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Matrix - Bucky x Reader Fanfic // Chapter 1

Matrix snuck around the street, staying in the shadows. It was pretty easy stay unnoticed in this neighborhood, a lot of the street lamps around here were broken, and it wasn’t like anyone came to fix them. Besides, even if a car came by with it’s headlights on, she could just sneak into an alley or something. 

Matrix was doing her nightly rounds. It had been a month since she started protecting this neighborhood and the other ones around it from mayhem that so often plagued it’s streets. 

This place was the Hood, and there was a lot of shit that went down here. Kids and adults alike were getting shot up on the daily, and although Matrix only did her work at night, she tried to protect as many people as she could.

She stopped.

She swore she had heard a girl screaming from off down the street. Being agile and careful, she walked to where the sound had originated from and drew an arrow from her quiver, notching it and pulling it back. 

“Help!” Matrix heard a girl cry out. 

Then a male voice telling her to shut up, or he’d kill her.

“Stop,” Matrix said from the shadows. She was standing in front of an alleyway, and she could see a man, with his pants pulled down, holding a gun to the head of a teenage girl and smiling evilly.

“Or what. Better not come closer or I’ll shoot you and her dumb asses,” the man threatened.

Before he could do anything of the such, Matrix aimed and let the arrow fly. The girl cried out, but not from pain, from relief.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” She asked the girl.

“No, thank you so much!” The girl said, crying tears of joy.

“Here, let me walk you home,” Matrix offered.

“Okay,” the girl nodded, and, leading Matrix, walked home.

Before they left, Matrix through one more glance at the dead man in the alley. He deserved it, she assured herself, before following the girl home.


“Shit!” You cursed.

 You had dropped the stack of plates on your brief trip from the dishwasher to the cabinets on the opposite wall. Now all of your dishware was broken in shards of porcelain on your floor. You kicked the drawers on the wall below the cabinets and let out another string of curses.

Then the doorbell rang.

You assumed it was one of your neighbors coming to ask what on earth the racket was at seven in the morning, so without even looking through the peephole, you sung the door open and just stood there, bleeding from shards of porcelain you had stepped on and trying to push your bedhead out of your face.

You were surprised to find out that this was definitely not a neighbor. This was Captain America and The Winter Soldier, standing at your door at this ungodly hour, looking at each other and then back at you.

“Uh… hi. Sorry to bother you,” Steve Rogers, or Captain America mumbled, scratching his head.

“It’s fine. I woke up earlier when I cut myself on fucking porcelain,” you spat. Then you sighed and straightened up. “Sorry… haven’t had a good day so far. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

“It’s okay…” 

You swore that the other man was trying not to laugh.

“Something funny, James?” You glared at him and you swore you saw him jump back.

“How do you know my name?” He asked hesitantly.

“I saw you on TV.”

“Oh. That’s not who I am now…” He assured you.

“Sorry, what am I doing. Come in…” You gestured them inside, shutting and locking the door behind you.

“You know why we’re here, don’t you?” Steve said. He had caught on fast.

You chuckled and turned to him. “What the fuck are you gonna do, arrest me? I might use unorthodox methods, but I’m still saving the downtown area from complete ruin.”

“So you are Matrix.” Steve sighed, putting his head in his hands. “Good. We thought we might have gotten it wrong… look, I know that you think what you’re doing is helping the situation of this city, but you’re just hurting a lot of possibly innocent people…”

James, or Bucky, looked around the apartment. It was small, but nice. She obviously didn’t have much, it was like his apartment back in Romania. He looked at the broken plates on the floor of the kitchen.

“Matrix is a role model for kids in those neighborhoods. They might already look up to the Avengers, but knowing they have a superhero saving their own neighborhoods is even more encouraging. I’m doing this to inspire people to be - better!” You insisted.

“By doing what, giving a few ATM robbers an arrow through the eye and calling it saving the place? They could have a second chance at life, you know. From what I’ve heard, you had one,” Steve threw his hands up in exasperation.

“No, more like saving innocent teenage girls from infamous rapists around this area that have had more than enough second chances. Fucking hell, man. You might save us from aliens and shit, but there are still normal people doing messed up BS to this downtown area, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve done much about it,” you cursed, kicking at a book that had been laying around on the floor.

“And I’m sorry for that. We’re very busy people. Sometimes there are huge incidents that we can’t contain, like the Battle of New York or the accident in Sokovia, but there are constant alien threats happening that you never hear about because we get rid of them before that can happen.” Steve explained.

