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Donnie, if you had a favorite sea animal to choose, would it be a sea turtle, fish, starfish, or a dolphin?:)🐢🐬🐡🐠

I bet you think I will pick sea turtle…because I’m a turtle.

I’m actually picking starfish. 

Starfish are amazing creatures that when you learn about them you wonder how they even exist or are even alive. Starfish is as close to a supernatural monster as you can get and it’s just a small little star in the ocean. Okay, lie. Some of them can get quite huge. 

Facts on Starfish:

1. They don’t have a brain and they don’t have blood. They use sea water to pump their nutrients through their body. So prick a starfish, does it not bleed? No, it doesn’t. That’s some amazing stuff right there.

2. They digest their food by expelling their stomach. That’s right! When they catch prey their stomach will actually leave their body in order to digest their food. 

3. As if the sea star wasn’t freaky enough, they also practice cannibalism. They are not above munching down on their own kind when they are hungry.

4. But that’s not all! They also have eyes on their arms. Their eyes are more like the eyes of insects and crustaceans and they help a sea star see where it wants to move. They are colorblind and don’t have a brain, but somehow they are capable of seeing and navigating their habitats.

5. They can switch their gender. They do this when breeding is limited. If there’s more males than females then one may decide to just switch over and even up the pairs. But that’s not all, they can also switch back again if they want to. Being a sea star means never having to conform to any one gender. another note: cushion sea stars are always born male and switch to female later if they feel like it.

6. They regenerate. They cannot only regenerate entire arms, but they can also regenerate an entirely new starfish from one arm. The reason they can do this is because most of their vital organs are inside their arms enabling them to be able to form an entirely new sea star with all vital organs already there. 

So Dolphins may be cute and I may have a special place in my heart for all turtles, but you cannot deny that the sheer uniqueness and almost horror movie monster quality of a starfish is freaking awesome. 

New Zealand Cushion Star (Stegnaster inflatus)

Also sometimes known as the “Ambush Starfish”, the New Zealand cushion star is a species of Asterinid sea star which is endemic to the waters around New Zealand. New Zealand cushion stars are active predators, with individuals raising themselves on the edges of their five arms and ambushing any potential prey item that happens to swim under it. 


Animalia-Echinodermata-Asteroidea-Valvitida-Asterinidae-Stegnaster-S. inflatus

Image: Avenue


Cushion sea star in #hyperlapse | #gogogo #ocean #animals

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Tiny tube feet waving! Actually, cushion sea stars have dozens of tube feet on their undersides that help them get around. #slowbutsteady #seastar #starfish #ocean #animal #animalsofinstagram #animalfacts

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Say Hello to Patrick Star! He’s a Cushion Sea Star! ★

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