighted to join you
  • He may offer you something other if he thought you may be up for it
  • He’d care about your health but he knows it can have health benefits as well
  • He probably got a bunch of custom made kawaii bongs


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  • He probably doesn’t know what it is
  • Until he sees some students smoking it behind the back of the school on lunch break
  • He thinks it smells bad but they seem to like it so he wants to try it
  • He probably steals it of them
  • Or asks his brother about it
  • Can you imagine Amaimon with the munchies???
  • If his s/o was smoking it he would question what they were doing
  • He’d be interested in trying it with them
  • As soon as his s/o mentions pot brownies he’s totally in
  • Since he’s king of Earth he can probably grow this shit out his hand like it’s nothing 
  • Think how fucking good Amaimon would be as a drug dealer
  • He’d probably just give you shit in exchange for candy
  • He’d then proceed to grow a whole fucking cannabis tree out his fucking hand
  • Imagine how fucked the druggies would think they were though…


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  • Despite being a priest he’d totally been high af
  • Most likely with Mephisto
  • He doesn’t think weed is bad, he just sees it as something to chill with after a long day
  • If his s/o was smoking it he wouldn’t mind as long as they didn’t become some lazy, greasy haired addict
  • A slight pothead is fine but as long as they aren’t high 24/7
  • After Rin and Yukio came along he stopped
  • Mostly
  • If some super hot chick with huge tits offered it to him he wouldn’t say no
  • Would always tell Rin and Yukio that drugs were bad under all circumstances other then medical


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  • He defitinily smokes weed
  • Like he just has that general vibe
  • I always imagined Lewin to smell like sweat, cum, weed, greasy ass burgers, and just general terrible odour?
  • He first smoked weed with his friends behind a barn when he was 14
  • His friends mom caught them
  • He wouldn’t care if his s/o smoked weed
  • Would be down to join them
  • It helps you both relax when your working on a particularly hard to crack theory or mission

This was super fun to do, so thank you for the request! If anyone would like to request any other characters the ask box is OPEN! Also can somebody make some actual gifs of my boi Lewin cause he’s just got that little cameo in Ryuji’s gif :/