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You're my favorite artist on this site. I absolutely LOVE your art style and swan? best webcomic ever. I'm super excited to see whats going to happen next. But honestly i never know how to tag stuff on your art so i just put "hashtag love it hashtag fav artist" but irl im like THIS IS THE BEST OMG SHE BLESSES MY SOUL SO MUCH WITH HER ART I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART, LOOK AT IT, IS IT AMAZING??? YES OF COURSE IT IS CUS SELENA DID IT

hghdfjkgjdhkdjf anon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im blushin youre too sweet <3

Thoughts on SPN 12x19
  • Poor Kell. That suicide scene was intense, sad and well done. I think a lot of AKF’ers out there who deal with thoughts and urges like these felt that knot in their stomach.
  • Sam researching the Nephilim makes me proud. Ash was a genius, but damn, Sam! College boy is on a roll!
  • Uh-oh… Cas just came home after curfue. 
  • Okay… let me just… recap. Did Dean make Cas a fucking mixtape with his favorite Led Zeppelin tracks?!?!?!?! I’m not a Destiel shipper perse, but last time I checked boys who make mixtapes for you, want to be your bae, just sayin’…
  • You, me and Sam… We’re just better together.” *goes to the corner to cry*
  • Team Free Will! HELL YEAH!! 
  • Through out the whole mixtape scene, Dean has such a raw edge on his lowered voice *wipes the drool of my keyboard*
  • Cas? What the fuck are you doing?! You’re bailing?! Again?! And you stole the fucking COLT?!?!?!
  • The audio of that gameshow while the angels stake out the house. Chapeau, editors!
  • Uh… Dean? How does Cas know you keep the Colt under your pillow?
  • Luci is getting emotional about his missing kid. Am I a bad person for feeling for him?
  • Did Cas just Google how to fix a truck? Hihi
  • Awh… Cas feeling the baby, that’s so cu… YELLOW EYES WHAT THE HELL?!?!
  • Cas trying to keep the Winchesters out of harms way is very sweet, but oh honey… 
  • Dean throwing Cas the keys to the Impala is my new favorite thing
  • Kelly!! You don’t go stealing the Impala!!! I know you wanna die and go to heaven, but that’s just desperate!!
  • Oh poor Cas, getting his ass kicked once again. 
  • Yeey! Sam and Dean to the rescue! Nice gun reload skills there, Sam.
  • THE COLT!!! NOOOO!!! *screams louder than Dean* NOT THE COLT! I LOVED THAT GUN!!! *cries ugly*
  • Did that kid just juice Castiel up and gave him Super Saiyan strength?! Oh, this can’t be good.
  • Cas healing Dean’s broken arm now added to list of things I love about this episode.
  • No Cas… Don’t knock them out. No, Cas, don’t… Never mind…
  • Cas is different. Either he’s manipulated, or that damn Nephilim is calling the shots, but this is not the Cas I know *goes to stare at my black TV screen a little while longer*
Story time babes ✨

so I get my hair done by this girl at Ulta. the first time we chit chatted but never had serious conversations. until today.

Somehow we got on the subject of lifting, and obviously I’m not gonna revert the subject so I fake acted like I was against it bc I planned on lifting while I was there lmao anyways.

Even though she’s just a hairstylist she knew EVERYTHING. And she made sure to tell me that the rules for that ulta are the same at every ulta.

She had told me a story about how some lady came in and stole $1000 worth of shit and they didn’t even know until they found the packages while cleaning and stocking. She told me that they would’ve never known if they didn’t review the security tapes. In my head I was like “why would u take shit out of their packaging lmao”
Then she tells me how they have people there all the time who go in the bathrooms and steal and I was like “don’t y'all have security towers there?” she’s like “yeah but they find ways” I was like “wow that’s crazy I wonder how” 👀👂🏼 and she literally said “oh you just have to point the tag a certain way so the towers won’t go off” and then said “I probably shouldn’t have said that but I know you won’t say anything” Lowkey I felt bad cus she’s sweet and cool as hell.
She also said they only CS you if you’re dressed bummy. When they’re suspicious of you they just watch you, not necessarily CS you.
She also said that if they see someone stealing they LITERALLY cannot do anything. Like N O T H I N G. except call the cops. and she said people use that to their advantage and will come in and literally lift RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!
the ulta is in an outlet mall with other stores like old navy and stuff and she said they all communicate very well with eachother.

