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Hello 2017

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It’s the first day of 2017 and warm enough already for a little splash in the pool! The beginning of the year is also fraught with the traditional onslaught of diet and weightloss ads in every corner you look, so I thought it would be timely to post some positive inspiration to help counter the toxicity that us fatties are routinely assaulted by around this time. The moment the year turns around, you see it screaming it you from billboards, newspapers and even browser ads. ‘New year, new you!’ ‘Resolve to be a skinny minnie this year!’ ‘Time for a liquid diet “cleanse” after that gluttonous Christmas!’ Well, here I am in my daisy print bathers, with stars on my face and unflattering curves everywhere else and I haven’t made a new year resolution to lose weight since the year 2007.

It hasn’t been easy all the way, fending off well meaning advice from acquaintances and relatives, and having to tune out friends unloading their weightloss plans onto me. Thankfully, and mostly because I’ve been doing it for so long, this sort of selective vision and hearing comes as second nature to me. But when the lovely folks at Lime Ricki swimwear asked me if I’d like to try out one of their swimsuits and talk a bit about feeling body confident as a fat woman, I realised that it would actually be helpful to share my tips for keeping sane and preserving your mental health (and confidence) in this month of weight based penance (ugh!)

1. Take out the trash

By which I mean the glossy magazines promising miracle ‘cures’ on the cover, the tabloids and their websites, the Instagrammers selling diarrhea tea, basically any media that’s not fat positive. Back in 2007, I was more than a bit addicted to celebrity gossip - it was entertaining and a welcome distraction from my undergrad texts. However, once I realised how badly the tales of celebrity weight loss and gain affected my own body image, I started weaning myself off it. And the more time I spent on the fat positive internet, the more I started abhorring popular media and the diet culture it sells. After a point, I didn’t even want to browse through ONTD anymore. Especially because I could find all the fashion inspiration I wanted from the fat internet, and that too on bodies that looked like mine.

2. Surround yourself with fat positive media

Admittedly, the fatshion community has a very different face now than it did a decade ago, and there’s no onus on plus size bloggers to be fat positive as well. You’ll find countless plus fashion bloggers who advocate weightloss and think nothing of documenting their diets, but there are just as many anti-weightloss bloggers you can follow if you’re looking for some positive reinforcement to go with your daily fashion fix. If you’re looking for somewhere to start with, my blogroll on this page has quite a few awesome internet peeps who are just as fat positive as they’re fashionable. And if anyone you’ve been following for a while, and whose style you love descends down the slippery road to diets, don’t hesitate to unfollow them if that’s what you need for your sanity. Just putting that out there because I feel kind of bad whenever I have to do that!

3. You don’t have to listen to your friends’ diet talk

I have friends who get down on their bodies, who can’t stop talking about how badly they need to lose weight. Most of us have friends like that. It’s especially distressing when they’re people you’re close to and genuinely care about, people whose concerns you can’t just shut down without an explanation. I’ve found that a gentler approach works best in these situations. All my friends are extremely aware of my stance on diets and weightloss - I mean, I’ve only been banging on about it for the last decade or so! Yet they still try to talk to me sometimes about how they’re planning to lose weight. In situations like this, this is pretty much what I tell them: Listen dude, it’s your body, you do whatever you want with it. But you know how I feel about weightloss, so there’s no point telling me about this because I’m just going to space out. You’re an adult, making your adult choices, so go ahead and make them *shoulder pats* I have literally zero inputs to give here. *firm shoulder pats*

Back when I was first learning about fat positivity, I made it my mission to bring all my closest friends into the fold. How could I let them suffer in the purgatory of dieting and self hate when I’d found such freedom in the  alternative? Unfortunately, that’s not how people work. And ultimately, everyone has to make their own decisions about the path they want to follow, whether it comes to weightloss or the rest of life itself. You can help them along the way, but the decision of whether to be diet free or not is theirs to make.

