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Now that I really think about it, Hajime’s guild would be crazy strong. They have Chiaki (Ultimate gamer), Nagito (Ultimate Bullshit), and of course Hajime (Aka Izuru too who is an even bigger Ultimate Bullshit)

they are a humble team, despite everything

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UR ART IS SO CUTE... I love the way u draw komaeda and hinata and nanami (meme team) and whenever I’m sad and it comes up on my dash, I’m always happier! Without a doubt!!! Thank u sm for sharing it bless u and ur kind heart.. and meme team drawings....

AAAAH thank you!! here they are again

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I’m sorry to bother you but your positivity posts mean the world to me and I didn’t think I’d ever be one to request one but my depression reared up really badly today in a way it probably hasn’t in a decade and i know you mostly draw v3 peeps these days but if you had time to draw any time of positive Nagito it would mean the world to me. If you don’t that’s fine thanks for making awesome art all the time and sharing it with us, you’re a really wonderful artist ❤️

Please never forget how far you’ve come. 


I felt like posting something so I sifted through my art folders and … well… this au is embarrassing but I wanted to share it anyway!


I thought I had an explanation, but I don’t

screenshot courtesy of @kaminagirl!

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Your art is really good! You have style,good sense of colors and you draw really fast. Keep it going ❤ And could you please draw danganronpa crossover with other anime/cartoon ? quq

Thank you so, so much! You’re gorgeous, thank you! And of course I shall! But since you didn’t specify crossover with what, I hope Angel Beats is okay? It’s based off this poster!


Σ(ノ°▽°)ノcaught up with kiznaiver and this is what I draw