“Well boo-hoo, sorry I was mad at you. That just makes up for all of the fucking circumstances where teenagers are getting shot up and the police are too busy dealing with other things to stop it. You don’t understand, so stop pretending you do.” 

“Fine, if you don’t want to come with us on your own, we’ll have to force you to,” Steve sighed. He really hadn’t wanted to do this, but he didn’t have a choice. 

He took out the tranquilizer that Tony had given him earlier and prepared to stab her with it. It would knock her out for at least three hours. When he was about to hit you with it, you dodged him, ducking under the tranquilizer and grabbing his wrist, growling.

“I don’t want to go with you,” you spat.

“Too bad.” He used your grip on his wrist to flip you over and you hit the floor with a groan. You rolled out of the way just in time.

The syringe filled with the tranquilizing liquid stabbed into the floor, the liquid spilling out all over the hardwood.

“Damn you, that flooring was nice.” You cursed.

He grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and threw you against the wall.

All this time, Bucky was just standing there watching, amused. A smile pulled at the edges of his mouth.

You skidded to a stop just before you were about to hit the wall hard, and looked at Steve. He was just standing there, looking angry. You looked at the wall, and then his position, before running off, and then running back, pushing off the wall, and delivering him a roundhouse kick to the face. He didn’t flinch - go figure, he was a super soldier - but he did get a bloody nose.

“Son of a…” he muttered. He took out his shield, and you smirked.

You just stood there for a little bit. Then he called out to James.

“Bucky, now!” He yelled.

You ducked, expecting something to fly over your head. And it did. You gaped as a knife lodged itself into the wall behind you.

“The fuck?!” You freaked out. The Avengers were trying to fucking assassinate you because you hadn’t done something their way.

“Buck, I meant your tranquilizer dart, not a knife!” Steve scolded.

“Well sorry, you didn’t really elaborate!”

You used their moment of distraction to take off out of the apartment door. You heard Bucky and Steve cursing from behind you, and soon their footsteps following you. You were practically flying, and this was hardly taking any energy from you. No, you weren’t an inhuman or some Hydra human experiment, but you were determined, and that counted for something. You were beating two super soldiers.

“Fuck, she’s… fast…” You could hear Bucky say through his panting behind you.

You smirked and kept running.

People were walking you from the street and their yards. A few people you knew cheered you on.


A car.

This neighborhood didn’t exactly have sidewalks. You heard Bucky and Steve moving to your sides, but you didn’t move. Instead, you fucking hopped on the car and jumped onto the roof. You let it drive and watched Steve and Bucky just stare at you. The car was going a good 60 miles an hour, way too fast for a residential area, but right now, you couldn’t care less. 

Buck and Steve were fast, but not that fast.

You smiled to yourself.

You had just outwitted The Winter Soldier and Captain America.


“So you fucking lost an assassin? What? Really - no biggie, I mean, why would that matter?” Tony was flipping out.

Nat, Sam, Clint, and Wanda just watched him, amused. Apart from Tony, Bucky, and Steve, they were the only Avengers ready to do their job at the moment. 

“I’m sorry, she was fast and definitely a lot smarter than we thought,”

“Or maybe you were just being dumb.” Tony snapped.

“Oh, come on Tony!” Steve yelled. “Are you really going to play that card? Bucky and I tried our hardest. We’ll find her, alright?”

“You’d better,” Tony spat, before storming out.

“We have a lot of work to do if we’re going to find her,” Nat said, coming over and putting her hand on Steve’s shoulder. “Ignore him, let’s start putting together a plan.” 

Steve nodded.

This was going to be a long day.



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Matrix - Bucky x Reader Fanfic // Chapter 2

You collapsed onto the old, dusty sofa, and then offered a smile to Jacob. 

Jacob had been your friend in these parts for a long time, and obviously, well, other than the Avengers, was the only person who knew you were Matrix. He had always supported what you were doing, and just because the Avengers thought it was wrong didn’t mean he’d stop.

As soon as you had known that Bucky and Steve were no longer following you, you had headed to Jacob’s house, where he led you to a good hiding spot. It was an abandoned warehouse around that area. It was filled with garbage and broken bricks, but other than that, you’d make it a home until a better offer came up.

“So, you’re hiding from the Avengers,” Jacob muttered, sitting down on the couch next to you. Dust came up from the new addition of weight. “Geez, May, how do you get yourself into these situations?”