4. Spend some time with yourself

One of the things I realised when I was getting to grips with body positivity was this: I didn’t actually know my own body. I used to avoid looking at mirrors, especially when I was naked, I only ever saw myself from one single angle, looking down at my boobs, belly, a bit of leg and feet. Whenever I came across a candid photo, I would be aghast because is this really how everyone sees me? To accept my body, I had to know it first. From every possible angle so that I couldn’t take myself unawares. Back then, I had my ex to photograph me naked, but if you don’t have anyone like that, use the mirror, use your webcam! Take photos of yourself with the self timer, standing, sitting, in silly poses and unflattering ones. Examine those photos, find the parts of your body that you love, and write down what it is that you love about them. Then find the parts of yourself that you don’t love as much and figure out something positive to say about them as well. Write that down too. Keep going back to those photos and notes whenever you can, and keep adding to them. If I’d taken these swimsuit photos 5 years ago, I’m sure I’d have been cringing at my flat butt and lumpy thighs entirely because I wasn’t familiar with them. But now I know exactly what I look like from the back, or sitting down. The body I have is the body I expect to see in photos because I’ve seen it so many times now. I know exactly how my belly folds, where my things dimple when I’m walking. These are regular, everyday features to me now, not some kind of a bogeyman waiting to jump out at me from photos I didn’t expect.

5. Set a positive example by eating

This one’s for those of you who have already taken the first steps towards body positivity, those of you who are feeling secure enough to give a very public middle finger to diet culture. I didn’t find public eating easy at the beginning, especially since I had a history of eating disorders. As my BFF recalls, one of her first memories of me was at the University canteen, with an apple in one hand and a cigarette in the other, steadfastly refusing any other food because ‘that’s all I needed for lunch.’ It took a while to get to the point where I could go out with her and triumphantly demolish platters of food in public. What I noticed, though, was that whenever I was out with a group of people and a couple of them were heading towards the ‘I think I’ll just have a salad’ territory, they ended up ordering what they actually wanted and enjoying it once I’d set the lead by unabashedly eating what I wanted. And even if you’re still a way away from being able to eat freely in public, I think that just eating the food you want with relish and joy and savouring every bite without guilt is the biggest FUUUUU you can hurl at the diet industry this time of the year. So treat yourself to the food you love and actually want to eat, listen to your body instead of the ad pointing out your supposed failings. And remember, food has no morals attached to it, it’s we who burden our plates with them.

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The Line Between Right and Wrong // Vampire!Wonho x Chubby!Reader Smut

Warnings // Voyeurism, male and female masturbation.

This is also kind of takes place in the 1950′s (well it’s not modern)

This couldn’t be that wrong, could it? Sure, a vampire watching an unsuspecting human through her window was an invasion of privacy, but I was her mate. Surely that made it a little okay, right? She just needed a little protection, whether she liked it or not. This was a dangerous neighborhood, fraught with muggers and sleazy vampires, and there was no way that I was going to leave her alone in that environment. She smelt too sweet and warm, corruptible, taintable. An absolutely devastating scent to a vampire and an unfortunate scent for a human to have. Terrible creatures are drawn towards the most innocent and pure; their blood is sweeter than sin, forbidden and untouched. She had caught the eye of every single vampire we came in contact with while on our date, making me feel obligated to stay and watch over her a little bit after I gave her a short and sweet peck on the lips and she thought I left. I couldn’t leave a lady in danger, that would be far worse than what I was doing now.

So I wasn’t doing this for my pleasure. I wasn’t staying just to see her longer, to admire her when she didn’t know I was watching. I was just making sure that she wouldn’t get hurt and that she was safe. My stomach didn’t flip when I saw her walk upstairs and into her room, flicking on the light and setting her purse down on her desk. I didn’t smile when she twirled around her room with her arms spread and a smile on her face, or when she flopped down onto her stomach on her bed, burying her face in the pillow and letting out a cute excited little shriek. I didn’t feel flattered knowing that I was the cause of all of her adorable excitement. 