& idk if this has been mentioned but when someone lifts from Ulta they take a screen cap from the surveillance and hang it up in their break room / office. She alllllssssoooo mentioned that LP only comes ONCE a month. and sometimes they’re also reps for stuff like the Pureology and shit.

She also mentioned racial profiling is very real but that’s obvious with everything amirite?

SO, key points mentioned:

- Ulta cannot and will not apprehend you so if they do it’s technically “illegal.”
- If you point RFID tags a certain way (idk which way) you can conceal in the bathroom.
- Won’t necessarily CS you if you appear to be browsing, only if you’re dressed bummy and “look suspicious” before the act of concealing
- Will WATCH when suspicious.
- Hang pictures of lifters in office / break room

Alright y'all there was more but sadly I can’t remember because I’ve been drinking with bae.
Also I lifted three NYX Liquid Suedes, three NYX lip liners & a UD Moondust shadow. I’ll take pics later 😘

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I have the Biggest Crush on a guy in my volleyball team but I'm scared to tell him bc idk how it's affect the team? Everyone's great but just playing a sport makes everyone assume you're straight? He's really calm and sweet I'm sure he'd let me down gently (idek if he likes boys?? No one knows I do?? He never talks about anything like that??) sometimes I think we're all good but he makes jokes about me "dating" my friend (a girl) and idk how to tell him, hey man, funny story, I like you?

Awwww omfg that’s really gotta hurt ahhhhhhhh. Do you wanna dm me about it or? Cus tbh that’s rough

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Hi I love your art work!! Do you have any tips on how to draw the crotch area? Sorry, if that's kinda weird, I just never know what to do when I get to that part. Also your dancer!batboys headcanon is so great I love it, srsly like I think you fit the boys really well and I'm always a sucker for dancer!aus.

TEARS GUSH OUT OF EYES AAHH THANK YOU SWEET ANON!!!!!!!  I ADORE DANCER AUS TOO EHEHE I’ll definitely be drawing more in the future!! AND OMG NO pls don’t apologize ahh I’m so flattered that you asked from art tips from me in the first place!! idk how qualified I am to help cus I’m definitely no anatomy expert (and mostly draw ken doll crotches) but I’LL DO MY BEST //FINGER GUNS

  • Establish the direction you want your legs to go! Might be jumping the gun a bit here, but I find it’s important to decide what your legs are gonna be doing because legs are connected to the hips, which give you a better idea of how to connect to the torso and expect how much tush you’re gonna see from whichever angle.
  • Imagine your subject is wearing a (really high hipped) leotard, or bikini bottom LMAOOO for me, it helps connect the legs to the torso, and you have a better visual on where your hips are gonna be! Which brings me to…

  • Locate your hips/hip bones! This helps a ton when you flesh out the legs. It might help to highlight or draw a box for it, just to establish some space for yourself to remember not to put the badonkadonk too high.
  • Extra tip; the booty!! Keep in mind that cushiony goodness if your character is sitting down, it’s gonna….spread(?) like….a cat murder pancake(???). But ofc not too much because butts aren’t made of furry gelatin like cats are.

ACK SORRY LAUGHS NERVOUSLY I don’t know how much that helped but I hope it at least gave you a different perspective to work with!! (Pls take these tips with a grain of salt I’m definitely not an anatomy expert COUGHS BLOOD)

If you have any more questions or want me to elaborate on a point feel free to shoot me another ask ^Q^ Good luck with them crotches my dear!!!

Much Needed Help Pt.2

Josh Dun Imagine

Part One: link

Word Count: 2,815

Warnings: None, kinda sappy though.

I got a lot of requests, so this is like two nights straight of work. Surprise! It’s a bit longer this time around.

