curvy swims


So I am really loving how this look came together. I am standing on Hawaii’s black sand beach for the first time in my life. It was a total bucket list moment.

Top: Old Navy Plus
Bottom: Lane Bryant
Coverup: Maddox, LR
Sunnies: Poppy Apparel
Sandals: Altar’d State


Still too shy to go to the #beach? @asia_penelope shows you how to do it: ‘How to get #BikiniBody ready? Put on a #bikini! 👙🙆’
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Anon asked: Nikki-senpai! Could you possibly do a possessive Makoto, where at a swim meat his girl (curvy, also in swim team possibly?) gets hit on, And then Makoto shows up after finishing his race, threatens the opposers, and then takes his girl to the restrooms and leaves marks all over her???  

Of course I can sweet anon!~ I love me some possessive Makoto for sure!!~

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There was a fire in Makoto’s eyes that many people have never seen before and quite frankly, it frightened those who dared to take a look. Said man was getting ready for his race and he was determined to finish it fast. Gritting his teeth, he took his position and jumped when the whistle went off.

He tuned out the cheers that erupted from the stands and just focused on finishing this race and getting back to you as soon as possible. You were in a race today too, but that wasn’t the reason he wanted to hurry because he knew you’d win for sure. He believed in you so much.

No, it was that boy. 

the one ogling you in your swimsuit and telling you dirty comments, but before Makoto could respond, his team pulled him away so he wouldn’t be late for his race. Seeing that victory was in his reach, he touched the wall, signaling his victory as the cheers became deafening, the race times being displayed on the board for all to see.

He didn’t care about those though. He needed to get to you and so, he did. Rushing as fast as he could, he made it to the pool where you were racing and a small smile graced his face as he saw your name and race time on the board in first place like he predicted it would be.

Though his smile faded when he say that leech hovering over you near the entrance to the locker rooms. Marching his way to you who looked very uncomfortable about the whole situation, he was determined to show that boy who you belonged to.

“Come on, I know you don’t have a boyfriend so stop lying. How about we go into the locker rooms and have some fun?” Shifting your weight to your other foot, you didn’t know how to respond. You just wanted out of this situation right now.

“How about you leave her the hell alone and leave right now.” Hope shined in your eyes as you recognized that voice. An arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you in close to a warm body. This was Makotos embrace and you were so grateful.

“And you are?” you heard a growl from Makoto’s chest. “I’m her boyfriend and if you don’t leave right now, I’ll be the last person you see.” He had such a malice to his voice that you have never heard before.

The guy scurried away after a few tense moments as you let out a breath of air and leaned your head against your boyfriends chest. “Are you okay (Y/N)?” He placed a soft kiss on the top of your head as you nodded against his warm skin.

“Good.” With that said, he gently ushered you into the locker rooms which were silent and empty much to Makoto’s delight. When both of you were safely in, he pushed you against a wall gently, his lips on your neck instantly. Soft bites and teeth dragging down the soft slope of your neck elicited a moan of delight from your lips.

His hot breath his your neck. “You’re mine…all mine.” His hands gripped your plush, curved hips, pinning you to the wall as his assault on your neck continued. You knew he was being a bit possessive and that was fine with you because at the end of the day, all the marks he left just reminded everyone just who exactly was yours.