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HI! Do you or anyone know or have any idea why Jongdae and Yixing are not friends anymore?

Hey friend. Unfortunately, the xingdae drama is one of the biggest mysteries to come out of exo. They’ve never even suggested a reason as to why they won’t look at or interact with each other anymore. I suspect it must have been pretty bad considering neither of them have even vagued about the other, and I mean, yixing is the King of passive aggression and kjd is the king of passive aggressive poeticism. So. Anyway, while nothing is confirmed, here are some theories.

  • It all has something to do with the day Yixing lost all of his compositions on his hard drive, many if not most featuring Jongdae like the demo version of promise or this song.
  • ZYX made the mistake of paying attention to someone who wasn’t JD and that was the end of it.

  • Xing got mad because Xiuchen eloped without his blessing.

  • Nothing necessarily even happened, it’s just a libra dealing with a virgo/libra cusp.

  • We have a main vocalist and a dancer/singer/composer and only one of them could have the first solo album.

  • A situation of one of them holding open a door and saying “after you” while the other said “no after you” that spiraled out of control.

  • SM tore Exo-M apart with their talons and nothing we love can remain.

  • JD wanted pepperoni on their pizza and Xing didn’t.

  • Somehow, it’s all Chanyeol’s fault.

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Hi may I ask help finding interceptions/duplicates (houses,signs,planets) I tried but I need help if you don't mind?

Intercepted signs are when sister signs don’t occupy a house. The shaded areas are where you can find the intercepted signs. The light blue lines show the house “engulfing” the signs Cancer and Capricorn. This is because a house cusp does not fall into them, there is no house being expressed through Cancer or Capricorn, suppressing their energies.

Duplicated signs are when there is more than 1 house cusp found in a sign. As shown, the purple diagonal lines show where the duplications are. There are two house cusps in Leo and Aquarius. House 12 and the ascendant(1) are both in Leo / House 6 and the descendant(7) are both in Aquarius. These signs take on the work that was meant for the intercepted signs.

Intercepted planets are any planets found within the interception. As you can see, the circled planets are intercepted because they are “engulfed” just like the intercepted signs.

I hope this is clear. You can read more information on what interceptions are on my wordpress. If you still have trouble, you can submit your chart to me and I can point out where your interceptions/duplications are if you have them. 

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If Virgo rules digestion does that mean the 6th house rules digestion? And does the 4th house rule the stomach?

Well the 6th house with the sign or planet within it can (and does tend to) show problems associated with the parts they rule.  I will tell you the 6th house tends to show what kind of eater someone is believe it or not.  Just look at the traits on that house cusp…I have known a number of Virgo Ascendants who love to eat alone (Aquarius in 6 just needs their space to do it…)  My mother was a taurus ascendant with Libra in 6 and always loved to eat with someone else around.  I’m a scorpio ascendant with Aries in the 6th and i’m a fast and adventurous eater (I watch those foodie adventure shows on travel channel.) .

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Name: Kasper 

Nicknames: Kas, i sometimes get misheard and people call me “Kat” ???

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp

Height: 5′3

Orientation: Demi/Pansexual, I usually just call myself gay tho? 

Favourite Fruit: Raspberries!

Favourite Season: Summer, the sunshine makes me happy and flowers and beaches, picnics, nights with friends, ice cream. I just love it

Favourite Book: i cant read  The Book Thief ?

Favorite Music: um? been jammin to willow smith and hozier lately

Favourite Flower: baby’s breath

Favourite Scent: lavender

Favorite Colour: Yellow!

Favorite Animals: cats and tiny frogs aND BIRDS

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: if its sweet i like it

Average Sleep Hours: uh nighttime= 3-6hrs, daytime= 1-5hrs

Cat or dogs? Dont make me choose

Favourite Fictional Characters: Pidge & Hunk from Voltron, Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe, Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug etc etc…

Number of blankets you sleep with: just 1

Dream Trip: I really want to take @mokklie to Paris and the rest of Europe. But also I want to go to Tokyo eventually, and Egypt, and Brazil, and everywhere?

