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Emergency Commissions!

I need help to pay for my turtle’s recent surgery and follow up work!

I am opening up slots for crochet doll commissions to pay for my turtle’s emergency surgery from earlier this week. He has a lot of difficulties, including a calcium metabolism disorder and scoliosis, and he prolapsed on Tuesday. The surgery to correct his prolapse went well, but because of his shell and hip deformations, he’s going to need a lot of aftercare. His scoliosis also means he may need additional surgeries in the next few weeks because his shell is putting extra pressure on his cloaca and organs.

To help pay for his recent (and possible future) surgeries, I’m opening commissions for small crochet dolls. These dolls are hand-made, usually taking about 2-6 weeks to complete and ship. Here is my most recent example for @thetartestglitter of their OC Lemmy, including the reference picture I used.

For more examples, click HERE!

I will crochet:

  • OCs
  • Anime/game characters
  • Fursonas
  • Humans (You, even!)
  • Lots of other things

I won’t/can’t crochet:

  • Other artist’s characters (without express permission)
  • NSFW dolls (tiny yarn = very difficult)

These dolls are usually 5-7 inches tall, made of a combination of natural and synthetic yarn, filled with synthetic stuffing, and with plastic ‘safety’ eyes. The base price for these dolls is $70. [I am willing to discuss larger commissions.]

I’m also accepting paypal donations at fadedsepiastitches[at]outlook[dot]com. Even if you don’t want/need a doll, please consider bumping this post.

anonymous asked:

Could you please point me to some Autistic owned stim stores? Thanks!

Sure! Please note, though, that unless otherwise specified, these stores are based in the US. For those willing to shop from neurodivergent-owned businesses (as distinct from specifically autistic) there’s a little more choice. If you’re not in the US, you’re very likely going to have to pay extra in conversion and shipping costs (which is why I don’t use ND-owned as a basis for what content goes on this blog, as cool as it is to support fellow autistic and ND creators).

If you’re an autistic crafter and you’re not on this list, it’s either because I haven’t yet heard of you, I’ve committed the terrible crime of forgetting you or I’m unsure if you’re autistic (as per the brief). Please comment; I will add your name and details!

I’m pretty sure most folks have heard of Stimtastic by now (@stimtastic), but on the off chance someone hasn’t, I’ll mention it! I don’t believe anyone has had any negative experiences with their order; the linked Tumblr is packed full of happy customers saying great things. There’s everything from fidget toys to chewables! I love my braid pendant, scented vial necklace and - while I didn’t buy it from Stimtastic because I found it here in Australia - crocheted stress balls. @werevampiwolf makes their bead rings!

@caseydickdanger on their Storenvy store Ca5ey sells handmade slimes, fidget toys, weighted plush, squishies and unique fidget jewellery.

@wiresandchains at etsy store Chain Mail Slime sells handmade slimes and very unique chainmail fidgets and fidget jewellery.

If you’re after cute crocheted plush toys, @stimwithoutshame runs etsy store Spacecraft Crafts.

If you’re after bean bags or marble mazes, @asenseofselfshop runs etsy store A Sense of Self.

@spacerobotstudio creates and sells amazing fidget jewellery, communication necklaces and pride accessories on etsy store Spacerobot Studio.

@dragonadventurescrafting sells a fabulous range of handmade plushies and bean bags on her etsy store Dragon Adventures Crafting.

@dollboy runs etsy store Weird Faeles where you can find chewellery and witchy jewellery.

@transsliime sells handmade dough and many varieties of slime on their etsy store TransSlimes!

Autistic Rabbit on etsy makes and sells weighted blankets!

Sister Cat Blankets (etsy, based in France) makes weighted lap pads, blankets and stim toy cases. (She’s one of the mods of @autistickitten but I don’t know her personal.)

@elsinore-snores runs etsy store PangeaMea (based in Greece) where you can find noise-muffling beanies and headbands.

@bartonnbishophumandisastersatlaw runs etsy store Wilde Spoons and Stims where you can buy marble mazes and dinosaur egg fidget toys.

@stevenuniversequartz runs Spoonie Studio, where they sell slimes, floam, glitter jar necklaces, putty and chewellery.

@neurodelightful runs etsy store NeuroDelightful, where you can find fidget jewellery and glitter/shaker bottle pendant necklaces and earrings. Some even glow in the dark!

@piefanart stocks handmade plushies and very cool gear/steampunk-styled fidget necklaces on etsy store PieFanart.

@papercrafthugs sells fidget bracelets and custom amigurumi from UK-based etsy store Papercraft Hugs.

