Hey, guys! My friend Patrick has his own band and deserves some Tumblr attention! So would you do me a favor?

Check out his new single “Five Matches” and his album, “CUSIQUE” at:

Like Cusique? Follow on Twitter (@OfficialCUSIQUE) and find Cusique on Facebook to stay updated with new releases and gigs in the West Virginia area! Cusique is also new to Tumblr, so help Cusique out, give them some followers (they’ll follow back), and reblog this!

I am actually motivated today which is a nice change of heart! I’m working on my boating license which means I’ll be eating a lot so I will probably work out this afternoon and I’m really excited about getting stuff done and mail. I would also like to say that I had a fabulous night last night because I went to see the Randolph county boys play with their band Cusique, therecorddeck is also in the band if you want to check his blog out, then had a lovely time afterword, even if I did have a slight headache. I've discovered I’m not the kind of person I want to be  and will work on fixing it.