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Bipper Custom Vinylmation //

It’s been a few years since I picked up this paint-your-own template, and almost a year since I sketched my original Bipper design. Finally took some time to paint this creepy, body-snatched boy. Quite pleased with how he turned out, so I think I’ll tackle Grunkle Ford next (when I get the chance)!

You can see work-in-progress shots on my Instagram—go to my blog and check out the “sites” tab.

MC can’t feel physical pain


  • MC accidentally cuts herself in the kitchen while chopping vegetables and doesn’t notices until Yoosung freaks out
  • She sheepishly admits she can’t feel pain
  • Suddenly all the bangs and bruises make sense - especially why she barely reacts to them
  • Suddenly she is not allowed in the kitchen anymore
  • If MC doesn’t react to temperatures, then she could burn herself way too easily, and she could cut herself
  • Yoosung is now the self-appointed cook of the household
  • MC would be annoyed if her parents hadn’t been the same way
  • Worriers
  • So they delegate chores to make things even
  • MC does most of the cleaning while Yoosung handles the kitchen


  • Some one threw scalding coffee all over MC’s front because they were one of those awful customers that takes things out of customer service people
  • MC didn’t even react past flinching and promptly threatened to call the police as that could be considered assault and the only reason she would stop would be if they settled the bill appropriately (which they were trying to get out of)
  • The customer settled the bill (tipped as well), then ran out
  • MC then ducked into the back to change clothes
  • Jaehee didn’t realize that it had been scalding coffee until she felt MC’s still damp shirt was really hot
  • Rather than letting MC change, she made a bunch of ice water and made MC sit in the changing room, applying and reapplying cold water with a wet cloth to her burned skin
  • As soon as Jaehee could, she took MC to the hospital while MC explained her condition
  • At the hospital, they took care of the burns as best they could, but advised that they be careful and MC should only take cold showers for a while
  • MC says, “that’s fine” as she doesn’t care about temperature anyways


  • They’re on set one day, he’s busy in the middle of his part when suddenly a piece of the set falls off and lands on MC
  • Zen runs over to check on her, but she’s acting like she’s fine
  • Then they look down and she realizes her arms is broken
  • Zen PANICS
  • An ambulance is called, but she’s so calm, like she doesn’t even feel it, and Zen is so worried
  • He thinks she’s in shock
  • When the ambulance arrives, she tells the paramedic that she has congenital insensitivity to pain
  • Zen has no idea what this is, but the paramedic assures him that she’s fine, she just needs to get surgery on her arm to reset the bone, get a cast, and everything should be fine
  • As they’re prepping her for surgery, she explains that she basically can’t feel pain
  • Like, she feels emotions, she feels textures, but she can’t feel pain or temperatures (which is why she doesn’t sweat)
  • Suddenly, he treats her like she’s made of glass
  • Zen doesn’t want her running around when they’re at work, and he wants to carry her everywhere, but MC won’t have it
  • In the end, MC makes a deal with him where, if she decides to do anything where she might come to harm, she will let him know immediately


  • There are multiple types of BDSM play
  • MC prefers the stuff that taunts, teases, pushes the edges, anything with interesting textures, etc
  • She doesn’t like anything that involves impact play or pain, though she never specifies why
  • One day, Jumin talks her into it, and they do it… but she doesn’t even really react
  • When the toy he uses hits a little too hard and breaks the skin by accident, she doesn’t even notice
  • It’s then that Jumin knows something’s not right
  • When he asks, MC explains the whole “doesn’t feel pain” thing
  • Jumin doesn’t like that she never said anything before hand
  • MC just says it never comes up unless she gets hurt or its really hot/cold outside
  • Well, needless to say he does a fair amount of research (or Jaehee does for him) and he finds out as much about her condition as he can
  • He makes everything in his apartment as safe as he can
  • Jumin also makes sure her security guards know so that she will either never come to harm, or if she does, she is immediately informed and treated


  • Because he dug deep and double checked everything about her background, he found her medical records and found out she can’t feel pain
  • So, when Saeyoung and MC meet and interact in route, he makes sure she doesn’t get hurt
  • When everything’s over, he makes his home as safe for her as he can, and always carefully monitors the temperature of the house to make sure she never gets too hot or too cold, because she wont notice and he knows it
  • MC ends up carrying a first-aid kit in her purse on his insistence
  • Saeyoung just tries to keep her from harm as much as possible to the point where she will tell him he’s being overly cautious
  • To prove this, she drags him to an amusement park so that she can show him nothing will go wrong
  • He eases up after a day of fun (Saeran even tagged along and got ice cream… and watched them scream like idiots on the rollercoaster)


  • It’s easiest for MC to hide it from V because he can’t see
  • He doesn’t notice how clumsy she is, that she bruises her legs and doesn’t notice, cuts her hand and doesn’t complain, etc
  • It’s not until Zen asks about why MC gets hurt so much that V gets concerned
  • Like, V sits her down to ask her about it
  • She just easily explains the disorder and that she’s fine
  • V’s super concerned, but what can he do?
  • Eventually, V gets so worried, he decides to go through the surgery to get his eye sight back, just so he can keep an eye out for her


