curvy love

From this moment forward I am embracing the fact that I have a curvy figure, instead of hating it. I wont hide my butt, thighs, and hips because of their size, I will flaunt them. No more wishing that I was smaller. No more wishing I had a different body then the one I have. I am a goddess, and I am going to treat myself like one.

anonymous asked:

You got any writings with Chris dating a cruvy or plus sized girl?

We certainly do!

The Way You Are



I want to pay for MY plane ticket

These are the ones that popped into my head, we may have a few more hidden around here.


Don’t forget Dana’s fanfic, Exploration!  (WARNING: SPICY!)

i read something a couple of days ago, i cant remember where but i really liked it, it was something like “if a size 2 is considered beautiful, then a size 22 is AMAZING" 

all of gods creations are beautiful, i dont care if you’re as thin as a toothpick, or just really thick.

just learn to love yourself, and do whatever makes you happy!