When I first came to pick her up I had been stunned by her appearance, I looked her up and down (She would never know, it was far too subtle for a human to pick up), not quite used to her unapologetically beautiful and soft features. She was round, curves everywhere, chubby flushed cheeks, puffy lips, doe eyes; all put together with a creamy white dress that fell around the middle of those luscious thighs. Her neck was exposed as was a lot of her chest, her cleavage tastefully displayed. Truly a magnificent creature, representing the best her kind had to offer. We had gone on a simple date, walking through the park arm in arm and chatting about this and that, talking about our weeks as we hadn’t seen each other for a bit. I told her about the antics of my coven mates, how Minhyuk had tricked Hyungwon out of a bag of blood just by saying that the pretty girl at a local shop that he had had his eye on had been hurt, causing him to run out of the building frantically. We continued the date like that, strolling through the darkening paved path. I of course noticed the eyes on us, the way we were being watched by many vampires, wondering why I hadn’t just killed her yet. I had decided to take her back home after one vampire had tried to lunge at her and kill her, and had he not have been held back by his mate whom could see the bond between us, he would have. I walked her all the way to her front door and before leaving I had lightly tilted her face upwards and pressed a soft kiss to her pretty lips. Her heart had sped up before my action, she knew it was coming, and when I actually did it her heart skipped a beat and fluttered in her chest as she let out a breathy laugh. An absolute angel.

I suddenly caught the tendrils of a sweet scent that vaguely reminded me of hers, but it was different in some way. It was warmer, more primal and almost more tempting than the scent of her blood. I furrowed my brows and studied her form, trying to figure out what it was. She was staring up at the ceiling, her bottom lip tugged between her teeth and her chest was heaving, making her breasts slightly bulge out of the top of her dress that she had yet to take off. I trailed my eyes down her form and the source of the smell became more apparent. She was grinding those beautiful thighs together, her hands hovering unsurely above them. She slowly opened them, trailing her fingers gently on the inside of them, getting close to the seam of her pretty lace panties.

I should turn away. I should really turn away. But I couldn’t find my resolve, not when she was standing up out of the bed and slipping the zipper down on the back of her dress, slowly slipping it down her body and tugging it off her hips when it clung to her supple skin. Not when she crawled back onto the bed and laid with her legs spread and her feet planted on the bed. Nor when she glided her fingers down the swell of her bra clad breasts, down the swell of chubby skin on her tummy, stopping right at the top of her panties and repeating the circuit over and over again. Why would I look away from pristine art? 

This was inappropriate. I shouldn’t be seeing this, not when we aren’t married. It didn’t matter that we had been exclusive for almost 8 months. It didn’t matter that I had been alive for almost 140 years. It didn’t matter that I had seen the bodies of naked women on numerous occasions. This was Y/N. A completely different woman, a completely different dynamic. I needed to go. 

“Hoseok…” She sighed, causing my head to shoot up, thinking that I had been caught. Her eyes were closed however, and there was an obvious wet spot in the center of her underwear. She shot up in bed and reached behind her to undo her bra, sliding it down her arms and throwing it off the bed, exposing her gorgeous breasts. She grasped one firmly and kneaded it, leaning her head against the wall and gently scratching the fingernails on her other hand against her clothed center. She let one of her fingers slowly circle her little nub, tearing a whimper from her throat and causing her hips to cant upwards, indulging in the simple action before quickly pushing her underwear down her legs. I slowly palmed over my now straining erection, feeling little pinpricks of pleasure that usually would not affect me too much, but when I was bombarded by the lewd images of my lover, my mate, indulging in one of the most primal acts that a human could participate in and reducing herself to her rawest form, I was a mess.