He called you May. It was short for Matrix. You had told him he could call you by your real name, but by then it had already caught on, so May it was.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know how they found me,” you sighed, placing your head in your hands. All you had wanted was to do something right, and now you were getting hunted down by superheroes for it. “Maybe I should stop and let the real superheroes do their job.”

He slapped your wrist, and you growled at him, but didn’t fight back. 

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You’ve never been one to give up, May. Don’t give up now. That’s a sign of weakness if I’ve ever seen one, and last time I checked, Matrix was the strongest person I knew,” Jacob scolded.

You sighed. He sighed, too, and leaned towards you, kissing you on the cheek. It wasn’t meant to be a romantic move, you knew. He was more like a big brother figure to you.

“Alright. But how long do you think you can smuggle food and water here for me until someone catches on? I’d hate for you to get in trouble because of me,” you reminded him. He would get caught if he was bringing food to some abandoned warehouse twice a day. It was the kind of thing that made people suspect something.

“True - don’t worry, I’ll figure it out. I won’t leave you to starve to death.” Jacob assured you. You nodded, although, internally, you were still worried for Jacob’s safety. He shouldn’t have to get into this. Even though it was the Avengers and not Hydra - well, it was still a dangerous game. Obviously, that Bucky guy didn’t know what he was doing, throwing knives at people and what-not, and if he did it to Jacob, who wasn’t expecting it… you shook the thoughts out of your head. 

“So, what do I do here all day?” You asked him, drawing your attention to another topic.

“That you’ll have to figure out yourself. Remember, the Avengers have some pretty smart people on their side, so no electronics unless it’s necessary. Here’s an emergency phone, just in case you need to call me. But other than that, nothing, they’ll be able to ping your location,” he warned you.

You knew that, but didn’t say anything. How could you? He was risking his life to save you. You would be eternally grateful for this, although you knew he wouldn’t let you do anything for him in return. That was just the type of guy Jacob was. The two of you may live in a bad part of town, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t have good hearts and intentions.

“Thanks, Jacob.” You smiled at him, your first legitimate smile for the entire day. 

“Any day, kid.” 


“Alright. So we’ve looked for some kind of electronic device pinging from all the areas around, gone out on patrols ourselves, and gotten nothing? How the hell does some crazy ass bitch just disappear from the map?” Bucky said. He then grunted and kicked a box full of Tony’s shit to the other side of the room.

“Hey!” Tony complained. “Stop fucking with my stuff!”

“Guys,” Nat warned them in her intimidating voice. At once, everyone calmed down. “We’ll find her, but not if you guys keep fighting one another.”

“But she’s completely erased herself from the world! How did she do that?” Buck threw his hands up in exasperation.

“She doesn’t,” Bruce Banner said from the other side of the room. “We got a hit. There’s an abandoned warehouse close to where you guys lost her. I just got an electric signal from there. You have to go, fast.” 


You had given the signal on purpose. And now you threw down the phone and started running. It was all a distraction. This would give you the ability to get farther away from Jacob and anyone else who could get in trouble helping you. You knew it seemed stupid, but you weren’t letting anyone get beaten up for your decisions. You kept close to the darkness of the alleyways, hiding behind trash cans and overgrown brush whenever a car went by.

It had to be at least eight at night, and it was already dark. You knew it was dangerous, but for a fully trained girl with a combat knife, you would be fine. You kept speeding down the street, and then stopped. You heard voices. Familiar voices. Steve and Bucky voices. You dived into the closest alleyway, hiding behind a dumpster, just in time to see two figures walk down the sidewalk - right past where you had been standing moments before. Good thing they hadn’t seen you. 

You silently thanked the darkness before sneaking out, making sure that the two super soldiers were a good distance away. Then you resumed your running like hell, just a lot quieter. You were about 100 feet away from Bucky and Steve when someone tackled you, jumping off the roof of a parked car that was lined up next to the sidewalk.


Black Widow.

You kicked and struggled, using all your strength to push her off you. By then she had alerted the others, and now you could see Steve and Bucky charging towards you.

Time to go.

You ran as fast as you could. Man, you had to be beating some kind of world record, you could hear Steve, Bucky, and Natasha’s panting getting farther off. And then it happened. An arm reached out from a doorway. You were far enough away that the darkness had blanketed you once again. You grabbed it, hoping it wasn’t someone else that wanted to kill you or keep you hostage. The arm pulled you in the empty doorway, broken hinges the only sign that a door had once been there.

