Plus-Size Model Magazine Fights ‘Body Shaming’

Fitness Tip for the Curvy Plus Size Beauty

What ever weight you may be, exercising is a good habit to have. We know it’s easier said than done because when you are over weight and out of shape all your joints are aching, your back hurts and your bust bounces around which can be embarrassing and painful.   

A good solution for the more Voluptuous of you curvy girls is to just “STOP JUMPING.” Which makes a lot of sense.

I read in an article by Jacqueline Stenson on MSNBC.COM mentioned:

Even though you’ve got achy joints, you still can exercise safely…You just need to choose activities that don’t further aggravate the sore spots…

So focus on gentler activities such as walking, swimming, cycling or low-impact aerobics, advises Bliss, and be sure to get your doctor’s clearance before starting.

Ladies if you just change your style of working out it won’t be as bad as you feel it is and quit. Now don’t get us wrong, exercising HAS TO BE WORK, hence the word “WORKING"out. But, we really feel it needs to be incorporated in your everyday life. You are a beautiful plus size woman but there is no excuse to be unhealthy.

 There are plenty of healthy plus size women out there that we put on this blog everyday, OF ALL SIZES. Be proud of your curves and your fullfiguredness but show your body you love it by keeping it out of the zone of sickness and depression. Make smart choices and you will love yourself all the more. HAPPY MIND, HAPPY BODY, HAPPY LIFE. You are the present day beauty. Don’t hate what you have, embrace it and treat it well. Everything else will fall into place.





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