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Had a lady today in drive order 2 large shakes. Now I don't know how but our icecream machine froze up and nothing was coming out so we pulled her forward and tried adding more mix (it was a little low) but then it started coming out runny so I go out to taljbto the woman who then demands her money back so I go in and get the manager to refund it and then the lady gets really ticked off because I didn't give her a free coupon for "poor cusomer service" like lady we don't care about your ego


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dave’s lived in town all his life, really. as have more or less everyone else - except john, who only knew dave online until his dad decided to come work at the family bakery and brought john and jade with him. john was, of course, super excited to finally get a chance to not only meet his best online friend dave, but see him every day - except it turns out dave neglected to mention that he’s being homeschooled due to is overly light-sensitive eyes. 

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Storybrooke Zelena Cusom Funko

I’ve struggled with how I feel about my Storybrooke Zelena’s and this is my latest attempt and I rather like her.  She uses a Peggy Carter base though I made her not a bubblehead.  Her hat was painted black with a glossy ribbon and black pearl pin.  She got a new hair color and eyebrows and earrings.  A black suit with a green shirt and shoes and I took Peggy’s orb thing and I made it into a fireball and painted it green withabout four different shades.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.

Say my name, say my name. Vans Skate’s Lizzie Armanto & Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst in their customized Boom Boom Jackets.

Photo: Via Leila Hurst’s IG

I work at big chain red and blue pet store. We have a grooming salon and vet in out store. Both the salon and vet are open at 7 but the store itself doesn’t open until 9, so people can enter the store in order to get to those services. There is a giant sign right in front if the door that says “*store name* is closed until 9 AM”. The sign is right smack in the middle of the door so you have to walk around it get inside. And if that sign wasn’t enough, there are employees stocking the shelves and cleaning the animal cages. The store is a mess and obviously isn’t open yet. Dispite all this, customers will ALWAYS try to shop even though the store clearly isn’t open. I always have people come up to me asking for a cashier. I say “the store isn’t open until 9, it’s 7:30 right now” and the cusomers will stare at me with a blank face and say “oh….you’re not open?” “No sir/ma'am, we open at 9.” Then they’ll say “oh I didn’t know…”. Yes you did. There is a giant sign that you physically have to go around to enter the store. One time there was a man standing at the register screaming, and I mean really screaming, “HELLO???? HELLO??? IS THERE ANYONE HERE??? CAN SOMEONE RING ME UP?!?!?!?” There are 2 people stocking shleves, the store obviously isn’t open! Plus what retail store is open at 7:30 am??