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Your art is too good for words. If you're willing to share the secret then please tell us in a tutorial!!!! I am quite envious of you :")

i Dont know which secret that i can shared, actually my secret only the brush texture tbh, but i think i can share my technique to coloring fast

First color the hair like mad people *cause im lazy yea

Then selection all with magic wand and ctrl+X or just manually erased

and walla! you got a cleaned colored hair just in a minute ! *why dont you just selection inside the lineart? –> bcause it’ll not colored the litlle spaces near each lineart and i cant see that;;_;;

repeat that to the other, usually i kept hair in the same layer which hair is the top one,dress the second,and ect. so i’m not confused where the *shading* layer and so on and minimalize the file size lol.

i used the spread texture brush and paint the hair using dab-dab technique like u dab fondation to your face with beauty blender, and lock the layer . i colored everything in 1 layer, some people goes on new layer and clipping mask in which is fine.

and still shading now with noise texture ! well just like thath XD

then i just repeat that technique to everything, in SAI use the” filter” often, in PS use “curve” which both will makes color balanced.well i think thats it, i hope its usefull :D


painting it pink! wearing a Cotton On top with rhinestone embellishments on the shoulders (sz L), Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt (sz UK 18), earrings from Lovisa, handbag from Aldo. Also, say Hello to the newly dyed mane!


Someone asked me to make a picture comparing Seven on Ts3 and Seven on Ts4…And,here is it. They are pretty similiar,but I need more sliders to make a perfect “Seven” face. Like something to open the mouth a little bit,or to curve the nose. (PS: Look how much better are the screenshots from TS4…I love the quality and the high definition of this game)

Fatshion February was great! It was so lovely to see plus size women from around the globe taking part in it, and showing us a little bit of their flare and style. 

Here are my favorite outfits/looks that I created from Fatshion February 2015.

Roll on FatFeb 2016!