2 minutes of “I See Fire” Live at The Customs House (X)

Say my name, say my name. Vans Skate’s Lizzie Armanto & Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst in their customized Boom Boom Jackets.

Photo: Via Leila Hurst’s IG

krikeymate replied to your post “I had so many programs on my laptop that I used all the time and…”

oh my god yes you never realize how cusomized you made yo shit until you get something clean and yo like ???

Like I downloaded most of it when I first got it but like some programs I’ve had for so long I’ve kinda forgotten you need to actually instal them 

like I decided to make a gif set and ?? I need 3 different programs to make my gifs I didn’t realise this was so much effort

UGH this guy!!!!

so there are scorecards on the front counter and pencils for people to freely grab one and use. its in plain sight, right in front, HARD TO MISS!!!

and this guy says to me “you should have told us we could keep score. we just played the whole side without knowing.”

theyre sitting very clearly on the front counter for customers to freely use, they are optional so it is not required for customers to do so. so we dont say anything abt score cards bc like…. really almost 1/100 ppl use them properly anyway and its a waste on top of that cost wise.

but like he started to say, “I"m just letting you know you can tell the next set of cusomers so they can keep score if they want to.”

and im ?????? ok??????? im probably not going to but ok??????

and then he says “whats your name?”


and i told him my name straight up, bc if he wants to complain about being blind its not my problem