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you should make a part two to that blurb about furniture shopping but this time the ugly chair just came and you ride him on it

Part One

God this thing was ugly.  Who the hell put paisley and fish together?  You were sure Anna Wintour put it in some Vogue issue hence the reason Harry just had to have it.  Even the men who delivered it side-eyed you as they unwrapped it from the brown paper and plastic.

So here it was.  The ugliest chair you had ever seen.  And it was in your living room.  You sighed as you glanced around.  He would insist on having the chair where people could see it.  

There had to be a better place to put it though.  Some place where both of you could-

“Ohhhhhh yeah baby!”  He yelled as he emerged from the kitchen behind you.  His voice so loud it caused you to almost jump out of your skin.  He walked towards the chair, “Look at this masterpiece…how beautiful it goes with the wood?  I told you.  You just wouldn’t listen though.”

You bit your lip, the gears in your head turning as you watched him survey his monumental furniture purchase.

He was still in his workout clothes, having just returned from the gym.  His biceps were glistening with sweat and you just knew his hair was soaked with it underneath his backwards hat.  

You quirked your brows as an idea popped into your head.  

You walked towards the chair, nodding gently as you stared down at the fabric,

“Alright…I will concede that it does look decent enough with the wood floor.”  You looked up at him, “Is it comfortable?”

Harry shrugged,

“Don’t remember.  Let me check…”  He sat down, a huge grin popping up on his cheeks as he looked up at you, “Like a cloud.”

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In Sickness and In Health

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1100 Words

This is for @jared-padaloveme and her JuJu’s Fluffy Birthday Challenge. It’s for prompt #47, Takes care of reader when sick. No warnings, except fluff!

Three years. That’s how long you’ve been acting on the show Supernatural as a guest star. Right alongside your husband Jared, and never once had you been sick. Sure, maybe a sniffle here or there, but nothing that stopped you from doing your work.

Today, when you had woken up, you found yourself cuddled against your husbands bare chest, your head pressed tight into his warm skin, your body curled into a tight ball beside him. That wasn’t unusual, you were always drawn to him, even in sleep. What you noticed right away was the fact that you were freezing, and you couldn’t seem to get close enough to his warmth.

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the eyes to pull me in (lucaya)

basically i wrote this for secret santa and i thought it could use a repost ;) also, if you read this, shoot me an ask and lmk if i should change my url to trahgedy or not!!

It was never supposed to get that far. Lucas and Maya, together. Before that night, they could maintain the tremulous balance, so close to toppling. No one was supposed to get hurt. No one was ever supposed to acknowledge that they did get hurt. If it wasn’t for the rain and the stupid, stupid bus, then things would probably have worked out alright for just a bit longer.  But it was just Maya Hart’s luck to get caught in a thunderstorm.

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"I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you" for satori pls pls pls ily

Tendou Satori:

He didn’t know how much longer of this he could take.
It wasn’t like she had asked to take a break, but when she implied that she needed a week away from him due to studying and her club, she might as well have just dumped him. Tendou didn’t expect himself to be so upset over the change, but he was. He thought life would go on as usual, volleyball, shounen jump, sleep, repeat, but there was an empty pit inside of him that forbade him from doing so. He never thought he’d be so attached to another human being in his life, these feelings were so foreign to him. For the first time ever he was actually pining over something that wasn’t fabricated, he was pining over her.
Tendou was sure that if it were any other time of the year, he’d be able to get by just fine. However, tomorrow was Valentine’s Day, and celebrating it when you have a girlfriend without her really being there was sure to be tough. He figured he could just get by like he has been for the past eighteen years, but that would most likely be impossible. He knew she wanted a little bit of space for her studies, but he was sure to end up calling her two hundred times throughout the day.

It was currently 11:27 PM on February the 13th and Tendou has never felt more strange. The last time he had spent hours refreshing and reloading __’s tumblr was way before they were dating, when his crush on her was borderline stalkerish. Everytime he reloaded it stayed the same, the top post a mocking gif of her blowing a kiss at the camera. He just wished she’d text him, or call him, or something. He didn’t even see her in school all that much either, her being in class five. Tomorrow was going to be hell, he was sure of it. With all this moping, he became the self proclaimed “Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentine’s Day”, but instead of muttering “bah humbug” under his breath, it was more like a string of dirty cusses. He got off her page thirty minutes after he realized that she wasn’t going to post anything, and pulled up their previous text messages. The last thing she said was, “I love you”, and re-reading that made him all the more upset. He really, really wanted to reach out to her, more than anything. He typed a quick, “I miss you a lot”, his thumb hovering over the send button. He didn’t want to bother her or anything, she was probably sleeping or studying and he didn’t want to distract her from either. With a sigh he closed the app, his message to be forever unsent.

The next day at school was a tedious treachery. He didn’t know whether the cancellation of all clubs was a blessing, or a curse. He was going to go with a curse. Now that he didn’t have volleyball to distract him he was to succumb to locking himself away in his bedroom with three cups of Top Ramen and watching Kuroko no Basuke until he passed out. He wouldn’t necessarily call that ideal, but it was ideal enough. The closer he came towards his house the more and more he wanted to return to school. There was a horrible feeling in his gut and he hated it. He felt mad, upset and anxious all at once. He knew she had her phone on her, why couldn’t she text him at least once? Was he that much of a burden that she had to close him out completely? She definitely wasn’t busy during her lunch period, couldn’t she come see him? He was mad at himself for growing soft, for being so easily malleable in the hands of this girl who decided that she should just cut off everything with him. Then again, maybe he really wasn’t growing soft, he could just be extra hormonal this week, he did do a lot of jacking off.

When he did finally get to his house, he almost vomited. There, on his porch, was a figure, his favorite figure, with her phone in her hands and a bouquet of varying shades of roses. He tugged his earbuds out, and began to walk a little bit faster.
“__?” He called out, stopping a few feet away from her. She looked up, smiled sheepishly, and replaced the phone in her hand with the flowers.
“Hey, Satori.”
“What’re you doing here?” He inquired, his hands balling into fists in his pockets. He really wanted to play it off like he hadn’t missed her with every fabric of his being, but it was hard when she was giving him the sweetest look he’s ever seen.
“Oh… I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you…” She smiled, fiddling with the ribbon on the bouquet. “It would be pretty malicious of me if I didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend.”
Tendou let the smile he held back evade his face, all whilst wondering how he ever doubted this girl. He dropped his bag and ran up to her, waiting for her to set the flowers down before pulling her into a bone crushing hug.
“I missed you.” He muttered into her hair, closing his eyes at the feeling of her warmth that he craved. “And you didn’t have to buy me flowers. Just showing up is a present by itself.”
“No, I did have to get you flowers, see…” She slipped out of his grip, bending back over to pick up the roses. “The red ones stand for love, the pink ones stand for sweetness and, the maroon ones…” She sighed. “Well, the maroon ones stand for sorrow and regret. ‘Cause it was a really stupid decision to ignore you for a week, and I’m really, really sorry.”
“No, no, don’t be sorry.” He cooed, graciously taking the flowers from her hands. “I get it, your career comes first.”
“Semi told me how much you complained about me being gone. By what I’ve heard, you weren’t alright.”
“Oh, what the fuck, he told you?” Tendou whined, his lips turning downward into a strange pout. “I didn’t want you worrying about me.”
“You shouldn’t’ve complained to Semi then…” She laughed, stretching upwards to plant a firm kiss on his cheek. His heart fluttered in his chest, the familiar feeling warm against his skin. He hadn’t talked to her in precisely six and a half days, but those six and a half days felt like years. He cupped her face in his hands as she pulled back, pressing the tip of her nose against his.
“I missed you too, Satori…” She muttered, kissing his lips and allowing him to melt in her arms.
Well, maybe he was malleable, but he wouldn’t move for anyone else.

Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Birds


Owl guts over the doorway – “A man in Fort Smith, Arkansas, told me that his father placed the entrails of a big horned owl over the door, to keep witches away.” ~Randolph OMF 284

Owl gizzard worn for luck – “…Otto Ernest Rayburn tells of a man on trial for hog-stealing who wore ‘the dried gizzard of a hoot-owl tied round his neck for good luck.’” ~Randolph OMF 284

Owl broth for whooping cough – “Give children Owl broth for the whooping cough. Many years ago broth was made from cooking an owl (like you would a chicken) and then give the broth made from cooking the owl to children who had the whooping cough. Then the children would get better and not cough so much.” ~Parler FBA III 3861

Sign of bad luck – “If you are out walking and head an owl hoot, it is bad luck and you should go home.” ~Parler FBA VI 6473

Death omen – “If a screech owl hollows near the house at night, there will be a death in the family.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8144

Taking the “cuss” off – “How to keep a screetch owl from screetching: Tie a knot in the right hand corner of the bed sheet. It will kill the screetch owl by choking him to death.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8148

“If you hear a screech owl at night, get up and turn a chair over; otherwise there will be a death in the family.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8149

“If you hear a screech owl hollow outside of your house, it means death to someone in your family; but if you lay a broom on your doorstep, he will leave and death will be prevented.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8150

“If a screech owl disturbs your sleep at night, get up and take a broom and lay it across the open doorway along the threshold, and the owl wouldn’t bother your sleep anymore.” ~Parler FBA XII 9991

“Stick a shovel in the fire to stop the screech owl’s holler.” ~Parler FBA XII 9997

“If a screech owl hollers in the daytime, it is bad luck and if girls and ladies tie knots in their dress tails or apron tails, it will ward off the evil.” ~Parler FBA XII 10020

“Tying a knot in a pillow slip corner will make a screech owl stop screeching.” ~Parler FBA XII 10023

Beak good luck – “John Claborn carried an owl’s bill for good luck.” ~Parler FBA IX 8772


Turkey bones hidden to attract love – “Many a mountain girl conceals dried turkey bones about the room in which she meets her lover, or even secretes them in her clothing, in the belief that they will render him more amorous. I once heard some village loafers ‘greening’ a young chap because some turkey bones had been found behind the cushions of his Ford, the supposition being that they had been placed there by women who had ridden with him.” ~Randolph OMF 167

Turkey beard carried to attract love – “Mountain girls sometimes carry the beard of a wild turkey gobbler concealed about their clothing. Rose O'Neill, of Day, Missouri, asked a neighbor about this once and was told that ‘we use it to clean the comb with.’ Probably the gobbler’s beard does make a satisfactory comb cleaner, but there is no doubt whatever that some backwoods damsels regard it as a love charm.” ~Randolph OMF 167


Wild goose foot powdered and fed to lover – “The boys in northwestern Arkansas make a love medicine from the web of a wild gander’s foot, dried and reduced to powder. Put a pinch of this in a girl’s coffee, and she will not only fall in love with you at once but will be faithful to you as long as she lives. This is somehow connected, in the hillman’s mind, with the belief that wild geese mate but once.” ~Randolph OMF 168

“Love powder is made from the web of a wild gander’s foot.” ~Parler FBA VII 7046


Dove’s tongue hidden as love charm - “In some localities it is said that a man hides the dried tongue of a turtle dove in a girl’s cabin this makes her fall madly in love with him, and she can’t deny him anything. I was told of a case in which a girl’s superstitious parents searched the cabin for days, trying to find the tongue which they believed must be hidden there. The neighbors laughed about this, and the girl herself said that turtle doves’ tongues had nothing to do with the case, but the parents still believed the old story. They never did find the dove’s tongue, however.” ~Randolph OMF 169

“Dried tongues of turtle doves are used as love charms. A girl who has been charmed is unable to deny her lover anything.” ~Parler FBA VII 7041

Dove on chest for pneumonia – “If you place a dead dove on the chest of someone who has pneumonia, he will have a prompt recovery.” ~Parler FBA III 2874

Sign of travel – “The person hearing the call of the first turtle dove in the Spring, is a sign meaning that he is apt to go on a journey in the direction from which he heard the call.” ~Parler FBA VI 6646


Parts of the great pileated woodpecker used in magic – “This bird is supposed to have some supernatural powers, and I am told that various portions of its body are highly prized by witches and goomer doctors.” ~Randolph OMF 249

Used to cure pain – “Get the brains from a Good God bird (Pileated woodpecker) while still warm and use to ease pain. Then cook the bird and eat it.” ~Parler FBA 1341

Pileated woodpecker good luck – “Seeing a ‘Good-God’ is good luck. A Good-God is a rather rare species of bird (Pileated woodpecker). It is about the size of a crow and is colored exactly like a red-headed woodpecker.” ~Parler FBA XII 9978


Ill omen – “Various sorts of birds are believed to carry warnings. A woman in my neighborhood whipped her grown daughters un- mercifully, until one day ‘the redbirds come an’ ha’nted her’ by tapping on the windowpane, which gave the woman a terrible fright and caused her to mend her ways. Another of my mountaineer friends was greatly disturbed when a ‘rooster redbird’ hovered about his door; he said that it was a warning of death, and sure enough, one of his daughters died within a few weeks.” ~Randolph OMF 245

To bring in money – “If you need money and see a redbird that’s flying, say, ‘Money before the week’s out,’ and you’ll get it.” ~Parler FBA V 5881

Sign of visitor – “If a red bird flies across your path, you will see someone unexpected.” ~Parler FBA VI 6713

For a wish – “Make a wish on a redbird. If you can guess the direction he flies, your wish will come true.” ~Parler FBA XV 11421


Eagle stone for fidelity – “An eagle stone, taken from a bird while still alive, will keep one’s mate faithful.” ~Parler FBA VII 7052

Claw is good luck – “It’s good luck to wear an eagle’s claw around your neck.” ~Parler FBA IX 8767

Blue Jays

Associated with the Devil – “Jaybirds go to Hell on Friday.” ~Parler FBA XII 9987

“All jay birds spend Friday in Hell.” ~Parler FBA XII 9988

“You never see a jaybird on Friday because on Friday they are busy carrying sticks to the devil to help him build his fires. If you put your ear close to the ground, you can hear them working.” ~Parler FBA XII 9989


To cause rain – “Kill a crow and hang it up, and it will rain within three days.” ~Parler FBA XI 9581


Death signs – “If someone dies and a big bird like a crow or hawk flies over the house the bird carries the soul to Hell; but if a small bird like a Robbin etc. flies over, it carries the soul to Heaven; and if no bird at all flies over the house, the soul is doomed to float around anywhere through eternity.” ~Parler FBA VIII 8133

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

A Kings True Mate

Pairing: Thranduil x reader(half wizard/half elf), Thorin’s company, Gandalf, Legolas, Tauriel

A/n: Ok, this is completely full of firsts. First hobbit fic, first abo, first Thranduil. so if you don’t like this, fuck off (first cuss word on this lol) There will be more

I will be posting a list of all the word i use soon, I use a couple different sites to translate words so bare with me

Tag list: @douchepoolonsie @a-lonely-string @fandoms-writer @theoneandonlysaucymo @petlaufeyson @mysaria @hymnofthevalkyries @nea90sweetie 

Pat 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

               You traveled across Middle-Earth with Thorin and his company. Being the only female in the group was bad enough but being an omega was more than difficult. With most of the group being Alphas and only a couple being betas, which only caused more troubles than not during your heats. Which was why you were thankful for your father and one of the dwarfs for the herbs and the spell that reduces your heat drastically. Your father had always told you that the spell wouldn’t work if your true alpha was around you. Little did you know that you would soon meet him.

               You were on the edge of the forest that surrounded the elven kingdom when your father told you to stay with the dwarves and don’t let the forest get to you. You followed the dwarfs as they entered the forest. Taking your sword out, you knew trouble was on the way. Your elven ears could hear the sounds that came from large creatures that traveled through the trees. You turned to look at Thorin but was unable to seeing as he was clearly being affected by the forest and the darkness that laid here.