The person covered your mouth, and you waited in the shadows of the run-down building. You heard all three of the Avengers run past you, and sighed when the man finally let his hand off your mouth. You put your hands on your knees and let yourself pant. You could see the man’s figure and smell his scent - the faint trace of alcohol, the cigarettes, the same cologne he wore every day… 

“Jacob? Jacob, god-damn it, what the fuck are you doing?” You scowled, because even though you knew he couldn’t see your face, you knew he could hear it in the tone of your voice.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he replied harshly. “Lower your voice.”

Your voice dropped to a whisper, but you made sure he could still hear the anger in it. “You son of a bitch, you’ll get in trouble for helping me! I ran for a reason!”

“I don’t care, May. I was just hanging out when I saw Steve and Bucky walk past, so I ran to the warehouse, and guess what was there - a phone, no May. So I ended up running out to see them heading into the warehouse. I thought that you were being kidnapped or raped or some shit, May. Don’t do that,” he sounded scared, almost. You knew he cared about you. “Look, tomorrow, we get the hell outta here, go get some new clothing and identities, and live a new life.”

“What about Matrix, though?” You asked hesitantly. Just hours before, he had been the one telling you not to give up on her.

“I may have been wrong,” Jacob muttered nervously. “Look at what just happened. You almost got caught. I can’t lose my favorite girl.”

He pulled you in, and you silently cried into his shirt. 

“She didn’t almost get caught,” a voice from the doorway scared you, and soon two flashlights flickered on. One from Jacob and the other from Natasha, who had been the voice. 

You hadn’t known who it was, and since you were so scared, you had thrown the knife at the doorway. It had missed Natasha by a hair, but it had hit the man standing next to her in the arm. 

What the fuck… you thought. The man hadn’t even flinched.

“Uh… Buck, you have a little… uh… knife in your arm,” Steve said from the other side of the doorway.

“What- oh. That,” Bucky muttered, pulling the knife out. It had lodged itself in pretty well between the metal plating, but his super strength probably helped him pull it out. 

“She’s coming with us.” Natasha informed a very upset Jacob.

“What the fuck?! No she’s not!” Jacob glared holes into Natasha. “She’s doing the right thing, and I’m not going to let you fuckers ruin it!”

Nat, Buck, and Steve just looked at each other before turning back to you and Jacob. Then Jacob looked at you.

“Promise me you won’t abandon me, no matter what’s about to happen,” Jacob asked you, desperation in his eyes.

“What… Jacob, what are you talking about-” Your eyes flew open and you jumped back. All the sudden, Jacob was holding - controlling was a more accurate way of explaining it - lightning?

“WHOA, WHAT THE FUCK?” Bucky cursed, jumping back. Nat and Steve also backed up a step.

(Yeah, I know this is Lincoln Campbell, not some guy named Jacob, but this was the most accurate picture of a guy with electricity powers I could find, gimme a break. LOL.)

“Stay away from her.” Jacob warned.

You gasped. What… what was he?

“Well, I guess my electric disks just went to shit,” Nat said, scowling.

All the sudden, Jacob turned the one large ball into three smaller ones, and threw them at the three Avengers. It only really took effect on Natasha, but it did phase the two super soldiers, giving you a chance to escape.

“Go,” Jacob said.

“But they’ll take you hostage-”

“GO!” Jacob yelled. 

You weren’t about to mess with a guy who had lightning shooting out of his hands.

So you ran past the Avengers and down the street, going faster than you ever had before. You swore you heard Jacob screaming in pain as someone hit him, but you didn’t dare to look back. Jacob had always had a good heart. You knew that the only reason he had used his powers was so that you could get away. You knew he would turn himself in once he thought you were far enough away.

As you ran, you cried, tears flowing out behind you. Thank you, Jacob. You thought. Thank you for everything.

