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she gets a new crew don’t worry

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(( Yo~ If you're making a pan club you can sure as hell count me in! -( Wolf Mun

(( heck yes. Pan club is kickin down your door and stealing yo fry pans cus we need a bigger fort. Panromantics and Pansexuals alike, come join us in Pan Club. ))

Today was v nice
So our core class is for 3 periods, so we can just talk during the pass time.
And everyone usually crowds around my desk cus I have a lot of aquatints in my class, and other people who sit next to me who have friends. And this girl pointed out that they always crowd around me, and one guy(we don’t talk much, but we’re buds) said “that’s cus Natalie makes us happy.” And I almost starting crying I felt so happy, I hugged him so much. He knows I’m in a bad place mentally and I think he saw my scars cus I was wearing a short sleeve shirt but
Today was good


The things I can’t change are the reasons you love me.


highlights of the gov ball show
  • julian sounded awesome and didn’t forget any of the words. he even threw in some dance moves and was roaming around the stage. also he talked a lot
  • nick and albert had a guitar duel, chased each other around the stage and swapped places for a song 
  • nikolai was so cute about responding to fans and he came down onto the amplifiers in front of the stage at one point. he also did these little dances while playing
  • nick nailed all of the solos and he was headbanging like crazy: his hair was everywhere and he was swaying around to the beat 
  • albert’s guitar cord broke so a technician came onstage to fix it, and julian joked about albert having an onstage tailor
  • they did an encore and julian was like “normally we wouldn’t, but last time they booed us cus we weren’t going to do one” 
  • all of them looked really hot. photos don’t do them justice omg

when the Dementor turned the sign, it was written “FREE HUGS & KISSES” but we didn’t take a pic cus he beckoned us and we ran away omg