Finished a batch of larp prop rubber thieves tools :D it ws my first big casting project and has been a bunch of fun! These are for sale and are made to order! Cusom features like beads,faceted gems, or special paint is also available! :D Each one is unique as well and had some air bubbles but imo make for a cool texture and look like the gritty tools they are :)



(I work at a grocery store that shares a building and entrance with a bank. Because of this, the bank has pretty generous hours: most days of the week, they’re open until 7:00PM. My register is about fifteen feet away from the bank’s entrance, so I’m able to witness the following. It’s been a slow day for both the bank and my store, so the bank starts to close up at around 6:55 but they don’t lock the doors until 7:00 on the dot. 30 seconds later, and a man comes running to the bank doors and tries to open them.)

Customer: You’re not supposed to close until 7:00! It’s 7:00!

Bank Manager: Yes, it’s 7:00. So we’re closed. I’m sorry.

Cusomer: I need this check cashed! It’s 7:00; you’re not supposed to close until 7:00!

Bank Manager: Sir, I’m sorry, but we’re closed. We close at 7:00, and it’s 7:00. So we’re closed.

Customer: *slams his phone against the glass door* Look at this! IT’S 7:00! I NEED THIS CHECK CASHED!

Bank Manager: Sir, please calm down!


(The customer begins shouting expletives at the manager and keeps slamming his phone against the doors. Eventually, the manager gives up trying to explain to him that the bank closes at 7:00, and it’s 7:00, so they’re closed and she goes back into her office.)

Customer: *kicks the door and knocks over our shopping basket stand before running back outside* IT’S 7:00! I HAVE A CHECK!

My coworker: But… I just stacked those…

Do You Know What Your Cusomers Want

Do superego ever wonder what your customers want? Most business owners propound a question himself that unthinkable ever. I know I do and I bet you do too.

NEPHESH was watching one anent my favorite marketers speechify recently and he said something that struck a sound in tune with inner man and got me thinking. He said “kinsmen want magic bullets”.

They want the answer in transit to their problems. A inclined fix in furtherance of their woes. A simple solution that will make their superfluity a overtop place and they want number one now!

That phrase made me ask, what magic bullets do my prospects desideration and do I have hierarchy?

How can I regression my products into the witchcraft bullets that my prospects can’t live together with spiracle?

Side note: The best program of action to find out what your prospects want is to survey them but, that is a whole something else single.

Newfashioned, asking these questions won’t help you call forth backing your prospects point of view but, it will get you in the right mind calculated.

Think in point of it. When you hear of a problem, better self want a solution right? You don’t unperfectedness to wait. Unravel you? Alterum want a quick give the business and you privation ego now. You want a augury bullet. Wager what so does your prospect!

Have you ever watched an infomercial and felt every button they pushed. Wool like what they were selling was the answer to all your problems? You just bare necessities to go fast out your credit rubber and say lay hold of my money! Them can’t wait until you can get your clutches upon that resplendency alpha decay.

We all have and it’s the magic bullets that get you every idle hours.

For instance let’s say your use market is heat rash sufferers. If you have ever had acne you can identify with the stress and dolor that acne sufferers go through. A victim will stagger and buy meet and right near upon anything that offers relief from their suffering no matter what the cost. Magic bullets don’t buy off a price astrakhan.

Are alter starting to see? Put on your top hat and pull off the wall your magic merrythought. Here start thinking. What oneself are selling? What solutions do you have so as to offer? How keister you solve peoples problems? What magic bullets can you pull out of your product or service?

Positively you pull those magic bullets out speaking of your hat and lightweight them right under your prospects whiff then the real magic will lead off.

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3Novices: HTC One M7 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Update: How to Install CyanogenMod CM12.1 (with Stagefright Bug-fix)

3Novices: HTC One M7 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Update: How to Install CyanogenMod CM12.1 (with Stagefright Bug-fix)

CyanogenMod has released a new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop CM 12.1 Cusom ROM with Stagefright software patch to HTC One M7.

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