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An Abbreviated Astro-Glossary

Air Signs – [Gemini, Libra, Aquarius] the triplicity that represents the function of thinking, and the communicative process

Angles – the term used to identify the two most “important” axes of a natal chart, and thus four most “important” points. The Horizon (Ascendant-Descendant) and the Meridian (Medium Coeli-Imum Coeli)

Angular Houses – the houses corresponding to the Cardinal Signs

Aquarius – the eleventh sign, an air sign of the fixed modality

Aries – the first sign, a fire sign of the cardinal modality

Ascendant – the degree of the zodiac that is rising on the horizon at the moment of birth, also known as the Rising (usually the cusp of the First House)

Aspects – specific geometrical relations between two bodies in a chart

Cadent Houses – the houses corresponding to the Mutable Signs

Cancer – the fourth sign, a water sign of the cardinal modality

Capricorn – the tenth sign, an earth sign of the cardinal modality

Cardinal Signs – [Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn] the quadruplicity existing at the initiation of a season (equinoxes and solstices). These signs serve to initiate change and begin the cycle of creation

Composite Chart – a type of relationship chart created by calculating the mid-points of two different charts, in an attempt to describe the energetic quality of the relationship

Conjunction – a major aspect, in which the two bodies are overlapping

Cusp – the dividing line between two consecutive signs or houses

Decan or Decanate – a further division of each sign by three, each subsection totaling ten degrees

Degree – one 30th part of a sign, or one 360th part of a circle

Descendant – the degree of the zodiac that is setting on the horizon at the moment of birth (usually the cusp of the Seventh House)

Detriment – the placement of a planet in a sign or house opposite to the one that it rules

Dignity//Domicile – the placement of a planet in the sign or house that it rules

Duplicated Signs – signs that rule two houses in a natal chart, accompanied by Intercepted Signs

Earth Signs – [Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn] the triplicity that represents the function of the senses, and the need for practicality in our lives

Ecliptic – the apparent motion of the sun through our sky as the Earth orbits around. Divided into 360 degrees and then twelve sub sections of thirty degrees called Signs

Exaltation – the placement of a planet in the sign or house in which it best expresses its energy

Fall – the placement of a planet in the sign or house opposite to its Exaltation

Feminine Signs – the three earth signs and the three water signs that represent the perceptive-emotional functions. The signs of negative polarity

Fire Signs – [Aries, Leo, Sagittarius] the triplicity that represents the function of feeling, and our passions and drives

Fixed Signs – [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius] the quadruplicity that exists as the proliferation of a season. They serve to maintain and develop the change of the Cardinal Signs

Gemini – the third sign, an air sign of the mutable modality

Houses – the twelve sections of a chart that correspond to various spheres of activity in our lives (see here)

Imum Coeli – the degree of the zodiac that is directly below the earth at the moment of birth, also known as the Nadir (usually the cusp of the Fourth House)

Inconjunct – a minor aspect, in which two bodies are separated by 150 degrees

Intercepted Signs – signs completely encased within a house and who thus rule no houses in the chart, accompanied by Duplicated Signs

Leo – the fifth sign, a fire sign of the fixed modality

Libra – the seventh sign, an air sign of the cardinal modality

Lord – the ruler of a sign or house

Masculine Signs – the three fire signs and the three air signs that represent the rational-communicative functions. The signs of positive polarity

Medium Coeli – the degree of the zodiac that is directly overhead at the moment of birth, also known as the Midheaven (usually the cusp of the Tenth House)

Midpoint – the ecliptic degree halfway between two bodies or points

Modality – [Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable] the mode of operation of a sign, and the way in which it directs its energies

Mutable Signs – [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces] the quadruplicity the exists as the end of a season. They serve to transform the developments of the fixed signs to pave the way for cardinal creation.

Nodes – the Lunar Nodes: the points in the Moon’s orbit that cross the ecliptic, also known as the North and South Nodes, the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail, or Rahu and Ketu

Opposition – a major aspect, in which two bodies are separated by 180 degrees

Orb – variation of degrees from an aspect

Pisces – the twelfth sign, a water sign of the mutable modality

Planets – the ten heavenly bodies that correspond to various drives and energies in our lives (see here)

Quadruplicity – a set of four signs with the same modality

Retrograde – the apparent backwards motion of a planet in our sky due to their relative motion

Sagittarius – the ninth sign, a fire sign of the mutable modality

Scorpio – the eighth sign, a water sign of the fixed modality

Sextile – a minor aspect, in which two bodies are separated by 60 degrees

Signs – 30 degree sections of the Ecliptic beginning at the Vernal Equinox

Square – a major aspect, in which two bodies are separated by 90 degrees

Stellium – a grouping of 3 or more planets in a sign or house (potentially 4 or more depending on the planets involved and the astrologer)

