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Gen. Robert E. Lee (seated) with his son, Maj. Gen. George Washington Custis Lee (l) and Lt. Col. Walter H. Taylor ® at Lee’s home in Richmond, VA on April 16, 1865 by Mathew Brady

This photo was taken 1 week after Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox and 2 days after President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. Lee lived in Richmond for a few months until he accepted the position as President of Washington College in Lexington, VA in October 1865, and was president until his death in October 1870. George Washington Custis Lee succeeded him as President of the renamed Washington & Lee University and served until 1897.

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Locket with a piece of George Washington’s hair and a piece of cloth from a Hessian flag taken at Trenton. In the collection of Mount Vernon which has this to say about it:

Gift of John Peirpont Morgan, 1938; W-944

This double-sided locket was presented to Martha “Markie” Custis Williams by her uncle George Washington Parke Custis and his wife, Mary Custis Lee, with whom she enjoyed a close relationship. It harbors a small lock of George Washington’s hair and a silk fragment with a history of having come from a Hessian flag seized at the Battle of Trenton. This token of affection no doubt served to remind Markie of her family’s connection to the success of the Revolution and the making of the American nation.