Sleep Among the Infinite Open Sky in the Mountains 

Natura Vive, a team of young entrepreneurs created the Skylodge Adventure Suites to bring nature to people 400 feet above Peru’s  Sacred Valley of Cusco. A total of three 24 ft. by 8 ft. capsule contains a comfortably insulated space with four beds, a dining area and a bath. 

To reach the Skylodge Adventure Suites, one must climb or hike the challenging trail with the aid of zip lines to arrive at the transparent sleeping pods. Once one arrives, what you find is a 300 degree view of the valley. 

Katsuhiro Ueo, the 2002 Season Champion and 2003 USA Exhibition Round Champion of the D1-Grand Prix, and one of the best AE86 drivers in the series who actually stuck with an N.A. 4AG (Gen Terasaki from GT Works & Toshiki Yoshioka aka Toshiking was one of them too) compared to other entries (some would go for an SR20, or bolt-on a turbo).