Did you just? (Hyungwon) Smut

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Request:  Hello xx Could I have a Hyungwon smut where you’re at home w the others and your all watching a movie and your on his lap and he gets a hard on and like u secret grind on him and he cums accidentally and ur shocked and embarrassed and everyone finds out CUS he moaned so loud 😂😂😂 I’d like it to be hot at first and then funny at the end with ever one like oh HELL no you didn’t just do that bye xx thank u lol

I hope you like it!

You were chilling at home alone while your boyfriend Hyungwon was with the other boys at the dorm. Soon enough your phone rang. You looked at the caller ID and it was Hyungwon. You picked up the call.

“Hey, babe.” Your boyfriend Hyungwon said down the phone to you.

“Hey, what’s up?” You ask him.

“Nothing much, just wondering if you wanted to come down to the dorm and watch films with us lot I miss youuu.” Hyungwon said in his needy tone.

“Yeah, sure be there soon, I love you.” You say before hanging up the phone. You got up and put on something more presentable, you went with leggings and a long top. You also put on some makeup, grabbed your phone and headed out.

Once you arrived, you knocked on the door and were greeted with Hyungwon engulfing you into his arms “Come in.” He says to you. You walk in and greeted the other members before settling down to watch the film. You sat next to Hyungwon, they also had black out curtains to the room was nice and dark. Time had passed and the film was on, Hyungwon then pulled you onto his lap and put his arms around your waist. More time passed and the other members were fully focused on the film, you however got distracted by feeling Hyungwon get hard underneath you.

You could feel it getting harder by every second, you looked at him to see if he had an expression on his face, he was just focused on the film. You decided to move a little to get more comfortable but you accidentally grind on him. This caused him to gasp at the sudden pleasure. His eyes darted towards you after your actions. You felt awkward so you looked down and pretended nothing happened. A few minutes later you felt him move under you to get some friction going, you took this hint and began to grind yourself on him quite hard. He rolled his head back and closed his eyes enjoying the pleasure. He accidentally let out a small moan but the other members didn’t notice except from Minhyuk who gave you two a weird look but you just focused on the screen pretending nothing happened.

Hyungwon then subtly grabbed your waist and pushed you down on him more to give himself more pleasure. He was trying so hard not to moan. Thankfully an action scene was on and the other members were mesmerised by the screen in front of them. You started to move faster on him being amused by how hard he was trying to keep being subtle. You manged to keep quiet, him on the other hand, he was struggling to. You could see his chest moving up and down quite fast as he was receiving all this pleasure from you. He then grabbed onto your waist and he let out and loud moan as he reached his end. The moan was so loud it attracted the attention of all the other members who’s attention was now fully drawn to you two. “Did you just…” You whisper to Hyungwon. “Yeah…” Hyungwon says back to you.

Wonho got up and flicked the light on, you got off Hyungwon and sat next to him trying to cover it up. “Did you two just do what I think you did.” Kihyun says while trying not to laugh. There was a long silence before in unison both you and Hyungwon replied with “…no…” Just then all the other member burst into fits of laughter. “Hyungwon, you really need to learn to be quiet.” Jooheon said to him barely able to talk through all the laughing. You just sat there quietly during the whole thing. “Get a room.” They say laughing at you both. “Hey, at least I have a girlfriend to do this to me, hmm when was the last time any of you got any?” Hyungwon said in his sarcastic voice. “Well I would be quiet if there is other people around.” Shownu laughed

“You guys are just jealous.” Hyungwon said, you were now laughing too. “So, Hyungwon, you better go change.” Kihyun said mocking him. With that Hyungwon got up and went to go change, when he came back down he sat back next to you and the film started again. “Can we trust them this time?” Jooheon said in and joking voice. They all laughed before continuing to watch the film.

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