Succedent Houses – the houses corresponding to the Fixed Signs

Synastry – the study of relationships in astrology utilizing inter-chart overlays and the creation of a composite chart

Taurus – the second sign, an earth sign of the fixed modality

Transit – the current movement of the planets, and the interaction between them as well as their interaction with a natal chart

Trine – a major aspect, in which two bodies are separated by 120 degrees

Triplicity – a set of three signs with the same element

Virgo – the sixth sign, an earth sign of the mutable modality

Water Signs – [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces] the triplicity that represents the function of emotion, and our intuitive abilities

Zodiac – The Circle of Animals. The imaginary belt surrounding the Ecliptic in which the Zodiacal Constellations fall. Note that these are different from the Astrological Signs

you no longer have power over me. you had me in the cusp of your hands, but that is no longer the case. i slipped away slowly and carefully, when the chains seemed to be at their tightest, and now i’m free. at one point it seemed impossible to escape, and my world seemed to be crashing before me, but time has filled in the blank spots and questions i was flooded with. i can think of you now, without getting angry, upset or sad, i can think of you without drowning myself in “what if’s” and “if only’s”, i can think of you without internalizing and wondering what i could have done differently. i dug deep and i discovered something that i had lost when you were in my life - self love. as an extension of that love, i still pray for you, wish you well, send you love from a distance, but i have myself again, and having myself is more important than having you.
—  iambrillyant 
Interceptions: FAQ

“What is an interception?”
It’s called an interception when an entire sign is contained in a house, falling between two cusps rather than on either of them. This is what it looks like.

When one sign is intercepted, its sister sign will be as well; in this chart, the sign of Cancer is intercepted in the seventh house (between the 7th & 8th house cusps) so Capricorn is also intercepted, in the first house (between the 1st & 2nd house cusps). The cusps end up landing on the signs on either side.

Planets can be intercepted as well; an intercepted planet is simply a planet posited in an intercepted sign.

“What is a duplication?”
Duplications are caused by interceptions. A sign is duplicated when two house cusps fall within it. This is what a duplicated sign looks like (from the same chart as the screenshot above).

Again, when a sign is duplicated, so will its sister sign be. In this chart, Gemini is duplicated on the 6th & 7th house cusps, and Sagittarius is duplicated on the 12th & 1st house cusps. This is because the houses & signs form axes.

Interceptions & duplications cannot happen in equal house systems.

“What do interceptions & duplications mean?”
They indicate an immense imbalance of energy. The intercepted signs are buried, repressed, overshadowed, and basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. On the other hand, duplicated signs work on overdrive & typically have “too much” influence. Both of these things are very unhealthy.

“What do intercepted planets mean?”
Intercepted planets are hindered, internalized, weakened, and (again, like intercepted signs) basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. They have to be reached & brought out, like retrograde / 12th house planets in a way. They’re trapped because their mode of expression is stifled.

“How do I regain balance & heal my intercepted signs / planets?”
This is a very personal process that no stranger can help you through without analyzing your natal chart as a whole. Remember to use common sense; look at what the sign/planet in question is associated with, locate the core of the problem, and make the healthy decisions you feel will solve it.

“Once the imbalance & issues of interceptions / duplications are resolved, where would the intercepted signs manifest, since they have no influence over the areas of life represented by the houses?”
They would manifest through the placement of their ruling planet, and possibly as a shadow of the house they’re intercepted in (behind the influence of the sign on the cusp). When the function of the sign is healed, its energy will come through no matter what, so you just have to look for it.

“What if the ruling planet of the intercepted sign is very strong?”
It may be relatively easier for you to bring it out, because you have an equivalent energy to channel it through. Or the interception may not be much of a problem at all – the ruling planets function similarly to their signs, so it may work itself out naturally. It depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the ruling planet of a duplicated sign is intercepted or weak?”
If it is weak, there will be less of a problem, because the sign will not be as consuming & will have limitations. If it is intercepted, it will be even more of a confusing experience, because the excessive expression of the sign will not have a clear course & the native may end up subconsciously trying to repress it entirely or inflate it further. It also depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the house associated with the intercepted sign is strong?”
It may increase the influence of the archetype, or have no effect. (Note: it will not increase the sign’s energy, only the power/prominence of its archetype.)

“What if the house associated with the duplicated sign is weak?”
It will likely not have a notable effect.


Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp Aesthetic \ This cusp is very visual and loves to talk abut their life experiences. They are corresponded to fantasies and vivid dreams. They are certainly not boring as they have an electric charisma. However, they can have trouble maintaining relationships. They are good at life in general and love a good insightful conversation.

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Fourth House: Your Aversion

Your 4th house ruler shows what you received excessive exposure to during childhood. As a result, you might develop an aversion to the traits of the sign on the 4th house cusp. 

The following is organized by your 4th house ruler.

Aries 4th House: emotion/thoughtless impulse; you might to be a hard, cold cap rising who is averse to loud, brash personalities

Taurus 4th House: tradition/materialism/slow movement; you might be be an aqua rising who craves freedom and revolution

Cancer 4th House: sympathy/emotional manipulation; you might be a tough, independent aries rising who refuses to be told what to do

Gemini 4th House: talking/meaningless chatter/excessive communication; you might be a pisces rising who values meaningful communication, solitude, and silence

Leo 4th House: attention/narcissism; you might be a taurus rising who prefers to blend into the background and despises bragging/braggarts [analysis of psychology below]

Virgo 4th House: criticism/judgement/boredom; gemini rising who prefers to be entertained and open-minded

Libra 4th House: compromise/emotional neglect; cancer rising who desperately tries to control environment/other people to avoid compromise

Scorpio 4th House: scrutinity/paranoia/invasion of privacy; you might be a leo rising who self-aggrandizes, prefers to keep thigns light, and hide their flaws

Sagittarius 4th House: irresponsibility; virgo rising, self-explanatory

Capricorn 4th House: expectations/isolation; libra rising, self-explanatory [analysis 2]

Aquarius 4th House: eccentric/erratic behavior; scorpio rising, prefers to adopt a stoic, mysterious persona

Pisces 4th House: delusion/self-sacrifice; sagittarius rising who tries to learn about the world at large, stay grounded in reality, and has selfiish tendencies [analysis 3]

[1] Taurus risings often have parents who smother them with attention, to the point where they feel like they’re controlled and constantly watched. Parents may also have narcistic tendencies and seek approval/fish for compliments from their children while witholding praise. Parents may be act entitled to the child’s time and attention, leaving little room for peace, solitude, and self-care. This causes the adult Taurus rising to shy away from attention-seeking (leo-like) personalities and enjoy solitude, silence, and peace. 

[2] Libra risings can have parents with harsh capricorn qualities; parents who don’t hesitate to demean their own children in the name of “pusing them further,” who withold approval and affection, who may prevent the child from spending time wirh friends, who make the child feel lonely and unworthy. As a result, Libra risings almost pathologically seek approval and acceptance to compensate for what the parents deprived them of.

[3] Sagittarius risings likely have parents who expect the child to be pliant, obedient, and self-sacrificing. The parents may ask the child to give, give, and give, until there’s nothing left. The parents themselves may be weak, selfish, and delusional, pretending to be martyrs while taking advantage of their own children. The parents might act helpless as a manipulation  tactic. As a defense, the Sagittarius detaches themselves from needy people and (”selfishly”) puts themselves first, to compensate for years of being forced to put themselves last. 

The human personality is almost entirely a cluster of defense mechanisms to cope with different types pain and toxic people.  Once you know the traits each rising sign expresses, and the sign on the 4th house cusp, it is easy to trace the behavior to the roots.

aries: scared of being left alone in the darkness with nothing but their past to fill in the gaps

taurus: scared of being hated by everyone and nobody loving them

gemini: scared of losing good friends and scared of admitting what they really are

cancer: scared to admit what they want and how they feel

leo: scared to tell their love and afraid they won’t reach their goals

virgo: scared of failure and feeling overwhelmed, scared of being wrong

libra: scared of not having someone to love, afraid of never being happy

scorpio: afraid of never getting over that one person, scared of the life being drained out of them

sagittarius: scared of giving themselves away to people who they know could hurt them, scared of acting out in the wrong way

capricorn: scared of what other people could think, maybe being judged

aquarius: scared of losing people they love, scared of their true self

picses: afraid of being mean, scared that they’ll ruin things

—  scared and afraid
signs 12/12

I drew this a while ago but never posted it. Considering it’s roserezi weekend, though, I thought that now would be a better time than any!

Have some seers not understanding feelings, but not understanding them together, and that’s what really counts.


Cancer-Leo Cusp Aesthetic \ These cusps can be shy one minute, and stealing the spotlight the next. They are very sensitive to criticism, but are quite confident. They will stand by and try to heal the people in times of struggle. They are also very creative and possessive. They have to be careful of who they like due to their fear of rejection and being too vulnerable.