               “ Ten’ i’ mela en'” You started to say as spiders came out from every direction. Bilbo was off and doing whatever he does as you started to fight off the spiders, which took off once they had all the dwarfs taken up into the trees. With your quick reflexes, you climbed up the trees in search of your dwarven companions. If they were killed, your father would be disappointed with you. You managed to see what looked like the dwarves that your father left in your charge, wrapped in the thick sticky white silk that came from the spiders.

               The next thing you knew, 13 dwarf size silk pods fall towards the ground. You followed them down to the ground with swift movements of a full blooded woodland elf. The spiders started moving towards the dwarfs as you landed on the ground near Fili. You help some of them from the webs with your blade before readying yourself to attack the oncoming spiders. You stood with your back to Fili’s as the spiders attacked. The two of you saved Kili from one of the giant eight legged beasts. Who returned the favor with a couple of his arrows.

               “Thank you, Kili.” All he did was nod his head as the company took down more spiders. Until the woodland elves appeared, killing the rest of the spiders then taking all of you prisoner. You stood there as the dwarves complied and the elven group leader came up to you, staring at you as he took a deep breath.

               “Drop your weapons and no harm shall come to you.” From his tone of voice, you knew him to be the prince of the woodland realm Legolas. He never met you as for you father always traveled alone for many centuries to meet his father, Thranduil, as you had your beta many centuries ago.

               “I only listen to two, nessa er, and neither you are.” He looked at you with bright blue eyes as anger filled his face. He took in your appearance, you had the ears of an elf as well as the long beautiful hair of one but you held yourself like the wizard your father taught of you. To many you looked as if you were full elf, until you spoke. You were at times confused to be part dwarf because you were so short.

               “I see that a company of dwarves has what has been said to be the child of a traitor.” Without a second thought, you gripped the handle of your sword and moved faster than the other elves. You pinned Legolas to the tree behind him with the blade tip resting against his neck.

               “Silly little alpha prince. You really think you can belittle my mother with such words.”

               “(Y/n)!” Thorin yell at you. “Let him go. You know your father would be unhappy by such actions.” You turned your head and looked at him. That was when you noticed that a few of the other elves had surrounded you with blades drawn. You glared at Legolas and dropped your blade.

               “My father would be unhappy to hear that his only child was treated with such dishonor. By a little alpha prince none the less.” You could sense that a majority of the elven group were alpha males and a single beta female. One of the males came close to you, his hand reached for your cloak.

               “You need to drop all weapons, omega.” The male glared at you as you twisted away from his grip.

               “All I ever carry is a sword. Try to lay a hand on me again.” You pulled the hood of your cloak over your head and began to follow behind the dwarves who were now being led off by the female elf. You began thinking to yourself what your alpha would look like or even who he was. You were so in thought that you barely noticed the trek across the bridge leading to the woodland palace. You all were ushered into the throne room with the king sitting high throne.

               As soon as you came close to the throne, a strong scent filled your senses. The scent of your alpha filled the room as you stood at the back of the group of dwarves with Thorin at the front. Your hood still concealed your face, knowing the stories of the woodland elven king. You could hear some of the guards talk about you, which was never new.

               As you looked up at him, your mouth began to go dry and water at the same time. You wanted to find out what your alpha tasted like but you were afraid of what he would think of you not being full blooded elf. You watched him as his gaze traveled over the group before landing on your cloaked form. His face held an unreadable expression. You were so lost in thought of wanting him to claim you, to knot you that you didn’t even noticed that the conversation that he and Thorin were having shifted to you.

               “So, my guards tell me that you have one of elven kin amongst you.” The elven king looked at you as his nostrils flared with a deep breath. “She is what my guards have said to be the child of a traitor.” You stepped forward, shoving past the dwarves in front of you.

               “My mother is no traitor of the elven kin.  Amin agar naa en’ Rivendell, as my mother was.” You forced yourself to leave your hood up. “Adar would be very displeased to hear one like yourself call his once beloved to be called a traitor.”

               “Your father, who pry tell is your father?” He looked unamused by everything.

               “My father is…” You ripped off your cloak, reveling your elven given beauty. The dark green elven made battle dress hugged your body just right, just the way you loved. “My father is none other than Gandalf the Grey.” Your eyes looked at him, his eyes sapphire blue widened. You didn’t know your scent had affected him or if he knew you were his omega.

               “Send the dwarves to the dungeons, I would like to seek a word with lye ai Istar edhel.” You cocked an eyebrow at the elven king, your newly found alpha. Thorin gave you a sympathetic look before turning to direct the rest of the company, minus a hobbit. You turned your gaze back to Thranduil, not knowing what to expect once you heard the footsteps and dwarven mutters faded. Thranduil was closer to you than you were expecting, only mere feet now. His scent filled your nose and clouded your mind, causing your eyes to flutter shut. “I see how I affect you, amin lisse’ omega.” You bit your lip as he spoke to you while walking around you. You could hear him inhale deeply.

               “As I affect you.” It took everything in your power not to moan as you watched him glide around you. His tall frame tensed slightly as he continued to look down at you. You looked over his body and saw just how you affected him, clearly your scent affected the elf in front of you.

               “Why is there an omega traveling with a pack of alphas and betas? Especially when that omega had yet to meet her alpha and true mate.” The sound of his voice fell from his lips and washed over your ears like the silks in Rivendell.

               “I was also traveling with my father. I wanted to help the dwarves reclaim Erebor, which was planned by my father.” You stood your ground even though you wanted him to take you right then and there then knot you before his guards. “I do what my father asks of me and my father asked me to stay with the dwarves as well as keep them safe. Which l fell like I failed somehow.” He stepped right in front of you, his hand rested on your cheek as you looked down before he tilted your face up to him.

               “You have not failed at anything, amin lisse’ mela.” You looked into his clear bright sapphire blue eyes, you tried to find any hint of false tense but found none. The feeling of his hand on your cheek sent chills down your spine and made your heart race. You haven’t felt your heart like this in centuries, not since you had your beta. Unknowingly, a tear slipped past your lower lashes. Thranduil tenderly wiped it away with the soft pad of his thumb. “What troubles you amin lisse’?”

               “Nothing at the moment that concerns, Thranduil.” You see something flicker over his eyes as his name falls from your lips.

               “Everything about you now concerns me, my omega.” The hint of possession in his voice as he called you his omega.

               The two of you stood there longer than ether of you expected. You could hear the shouting of the female elf from earlier. Not a moment later, one of Thranduil’s guards walked in stating that the dwarves were gone. You looked from the guard to Thranduil, your eyes full of worry and panic. You could hear your father’s words in your mind, “Stay with the dwarves.”

                “I must go, Thranduil. If I don’t, I would fear the worse for them as well as a disappointed father.”

               “I do not wish for you to go, omega. They can tend to themselves. Your place is here now.”

               “No, not yet my Thranduil.” You reach up and place a hand to his cheek. “When all this chaos with the lonely mountain is over, then my place will be here by your side for all eternity.” You tried pleading with him through your eyes, you only hoped that it was working. He took a deep breath before sighing, knowing that there was no way to convince you to stay while the dwarves risked their lives for their homeland.

               “If you much take leave.” He motioned for the guard to come closer to him. The guard clearly knew what he was asking, handing him his own sword as yours was still lying on the ground in the forest. Thranduil handed you the blade with an almost pained expression. “Take this and be safe. If the serpent that lies sleeping in that mountain wakes, run. For if you don’t, you will be at my disposal.”

               “Aye, I will be ten’ amin naa lle Thranduil.” You stood on your toes and pulled him into a kiss. You could feel fire rush through your body as his lips softly against yours and his hands instantly resting on your waist. You had found your alpha during this quest for Erebor and now you were determined to finish it and return to him unharmed. “Guren bêd enni, I belong to you.” You pressed your lips to his one more time before standing in front of him flat footed. “I shall slay any who try to prevent me from returning to you. Tenna’ ento lye omenta.”