X-47 - Bucky x Reader // Chapter 2

Tony Stark. Businessman. Billionaire. Avenger.
The first thing you were told to do was to watch your target. Learn about him. Find out anything you could. You needed information, insight. So for the past few days you had been spying on Mr. Stark with a group of Hydra guards.
Ms. Yakovich had you all in disguises, and you hated it. The heels and pencil skirt were all too confining for a fight. You were armed, you had a pistol and a knife, but you still couldn’t help but think how difficult it would be to go hand to hand in 4-inch stilettos.
It was nice to be out of the Hydra compound, however. You could breathe in fresh air, and you could see other people. Other life. You had rented a hotel room near Stark Tower instead of heading back to base every night, and the beds were much softer. Too much softer.
You ended up sleeping on the floor next to the bed, and although the guards would look at you, confused, they never said anything. Your cover name was Xenia, you assumed it was because they always called you Miss X, and Xenia started with X. You wanted to believe that this was your real name, but a little piece inside you, the one that was barely there now, was telling you it wasn’t.
This was one of the first times you believed it.
Three days after you had begun spying on the target, one of the guards woke you up earlier than usual. “Today’s the day, get up girl,” he spat, practically ripping your arm off by pulling you up off the floor.
“The day for what?” He slapped you at your idiotic question.
“The day when you assassinate Tony Stark.” He reminded you, practically throwing a heavy suitcase at you. It had been sitting at the other side of the room the entire time, and although you had wanted to know what it was, getting it chucked at you was not part of your plan. Luckily, your new strong and quick reflexes caught it.
“What’s this?” You asked, looking at the suitcase.
“Your suit and weapons. You’ll change into it somewhere else, we wouldn’t want to scare these pathetic hotel people, would we?” The guard snorted. “Anyway, we’ll check out early, and then we’ll find a place for you to get suited up. After that, we’ll get into Stark Tower, and exterminate the target.”
You nodded, eager to impress Ms. Yakovich and the guards on your first mission. Maybe then they wouldn’t slap and punch you as much. “Wait, so after all of this, we’re just going to walk into Stark Tower fully armed, shoot a lot of people, and then shoot Stark?”
“Oh, no,” the guard gave a low sound that almost sounded like a chuckle. “Hydra has set up a partner in crime for you. Together, you’ll be able to get into Stark Tower directly to the floor where Mr. Stark works. That way, we won’t waste as much ammo.” He explained.
You nodded again.

> Soon enough you and the three guards that had been watching you were en route to Stark Tower in a stolen car. You had checked out of the hotel early, at about 6 in the morning, stolen a van, the kind with no windows in the back, and then changed into your suit in an abandoned warehouse, off the radar. Now you were finding a good vantage point to begin the task.
“Who’s my partner in crime?” You asked. You had been wondering the entire time.
“Her name’s Matrix. Best archer in Hydra history. She’s directly under Hawkeye’s skill level,” the guard from the hotel room explained. “She’s a little bit insane, but we’re all mad here, right?”
You nodded and continued looking at the floor as it rattled from driving over potholes and speed-bumps.
“How far are we?” The guard asked the driver.
“We have about five minutes,” the driver replied, turning to look at the guard and then back to the road.
“You hear that, X?”
You were nervous and excited and scared and worried and… the feelings piled up, one on top of the other, in your brain. Once you did this, you’d be a real assassin. Once you did this, there was no going back. Once you killed Mr. Stark, you’d also kill the shard of you that was left amongst the darkness your mind had become.
But it was too late to turn back. Too late to run.
And even if you did run, where would you go?
You belonged to Hydra now.

