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Reigning Champions; Part Four

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday ho! This is set during/after Survivor Series, as I’m sure you all know. Tagging @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes, as is my custom. Enjoy!

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Customs by NikeMikey_1


Just completed a custom set of 27cm/11″ tall Disney Style Robin Hood & Maid Marian dolls for a commission! They came out super super cute!!! I’m so happy! They are full poseable with jointed elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, waist, hips, head and shoulders. Maid Marian has eyelashes, and I partially sculpted both their heads/faces, handpainted their features/bodies and my sister made their amazing clothing. She’s so awesome!

What do you think of them? Would love to hear your opinions!! Thanks!

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I recently redid my custom Designer Elsa 11″ Doll’s gown to be a little more elaborate. I loved how the original OOAK gown was before but I wanted a little more flared, iridescent and dramatic! I redid her bodice with iridescent sequins under a layer of pale mirror organza, edged with blue sparkle venise lace at bust and waist, plush AB rectangle gems at her waist/hips. I added draping teardrop pearls to her spaghetti straps and redesigned her skirt to flare out at the bottom rather than just straight down.

After I was done, I really couldn’t decide which version I preferred but the teardrop sleeves tipped the scales in this gown’s favor for me! :) Hope you like her, too!!

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George Harrison in the studio during the “Hey Bulldog” recording session, 11 February 1968; screen capped from the official “Hey Bulldog” video

“And we do now have an unreleased video of ‘Hey Bulldog,’ as you know. What it was is that when we were in the studio recording [10 takes of] ‘Bulldog,’ apparently it was at a time when they needed some footage for something else, some other record [’Lady Madonna’], and a film crew came along and filmed us. Then they cut up the footage and used some of the shots for something else. But it was Neil Aspinall who found out that when you watched and listened to what the original thing was, we were recording ‘Bulldog’! This was apparently the only time we were actually filmed recording something, so what Neil did was, he put [the unused footage] all back together again […].” - George Harrison, Billboard, 19 June 1999

“My favorite George moment is probably his look around the Help!/Revolver period. He just looked like the coolest motherf***** around - especially those red wine cord boots he wore in the ‘Lady Madonna’ footage. His work has been a great influence on me and always will be. I don’t think I would have picked up a guitar if I had not seen the footage of ‘I Should Have Known Better.’ I love George so much I even named my son in his honor: ‘George Harrison Bennett.’” - Andy Bennett (Ocean Colour Scene) on George Harrison, Filter, Fall 2011


Shut up and take my money!

Two Mercedes-Maybach S 600 with V12 engines arrived at Mercedes-Benz AutoBeltrán Barcelona – ordered by one customer.

[Combined fuel consumption: 11.7 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions: 274 g/km |]