               You went to turn around but was only met with a hand on your arm. Thranduil’s hand gently wrapped around your arm, turning you back around and pressed his lips one last time to yours with a sad smile. “Tenna’ ento lye omenta, Melamin.” He quickly wrapped a silver chain around your neck before letting you run off to complete your quest. He watched as your hair flowed behind you. “manke naa amin utinu?” He didn’t even look at the guard.

               “He and Tauriel along with a few guards went after the dwarves.” His icy blue eyes landed on the guard.

               “Go, begin getting supplies for the people of Lake Town once they reach the ruins of Dale. I fear that the beast in the mountain will be woken soon. I will get back what belongs to me.” With one last look to where you once were, he turned and made his way to his chambers. His mind filled with the thoughts of your scent and the touch of your skin under his, the sound of your voice and many of how you will look under him as he marks you as his.

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Hello! Not sure if you're accepting requests or not but if you are and it's no bother I was wondering if you could do HC for the RFA + V & Saeran as to how they would react to MC being cheated on and how would they confess their feelings? Thank you!

okay anon!! <3 I hope this isn’t too cheesy/unrealistic lmao I’ve never confessed in my life so… ya I have no experience oopsie ><


  • Yoosung would be super duper supportive, like he would stay beside you and listen to you rant about how horrible your ex was
  • and he would buy you ice cream and tissues and say lots of kind words about how your ex doesn’t deserve you
  • he’d also give you many hugs of reassurance 
  • but one hug would go for a little too long
  • “Yoosung, can you let go-”
  • “No. I won’t ever leg you go. MC, I- I’ve liked you for a long time now. I know that this isn’t the right time, but I just wanted to let you know that there’s someone out there who loves you unconditionally and would never hurt you like he did. I can promise you that I’ll treat you better than anyone else. MC, please stop crying, it hurts me to see you like this.“ 


  • he’d be SO mad about it
  • while you cried in his arms, he’d be cussing the guy off 
  • he would be really intense all of a sudden too, swearing to go over and beat him up and stuff 
  • you weren’t even sure if he was comforting you or if you were the one comforting him
  • he was really worked up about it… almost a little too much
  • “Princess, that son of a bitch doesn’t have the right to make you sad like this. He should just go to hell; guys like won’t have a future, I know it. If I were lucky enough to have you to myself I would NEVER EVER do something like that. If I did, I’d rather die. I would a much better boyfriend because I would never make you sad or upset. You’d never cry except from happiness because I love you, MC.”  


  • she would be a really good listener
  • she’d also list all the goods about you and the bads about your ex
  • like how he never took you home
  • or how he didn’t care for any celebrations or anniversaries 
  • and how sometimes he made fun of you infront of your friends
  • she would also look you straight in the eye and say really encouraging words
  • but after saying those things, she’d still notice how your eyes glistened with tears
  • “MC listen.. I’ve noticed you for a long time now and I’ve always been watching from the sidelines but I don’t want to do that anymore. MC, listen carefully. I, Jaehee Kang, love you the worlds end. Even if you don’t accept me, I will continually love you with no regrets. I’m always here for you. Trust me." 


  • he was kinda awkward because he wasn’t used to situations like these
  • I mean he tried holding you but it was really awkward and stiff
  • he didn’t know how to comfort you.. he patted you head like you were a little pet and wrapped a blanket around you but he didn’t understand emotions very well so it was hard for him
  • but there was one thing he was sure about
  • and those were his feelings he had for you
  • "MC, stop crying. I have something important to tell you. I love you more than anyone else and I love you more than he ever did. So stop crying and come to me. I’ll wait until you feel better but just know that I’m going to wait for you until you love me back. And I’ll let you know right now that I’m having my security guards chase down that bastard. He’s going to get it real good tonight. Now, I will bring Elizabeth 3rd over here, you may hug her to feel better… or you can also hug me, if you don’t mind my stiff posture." 


  • he would go crazy with the snacks
  • but he really hated seeing you like that
  • he tried making jokes and you laughed a little - but it wasn’t enough, you were still very upset 
  • he said he’d hack into that guys computer and expose him but you didn’t want him to get in trouble for you
  • "MC, I’d anything for you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to see you smile again. I know that I don’t have the right to say this myself either but, I’ve liked you for a long time. You saved me from my miserable life - you saved my brother. I’ve fallen in love with you for a long time. I know I probably don’t deserve a person as good as you but please understand that no matter what it is, I’ll always solve the problem for you. After all, I am the Defender of Justice, right?" 


  • he wasn’t sure how to comfort you because tbh he kinda felt crappy like that all the time himself
  • but another thing he noticed was how happy and filled with love he felt whenever you were around
  • he wanted to fill you up with that type of happiness too
  • he wanted to see your cheerful self pep up again
  • it was slow, but he looked you in your swollen eyes and brushed your tears off your face
  • "MC, you’ve always been the one to make me feel better about myself. Now it’s my turn because you’ve given me hope and love and I want to give it all back to you. Please know that of all people of the world, I’ve chosen that the person I like is you. I was confused at first but now I know it. I like you a lot, MC and I want you to like me too. Please don’t cry anymore.”


  • he heard you crying alone in your room
  • he wanted to walk in there and talk to you, comfort you
  • but he, himself, was such a mess
  • he didn’t know how to face you, his mind was meddled with thoughts of Rika and you
  • his feelings were clear but he just couldn’t get it over his head
  • "MC,” he said through the door, “MC,  I love you.” It was like a brick lifted off his chest.  
  • He finally said it. 
  • “I know this is the wrong time, but I can’t stand it anymore. I love you so, so much. Don’t cry over that idiot anymore… both of us need to let go of those who poison our life. Mine was Rika, and now, yours is your ex. Please, MC, we can do this together. We can make it out of this pit of despair. Believe in me." 

ahah uh sorry for the delay, I hope you see this!!

~Cherry L.

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Communicating Your Standards

It’s been a long time…

I’m glad to be back to blogging now. I missed you all ! So since I’ve been gone for quite some time, I figured why not come back with a banging post. So here lies and official Bronzy advice post that you’ve all missed so much.

There’s this big issue that I’ve noticed in the bowl and that is “women being unable to communicate their standards, to Salt, POTs and SDs and even fellow sugars.”. I see it al over Tumblr- a girl get’s offered a low amount of allowance from a POT, ensue, all hell that breaks loose in her response to him. Actually this is something I witness more on Instagram than anywhere else. Sorry IG ladies, but it’s true.

Time and time again on IG, I’ll stumble across screenshots of arguments with POTs. Forgetting about whatever silly things these men said (this post is focusing on the women as there aren’t men here I can talk to), I see SBs desperately try to scramble to communicate their self worth and standards. But so, so, so many of you go about it the wrong way. You start firing off, cussing and condemning Craig and bashing and belittling Ben. Granted some men warrant these kind of responses, there is no excuse for a man to be hateful, disrespectful, racist, sexist, etc. But a lot of what I see doesn’t fall into this category. And women are going about demanding more respect from men in completely the wrong way.

See there are three types of women that spring to mind when I imagine women who try to communicate their standards. Some of you may recognise these characters from my Instagram.

1) The Salty Sass.. lets call her ‘Messy Morton’, she’s the salty kind.

2) The Sickeningly Sweet … We’ll name her ‘Silly Stevia’

3) The Golden Goddess.. her highness is called ‘Boss Bitch’

*this is going to be my longest one yet, so grab a cup of tea and get comfy*

Before we delve into these personas and their complexities, lets discuss the challenges they all face.


This is usually where the problems begin for a lot of women. They actually aren’t even aware of what their standards are in the first place. They’ve never really thought about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior when it comes to interaction with everyone, not just men. What treatment they expect is not something they’ve actually taken a moment to really think about.