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The Sixth House: Contempt

Virgos are notorious for being picky and judgmental. Think of a little kid wrinkling her nose at a plate of food, saying “I’m not going to eat that, it’s too greasy” or an old man giving the stink eye to some ‘hooligans’ laughing a little too loudly in public. 

Virgo rules the 6th house, so that energy and attitude may transfer to the sign on the 6th house cusp and planets that fall into the sixth house. 

You may also reject or neglect the needs of the natal planets that fall into your sixth house. Deep down, that kid actually wants to enjoy junk food. The old man misses the days he laughed with his friends. 

It’s a difficult situation, which is why planets in the 6th are often treated as ‘afflicted.’ There is often a conflict between how you think you ‘should’ be, vs. what you want deep down. 

Aries/Mars in the 6th: You are repulsed by people who are selfish, loud, and competitive. You may have contempt for people who are too open with their anger and other emotions. You have no patience for bossy personalities. You can neglect your own inner drive to compete, win, and express anger.

Taurus/Venus in the 6th: You dislike people who are vain, lazy, and materialistic. You may be grossed out by traditionally ‘romantic’ gestures. You might even be turned off by people who are ‘excessively’ beautiful or charming. You might neglect your own need to feel beautiful and experience romance.

Gemini/Mercury[?] in the 6th: You have a lot of contempt for people who gossip or just talk excessively and don’t take things seriously. You have little patience for idle chatter. You don’t like people who are flaky, unreliable, and seem to have a lot of casual acquaintances. You might neglect your own need for idle chatter and talking just for fun. 

Cancer/Moon in the 6th: You’re grossed out by people who seek sympathy, cry easily, are ruled by their emotions, and act cowardly. You have no patience for moodiness or those who expect to be coddled. You prefer to offer practical advice rather than emotional support. You may neglect your emotional needs.

Leo/Sun in the 6th: You’re irked by egotistical, self-centered, self-serving personalities. You don’t like those who actively seek love, admiration, and attention. You have no patience for vanity. People who post a lot of selfies and get a lot of likes might be the bane of your existence. You hate casual dating and sex. You neglect your need for attention.

Virgo/Mercury[?] in the 6th: (Ironically) you’re judgmental of people who are judgmental. You think people who are health freaks are kind of stupid. You can’t stand uptight personalities. Perfectionists can drive you up the wall. You might not like people who are nervous and easily stressed out. This is a good position, so you might not neglect any basic need, but you might want to take better care of your body.

Libra/Venus in the 6th: [See Taurus] Additionally, you have no patience for those who are approval-seeking and image-obsessed. When people do things just to ‘be fair,’ you lose respect for them. Co-dependency is a huge issue. You may neglect your need for approval and partnership.

Scorpio/Pluto in the 6th: You are irked by dark, obsessive, passionate personalities. You have no patience for people who are out to ‘get revenge’ and hold grudges. You can’t stand paranoia or mind games. You may neglect your own need for passion and soul-deep connections.

Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 6th [?]: You don’t like flakes, irresponsible people, or those who don’t take things seriously. You don’t understand mindless optimism. You might think gambling is really stupid. You don’t like blunt, tactless personalities. You might neglect your need to be a little reckless, indulgent, and irresponsible every now and then. 

Capricorn/Saturn in the 6th: You think people who take everything too seriously are stupid. You might not like loners. You don’t like people who care too much about their reputation. You can’t stand workaholics. You might neglect your own need for professional accomplishment.

Aquarius/Uranus in the 6th: You don’t like people who seem to try too hard to be ‘weird’ and ‘unique.’ You don’t care for rebels or intellectuals. You can’t stand erratic behavior and unemotional personalities. You also don’t like people who always have to fit in to a social group. You might neglect your own need to stand out or have a group that you fit into. 

Pisces/Neptune in the 6th [?]: You might not like people who seem to have their head in the clouds. You don’t like people who are weak, apathetic, and manipulative. You have no patience for lies or delusions. You might neglect your own need to escape reality.

**Not sure if this got it right, esp with Mercury, but also Jupiter and Neptune. I’m opening the ask box for questions/comments on this post/your personal experience with 6th house planets and would appreciate feedback. 

edit: fuck it… i don’t know… tried my best… astrology is hard… just leaving this post the way it is… pls don’t take it too seriously…….