curves with no breaks

I have always thought men wearing formal suits were too same-y and generic-looking. They just look so bland in the same formal wear. At least mix it up a bit with different fabrics, colors, and so forth. I’ve heard from (probably) straight women that formal suits show off their chest and stuff, but I just can’t see it. I love seeing women wearing suits, though. I think the curves make the suit look better, break it up with curves, plus there’s more of a sense of not conforming to their gender. Sure, she could wear a dress, but a suit also looks awesome, and I’d love to wear them myself.

Meanings of the Symbols for each Planet

The cross is the connection to earth, grounding

The curves are the connection to spirit, uplifting

The circles are the soul, the ego.

Mercury/Hermes would go up to the heavens, and down to the underworld (Pluto/Hades) in mythology. So he has the cross on the bottom to go down, ego in the center, and the curves on top to go up.

Sun is pure ego and soul

Moon is pure spirit

Venus symbol represents the ego enjoying the fruits of the earth.

Mars is the ego moving forward.

Black Moon Lilith is the darker side of your Spirit (sometimes her crescent is colored black and sometimes it is clear, I’ve seen each depending on what software/website you’re using) bringing it down to earth!

Jupiter explores the earth and seeks something higher.

Saturn is the cross with curves under it, representing how the harsh lessons of earth can break the spirit.

Uranus has the circle at the bottom, with a cross atop it, reaching out to the curves. It symbolizes lessening the ego for the greater good, reaching out to express wild, erratic, Uranian energy, revolution! As Aquarius is opposite Leo, Leo emphasizes the ego and Aquarius detaches from it.

Neptune is a cross with many curves above it, reaching up to higher realms! I draw Neptune with a circle at the very bottom, to represent sacrificing the ego for the greater good, very Piscean.

Pluto is a cross on the bottom, a bowl atop it, and the circle above the curve. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the soul transcends the harshness of earth. I don’t use the other Pluto symbol, which is the PL.

Note: This is the way I PERCEIVE IT. I am a symbolic thinker, others may view these symbols purely as short hand for each planet without reading too much into it

Astrologers’ still consider Pluto a planet! ;) I think the photo above is from a text written before Pluto was discovered. Disclaimer: I don’t own either photo.

Rainbow-Colored Dreams

Words are flowing
Rain is falling
Tenderly upon her naked skin
Water lined
Curves defined
Feeling love deep within
Breaking waves
Dreams she craves
Exposed complete and unafraid
She searches for
Enduring more
Wondering what’s been forbade

Colors flashing
Rainbow dashing
Across she rides to foreign lands
To see what more
May lay in store
Built with loving from His hands
Will she stay
Smile and play
The colors light her dreams again
Child is grown
Wonder lights her soul aflame

Light reflecting
Never ending
Watching drops through rainy sky
She searches for
Enduring more
Painting a rainbow lullaby
Where she searches
Colored perches
Falling from her gorgeous sighs
She’ll quickly find
A technicolor mind
Filling up her wondrous guise

Waltzing forward
Rain falls shoreward
Ending, soon, she embraces it
Color melting
Her wish has come in colored writ
Takes her over
Let’s it love her
Bathing her in crayola streams
Now she’s one
WIth the moon and sun
She’s found her
rainbow colored dreams.

-H. Murcia       8:03PM       3/18/2017

i find myself obsessing over how we will end. what words will you say to me? will you look me in my eyes? will you avoid my questioning gaze? maybe you’ll utter the words softly. a gentle caress to soften the coming blows. or maybe you’ll scream at me. slam doors.

it’s my guilty pleasure. to lie in bed and trace the curves of your body while fantasizing about the different ways you’ll break my heart.


Sherringham Woods - 30/05/2016 by Matthew Dartford
Via Flickr:


Skinny shaming is 💯 a thing and my family doesn’t believe me. However they do it all the time and don’t believe their comments are offensive. They think it’s just an opinion they have. 

 I’m all for having an opinion about something, like you could simply just say that you are not attracted to skinnier girls. My uncle however will say things like:

•"Is she supposed to be pretty? She has no meat on her!“ *after showing him a picture of Zendaya because I loved the dress she was wearing.

•"Black girls are supposed to be thick, that’s what makes them attractive.”

•"It’s a shame she’s so skinny, she would have been beautiful otherwise" *while watching a movie with Zoe Saldana 

 My aunt, my mom, and my sister are constantly saying things along the lines of:

 •"she is too skinny, she looks sick" 

•"she looks like she is going to break any second" 

•"men like girls with curves" *as if skinny girls can’t have curves?????

