Cusco, Peru

February 2018

instagram: @juliana_johnson


Often my favorite places are the in-between ones, not the obvious choices; the neither here-nor-there’s. This was taken in a small Peruvian town after the most grueling of grueling hikes (at a very high altitude and partially in hail) – I was exhausted, felt awful, and soaking wet (fingers going purple, the works). And there was this quiet moment after lunch in someone’s backyard with baby lambs & nothing but the sound of the prettiest birds chirping and low, pleasant conversation. The sun broke through and warmed us up, and I found myself experiencing one of my favorite moments of this trip – the quiet among the bustle of planes, trains, buses, hikes, taxis, and everything else.

Massive dotwork mandala!

This one drove me to the brink of insanity. All done with traditional techniques (compass, ruler, protractor…) No digital.

It took five 6-8 hour sessions. I thought when it was over I’d be excited but I couldn’t look at it anymore. I was over it.

Now it’s been a couple days and I love it. You can find it on the wall at Pisac Tattoo!

And if you wanna see the full version of this video with all the preparation work that goes into drawing a mandala this big head over to my YouTube!