  • He’s basically like, “Okay, so?”
  • Well, he is at first
  • Then MC accidentally gets cut by a passing movers box cutter and doesn’t even notice or react
  • It takes her ten minutes on her own to notice that something’s wrong
  • Then he becomes a bit of an overprotective mother hen


  • Okay, back up a little, all that happened was that he accidentally opened a door in her face, she said she didn’t even feel it, and then the next morning, she had a black eye that was pretty much swollen shut
  • Thus, his reaction of “What the hell”
  • She brushes it off like it’s no big deal
  • From then on, he watches her a lot more closely is prepared in case she gets hurt

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Dragon Egg Listing


1:6 scale version of Bill Potts take 2 

Well, the Integrity Toys Janay head, which I previously thought would be a good base for my 1:6 scale Bill Potts, ended up having an irredeemably sharp jaw, so I gave up on it. Thanks to @natalunasans I am now in possession of a Fresh Doll Mia, who has a much better face shape. Below is a picture of Pearl Mackie at the DW season 10 photocall in London in April. Below that is a photo of Fresh Doll Mia after I braided some of the top left of her hair and then clipped back some of the top right.  Still needs redone eyes and lips. Also more eyeliner. Unsure about body, as this light brown/golden skintone is nowhere available in action figures.

Cashier pet peeve #20

*customer hands me $50 bill*
*I mark it with the counterfeit pen*
Customer: (angrily) why are you writing on my money?!
Me: its just to make sure its real
Customer: Of course it’s real! I just got it from the bank!

Okay calm down, its literally part of my job. I get in big trouble if there aren’t marks on every big bill at the end of the day.


Brent left his car at home today because he has made plans with Smithy the sous-chef to go out drinking after work, and besides, he only lives a twenty minute walk away. Twenty minutes is starting to feel like an hour on a hot day like this, though. Brent’s black woollen work trousers prickle his skin, the backs of his knees are bathed in sweat. As he trudges up the hill he is tortured by sparkling glimpses of the ocean through the fronds of the palm trees… he imagines tearing off his clothes and bounding naked into the surf, if he closes his eyes he can taste the salt water on his tongue, he can feel the soft wet sand yielding beneath his curling toes. Then he rounds the corner and he can see the restaurant, and he can see Adrian talking to someone through the heavy double glass doors, and he walks a little bit quicker, his discomfort disappearing like lotion on a sunburnt back. 

Adrian: Brent! Punctual as always. I’d like you to meet Tegan. Tegan will be replacing Deanna.

Tegan is a brunette with a petite build and disproportionately large breasts. Smithy will be beside himself.

Brent: Nice to meet you, Tegan.
Adrian: Brent will show you through to the kitchen, Tegan. If you have any questions I’m sure he will be happy to help. Right, Brent?
Brent: Sure thing.
Adrian: Oh, one thing, Brent, before you go…

Brent stops, his stomach executing a slow lurch. Adrian walks out from around the front counter, his eyes dark and serious under his lightly creased brow. He stands very close to Brent. So close Brent can see a dark pink indentation on his lower lip, the exact spot Brent has observed him biting in concentration while adding up customers’ bills. So close Brent can smell toothpaste and the understated hint of an expensive and masculine soap or deodorant (Adrian doesn’t wear any type of cologne or aftershave and prefers that his staff don’t either, he says it is unprofessional and detracts from the customers’ enjoyment of their meals.) So close Brent is sure he will be able to hear his heartbeat, and the noise of the blood rushing through his veins.

Adrian: Brent, I’d just like to commend you for your actions at the meeting last night. You did the right thing sticking up for Mia, even though it would have been beneficial for you obviously to side with Deanna. But you did what you knew to be morally correct, and I’m proud of you for that. Good on you, bud.

Brent nods, unable to trust himself to speak. I’m proud of you.

EXO In a Restaurant

Why do I keep making these 


~  grill master

~ knows a bunch of cool knife tricks that he uses to scare zitao with

~ keeps all his awards from various grill competitions lined up above his grill

~ comes out with the orders himself

~ mumbles apologies to the animals he’s cooking on his sad days


~ pastry chef

~ doubles the sugar on most orders

~ forever covered in flour

~ insists on wearing a chef hat

~ bakes special batches just for luhan

Zi Tao:

~ catty greeter

~ only talks to hot customers

~ soft af with kids though

~ signs his name on the kid menus

~ “dude listen to my mixtape”


~ managing partner (along with junmyeon)

~ “as manager of this establishment…”

~ everything is high fashion

~ shines his golden name tag once every few minutes

~ has a mini basketball net installed in his office


~ entertainment director

~ has the best taste in music

~ keeps a kitten sat in his palm at all times

~ flashy suits are his signature

~ sends corny poems minseok’s way ever so often


~ delivery guy

~ only listens to pop music in the car

~ calls baekhyun on the phone to call him a basic bitch

~ will yell at anyone who argues for the “over half an hour and it’s free” rule

~ keeps a map of the best routes but never actually uses it


~ sous-chef

~ sings as he cooks

~ cannot boil pasta just right to save his life

~ signs his name with sauce on every meal

~ never leaves the kitchen but still gets all the deets about shitty customers from sehun


