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You have said good luck getting Liam to agree to either Danielle again or a new beard. But would he really have to "agree" to it? Can't mgmt. or whoever just require it? I know Liam could make it impossible to look believable, but enough people seem to buy it to either make him do it again, or just turn him into another manwhore.

Yes you are right. I was referring exactly to this tho, Liam fucking it up. Sophiam used to be more heavy in the beginning, they would go to malls and public places all the time, but it ended up being just for the general public, with red carpet appearances and stuff. Methinks Liam wasn’t cooperative enough, so this happened.

And he was even worse with Payzer 2.0, so while they can definitely make him get a gazillion beards and a beard zoo on top of that, not taking the factor…Liam into consideration would be bad business.

They can make him delete his twitter, delete his instagram, cut his hair, attend events, they can make him do a lot of things. But the questions is, which things can they actually make him do without him mucking them up?

People do buy Sophiam, and they bought Payzer, but it’s the people that don’t pay enough attention. If Liam becomes so obvious that more and more people will pay attention to him and his weird relationships, then what’s the use of them making him have ANY beard? Lots of ppl found Payzer 2.0 fishy anyway. Not necessarily fake or a cover up for Ziam, but they could see Liam was not happy with her, he made that painfully obvious. And he definitely becomes MORE obvious when they push him, that boy wears his heart on his sleeve.

Sophiam may be on life support but it works well enough, does the job they want it to do for the general public. For them to end it, or consider ending it, it means something’s going on with Liam personally. He’s got them scared, or worried, or they are trying to soothe his nerves, who knows. But why on Earth would Liam agree to end Sophiam for Payzer 3.0, or just to have to get a NEW beard in a bit, for that matter? Sure, Sophiam ain’t pleasant for him but next to Payzer it’s awesome! I don’t think Liam would knowingly choose to get his ex back as a beard for the SECOND time, over keeping a girl with whom bearding is a walk in the park, comparably. So whatever’s going on rn, it’s unplanned and it’s prompted by Liam’s behaviour [maybe those weird tweets and his crying during Y&I], and if they get Payzer back it will probably be a vague social media business, with us hanging on every word they all tweet and trying to decipher it, when it’s just another day in work for a few bored interns.

They can require whatever they want, but would that be smart of them? I think they’ve known it for a long time that it’s not smart to push Liam, and there are all sorts of power balance wars going on behind the scenes.

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What do you feel will be the most typical reaction of Elounor shippers when/if Louis & Harry come out as a couple? I can't imagine they'll be that surprised. It seems like a wall of quiet indifference and a mass ending of specific blogs may ensue.

There will be grieving. They are not stupid people; on some level they know something is going on. That is why at Takmehomefromnarnia we are preparing so support our Little Sisters as they navigate their feelings through what will be, for some, a difficult transition time. A big pat of that will be the reaction of Larry shippers.

Yes, celebrate and enjoy love! But there is no need to be mean about it. NO one “won” anything. We must be gracious, caring, and loving to our little sisters when they will need us the most.

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1. For the anon mom 1d fan with a jealous daughter. I "found" 1d in my family, but my teen daughter fell in love with them. They are hers. We listen to their music together, and I teasingly tell her Louis is mine (she's a Harry girl). But . . .

2. She knows nothing about my blog, or that I read fanfics, etc. I would have died if my mom had been all into the Police when I was. I just get to be the cool mom that takes her to the concerts, and everyone’s happy!


I guess I’m lucky that Sammy never cared that I was a massive fan or had this blog. She’s actually pretty proud of my blog and tells her friends how many followers I have lol. But yeah, everyone knows that I adore Louis and Harry but if Niall had been my favorite I think there would have been issues. She is so cool with it bc I am here for L&H’s relationship and it makes it different I guess.

I think that’s great that you hold it back bc you know it’s what your daughter needs. Good job mom, that’s the way to do it. :)

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I almost wonder if the fauxmance dating pattern is repeated on purpose, at the request of Harry. Contractually he has to do it, but by repeating the pattern he tries to please everyone- his PR team by being seen "dating" high profile media generators, the masses by dating women, and Larry supporters by being so obviously fake. Though we say we're bored with this pattern, can you imagine the panic and drama that would ensue in our own little nook If they did change it up???

Drama and panic happens anyway, and it always will because people aren’t rational. Personally seeing them at least try a little would be nice.