curvy blonde


Angelina: I just don’t know what to say. Ivory is such a hard working woman. She’s so smart…worked her way up from entry level to where she is now. 

Allison: That may be so professionally, but personally, her behaviour is disgusting.

Angelina: Nico, why didn’t you say anything to me sooner? 

Nico: I-

Allison interrupts: Think about it, Angelina. What could he honestly say? Most men would be flattered a beautiful curvy blonde is making passes at them. Maybe they’d keep it a secret…among other things. But as soon as it came to MY attention, I couldn’t stay quiet.

Angelina sighs: Rest assured that I’ll deal with this, Allison. Nico, I’m so sorry to you as well. You have such integrity to try and work with her when she was behaving so inappropriately, but harassment is not tolerated under any circumstances at True Corp. I’ll discreetly work out a severance package with Ivory.

Nico quietly: No need to fire her, Angelina. If you could transfer her elsewhere…at the same position, same pay scale…that would suffice. Like you said, she’s a hard worker. And I wouldn’t exactly say she harassed me. Allison is just…upset. 

Angelina sighs: Well, moving her elsewhere might be better than firing her altogether. I’ll work on a lateral transfer as soon as possible.

Nico: If you’ll please excuse me, Angelina. It was a pleasure seeing you today. 

Nico rises swiftly from the table and walks away.