curvy for life


Last summer, I wore a two piece swim suit for the first time since I was a child. From my early teens until then, I stuck with one-piece swimsuits. I never felt confident enough in my own skin to wear a bikini. I felt like the people around did not want to see so many curves on display.

Last summer, I realized how stupid that was. Wearing a bikini is not about the people around me. It’s about ME. It’s about loving myself as is and not caring so much about what the people around me think.

This summer, I invested in a couple of bold and stylish two-piece swimsuits. I got this one @lanebryant and @dillards. (I cannot wait to share that one! Stay tuned.) I love that this bikini comes with underwire and the embroidery made it feel really special. The bottom is a true high waist, which is surprisingly hard to find.

Bikini: Lane Bryant
Sunnies: @loft
Sandals: Altar’d State
Necklace: @nordstrom