Josh ran his hand through his hair and let out a groan he had held in all night. He didn’t want to deal with this tonight, but Tyler just loved to force him to confront issues Josh just wanted to bury deep and let decompose. Then again, another part of him was thankful for his friend. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that Josh had to ask someone out tomorrow. Someone he really didn’t want to ask out.

It wasn’t as if he didn’t love her. He did, well, he thought he did. Wait, love? Did he just think that? 

Josh rolled his eyes, looking up at the starry sky above. It’d been a few minutes since he and Tyler departed ways for the night. He made sure to take his time getting back to the bus.

Soft footsteps on gravel bounced off the walls, once again letting him know he was possibly the only one awake by now. The sky was clear tonight, at least. That’s always comforting. It reminded him of the few times he and (Y/n) were alone, stargazing on top of his tour bus at three in the morning. They had pointed out constellations and made up their own along the way.

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Because Avatar is amazing and everyone knows it. Alternative universe! Yey. (I honestly placed the water marks cus those places looked empty x,D)

So, Deadpool is a fire bender provably known as … i dont know deadragonpool or something because he is insane and we all know about it. The fire choose for him is all because of how unstable and dangerous he is at the same time that he is very sweet and warm.

Murdock is NOT a copy of Thoph (I Didnt even thought of her until I show the other mods and they were like, oh like Toph. and I was like Dang it you are so right!) but because of the strong sense of right and wrong of him makes him kind of a strict and rock like person xD but then I thought in Toph and how she can “see” and everything fitted perfect.

And Spidey was almost a water bender (that some how remember me to science? I dont know I must be insane) but thinking in how light and free he is of spirit air bending made much more sense : D

so here is my entry tomorrow I wont have I put too much effort in this one I have no time for the other ;w;

Mod: Drako

eyyy to celebrate fear 2X01 here’s a hsau!lexark drabble b/c everyone would’ve rathered fuckboy jack be elyza. also i really like sickfluff, sorry guys i’m a sucker for cutesy tropes. this was much longer than i intended

summary: alicia pays even less attention in class b/c she would rather send sappy texts to her gf. they’re kind of domestic for teenagers in modern america.

Smitten didn’t begin to describe what Alicia felt.

Smitten seemed so general of a term. Maybe whipped? Nah, that wasn’t it either. Though she was, not that she’d admit it. Whatever, so was Elyza. It was a mutually whipped relationship.

What would you call a person whose day just felt wrong because their girlfriend wasn’t at school?

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idk if this is really a blurb requests but what names do you think 4/4 would call their girlfriends? x (like babe, baby etc)

hmm okay so with michael i think he’d just use pretty generic ones like babe a lot, ashton would be the same but in the moment he’d definitely through a princess in there, calum would probably use rlly sweet ones like love and darling, and luke oh god he’d be so into calling his girl honey and baby :-(

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Nah vagina is supposed to taste like vagina not sweet or fruity if her man cared about her he wouldn't tell her to do shit so that he's more comfortable with eating pussy. Grown men don't complain about the taste of vaginas cus they know what they're supposed to taste like smh I actually thought u were down for min

Nah grown men don’t subject themselves to bullshit. That’s little boys who stomach it because they just want to fuck but isn’t enjoying it .. Vagina is suppose to taste like vagina ? And what exactly taste is that ? How you feel when a Nigha balls is hot and sweaty or cum taste gross .. Does that not ruin the experience for you … You are what you eat .. If you eat right vagina should have no taste ! Or occasionally sweet depending on again what you eat … My cum taste sweet so girls always swallow .. Id look at myself crazy if a girl spat my cum out because it taste gross.
That’s the problem there’s women that don’t even know their own bodies … Vagina is suppose to taste like vagina lol .. Shut up you don’t even know your body

The world cup is making me realize that their are a lot of hot soccer players and my favorite right now is Mario Gotze.

External image

I mean his face IS BRILLIANT

External image

External image

I cant hel but adore his feet as he plays is thast wrong? NO

External image


External image


External image

even staring at a ball he looks flawless. 

External image

even when hes serious. 


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