curvy people

Fat people deserve body positivity

Thin people deserve body positivity

Curvy people deserve body positivity

Thick people deserve body positivity

Petite people deserve body positivity

Fit people deserve body positivity

Disabled people deserve body positivity

Mentally ill people deserve body positivity

PoC deserve body positivity

Queer people deserve body positivity

Trans people deserve body positivity

Non-binary people deserve body positivity

Do you have a body? Congratulations, you deserve body positivity!

if your body positivity only includes curvy chubby people and not actual fat people with no curves, double chins, no asses, big tummies, big thighs, soft upper arms, or basically anything that isnt really considered “sexy” then i dont understand your motive.


A few of my Sunkissed selfies for today ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😋☺️☺️😋😋☺️

anonymous asked:

Since ur watching the peri redemption arc, do u know which episode has that one scene where peridot's hips are drawn like,, extra thicc?? Bc that was like, the moment I realized how gay I was 4 her.

Message Received! You can thank Paul Villeco for that, he’s the storyboarder that draws Peridot extra curvy ;)

Drawing Tips

- elbows are usually somewhere near the bottom of the ribcage

 - when the arms are straight down to the sides, the hands end somewhere between the knees and the crotch area

 - hips aren’t always as wide as the shoulders. Apple-Shapes have hips smaller than their shoulders. Curvy people usually have the hips being the same width as their shoulders, and Pear-shape has shoulders smaller than their hips

- Speaking of Apple Shapes, hardly anyone draws those. Practice drawing Apple shapes (chubby apples, thin apples, fit apples, apples with small breasts, etc) because once you grasp how all bone structures work then drawing gets much easier.

 - You don’t have to draw every day, but please try to do it as much as you comfortably can

 - I’m serious, drawing everyday can turn people away from drawing out of frustration (I stopped drawing for a year once because trying to draw everyday frustrated me so much)

 - Drawing from a reference DOES NOT mean tracing - tracing art is only okay as long as you don’t post it anywhere / claim it as your own AND ONLY use it to help grasp how to draw a certain part

 - (or if you want to trace over your own art)

 - Always draw a quick & light rough draft before doing the real stuff over top

 - Am serious, look

- it’s okay to not give it your all 100% (or even 65%) of the time