> “Tony,”
Tony had been so overcome with guilt because of Natasha that he had agreed to work with Steve to find the missing girl. But now, as he watched her smirking, her two legs crossed and propped up on his meeting room table, he questioned if that had all just been an act. No one had ripped another person’s head off yet, but the mood in the room was still incredibly tense and uncomfortable.
“So, we’re meeting here to start planning a search and rescue mission for Natasha’s friend, (name) (last name). She’s been missing for three and a half months now, and Nat here suspects she was taken by Hydra.” Tony explained once everyone had settled down into the chairs around the table.
“I don’t suspect, Tony, I know,” Natasha corrected, scowling. “When I looked into her apartment, seeing how everything was broken, the bullet holes everywhere - it just left that ominous feeling that Hydra had done it.”
Along with Steve, Tony, and Natasha, Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson were also part of the little group. Tony sighed at Nat’s comment, and then continued.
“We need to start looking as soon as possible. We don’t know what Hydra is doing or has done to her but everyone deserves a second… uh… chance,” Tony’s eyes skimmed around the room and settled on Bucky, who had already looked uncomfortable, but had tensed up even more when Tony was done with his sentence. “Anyway-”
The glass wall protecting them from the outside world shattered, and an arrow stuck itself to the inner wall. It was connected to another arrow, so it was creating a zipline. Using that zipline, two girls flew into the room.
“Oh my goodness… (name)!” Nat cried out, happy. She was oblivious to what was going on.
“Uh, Nat, I don’t think that that’s… her,” Bucky mumbled, pulling the excited Natasha back.
“No, that is! Look!”
“No, I mean mentally…” Buck persisted. She was strong, but not strong enough to get out of his metal grip. His new arm was made from vibranium, it was even tougher than the last one.
“(Name), prove Bucky wrong,” Natasha smirked.
X looked up. Who was this (name) person? That little piece of her… it was crying, begging for her to remember. But there was more Hydra in her now, and it didn’t care. “I’m X-47. I have no idea who you’re talking about,” you spat, pulling out a knife and twirling it in your hand.
Bucky stepped forward, letting go of Natasha, but making sure she stayed behind him. “I used to be like you,” he started. Sam, Tony, Clint, Natasha, and Steve all stared at him. “I know that Hydra makes you think that what you’re doing is good, but it’s not. They scramble up your memories and thoughts, they program you to believe them. I didn’t have the chance, and I made so many mistakes. But you do. You have the chance to walk out of this room without any blood on your hands. So are you going to take it?”
You just stared at him. The Winter Soldier. You had also been told about him, how he had betrayed Hydra, after all they had done for him. He was handsome, though. Too bad you were most likely going to have to kill him before you left this place. A guard’s voice came over comms. “Don’t believe them, X. You have to kill Mr. Stark and whoever else tries to stop you, and then get out of there,” the guard informed you.
You were practically torn in half. You didn’t know who to believe. Was everything Hydra had told you a lie? Or was it Bucky and these other people that were lying to you. You shook the thoughts out of your head, what were you thinking? You were here to do one thing, and you would do it. “I’m actually here to assassinate Mr. Stark, so could you please step aside? You’re covering him.” You said sharply through gritted teeth.
For a second, no one said anything. Then Tony started backing towards the office door. “Okay, this is where I step out…” he mumbled, fidgeting with the door handle and keeping his eyes trained on you and Matrix, who had been silent this entire time.
You actually hadn’t even heard her voice. Right now she had her bow and an arrow drawn and ready to fire. As Tony was beginning to open the door, she fired an arrow, and it barely missed Tony’s head. He smirked at her. “Hah, you missed.” He taunted.
“No, I didn’t,” Matrix said in a heavy Russian accent.
Then the arrow blew. It was a very small explosion, really only big enough to shock a person, but it did the trick. As soon as it exploded, another arrow pinned Matrix to the wall. Hawkeye smiled at her from his perch on top of the meeting table. “Sorry, girly, but I’m the archer here,” he stated, drawing another arrow.
You ripped the arrow from the wall and unsheathed your favorite weapon, your neo-chrome butterfly knife. You twirled it around in your fingers. In your other hand was the knife you had drawn earlier. Although you were often trained to use guns, knives had remained your favorite from the first time you had used them back at the Hydra base. You were particularily entranced by the balisong (or butterfly) knife. Bucky stared at you as you did some simple tricks with it.
“(Name), think about this…” Buck persisted. He didn’t want to see another innocent person fall to Hydra. Besides, he had heard so much about her from Natasha. He had also met her before this once or twice, and it nearly broke his heart to see her there, staring at him, with no recollection of their prior meetings what-so-ever. “You don’t have to be like-”
He was cut off when a knife almost hit him. He ducked, and everyone quickly dodged it. It then lodged itself into the wall. You smirked and continued twirling the butterfly knife around in your fingers. Your comms came to life again. “Alright, X. Use this as a chance to get Stark. Then get out of there, and cut the zipline.” The guard instructed.
“Copy that,” you replied.
Drawing a gun quickly, you shot at Stark twice before practically jumping out of the building. At the last moment, you grabbed onto the zipline. By the additional weight, you could tell that Matrix was following close behind. You heard yelling and groaning, and knew that at least one of your bullets had hit home.
Then another huge addition of weight. You glanced back and saw Bucky.
As soon as you hit ground, and then Matrix, you used an incredibly sharp knife to slice the zipline in two. You watched as Bucky fell into the street, landing on the top of a car and practically crushing the roof. He lay there, groaning, as the car stopped and the owner got out to see what on earth had just happened. You could hear Steve yelling Bucky’s name from Stark Tower across the street.
You laughed.
Maybe you didn’t make such a bad assassin after all.


“I think wood — the appreciation of it and the ability to work with it — is in my family’s blood.” A longtime dream of reclaiming barns inspired this designer to launch a custom barn wood furniture and home goods business with his family. Read Eric’s story