It just sucks because all the women in my family are “thick” or really “curvy”. And then there is me. I don’t know if the family genes decided to just skip me or what, but I have always had a fast metabolism and on top of that I’ve always been active. No I’m not super model skinny, but I’m definitely nowhere close to being called thick. Even my younger cousins who range from 12-16 have bigger butts and boobs then me. I don’t know what happen to me honestly. 

 I’m just getting so sick of hearing these comments. They make me feel ugly, embarrassed, make me feel as if my own family doesn’t see me as a pretty girl. This has been going in my whole life and I’m just done with it. Look at all these skinny girls above, some have curves and some girls don’t, but they are beautiful. Every body type is beautiful, if a girl is healthy LEAVE HER BODY ALONE!


Requested by Anon.

“Seriously Jer, if you don’t shut up, I am going to hurt you.” You gritted through your teeth. “I’m trying to study!”

Jeremy let out a soft sigh and pondered his thoughts. For three weeks, you’ve been nose deep in your books. Studying for your midterms.

He walked over to you, and plopped himself on top of you.

“Jeremy! Get off!” You exclaimed, trying to refrain from smiling.

“Aw come on babe, come bother me! Talk to me, take a break.” He batted his eyes.

You rolled your eyes, and pushed him off you, making him fall to the floor.

“Fine!” You surrendered. “I’ll take a break.”

His lips curved and he felt his stomach flutter. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to yours. Kissing you as if it were his last.

“I love you.” He whispered.


Send in imagine Requests!

i don’t remember what it’s like
to have self control, to not feel
my fingers strain at the thought
of touching you, of tracing my shadow
into the empty slope of your curves.
i’m forming habits i know i won’t break,
the constant need to feel your eyes on me,
reminiscing about the way
my name falls from your mouth
with such ease, and how my body
begs to do the same.

Has Juuzou's quinque been modified?

God dam that scen where Juuzou stands in the bridge was epic. It is also cool to see that he still has his old quinque, the scythe one. 

It must have gone under some repair since Kurona broke it. By looking at the picture, I think it has gone trough some modifications as well. If you look at the weapon, you can see that thee curved blade part is rather bulky. In it’s previous form, I think the blade was more thin:

Maybe by bulking up that curved/joint part, the CCG lab folks are trying to prevent it from breaking from that same part again.

Conversation between Women

How much weight can these bridges hold?

     Honey, the floors are made of iron. 

And iron doesn’t break? 

     No. We only bend. 

Like backs? 

     Like curving spine. 

But backs can break. 

     Love, blood squeezes through openings in bones and rivers in muscle. Iron
     doesn’t break and neither do we. 

Then how do we deal with pressure? 

     We can flatten our flesh to stacks paperweighted. Flesh knows how to bend.

When will I learn to bend? 

     We are born curvy, love. We spindle thread in tight coils because all we know
     is sideways.


I can smell you 
Not touch you 
That’s the rule, the deal 
But God how you fill my nostrils 
 Not sure which is stronger 
You stand there
A vision
 A dream 
My dream 
Shafts of street lights breaking through barely covered windows silhouette your curves
 They too barely covered 
You stand motionless against the cool night breeze 
I move closer 
Your smell more intense 
My body more tense 
Almost no distance now 
My toned torso
I nches from your silk
 So smooth 
Skin so smooth 
So close
 The bulge in my shorts almost 
breaking the no touching rule 
I lean in
Tilt my head
 Your smooth red hair skims my lips 
I whisper 
Breathlessly into your ear
 Wanna break the rule?


I wake and die with rage-drained eye // and break the curve of history’s spine // (again) a death on bathroom tile, (again) a death in commuting miles // die for the weight of Monday, its reckless speed, its mourning of squandered Sunday // in intermittent flash of strobing streetlight bulb, I dream of the kind of kindness of an extra hour in bed, an unalarmed ignition, some purpose beyond electronic exclamation and an idle thumb scrolling past what I failed to become // (still, congratulations on that promotion!) // be the first to like this, this constant unending of you, this boring beating of yourself to the prize, this ceaseless crumbling of worthwhile feeling // I mean, why have dreams when you can shed a tear over tiny inconvenience // the pinch reminds me of warmth and home and employment // read a book, pass the time, masturbate before sleep // and Tuesday’s too soon, its four identical twins, its swallowing yawn // oh well, maybe next week (why?) // maybe next week (why?) // maybe next week


Sherringham Park - 30/05/2016 by Matthew Dartford
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So, I am breaking out of my comfort zone and wearing my shirt tucked in.

This is something I HAVE NEVER DONE. I grew up knowing tucked in when you are big just makes you look fatter.

Well, I still have the curves, but they are good curves and I need to embrace them (as a certain bestie told me to build my confidence up).

Also, I am just plain excited to being wearing my new polka dot skirt. :)