She was thinking of me. This precious little angel was thinking of me in order to pleasure herself. And her body? Her bare body was more exquisite than one I had ever seen before, skin smooth as silk with stretchmarks and dips of cellulite that only added to the imperfect perfection of her being. I knew I could get closer. I needed to. Before I had time to overthink my decision I quickly crossed her yard and climbed up to her little balcony. I made myself comfortable on the ground in front of her window, hiding myself in the shadows despite knowing that she wouldn’t even feel my eyes on her unless I let her. I could hear her more clearly up here, could see the way her tender and swollen folds glistened with her essence and her little hole clenched around nothing but air. Little hums of pleasure were passing through her lips, her form wiggling against the sheets and her heart was hammering away in her chest, reminding me of the presence of blood in her veins, her fragile humanity. Reminding me how easy it would be for me to hold her hips down on the mattress and to taste her, give her immense pleasure, not stopping until she was an absolute mess, wrecking her pretty little pussy until my tongue, my fingers, my cock, were the only things she thought of. Spilling inside of her, filling her up with my essence, my scent, marking her as my own. 

“So good. Why does this feel so much better when I think of you?” I held my breath, going deathly still and not even daring to breath.

This wasn’t the first time.

The thought of her getting off to me every night, the thought of me being on her most erotic fantasies, caused a hot and overwhelming burst of pleasure to shudder through my being and my desperate attempts at freeing my aching shaft from my pants were hindered by my now shaking hands. A little human, a helpless little girl compared to my age, was overwhelming me. I barely managed to conceal the snarl that threatened to tear out of my throat, my instincts telling me to pleasure myself while I knew my mate was receiving pleasure. I took a deep breath to calm my racing thoughts, focusing on the first task at hand; freeing my erection from my pants. Once that was taken care of, I turned my attention back to my illicit and immoral affair. She was whimpering now, visibly trying to restrain herself from quickly rubbing her little clit, slowly trying to work her way up to prolong the pleasure. She was dripping wet, her musky scent now permeating throughout the crisp night air possibly attracting every single vampire in the near vicinity and my hand lazily pumping my cock to the pace of her slow circles would probably delay my abilities to protect her from them, but I didn’t care. Not when her heart was hammering away in her chest and her whimpers were turning into keens of pure want, she was begging for things to speed up, begging me even though she was only fantasizing and she had complete control over the situation. 

“Come on kitten, a little faster.” I was aching for things to speed along too, the very sight of her was too much teasing for me to handle, the rest of this was unnecessary. I was embarrassingly close, I couldn’t remember the last time that I got this close this quickly. I could see her sopping little hole clenching over and over again, practically begging for something to nuzzle its way inside and fill her up, giver her something to nudge her little spot, to push her into an orgasm that was obviously desperately needed, either that or she didn’t have a lot of experience with putting herself on the edge and forbidding release. With an almost heart wrenching sob, she jerked her hand away from her swollen lips, her hips desperately bucking up to find the missing stimulation and she pinched and tugged at her nipples, keeping her hands busy so she could calm down. It was obvious to see that just slowing down the little circles wasn’t enough to keep her off the edge, and her frustrated little pout was adorable. I removed my hand from my shaft as well, instead rubbing up and down my thighs, wanting to keep my hands busy as well. 

“Hoseok please. Please.” She mewled and I smiled, The fact that I was still on  her mind making me feel giddy. 

“Aish… Why are you begging me? Precious girl.” I bit my lip, almost giggling at the absurdity of this situation. I was watching my little beauty masturbate to thoughts of me, on the verge of begging her to continue so we could both get off, and she was in her room begging me to let her continue, as if I would have a problem with that. 

She continued touching herself again, now rubbing quick circles, just trying to get off, not wasting anymore time on teasing or prolonging the pleasure. I matched my pace easily with hers, feeling the familiar clenching in my lower gut, and I hoped that I could hold off my release. I wanted to watch her reach completion, what was the point of all of this if I didn’t get to see it?

