Off to Another Reality Check ... My Current Version of “The Secret of the global BenC-Cult”

It is a little nasty to give away the secret of a unique magic creature and their cult – yet now that I am off to see him on stage to be enchanted some more, or maybe cured (I am ready for either, for “the readiness is all”) I do it anyway.


The secret of one BenC (or one version of it) is, tataa – not a new story, but rather unique and fresh in this case –

You guessed it!

Coincidencia Oppositorum (as my old pal Nicholas of Cusa would have put it).

So the lively surprising and mysterious unity of otherwise incompatible elements.

It starts with the eye-mouth ratio: eyes rather cool, sometimes calm, sometimes even hard and cruel, reptilic, but mouth gentle, full, of an almost feminine sensual beauty.

The left eye or half of the face rather hard and masculine, the right one soft, tender and a bit melancholic.

The same I could say about body and body parts (like ascetic torso to still surprisingly round and full bum) – all sorts of masculine, childlike and feminine elements make up that man, but it sometimes works, yet is also at times endangered of falling apart like some swarm intelligence in a sci fi movie.

Which makes the unity of his fragile beauty a matter of our maintenance.

Which makes him a perfect symbol of our time.

Yet what ever it is … it always is and will be so ridiculously British.

And that is comforting too … to have at least one constant in this multiple, complex equation.

And the constant is a matter of “ironic folklore” of reminding everyone of their favourite half-invented home of all nostalgia, romance, adventure, crime, horror, discovery and utopia known to modern wo/mankind (“This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England”) that is and is not a real thing in the world.

Which undecidability is also very inspiring.


Locandina e volantino

Le pietre di Selinous

Rappresentazione sulle origini di Selinunte, scritta e diretta da Giovanni Isgrò, messa in scena presso il Baglio Florio alle Cave di Cusa a Campobello di Mazara

Iniziativa promossa dal Comune di Campobello di Mazara - A cura dell’Associazione Culturale “Giardini d’Arte”
Canon EOS 5D 10 Years Anniversary Open House in San Francisco (August 22)

Canon Digital Learning Center will held an Open House day to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the EOS 5D line. You have to register for the event (click here). All information about the event are summed up on this page.

  • Program: Canon Live Learning San Francisco
  • Date: August 22, 2015
  • Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Fee: Free
  • Location: Canon Live Learning San Francisco, 201 California St., San Francisco, California 94111

Press release:

Celebrate 10 years of Canon EOS 5D Cameras. 

September 2015 will be the 10th anniversary of the launch of the original EOS 5D. The EOS 5D series cameras have been landmarks in DSLR photography.

The original EOS 5D brought full frame DSLR photography to the consumer and advanced amateur market.

The EOS 5D Mark II raised the bar to 21.1 MP resolution while being the first DSLR to capture 1080P HD video. Hollywood has never been the same with TV shows and major motion pictures shot using the EOS 5D Mark II.

The EOS 5D Mark III again pushed the limits with a combination of high resolution, amazing high ISO performance and six frames per second. The EOS 5D Mark III also brought the EOS 5D series to new levels with 61 AF points (similar to the EOS-1DX).

Now we add the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R that push the envelope to 50.6 MP resolution. Join us at Canon Live Learning San Francisco to celebrate the anniversary of this amazing line of EOS cameras.

EOS Camera and Lenses Display and Hands-On Demonstrations

See the latest Canon EOS cameras and lenses including all of the current and past EOS 5D cameras. Canon Live Learning Instructors will be on hand to answer your questions on equipment choices or photographic techniques.

EOS 5D History Presentation (1:30 pm)

A short history of the EOS 5D line of cameras, followed by the cutting of the cake.

Anniversary Celebration (1:45 pm)

Help us cut the anniversary cake and celebrate the 10 years of the EOS 5D camera line. Door Prize drawing follows.

“Bending the Light” (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

We will be showing the documentary “Bending the Light,” a Michael Apted documentary that honors the artisans and craft of still and motion photography and, in particular, the glass that captures it all.

EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R Images

Talk with Canon Live Learning instructor, Dave Henry, about his experiences with the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R. Dave has shot over 22,000 images with these cameras. You will also be able to examine his 35 – 24’’ X 36” gallery prints, complete with descriptive metadata.

What is provided:
  • Free Canon lens cloth to all attendees
  • Free prints from Canon PIXMA printers (as time allows, bring your image on a flash drive)
  • Free Anniversary Cake
  • Door Prizes

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