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How would you describe the romanced companions using love songs?

This was fun to write and shit, though I probably shouldn’t have spent more time than needed soo here ya are, my dear anon

“Kesha - Your Love Is My Drug”
“Papa Roach - No Matter What”

“Vance Joy - Georgia”

“Lady Antebellum - Just A Kiss”

“Mindy Gledhill - I Do Adore”

“Frank Sinatra - It Had To Be You”

“Christina Perri - A Thousand Years”

“The Zombies - The Way I Feel Inside”

“Ed Sheeran - Friends”
“Bruno Mars - Count On Me”

“Girls’ Generation - Gee”

“Hozier - Someone New”

“Frank Sinatra - As Time Goes By”

I’m shooting Curie today! So excited to have a better shirt. I have such a wonderful crew helping me today, I’m so excited ❤️ 💉

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Male Companions react to realizing they’re not as straight as they thought thanks to Sole - part I

A/N: 1) I REALLY like this ask. So thank you! 2) woah this is a good way for me to find out just how long my hiatus has been lasting, damn. Anyway, better late than never? 3) I get overenthusiastic and write too long texts… I’m working on it. Anyway, it’s the reason why I decided to post this in parts, 2/4 companions a day if I can get that done. - next up deacon and nick-  4) obviously I’m also writing one for the girls 5) when they’re all up I’ll make an overview with links.

Here ya go  VenusLena:

As soon as he realised he was attracted to anyone at all, he figured this came with the body. Nothing to worry about, at all. Except… why did it have to be Sole who suddenly had gone from his master to look after to someone who distracted him from medial tasks? This could hardly be considered a desirable outcome. Was it innapropriate? Surely, it had to be. For a fraction of a second he decided to ignore it but then he got distracted again by Sole’s arms, and that smile, and he decided to strike up a conversation, perhaps gain some information on what to do about this. “Sir, could I… pehaps have a word with you?” “Sure, Codsworth, what’s up?” Codsworth smiled, caught off guard for a moment. He noticed his body temperature seemed to go up, especially in his cheeks. Peculiar.
“ May I bother you with some questions about… some new feelings I am experiencing?” 
Sole raised an eyebrow. “Such as?” 
Codsworth had originally presumed a small system malfunction when it would take him this long to word a sentence coherently as a robot. 
“ Feelings such as eh… distraction and eh… Romantic… feelings?” Sole grinned. “ Look at that, in love, huh?” 
“ What can I… do to resolve such feelings? To stop it?” Sole shrugged. “In my experience you can’t do much about it.  You hope it goes away or you speak to the person you’re interested in. Have you tried that yet?” 
“ Y… yes? Not really but I’m eh…” he scraped his throat. 
“ Any word on who the lucky person is? Is it Curie? I figured perhaps with the background as synths…” Codsworth only just noticed that yes, it was statistically more likely he would be interested in someone who he could procreate with. Did this decrease his chances with Sole?
“ Eh… Curie is a lovely girl but I merely consider her a very good friend, sir. My interests are in someone altogether different. Say, a man.” 
“ Lucky man.” Sole smiled. That’s when Codsworth decided to just go for it. “You are aware I value your opinion highly, Sir, could I ehm hypothetically get your… interest?”
Sole’s eyes widened. “ Codsworth, are you saying that…?” And that was when he chickened out. If human bodies could have such a thing as an alert to retreat, he surely would have it going off this instant. 
“ Oh, no it’s just a nice, intimate chat between friends. I’m glad you got it off your chest Sole.” Sole had a massive grin on his face, looking at Codsworth , rushing away as fast as he could. “TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION, YOU HYPOTHETICALLY COULD!”  


Danse had never really had all that much time for romantic feelings, in a lot of ways joining the Brotherhood meant marrying it. He was dedicated to his goals there, to protecting those under his command.  Falling in love would be an unwelcome and even dangerous distraction from his duties. But his bond with Sole had been growing, and the more time they spent together, the less he could see him as another ‘brother’. He was starting to notice… things. That he sometimes zoned out and thought of him when he wasn’t around, that he caught himself involuntarily looking at Sole’s lips when he was speaking, that he even had some less than platonic dreams. It had happened without him even really being aware of it and now… now he wasn’t sure what to do with it. He couldn’t deny that he had a different kind of feelings for him than just friendship. And that was a first for a man. He had been infatuated with a girl before, but this seemed more serious. Less of a crush, more of… he shook off the thought. This was alltogether new. He had no clue on how to deal with this, no previous experience to speak of. He decided to keep it quiet for the time being; Sole had more important responsibilities. It would be selfish to take him away from those. He bottled it up for a long time, until the point he lost everything he once believed in, and Sole was still there. Still telling him he was worthy of his place in this world, still maintaining an unwavering trust in him. Danse felt like it was too late, that he  no longer had anything to offer him but a shadow of a man. Yet the moment he realised that he couldn’t just ignore his feelings was the moment Sole stood up to Maxson for him. He never saw anyone do such a thing before… show such strength and bravery… let alone do it for him. Every supressed thought came cascading onto him again. Still… he didn’t want to act on it. He didn’t feel like he deserved Sole, considering what he was, how little he had left to offer. Not until Sole managed to get himself literally blown away from the enemy. He rushed to his side relieved to see he was okay. “ If I lost you, I don’t know what I’d do.”  “Damn Danse, the way you’re saying that sounds like more than just friendship.”
” I… perhaps we need to talk.” Sole just looked at him, prompting him to carry on. ‘Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re… interested…. so am I.”
“ Are you saying you’re…in love with me? “
Danse sighed. “ I am, I’ve never felt closer to anyone before but I don’t even know what the hell this means. Nor how this… works. I mean I have an idea but.. “ Danse got flustered at the idea. “I’d be honoured to be the man by your side. “

(masterpost) Male Companions react to realizing they’re not as straight as they thought thanks to Sole

All male companions’ reactions below the Read more! No nsfw, just put it under a read more because these reactions got LONG. So I did it not to clog up people’s dashes, essentially. They can also be found per 2, in a seperate post which you can get to by clicking the name after ‘includes:’.
Includes: Codsworth, Danse, Deacon, Nick, Hancock, MacCready, Maxson, Gage, Preston garvey, Sturges and X6.

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Fallout4 Romantic Partners Guide

Hancock - ghoul boyfriend AKA flirty druggie with heart eyes
Paladin Danse - tincan boyfriend AKA asshole with a heart of gold
Maccready - sarcastic boyfriend AKA funny af merc who is scared of aliens bless his spirit
Preston - lawful good boyfriend AKA is a total square but a precious square the world doesnt deserve him
Cait - kickass girlfriend AKA looks scary because she is scary also irish????
Piper - cinnamon roll girlfriend AKA everyones manic pixie dream girl
Curie - frenchbot girlfriend AKA she is literally the sweetest most precious soul protect her at all costs
Valentine - no ones boyfriend AKA the Tumblr thirst is so real