Best Fashion and Beauty Websites (in no particular order)

1. Curvio

Curvio is an online database that consists of images and information on where to purchase the clothes that are featured on your favourite television shows. You can browse by episode or character and find the direct link and price to the item you have your eye on. 

For example: In episode 17 of Gossip Girl I loved Serena Van Der Woodsen’s grey scarf. On Curvio, I went into the category Gossip Girl, and selected episode 17 and scrolled down until I found her scarf. I was then provided with four different websites from which I could purchase her scarf, with a direct link, price and image.

2. The Beauty Department

I fell in love with The Beauty Department, run by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, and since then have frequently visited their websites for the latest in beauty tips. The Beauty Department consists of a variety of hair and make up tutorials and inspirations. Not only does it provide brilliant beauty advice, occasionally it also features tutorials on things as simple as breaking in a new pair of high heels or how to pack a clutch for your next formal outing. I love The Beauty Department as it features tutorials that are realistic and easy to pick up and generally do not require expensive products. 

3. Voguepedia

Voguepedia, as the name suggests, is a fashion encyclopaedia run by Vogue. It allows you to search by entering a phrase or by model, photographer, beauty, brand, editor, designer, personality or by turning points in fashion history. There is virtually nothing fashion or beauty related that you cannot find in the Voguepedia

4. I Heart Daily

Since I Heart Daily interviewed me a couple of weeks ago (click here to read the interview) and I wrote a beauty article for their website (click here to read this article). I Heart Daily has a style and beauty section that is constantly updates with the latest trends and tips.

5.  Free Beauty Tips

Free Beauty Tips is a website that consists of a variety of beauty and fashion tips. The majority of the articles on Free Beauty Tips provide recipes for homemade beauty products that are great for all skin types. The tutorials are often cheap and easy to make and very beneficial for your skin.

6. ShopStyle

Whenever I’m looking for a piece of clothing, shoes, bags or beauty products online, the best place to start is ShopStyleShopStyle is a beauty and fashion network that combines fashion and beauty products from a wide range of online stores into one. It is easy to shop and find products by searching by colour, style, designer, fabric and virtually any other key words you can think of.