Fidget Club is online retailer with a fabulous range of stim toys. They’re also one of the few autistic and ND owned stockists of Tangles!

@punkrockstimming sells a range of beaded fidget bracelets and beaded fidget toys at xyr etsy store True Trans Soul Rebel.

@fabulousfidgets stocks hot/cold bags and marble mazes on etsy store Fabulous Fidgets.

@luna-stims runs Etsy store Lunar Ocean Studio where you can find her Teeny Bean fidget bean bags.

Fuzzwumpet is an Etsy store based in Canada that sells marble mazes, monster bean bags and spoonie bag self-care kits.

@dailyspheal runs Etsy store Waggles Studio, which stocks handmade fidgets made from woven loom bands.

@yuuriandviktorkatsuki runs UK-based Etsy store Chloe G Crafts, where she currently stocks handmade bead bracelets and soft crochet bracelets, and will stock fidgety things made from split rings.

If you know more autistic-owned places to buy great toys, please let us know by commenting on this post or sending in an ask. Tumblr has stopped showing the notes in all reblogs, and we now get traffic enough that I (mod K.A.) don’t have the spoons to click on every reblog to see if there’s been an addition. We can’t miss comments, so you’ll help us a lot by commenting. Thank you!


#557 Dwebble

Day 36 was actually Dwebble! I really like it in Magikarp Jump because it looks cute sleeping and I think it’s silly that Magikarp tries to push it and can’t really


I’ve gotten over my cold, but one illness replaced another so I’m not 100% yet. Even so, I don’t want to lose my week ahead of schedule, so I’m slowly working today.

Good news, with what I had started Tuesday night, plus today, I was able to finish that custom pet look a like amigurumi! His tail is wired so it can be posed as desired, and he was made in my basic flopped size and pose. I’m very pleased with how he turned out.

I’ll be starting the next amigurumi soon, and hopefully posting as normal again over the next day or so.

You can commission your own plushies and more at!


Woo! The beautiful Archdruid is all done! I spent all of today making the leaves and sewing them all on, and just recently finished felting on his eyes and details, and well, here he is! 🌳 What do you all think? I’m so glad to have crocheted my favorite WoW class, and I really hope to make more of the Feral #Legion skins one day, maybe even an Owlcat for myself. I don’t think I’ll be listing this guy as a made-ro-order, but commissioning one for yourself is always an option! Find more world of warcraft inspired plushies at!


[click to visit my etsy shop]

hi!! welcome to my commissions post. above are examples of plush i’ve made at different price tiers. below, i’ll explain them in a bit more detail.

$10 - $15

  • 1 to 3 inches tall
  • price increases depending on complexity
  • can include phone/ds strap

$20 - $25

  • 4 to 6 inches tall
  • price increases depending on amount of colors used and complexity
  • accessories can be added

$30 - $40

  • 6 to 9 inches tall
  • price increases depending on size and complexity
  • accessories can be added

to request a custom order, message me on etsy (it’s a lot more reliable than tumblr) and we can set something up.

thank you so much for your time!!

The adorably undead Frosty whelpling is all done! 😄

Wow, I really love him. He turned out so much better than I could have hoped for, and I’m just so proud of him! And there is a definite chance that I’ll be offering him as a made to order Amigurumi later in, as I would love to make him again 💕

This is just my 2nd time crocheting an undead themed beasty from World Of Warcraft and I do hope I get more chances in the future.

Its too sunny to take his photos today, but hopefully they’ll be done soon.

I’ll be starting the next amigurumi soon, and until then you can find lots more Warcraft inspired plushies and models at!

Before I dive into the vortex of despair, let me show you something cute!

Look!  My custom order Reyes & Sara Amigurumi Dolls have arrived!

The power couple of Andromeda!  6.5 inches in height!!  (Sara is slightly taller than Reyes!  She has a bigger head!  LOL)

And here!  Sara in armour!  Look at her, how cute!  Who said she wasn’t cute enough??!

You can order your own Sara and Reyes dolls from @53stitches !  Thank you Clare! :D


And here are those pictures of Fenryr I promised! Had to wait for the sun to start setting, but I got them done and that’s the important part 😅 Also got all of detail and size photos inside.

I’m really pleased with his result, especially the fur patches on his front paws, around his neck and down his back, as those were done using a new method I thought of - and one I hope to get the chance to utilize more in the future.

I can’t wait to see Fenryr, Invincible and the Lucid Nightmare all together! Hopefully by the end of Friday 😊

You can find more of my work or commission your own at!