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Robstar cute cuddle moments? (':

It’s RobStar Week and I’m trying to kill time at work.
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He liked the feeling of her hair against his bare chest. It was warm and soft, like silk ribbons that curled and spun over his skin, feathering little secrets into his soul - little things that that spoke of their love for each other. It was moments like these when the world seemed to fade away until there was nothing left but the two of them, resting curled into each other’s arms at the end of the sofa. 

Robin ran his fingers through the edges of her hair, pressing little kisses to the top of her head, listening to her hum a strange, almost ethereal tune under her breath. Starfire was flipping through a photo book, looking at famous photos of national parks and dog-earing the pages of the places she wanted to visit. It was a list of things for them to do this summer, a list he gladly agreed to. 

“Do you want to go here?” He touched a photo of Glacier National Park with a soft smile. “I visited once with my family and it was beautiful.”

She turned a little, looked up into his eyes with a soft smile. “So, it is important to you?”

He nodded and pressed another kiss to her forehead. “It’s a place I made memories… maybe we can make some memories of our own?”

She pulled out the list of things she wanted to do from between the pages of the book and continued to hum her little, happy tune. With a bit of a flourish she wrote at the top in her curvy, elegant writing “Glacier National Park - to make memories of our own.”

Robin smiled and pulled her even tighter against him, unable to fight the bright smile that spread across his lips.