Even when we are aware of our standards, we don’t always know how to articulate them without coming across as bitchy, high maintenance, confrontational, crazy, psycho, batty (insert synonyms for psychotic here). Sometimes we fear confrontation. We may not like the way someone treats us, but at the same time, we don’t want to start an argument or risk the other person getting upset and leaving, or even risk losing our precious allowances.

You know, a lot of people are actually afraid to talk about how communicating your standards can be a very tricky thing. I know when I was younger, the fear of confrontation would paralyse me from telling people that I would not be treated in disrespectful mannerisms.

But knowing how to communicate your standards is essential in standing out from the crowd. It’s vital that you get away from the basic SB persona and become the woman of High Value I’m always going on about. If you can’t do this, you are stopping yourself from being able to influence the way men treat you.

The Scenario

Your on your date with Simon from SA. You’ve had an amazing time, he’s really impressed you with his choice of restaurant and he even brought you a little gift, despite this being the first meet. It’s getting late and as you and Simon make your way to the taxi bay (that’s cab for my Americans) he asks you if you would like to share a taxi back to his hotel.

Messy Morton

When Simon asks Messy Morton back to his hotel, she immediately goes on the offence. Her response is typically something along the lines of “are you fucking kidding me?!! Do you really think I’d ever fuck you on the first date?! You must be out of your damn mind. You are looking for a prostitute not a sugar baby. Get the heck of SA, you obviously don’t know what a sugar baby is.”

Now ladies, lets analyse MM’s response. Not only has she brought down other sex workers with the self righteous way she talks about other SWs  (this is shade at many SB’s that piss me off with this kind of mentality kmt), she has single handedly cut him down, bruised his ego, insulted him and now Simon is never going to ask her out again, there goes the chance of a good relationship out the window.*

Silly Stevia

Silly Stevia is that sweet passive girl. Problem is she’s too sweet. Remember that girl in school that was too nice, she would let all the popular kids boss her around for their own gain: yet she wouldn’t say a word about being uncomfortable with how she was treated (and even when she did, she said it in her room when she was with a friend rather than to the people who actually needed to hear it). She basically let herself be treated like a door mat and because of that no one respected her, in fact they probably felt pitiful or disgusted. This is Silly Stevia, and many people out there, and me, I was that little girl in school.. but that’s a story for another day.

In the situation with Simon, SS does either of two things.

She either makes excuses: “ Actually, my friend is waiting up for me, I’m helping her pack for her trip to NY. But maybe next time”. Or …She goes to his hotel and sleeps with him, or just hangs around and uses the ‘period excuse’ or whatever. But whether or not she sleeps with him, she lets herself be put in a situation that she doesn’t even feel comfortable with by being complacent. So what happens in both these possibilities is that Simon never really learns that he was moving to fast for her, all he knows is she made an excuse or she acted weak.

Neither Morton or Stevia have gotten anywhere here. One displayed their standards but didn’t arouse any excitement while the other lowers her standards and compromises her integrity.

The Golden Goddess

GG has mastered the optimum mixture of salty and sweet that keeps men from treating her badly, while still not being satiated and always has them wanting more: and building attraction on top of that.

Here’s what GG says: “I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight, you’ve picked a great restaurant. I must say, I’m quite impressed (*insert smile here*). You know what, a part of me wants to get in that taxi with you because i find you sexy, but in all honesty, I’m not one of those girls that moves with things that quickly. It’s just never really been my thing, but, if you want to take me somewhere as lovely as this next week, i’d love to go, you seem to have an eye for quality”

Go back and read that quote again!

The Break Down

“You’ve picked a great place … impressed”

This first line communicates that you are a woman of high value. It gives of the impression that you are not easily impressed, yet he’s managed to make an impression , and trust me, that will make him feel special. He’s probably thinking “Score, I’ve impressed her”. What I love about this is it also reverses the status quo. A lot of times, men, particularly wealthy ones, are used to women trying to impress them and get their attention, but you are subliminally telling him that “he has to be the one to impress you”. This will catch him off guard and separate you from all the other women he’s dated… Unless they’ve read this post too, in which case, he’ll be used to dealing with Boss Bitches. ;)

“There’s a part of me … sexy”

This is where we’ve elevated things to a more sensual and playful level. You are creating sexual tension and desire and his mind is on fire. “OMG, this beautiful woman finds me sexy ! Yesss !! She wants me !! “ (This always makes me laugh when i write it, but its true :D ). In reality the majority of men are not nearly as accustomed to compliments like women are. So whether he even believes you or not, he’ll be flattered with the gesture.

“I’m not one of those girls”

This little gem we have here is a technique I’ve discussed before on Instagram, so I’m not going to delve too deep into it, but it’s a concept called “Distancing”. In summary, its the art of intentionally removing yourself from all the other people (in this case women) in someones life. So you don’t fall into the category of ‘friend’ or ‘girlfriend’ or ‘thot”, instead, he  creates a separate little category just for you, in his head. I will say though, that this line is very cliche and woks best when genuine, or accompanied with Oscar worthy acting skills.

“It’s just never really been my thing”

The simplest yet most important part of it all. This is when he understands that you are not going to sleep with him yet (or whatever scenario you are utilising this for) and that you don’t appreciated being asked for such a thing.

“if you want … eye for quality”

Leaving things on a sweet note while subtly telling him to up his game is my favourite part of it all. You’ve suggested he takes you somewhere just as nice, or even better, without coming across as pushy and in his face. Make no mistake, I’m not saying “take me !”, i’m saying “if you want, I’ll accept”. Make him feel like he’s the one who came up with the idea. He now has the opportunity to ask you out: men like to feel like they are doing the chasing, you never want to come across like you are chasing a man.** In other words, you’ve communicated another standard and he now knows that you expect to be wined and dined and now he has the task to keep impressing you. This also works if you find that men often take you to nice plces and treat you really well when you first meet them but later change their attitude and lower their standards.

This is the difference between a normal girl, and a goddess. This is how you keep men coming back for more. This is how you separate yourself from Basic Becky, Sleazy Sarah, Silly Stevia, Naive Nancy and Messy Morton. What I’ve learned is the best way to get positive action from men who have fallen slightly from the tracks of gentlemanly and how I got my super Hunky Director to see me as a Goddess even when he’s surrounded by beautiful actresses/models all the time, is what I’ve tried to embody in this post.

I’ll be posting more on attraction*** and giving examples of situation in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time, don’t forget to share and your welcome.



(feeling frustrated or confused? got something on your mind about what I said? take a quick look at this disclaimer)

*Disclaimer, as annoying as it is when men try and sleep with you early on, that's what men do. In fact if a man wasn’t thinking about having sex with you when hes on a date with you then I’d be quite worried. But this doesn’t mean that just because its normal, that you are obliged to entertain their thoughts. I’m just making you aware that if you are an attractive person, people will want to sleep with you on the first or second date. Get over it. You hold the Punan, so you are the one who control whether or not it happens.

** While you don’t want to come across like you are chasing a man, I do actually encourage all my followers to chase what they want, whether that's a man, or their dreams. But what i’m always trying to teach you is how to make it look like you are not actually the one doing the chasing.

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What's the story with dylan and cats?

Weeellll… Dyl was annoyed with the cat hairs sticking to his clothes. Yup. I’m guessing his two cats, Rock and Lucy, sometimes hung out in his bedroom and caused him a bit of grief with his ‘newly washed’ favorite black t-shirt.  I’m thinking he might’ve even had allergies too.  Can you imagine him with the pet hair lint roll trying to get the damn hairs off and cussing to the “controller of shit” for making his life infinitely more miserable.  Goddamn it! This is why I can’t have nice things!

Here’s a wee bit more on Dyl, his two kitties and his feline-like traits. ;)

No Pressure

#83: “I can’t swim!”

Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

Modern AU

Warnings: drowning, cussing

Authors note: Based off of real life experiences !! I never learned how to swim lmao and yeah here’s basically what happened except no hot guy showed up to save me

You always hated summer.
Yeah, sure, it was finally nice enough outside in New York where you didn’t have to wear a heavy winter coat and get bundled up, but trading your winter coat for a swimsuit was a choice you rarely would ever take.
You weren’t a social person, at least not a horribly outgoing one. But you had *friends.* So when you were invited to a summer party, how could you say no? Your friends had taken you shopping for a new bikini, and per usual, you went right along with whatever they picked out, even if inside you thought it was too skimpy and showed too much cleavage and was way to complicated to put on. Had it been your choice, you’d be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, sitting on a chair, reading a book. You would have even been fine with tanning, or rather horribly burning your skin.
To your dismay, when you arrived at the pool, all of your friends wanted to get in the water.
“Come on, Y/N!”
You struggled to come up with an excuse.
“Sorry, I don’t want to get my hair all wet. Just washed it. Got a date tonight.”
You lied, biting the inside of your cheek, begging for them to believe you.
Eventually, they nodded.
“Fine. But you got to get in the shallow side with us at least.”
You sighed with relief and allowed yourself to be dragged to the 4 ft area.
You smiled to yourself. If you could just keep them over here, then everything will turn out fi-
“I’m bored. Deep side! Sorry, Y/N.”
You had to swallow a protest.
They grabbed your hands and led you to the deep end of the pool. You wrenched yourself away from them and quickly hopped out of the pool.
“I can’t get my hair wet, guys! I’ll sit with my feet in!”
They began to argue, saying that they wanted a jumping into the pool picture.
“Then I’ll take the picture. Come on, I don’t want to get in.”
They pouted.
“We want you in the picture. Come on, just get in the shot!”
Grudgingly, you agreed.
Your friends ran off to harass some poor stranger into taking a picture for them, and you sat down on a chair, trying to figure out how to escape your situation without making it obvious that you could not swim.
Yes, you couldn’t swim. You had never been taught, and had always just stayed in the 4-5 ft pool. It hadn’t affected anything when you were little, but then in middle school everyone wanted to go deeper. It didn’t matter anyway. You weren’t ever invited to stuff anymore, why should you bother to learn to swim?
You were shaken out of your thoughts as your friends came back, with a quite handsome stranger behind them. He had dark black hair, tied back in a ponytail. He was tan, and was absolutely gorgeous. You were smitten the instant you saw him.
“Y/N! Come on! Picture!”
You sighed and got up and made your way to the edge of the pool. It was 16 ft deep, and the dark blue water looked unforgiving and cold.
Your friends grabbed hands and made the leap. You just had time to whisk your hand away before your friends had jumped in the pool, and were submerged under.
You breathed a sigh of relief.
The man handed back the phone to your friends, and they crowded around to get a glance at how they looked.
You turned to the man.
“Thanks. Sorry they disturbed you.”
He smiled.
“No problemo. See you around.”
He waved and walked away.
You turned back to your friends.
“You didn’t jump!”
You sighed.
“I told you. I can’t get my hair wet.”
Your friends rolled their eyes.
“SUCH a baby. C'mon guys.”
They walked away, leaving you standing there. You fought away tears as you reclined on the lawn chair and closed your eyes. Maybe if you napped they would stop bothering you…
A few minutes later, you heard a lot of snickering around you. You didn’t open your eyes, praying that your friends would eventually see that you were asleep and not bother you.
“Shh, put it there.”
There were lots of giggles, and you were getting curiously scared.
“Ready? 1,2,3!”
You felt the top of your bikini being lifted slightly, and something being put in.
You opened your eyes and shot up quickly. You began screaming as you looked what was in your bikini top.
A dead cicada.
There was a dead cicada touching your bare skin.
You lifted the bottom of the top off, and dropped the cicada out.
You screamed as you hurled the dead bug as far away as you could, and turned to your hysterical friends.
They were crying with laughter, and they sat wheezing on your chair. You glared at all of them.
“Fuck all of you.”
You got up and went to sit at the edge of the 5 ft pool. You were fuming.
Eventually, they came to sit next to you.
“Y/N, that was so funny! Your face-”
You got up and moved to a different edge, unaware that you were headed for the 16 ft pool area.
You sat down, and dangled your feet in the water, barely acknowledging that this water was noticeably colder.
“Aw, Y/N. Don’t be like this.”
You ignored them.
“Y/N, stop being such a sour pus!”
When you didn’t respond, they got a bit angrier.
“Y/N, you’re such a baby!”
Then, you were submerged in the deep cold water. You vaguely heard laughter above your head, but you could barely comprehend what was happening.
You panicked.
You began to kick your legs, and flail your arms. You continued to sink downwards.
Apparently, panicking only made things worse for you. You opened your eyes, then immediately shut them from the sting. You couldn’t breathe. You tried to kick up, but that just released the little breath you still had and reduced you to coughing.
Icy water clawed its way into your lungs, and you began screaming. You couldn’t breathe at all, and now your eyes were open and searching for any way to escape.
You found none, and by now you had sunk to the bottom. You attempted to kick upwards, but your attempts were futile as you had no energy left.
You began to black out from lack of oxygen, and slowly felt yourself beginning to float upwards.
Then, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and bring you towards the surface. You couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but then you broke the surface of the water, and took a gulp of air. You began to hyperventilate as you coughed up water and choked on the air in your lungs, mingled with the water.
Your mind was every where, so you didn’t remember the stranger, (who you now knew was a man) lifting you out of the water and into a chair.
You were shivering as he wrapped you in a towel and began to calm you down.
“Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?”
He asked in a calm voice.
You shook your head, and opened your eyes slightly.
It was the man who had taken your picture earlier.
He was quite handsome, as you’d said before, and you were attempting to display your thanks, but all you got out was a cough.
“Th-than-thanks. F-for th-that.”
He nodded.
“Don’t mention it. Are you okay? Oh!”
He got a mildly panicked look on his face.
“Please don’t cry!”
You hadn’t even realized you were crying until he’d mentioned it.
He took the edge of your towel and used it to wipe away your tears.
“Do you wanna leave? I mean, I can take you to my place so you can dry off.”
You attempted to smile, and nodded.
“Yes, pl-please.”
He carefully helped you up, and you slightly shook as you gathered your things in your bag.
He helped you to his car, and promised that he’d come back for your car.
He opened the door for you, and climbed in on the other side.
“Before we go, I always make sure the girl I’m taking to my house knows my name. Not that you’re a regular girl. You’re beautiful. Er, sorry what I meant was, these different circumstances-”
You cut him off.
“I’m F/N L/N.”
He smiled.
“Beautiful name. I’m Lin. Lin Manuel-Miranda.”
Lin stared the car, and drove began to drive you to nicer apartments in New York.
He parked the car in a spot behind the building, and escorted you through the doors.
“Let’s take the elevator, yeah?”
He handed you your bag, and grabbed his out of the backseat.
On second thought, he stopped you and took your bag along with his, so that you could hold your towel around you.
“Thanks. I really appreciate this. You don’t have to do this-”
He silenced you.
“No, I do have to do this. Your son of a bi-”
He cleared his throat.
“Your friends pushed you into a pool after they were being horribly rude to you, and you almost died after they cried wolf, instead of trying to help you. So yeah, I kinda do have to do this.”
He pressed the button for the 5th floor, and you began your ascend.
Lin led you to a door marked 51, and he ushered you inside.
“Here. Set down your bag and shoes. I’ll start the shower and grab you some warm clothes. I’ll be right back.”
He ran around the corner, leaving you to neatly place your shoes and bag on the floor near the coat rack.
He returned moments later, with a fresh towel, a shirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers.
“Here. Take a warm shower. I’ll be out here if you need anything.”
He dashed away, and you made your way to the already steaming shower.
You peeled off your wet swimsuit, and stepped in the hot shower.
Fifteen minutes later, you emerged to find Lin sitting on the couch, with a steaming mug on the table.
“Hey. Come and sit.”
You sat down tentatively, and accepted the mug of hot cocoa that Lin offered you. He tossed you a warm blanket, and flipped on the TV.
After a few minutes of silence.
“Hey Lin?”
“Thank you. For saving me. It was stupid. Why did I go to the pool if I can’t even swim? It was a stupid decision, and I just-”
He interrupted you.
“Yeah, on your ‘friends’ behalf. They pushed you into a goddamn pool! I knew that as soon as I saw you not jump in that picture that you didn’t know how to swim. You looked scared. I felt bad. So I waited, and made sure that they didn’t try anything on you. I saw them put that dead cicada down your shirt, and then toss you into the pool. I saw the fear in you eyes as soon as you started falling. So I immediately jumped in and got you out. So I didn’t 'save’ you. No. I just did the thing that those girls SHOULD have done.”
You were silent for a moment. How many times had these girls forced you into something that was against what you YOURSELF wanted? Like making you get that bikini? Or going home with that one guy from the bar?
“Yeah. Yeah. They aren’t good to me. They really aren’t good friends at all. They force me into all kinds of things that I don’t want to do! They expect me to be constantly feeling no pressure when they want me to do stuff for THEM.”
Lin nodded.
“They’re that type, huh?”
“No pressure this, no pressure that. No pressure, but you have to look good for once. No pressure, but don’t fuck up my makeup or I’m telling everyone about your secret. No fucking pressure.”
Lin grabbed your hand.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. That you’re in that situation. You’re honestly beautiful. Intelligent. And I’ve only known you for a little while, but still, you’re a great gal. Honestly.”
You swallowed.
“Hey Lin?”
Lin glanced up.
“No pressure, but you should kiss me.”

