Pastel Goth Cutie by Pullipprincess

I feel like between all the new dolls I’ve been getting and working on my Nahh Ato’s faceup, Amethyst hasn’t been getting as much love as she used to. While taking this picture of her though, I rediscovered just why it is that I adore her so much! <3


Looky what I found at work. Our hanging gift cards come in these cardboard boxes that fit average tarot cards just fine and once you remove the stickers you can decorate it how you want :D the best part was that they were free! I’m sure you could use them for plenty of other witchy stuff!

Edit: I work at Target, just fyi. If you go up to the service counter when they’re not too busy you might be able to ask them nicely if they could grab you one or two of the boxes that the hanging giftcards come shipped in (they might have some in their recycle bin like ours does)