curvy swims


Throwback to just a few months ago, in the warm San Diego sun☀️ As I’m trying to find some new swimsuits for this new year, I’m reminded of all the people over the past few years that have told me how I’ve inspired them to wear their first swimsuit or bikini. Honestly that’s one of the best compliments you can give me! If I’ve inspired someone to enjoy life a little more, to not be afraid of a camera, to embrace the feel of the sun shining on their exposed skin, then it’s worth it all.
So here’s to finding some hot new swimsuits and making some waves 🌊💙


Being fat in a swimsuit is a political statement as long as it’s seen as “brave” or “courageous” to wear one. I know ppl mean well when they tell me “I wish I could be that confident”, but really it’s just reaffirming the societal notion that fat bodies are not supposed to visible or shown off 👙 We all deserve to feel confident wearing what we feel comfortable in 💗


My hair and make up from my shoot the other day was so good, I couldn’t help but take a couple pictures before I washed it all away in the pool. Swimsuit is from Robyn Lawley’s line.

ATTENTION: hey everyone 👋🏿 I hope you're having a beautiful and blessed day 🙏🏿 My wife and I are starting a new bathing suit line based around thicker girls and more curvy girls!... don't worry we have bathing suits for everyone else too. But our will just fit thicker body types well and only tight in all the right places 😛 We are now looking for a designer and a few women who would be interested in modeling our stuff ! If you're interested please message me!

Spread the word 🙌🏿Thanks !! love you all!

-Queen J 👸🏿