UT Fankids Week
(kinda maybe? I mean the thing is that it had Sanscest in the tags…error ink is kinda sanscest so…. eh? I might be pulling a few strings here but even if these are not valid I hope to still do them!)

Day 1: First Words

Welp wanted to do something for this fun week! Even have a small story that goes along with it under the read more! ( well more of a ramble of a draft of how it could work but still! )

But man, this was fun to figure out what beginning PJ looked like. Heh man he looks like a MESS. Though no scarf or bag so yeah… he did just form o-o

I have no clue if PJ fits into the Fankids week thing but I like the prompts and hope to give more incite to how he’s like while growing up. 
(note the Ink and Error represented here are not canon however I tried to have them have more canon personalities and actions so *shrugs*. Just a warning cause yeah… technically there is no PJ but this is just how they are canon to his story o-o)

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Allies and Axis as Quotes from my High School Teachers

America: “Give me an hour and I’ll explain the Hundred Years’ War to all y’all using just football metaphors.”

Canada: “Do I look like a waitress at Shoney’s? No? Then don’t you snap to get my attention. You raise your hand and wait.”

China: “I’ve taught here for thirty-six years and that is the first time I’ve heard that excuse; I’m impressed.”

England: “Oh go play in the streets or something!”

France: “I’m gonna teach y’all how to tell someone off without cussing.”

Russia: “The sound of batteries falling out of the calculator and rolling out of reach right before a test is music to my ears.”

Germany: “Just shut up and at least PRETEND to work for ninety minutes!”

Prussia: “Next time I have to come to school in a wheelchair I’m going freshman-bowling.”

Italy: “I don’t feel like teaching anymore. Let’s watch House.”


Japan: “One year someone brought a mini flame-thrower for their project, so I’ll be clearer about it this year: If it’s against school rules to have it on campus, you can’t use it in your presentation.”

Bout a handsome little fox
Let me sing you folks a yarn
Hey, diddle-dee, duddle-da,
doddle-do, doodle-dum

Twas a splendid little fella
Full of wit and grace and charm
Say zippy-zee, zappy-za,
yappy-yo, goggle-gum

Well, like any little critter needing
Vittles for his little-uns
Well, he stole and he cheated
And he lied just to survive

With a doodle-dum, diddle-da,
With a zippy-zo, zippy-zay,

Oh, doo-dah, doo-dah, day!

Let me take a little tick now
To color in the scene
Cross the valley lived 3 yokels
Name of Boggis, Bunce and Bean

Now these 3 crazy jackies
Had our hero on the run
Shot the tail off the cuss
With a fox-shooting gun
But that stylish little fox
Was clever as a whip
Dug as quick as a gopher
That was hyperactive

Now those 3 farmers sit
Twhere there’s a hole twas once a hill
Singing diddle-dee, duddle-da,
doddle-do, doodle-dum

And as far as I can reckon
They’re sitting up there still
Singing zippy-zee, zappy-za, yoppy-yo…

Daddy- Grayson

Your POV
“OH FUCK” you yelled and throw your head back. Your hands above your head. You were playing Mario Kart with Ethan and You just lost after talking all that shit saying how you’re the best and you would win. Ethan jumps from the couch and starts doing his “I win” dance.
“You fucking suck” he laughs. You groan and flip him off. He jokingly scoffs and sits back down. You get up to go look for Grayson, you haven’t seen him in a couple of hours since you and Ethan started playing.
“Where are you going?” Ethan asks
“To find your brother” you say while walking. You go to his room and find him sitting on his bed on his phone, one of his hands inside his pants. You smirk at the view. Damn he looks hot! You thought but then again when does he not? 
“Enjoying your staring show babe?” He says still looking down at his phone. “Yes” you honestly answer. He chuckles and clicks off his phone. He sits down correctly now and pats the other side of his bed as sign for you sit. You do as you were told and sit down next to him crossing your legs. You both sit in silence for a while. Your mind running wild as you remember How Grayson was sitting not even two minutes ago. It somehow turned you on. You bit your lip just thinking…..stuff.
You suddenly straddle Grayson and Connect his lips to yours, your hands on both sides of his face making the kiss heated immediately. His hands travel down to your lower waist, and keeps going down lower to your butt and thighs. Grayson licks your lip asking for entrance and you let him, your tongues fighting for dominance, exploring each others mouths. You pull away for air and bite Graysons lower lip. Both of your foreheads touching trying to catch your breaths, your lips swollen from all the kissing.
“What was that all about?” Grayson asks. “I don’t know” you smiled “something just came over me” Grayson smiles and grabs your face he’s about to re-connect your lips when his phone goes off. He cusses under his breath and you giggle.
“Yes Ethan?” He talks “uh-huh…. A-Alright, Okay see you later bup” he looks up at me and smirks. He hangs up the phone and flip us over. He starts to kiss my neck, leaving hickeys.
“Ethan went out…. That means…. We can…. Finish… What we started” he said between kisses. I lick my lips and flip us over straddling him again. I take off my shirt and he takes off his. I start to kiss his jawline up to his lips and make my way down his neck, to his torso, reaching down to his pants. I look up at him and smirk. I kiss the spot by his V-Line and start going up again, leaving hickeys all over his torso and neck. Claiming what’s mine. His lips brush mine. Not innocently, like a teasing but hot, fiery,passionate and demanding. In this minty moment, my senses has been seduced and I can no longer think straight. He flips us over, his lips never leaving mine. “Y/N” he whispers slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. I smile, a sudden rush going through my veins. “I need you” I whisper against his lips. “I want you…I want you to be as close to me as humanly possible” I stated into his dark eyes. So much was said but no word left our mouths. He unclasped my bra while I unbuttoned his pants. He stepped out of them and connected his lips with my chest. I moaned in pleasure as his lips made contact with my boobs. He made his trail down my stomach leaving wet kisses until he reached my underwear. His large hands parted my legs, he licked his lips before removing my underwear, he set it aside and slid one my finger inside me. Moans escaped my mouth and he added 2 more fingers. “Graysooonnnn” I moaned. I wrapped my legs around him, he rubbed my clit with one hand and kept fingering me with the other. I bit my lips trying to control my loud moans. Didn’t want to receive another noise complaint. He stopped and I relaxed for a split second before I felt his tongue whirl inside me “UH” I moaned. I felt his warm younger explore every inch of me, sending shivers up my body. My back arched and my eyes rolled back, I gripped the sheets trying to control my now shaking body. This tightened his grip on my thighs holding me down, burying his head in between My legs, my moans get louder and he continues to do his work. “I-I’m close” I manage to say, Grayson keeps going until I release. I relax from my adrenaline and be licks my juices. He comes close to my face and smiles, his eyes as dark as before. He brings his pointer finger to my mouth “Taste yourself” he demands and I do. I slowly lick his finger looking him straight in the eye, biting the pad of his finger at the end. He clenches his jaw and kisses me yet again roughly. Trying to savor every second of this. He took off his underwear while he kissed me he pulled away breathing heavily “You got birth control?” He asked and I noded “good” and with out any warning he slammed into me. “AH OH MY GOD” I moaned loudly.
“Baby girl your so tight” he whispered in my ear. His low raspy voice making me go crazy. This moment was unforgettable, our sweaty bodies intertwining. This was different, we were expressing our love. The pounding of our bodies and the loud “I love yous”. Never have I experienced this amazing feeling.
“OH YES DADDY” I screamed as he hit my G-spot, sweat dripping from his forehead. He kissed me and rested his forehead on mine, I wrapped my Leah’s around his waist bringing him even closer to my body. “I love you so much Babe” Grayson managed to say “I…. Love you way more OH FUCK YES”.
“I’m close B-Baby” Graysons thrust became sloppier and harder “Me TOO” I said. We released at the same time. Grayson pulled out and cuddled me. “That was amazing” he breathed trying to catch his breath “ incredible” I managed to say. He wrapped his arms around my bare said and pulled me close to him. My head resting on his chest. “I love you Grayson, more than you could ever imagine” I said and pecked his lips. “I love you more princess” he said. I cuddled him and we drifted off to sleep

