Sleep Among the Infinite Open Sky in the Mountains 

Natura Vive, a team of young entrepreneurs created the Skylodge Adventure Suites to bring nature to people 400 feet above Peru’s  Sacred Valley of Cusco. A total of three 24 ft. by 8 ft. capsule contains a comfortably insulated space with four beds, a dining area and a bath. 

To reach the Skylodge Adventure Suites, one must climb or hike the challenging trail with the aid of zip lines to arrive at the transparent sleeping pods. Once one arrives, what you find is a 300 degree view of the valley. 


“Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, the exclusive Skylodge Adventure Suites offers you the chance to sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom, that allows you to appreciate the impressive view of this magic and mystic valley.

To sleep at Skylodge, people must climb 400 mt. of Via Ferrata or hike an intrepid trail through ziplines.” [xVideo


Cusco, Peru

A couple of weeks ago I went to Peru with Jim Cline Photo Tours.  The trip spanned many cities along the ancient Sacred Valley of the Incas.  We started in Cusco which was the capital of the Incan Empire from the 1300s until the early 1500s when the Incan Empire of 10 million people was conquered with relative ease by a rogue band of 167 illiterate Spaniards from the ghettoes of Spain.  

Cusco is up in the Andes at over 11,000 feet above sea level.   Cusco is a major city but the architecture hasn’t changed much from the sixteenth century.  There are still traces of earlier Incan architecture but most of it was destroyed by the Spanish.  The natives speak primarily Quechuan (the Incan language) but many also know Spanish.  There isn’t much English.

Despite their relatively humble lifestyles, the locals were quite friendly and seemed very content.

I’ll add photos from the other cities I visited on this trip in future posts.