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Dru can you tell ppl that you are not fat you are curvy 'cause ppl are saying you are fat and I think they don't understand that being fat is gross😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Being fat doesn’t mean being gross…. what’s gross is thinking that fat is a synonym for ugly. Like every Shadowhunter, I work out hard and willingly, but my body is my body, and I am built the way I am built. 

Being fat does NOT mean being unhealthy. There are a ridiculous amount of people who are very skinny, and do not get the same hate a fat person gets because society associates obesity as unhealthy, whereas being skinny is assumed beautiful. 

So, yes, I am curvy. But I’m fat, too. And there’s no shame in that word.



SPN Fanfic

-Y/N tries not to lose herself in her growing feelings for a certain Winchester-

(Eventual) Sam x Reader

1,529 Words

Warnings: Some (brief) insecurity/self-hate, Sammy feels (because that should def be a warning), sexual tension *over dramatically wiggles eyebrows at you*

A/N: This is part 7 to Poisonous Soul aka pretty much the only thing I’ve been writing lately (sorry for those who aren’t interested in it.) This part is kinda of just a short little thing that is gonna lead up to our next part (which is gonna be longer, sorry not sorry) but I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for their kind words and reactions to my past fics. I feel like no matter what I say, y’all will never understand just how much you mean to me (it’s a lot btw.) Just know that you guys are my family and I love you so much!! As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

*I do not own any supernatural characters and/or gifs that I may use!

I dream of black eyes and blood soaked cement.

Instead of a stranger, though, the demon has EmmaLee by her hair and is holding a knife to her throat.

“Where are the Winchesters, Y/N?” She asks, pressing the blade into Emmy’s skin, “Better hurry; I’m not very patient.”

I try to scream, but it’s as if there’s something lodged in my throat and I can’t make a sound.

“You sure you don’t want to give me an answer?” Her lips curl into a smile, as she breaks skin; scarlet liquid drips down Emmy’s throat, leading a trail down her neck to her collar bone.

I fight the chains and try to beg the demon to stop; to take me instead, but I’m too weak and still no sound comes out.

The demon shrugs with a smirk, “Okay, have it your way then.”

With a quick flick of her wrist, the blade slices through EmmaLee’s throat. Blood pours from the wound and onto the concrete floor, her blue eyes staring lifelessly back at me.


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#UnconventionalBlackBeauty I’m not"thick"in the right places my hair is nappy, I’m dark and my booty doesn’t poke like Kim Ks, my boobs aren’t perky, I have stretch marks and I like weird music and weird hairstyles, piercings and art but I’m me and my black is beautiful and this body and skin aren’t an apology😍

Can I just say, we need more body headcanons in the Matsu fandom. It’s actually kinda inspirational if you think about it:

Osomatsu with the extra chub makes me feel comfortable about my stomach, a little extra fat never hurt anyone.

Karamatsu with the thicc thighs makes me feel okay with my thighs, bigger thighs are just as beautiful as normal thighs. ( There is another headcanon where Kara supposedly has a more muscular figure but I just really like this one more ^^)

Choromatsu’s lanky body makes me realise how everyone has different types of body types and we should respect them for who they are and what they are. 

Ichimatsu’s solidly built body makes me feel that it’s okay to have ‘pudge’. It’s actually quite adorable more than anything ~

Jyushimatsu’s fit body makes me feel that you should be happy with your body, and keeping fit is a great thing (Even though I honestly don’t even try lmao)

Todomatsu’s feminine body makes me feel that it’s ok to have a bit more of a curve, curvy and beautiful too ~

I was very happy about writing this and I have another one to write. I, myself, am a “plus sized” girl. I’ve never been skinny and I’m finally starting to accept myself. If any of you need comfort and a positive comment about yourself, please message me. Everyone is beautiful in their own body and no one should hate yourself. I love you all and I want to be here for you all! xx

— — — — — —

“Gosh…” I mumbled, staring at myself.

It’s a routine honestly. I get out the shower, put on my undergarments, and stare. I stare at my body because I am not in love with it and I’m “plus size” if that’s what everyone calls it. I feel as if I’m not good enough for Kian (my boyfriend). I mean, his ex was so much skinnier than me and she’s so much more beautiful than me and then I’m just…fat.

To top it all off, Kian hangs with a lot of skinny girls. I’m scared that maybe he’ll get tired of having a chunkier girlfriend and he’s just not having fun. I mean, when we have sex I prefer to cover up and I don’t like him touch under the shirt because I’m so insecure of myself and I’m honestly scared that he’s getting tired of not seeing my body. It’s kinda like, does he even love my body or is he just saying that to keep me positive?

“Hey baby, where’s my- (y/n)…”

I looked through the mirror and automatically covered my body.


“We’re you studying yourself again?”

I nodded my head and looked down. Gosh, I was so embarrassed. I looked up an seen Kian looking down at me.

“You’re so beautiful, (y/n). I really don’t know why you keep judging yourself.”

I grabbed the nearest shirt and put it on my body and turned around.

“You want to know why I keep judging myself? It’s because I’m fat. You’re always hanging around all these skinny girls and when I’m around them I feel like a fucking whale! I’m afraid that you’re gonna go back to another skinny girl and I wonder why you went from Andrea to me! She’s skinny, perfect, beautiful and I’m over here looking like a damn whale! And when we have sex, I don’t show you my body because I’m so insecure about my stretch marks, huge boobs, curves, back rolls and front rolls, and I’m afraid that when I jiggle you’ll find it disgusting and all I want to be in front of you is sexy and so far, I think I haven’t achieved that one bit!”

Kian sighed. “(Y/n), I don’t care what other people think of you. I find you beautiful, astonishing, sexy, funny, curvy as fuck, very nice to cuddle too, warm asf and I love that because Andrea never was. You’re just a goddess in itself. And I don’t want a skinny girl ever when I have you. And no, I want to see your body during sex. I don’t want you to hide your wonderland from me when all I want to do is love it. If you want, I can leave kisses all down your body and say one thing that I love about you after every kiss. I’ll do anything to make you love yourself. I love you, (y/n) and please don’t forget that princess.”

I smiled. “I love you, Kian.”

“Now come cuddle me and watch Netflix with me and I’ll rub your back because I know that’s your favorite.”


I crawled into my side of the bed and waited for Kian to turn on Netflix. This boy might actually change my mind about myself.


When he brings you to the set of "Metronome" and you get jealous of the girl

 A/N: I keep writing scenarios which have not been requested :D I hope you’re not mad at me guys >.< Also I’d love to hear your feedback! Don’t hesitate do put things in the ask box, I love reading your opinion guys^^  oh also i’m sorry in advance if i have annoyed someone with the dialouges between Gray & Simon D and made someone feel uncomfortable with the jokes!

this turned out so much longer than I expected to be honest… I’m surprised with myself LOL

 The day has finally arrived. Jay kept his promise and finally took you to the set while he was shooting a music video. Wanting to keep your relationship a secret, it wasn’t the best idea for you to go around with him everywhere. However, the things has changed after he introduced you to the AOMG crew. The guys were so supportive towards you two and you were really happy because of that.

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Would you prefer to date a girl with a ugly face but hot body or a girl with a gorgeous face but a very curvy body?

If I chose a girl just based on her having a hot body or face I wouldn’t really deserve a girl at all…

ps: curvy is beautiful too. don’t forget that.