~ the most loveable waiter

~ smiled so hard once that his face wouldn’t unfreeze

~ breaks at least three plates a day

~ decorates the christmas  display every year

~ cries when he doesn’t get a tip


~ local angry manager

~ keeps an eagle-eye on his employees

~ yells at yifan all day

~ still uses a flip phone

~ at least he’s rich


~ head chef

~ garlic on everything

~ usually ends up redoing baekhyun’s dishes

~ takes photos of the food he makes for the gram

~ shamefully steals some of minseok’s pastries when he isn’t looking


~ waiter with a hint of zest

~ used to be the cutest until he realized he gets bigger tips by being just ~slightly~ sexy

~ shirt is always unbuttoned a bit until junmyeon realizes

~ tries to get away with only serving outdoor tables (he’s a child of the sun)

~ puts out bowls of water for stray dogs


~ why is he even here

~ easily offended by customers

~ fixes his hair using a spoon as a mirror and a fork as a comb

~ refers to elderly customers as gertrude and bill regardless of what their name might actually be

~ “baekhyun go spit in order 3”

Custom Inkling commissions are here!

If you are interested in commissioning me please send the following information either through DM or by E-mailing me at
Please understand I only accept Paypal at this time.

+ Username and Paypal Email:
+ Commission type: Custom Inkling
+ Number of Inklings:
+ Skin Tone: (1, 2 , or 3)
+ Gender / Hairstyle: (Female/Male) / (1, 2, 3, or 4)
+ Hair Color / Eye Color: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7) / (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7)
+ Clothing: (Describe your inkling’s clothing, or provide a screenshot!)
+ Animation(s) (if any): (Ex: Blinking, bouncing, sparkling)

I am willing to pixel custom inklings! Feel free to request custom coloring, hairstyles, and clothing! (Additional fees may apply)


More Commissions:
Pagedoll Commissions || Pixel Icon Commissions

AU in which muse A is a 21 year old stripper, flirting with customers to pay the bills. Muse B is a significantly older regular who has fallen for the young dancer and does all they can to track them down outside of work. Muse A either feels the spark or is horrified when the creep shows up at their house at 2AM.

Cause the owner cares about breaking hundreds??

I work at eternally barely past prohibition. I was on register because one of our workers got their hours mixed up. MY manager told me I shouldn’t take any more hundreds because we are short on smaller bills to break it. It hadn’t been an issue, two other people tried to use their card or gotten smaller bills instead.

No big deal.

Until this fuckin lady.

She shows up with a hand full of clothes, and has a hundred in her hand. Before I even start ringing up, I ask if she has any smaller bills, she says no. I tell her that I’m sorry, but we can’t take hundreds right now. It went a little like this from here.

“Well what am I supposed to do?”

“Well you could possibly go break it, or you could use a card.”

“No I’m not getting back in line. I’m gonna need you to call a nanager.”

We had one manager on the floor and we’re understaffed. There’s was no way I was gonna bother her.

“I’m sorry mam, let me see if I could possibly break it with what I have if it’s enough.”

I went silent for the rest of the transaction, but she continued as I rung her up.

“It’s really dumb that you can’t take hundreds.”

“it’s not my fault yall don’t have enough money”

“how can yall not have enough money?”

“I don’t think the owner would like that yall don’t have your shit together.”

“why would you ever turn away a customer over a bill?”

I handed her the bag with the receipt and just said, “thank you mam, sorry for the confusion, have a nice day.”

“who is your manager?”

I told her my managers name and said she was busy upstairs. The lady left without a word, right out the door.

Like is it really that big a fucking deal???

myskelentine  asked:

hey there! since you recently mentioned invoices - i'm starting to think about opening up commissions again. the last time I did them I didn't involve the use of invoices, but I kinda feel like I should, though I also feel i'm not... super knowledgable on how to handle them. How do you handle your invoices? Do you just use paypal to send them? Do you send invoices before you begin the commission, or after the work's done? If you're comfortable answering all this o'course. Thanks :>

I take payment upfront so I send out invoices and when they’re paid I will start them. I do this all through paypal.
To me it’s safer and more efficient and keeps track of things better on paypal for stuff like commissions. I do recommend it!
On Paypal
Send & Request > + Create Invoice > + Create Invoice 
Then you can create an invoice. I recommend creating a template that you can save as your regular commission template so you don’t have to keep resetting the settings and stuff for it. 
Such as setting up a Due Date or making sure there isn’t one. Also what you’d have on your template like removing shipping details or the discount selection if you don’t need those on there. (this is located in the Customize area under Bill To. This helps especially to remove the shipping info to avoid that trouble)

You can also ad stuff like your TOS in their  Terms and Conditions in the invoice as a reminder. As well as a section thats Memo to Yourself to put down the person’s handle/username/name as a reminder to yourself.
They only pay for this invoice if they select it to pay for it. It does not force or automatically take any money like some people have been concerned over. 
Once they read over the invoice and are ok with it and pay, completing the transaction, is when most artist start their work on the commission.

I hope this helps!