// BAD BOY V ™

- It’s sort of hard for him to be
“ Bad ” because look at this man? he is so beautiful and squishy?

- He sometimes leaves the cap off of the toothpaste though that’s pretty hardcore

- in highschool was where Bad Boy V ™ was born and started by him dying his hair that pretty shade of blue that he’s always just stuck with.

- But he was never the mean kind of bad, he just tried wearing more leather, acting tough and fuck he wore black eyeliner how emo can you be

- Back then Jumin was like
“ are you ok ”
and now if V starts doing stuff like that again he’s just
“ are you ok ”

- He doesn’t wear eyeliner anymore but the hair and leather? Still lives on

- He likes faux leather now days, especially really ugly boots with flames why is he like this?

- Sometimes he’ll cuss at people when he’s driving and they almost kill him he’s already nearly been a victim of homicide no more of this

- It’s usually after a really close call and he’s driving with you he’s just like ” what the fuck don’t you know i’m carrying precious cargo over here ” my heart

- It’s canon he smokes a pipe that’s so hipsterish emo

- Honestly he’s tried cigarettes and he choked so hard he never picked another one up again but pipes are more gentle for him

- Usually he only smokes when he’s stressed though.

- He might grow his hair out until it’s his natural color; black, again. He looks even more emo why

- But still a Beautiful Man ™ regardless

- It’s hard for him to be Bad personality wise because he’s just so pure, it never really goes further than flipping people off or cussing here and there

- he’s just so sweet protect him

I Promised...

Request: “Could you make an imagine w. Captain Boomerang?? Anything, but with him??”


He never promised any one anything, there was no point. He never stuck around long enough to see any promises seen through anyways, but he was stuck with himself. So, he promised to not get attached - to anyone. But she was different… she gave him something… a reason to want to keep his word this time.

Warnings: Mention of smoking?? - promise to add the smutty smut as I build into the story.


 He was a silent man, he didn’t usually talk to much people and when he did it was always to sweet talk them into something - or cuss them off when they got on his last nerve.

But you were different - He was in awe of how easy it was for him to open up to you, he never thought you’d be able to turn it all against him, and it killed him to know he may have given you the opportunity to.

He relaxed in his cell, something that seemed rare to the guards in charge of watching the angry man. He spent most days yelling for attention, demanding he be released. But today he just laid there, sighing as he remembered what landed him in their in the first place…

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write an older Lone Wanderer runnning into MacCready and the Sole Survivor in Sanctuary, and acting like a total grandparent over how much he's grown, and making fun of him by telling Sole about what he was like? Thanks! ^^

(This sounds adorable! I’m real passionate about writing the Lone Wanderer in the Commonwealth for some reason. :3
I have so many drabbles of my LW meeting up with Elder Maxson and MacCready, it’s sad xD

Quick Warning! There will be spoilers for Fallout 3.)

There was a slight breeze as MacCready sat down on a bench that Sole had built. He took off his hat and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Sole sat beside him and he glanced at him.

That’s when he heard a very loud gasp. He looked in the direction of the sound and saw an older looking person, probably around 30. They looked a bit familiar, but he wasn’t going to say anything about it.

They walked over and MacCready was confused. Then he noticed that they were wearing a blue jumpsuit. A Vault suit, but it was a bit different looking from Sole’s.

“Mayor MacCready? Is that you?” They asked and he just stared blankly at them.

“Who are you?” He asked them and they smiled.

“It’s me. The ‘mungo’ you wanted to stone back in Little Lamplight. The one that went into Vault 87.”

He slowly started to remember. This was the Lone Wanderer! The one he met in Little Lamplight. He was surprised. He didn’t expect to see them ever again after they left the Capital Wasteland.

“Looks like you’re a ‘mungo’ now, as well,” they replied and messed up his hair. He glared at them and they just chuckled softly. “Are you going to introduce me to your friend here?”

MacCready looked at Sole and then turned back to Lone. “This is Sole. I’m, uh, their hired gun.”

Lone held their hand out for Sole to shake. After they had their handshake, Lone hugged the mercenary.

“You’ve grown so much! I’m remember you being a little shorty in Little Lamplight. Now you’re all grown up! It makes me feel as old as I am,” Lone said and wiped their eyes, “I can’t believe it’s been ten years. Ten years!”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time,” MacCready answered, feeling a bit awkward talking to Lone after all this time.

“So much has changed. Do you still call adults ‘mungos’?”

“No, I don’t.”

Lone grinned and hugged MacCready once again. The twenty-nine year old had a few tears fall down their face.

They stepped back and wiped their eyes on their sleeve. “Sorry, I’m probably just making you uncomfortable. Well, I was going to head over to the Brotherhood’s base out here. I want to see if anyone from the Citadel is there.”

“That’s not the greatest idea. Everyone there is an assh-I mean-jerk.”

“Why are you cutting off your cuss words? You used to say ‘fuck’ every two seconds.”

“I made a promise to someone I care about.”

Lone smiled a bit wider than they were. “Is it your wife or whatever?”

“No, she’s gone.”

A sad look appeared on Lone’s face. They didn’t say anything, but they understood what it was like. They had lost their father and few other friends along the way.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. Is this person you care about Sole here?”

“It’s my son.”

“You have a son? That’s great! Can I meet him?”

“No, he’s back in the Capital Wasteland.”

“Ah. I’m sure he’s in good hands.”

MacCready nodded. “I think Sole wants to get back on the road. It was nice seeing you again. If you plan stay in the Commonwealth, then you can stay here.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I need to head to someplace that needs me. I’ve been listening to the Diamond City radio and I heard a lot of the things Sole has done. The Commonwealth doesn’t need me, but I’ll find somewhere else that does. Goodbye, MacCready.” Lone gave him a smile and started to move on.

(Okay, so I feel like this kinda wasn’t the best drabble I’ve done. I had to delete half of it and start over, because I was just rambling on. This consists of a lot of dialog, which I normally don’t have that much in the others. Anyway, if you see any errors or anything, I’d be glad if you would tell me. :3)