I was tagged by the gorgeous (seriously look at her post 😍) @karmiquebelle to do a 6 selfies of 2k15 post and so because I’m a vain little shit (and not just terrible at math) I have included 8 seflies.

I feel like it should be entitled ~ a love affair with lipstick ~

I wanna tag @pudgebug, @chessieness, @fats, @ailurophilewithstyle, @curvily, and @fatdryad because they are some of my fav faces and I live for their selfies but I actively encourage you all to do this because it’s lovely.


I’m just livid right now.

Additionelle started carrying crop tops, and their followers are not too happy about that. So curvily and I posted photos of ourselves in crop tops, and this is the reaction I get.

Tell me, why must everything we do or even wear have to be approved by men? I don’t fucking care what these boys your with this about my 2 inches of exposed torso. Go fuck yourself.