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Harry in leather on stage? Those loooong, lean legs and perky, tiny butt in tight leather, as he jumps up and down giving us glimpses of his laurels, while his curls bounce? Uuuuggghhhh!!! You truly want me dead!

Honey don’t get me started! On stage yes of course, being the perfect entertainer as always, but not only that; He could walk around in broad daylight in leather and just be his best ‘fuck all I do what I want’-self. 

And it would be glorious.

Look you got me started…

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What do you feel will be the most typical reaction of Elounor shippers when/if Louis & Harry come out as a couple? I can't imagine they'll be that surprised. It seems like a wall of quiet indifference and a mass ending of specific blogs may ensue.

There will be grieving. They are not stupid people; on some level they know something is going on. That is why at Takmehomefromnarnia we are preparing so support our Little Sisters as they navigate their feelings through what will be, for some, a difficult transition time. A big pat of that will be the reaction of Larry shippers.

Yes, celebrate and enjoy love! But there is no need to be mean about it. NO one “won” anything. We must be gracious, caring, and loving to our little sisters when they will need us the most.

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1. For the anon mom 1d fan with a jealous daughter. I "found" 1d in my family, but my teen daughter fell in love with them. They are hers. We listen to their music together, and I teasingly tell her Louis is mine (she's a Harry girl). But . . .

2. She knows nothing about my blog, or that I read fanfics, etc. I would have died if my mom had been all into the Police when I was. I just get to be the cool mom that takes her to the concerts, and everyone’s happy!


I guess I’m lucky that Sammy never cared that I was a massive fan or had this blog. She’s actually pretty proud of my blog and tells her friends how many followers I have lol. But yeah, everyone knows that I adore Louis and Harry but if Niall had been my favorite I think there would have been issues. She is so cool with it bc I am here for L&H’s relationship and it makes it different I guess.

I think that’s great that you hold it back bc you know it’s what your daughter needs. Good job mom, that’s the way to do it. :)

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I almost wonder if the fauxmance dating pattern is repeated on purpose, at the request of Harry. Contractually he has to do it, but by repeating the pattern he tries to please everyone- his PR team by being seen "dating" high profile media generators, the masses by dating women, and Larry supporters by being so obviously fake. Though we say we're bored with this pattern, can you imagine the panic and drama that would ensue in our own little nook If they did change it up???

Drama and panic happens anyway, and it always will because people aren’t rational. Personally seeing them at least try a little would be nice.


hi lovelies its that time of the year when we are all appreciating other peoples blog and the type of friends we have on here so i thought why not do that this year :) i have made so many friends and made so many memories climbing up one directions ass once again. thank you all for a wonderful 2014 and lets have another great year in 2015 !!

*first off i wanna say thanks to fakeasspayne for this amazing ff edit ( and for being a great blog )  cause i cant do stuff like that so yay thanks babe !

*so i don’t like doing the whole bold thing cause i don’t like people to feel bad but these people need to bold cause they are the squad and i love you guys to the end of time and im honored to call you my friends  ! italicize means you are amazing and ily more than you think :)( i love you even if you aren’t )



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What a year.

What an amazing, stressful, hilarious, wonderful year it has been with you guys. 

I’ve learned a lot in a year. I’ve learned that nothing is a coincidence until it is. Modest is ruthless. Being biased will get you nowhere - my eyes have opened for endless possibilities. I’ve also learned how to be more confident with my opinion, and that it is more than okay too disagree with something. I’ve learned that you don’t have to follow a certain narrative just because it’s all you get or all you see. I’ve learned so much that I cannot fit it in one single post. 

No seriously, I think we all could like major in PR/marketing/Business management and freaking Psychology after all the shit we’ve witnessed in the fandom.  

I just want to thank you guys for teaching me, for the support, for everything. 

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That’s Beautiful, Harry.

I was tagged by crumblinghouseofcards to post some favorite photos of Harry. Starting with the top:  The day Harry carried 80 cups of coffee at the same time, he was looking very dashing.  The next two are two of my fav pics of Harry w/ his boyfriend.  Balcony shots hurt me and the way they smiled at one another in the next one…PAINFUL.  The next two are all about his lovely locks…from early days of long hair, don’t care to glorious braids….I agree with Louis:  Harry is always wonderful. The next two are from my show in Philly last year.  The first one…his smile is so beautiful and the second one I took and am just very proud of it, okay?  Next up: leather pants.  I died.  And last: I don’t even know.  It was in my fav folder and I just think he’s stunning.

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This is my first follow forever, I really just wanted to thank you all for making tumblr fun, and for making my dash great :) I’m really sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone, it’s really hard to remember everyones holiday urls.. Anyway, I love you all!! :)

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