“Hoseok I’m close. Really, really close.” She was proving to be a quiet lover, not letting her voice reach any higher than a breathy whine. No matter, I could still hear every single noise her body produced, from her pounding heart to the slick sounds of her fingers grinding over her clit. A truly sinful symphony, one that only my ears will get to hear. Her legs started to shake and her mouth was parted open with her eyes clenched shut, no sound being made by her mouth.

And then, she was cumming.

Her back arched off the bed and her thighs closed around her hand, grinding her pretty pussy against her chubby hand, little hums of pleasure escaping her lips along with tiny whimpers of my name. Her little mewls sounded so pure and gentle, made her seem so small and helpless, like she couldn’t handle all of the pleasure she was going through. It almost made me want to curl up in bed with her, replacing her hand with my own, making sure she got the absolute most out of her orgasm. Her fingers would curl up in my shirt and she would try to yank me closer, and I would let her, allowing me to hear her pleas and whimpers directly in my ear, her breath fanning across my collarbone, the warmth of her breasts pressing into my chest. I would push her, make her take everything I could give her, until she was crying, until the inside of her thighs was an absolute mess and she was almost raw from the friction, until she was begging me to stop and I would just give her one more, and I would gather her shaking form into my arms and I would love her. Rub her back and sides, tell her that she was such a good little girl, her little hands somehow sneaking into my pants and grasping my shaft…

“Oh fuck.” I threw my head back and softly hissed, my hips slowly thrusting my cock into my fist, the thin ribbons of white allowing me to comfortably ride out my high, my whole body tensing and I harshly bit my lip to contain the snarls of pleasure, my fangs coming out on instinct and nipping into my skin. Instinct to mate, instinct to claim, didn’t matter. I wanted my teeth in her. As I came down from my orgasm, I steeled my resolve and barely resisted breaking in there and taking her, sinking my teeth or cock into her I wasn’t sure, fighting against primal instinct. When I judged that I had myself under control again, I slowly opened my eyes and lowered my head from it’s upturned position, noticing that she was in the bathroom now, cleaning herself up and I decided to do the same, tucking myself back into my pants and taking a folded hankie from my pocket and wiping the cum off my hand, looking around for any that landed outside of her window and wiping that up too. I eased back into the shadows, preparing to stay there for a little while longer. Until she had been asleep for at least a couple hours. 

“Good morning, Gorgeous. Did you sleep well?” I gave her a gentle smile, holding open her front door and ushering her out.

“Like a baby. How did you sleep?” She giggled at this, and I sent her a sly wink, telling her that I slept just as well, deciding to play along with her joke. I was plagued by the lewd images of her arching her back in pleasure, her whimpering my name in ecstasy. She was chatting away while locking up her door, but I wasn’t listening, I was completely captivated by her soft and warm gaze, the warmth of her cheeks, the pillowy softness of her lips, and when she made to walk past me I gripped onto her fleshy hips, effectively holding her in her place, directly in front of me. I tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, letting my hand glide down her neck and cup her chin. I gave her a second to take in my features, much like I was doing to her, also allowing me to take in her quickening heart beat as I slowly leaned down, pressing my lips against hers in a sweet kiss. Her hands slid up and down my arms, causing my lips to twitch up into a smile, but I pressed on, trying to hold the kiss for as long as possible, until I lightly drug my fingers up and down her neck, eliciting a light giggle that made her pull away. She was panting and blushing, her heart hammering away in her chest. There was so much love and devotion in her eyes and I had no doubt that if my heart still beat, it would be louder and faster than hers. She tucked herself forward into my chest, nuzzling into my neck and inhaling the scent of my cologne and skin. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, inhaling her scent as well. I tried to pull her away from me, afraid that I was the one keeping her there, but she whined and dug deeper into my chest.

“You sweet little girl.” I held her for a little while longer until she pulled away, blushing and fixing her hair and dress.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to touch you.” I giggled and pressed another kiss to the side of her head and I guided her off of the steps, amazed by how much love one could hold for another, and after the events of last night, my love did not change. It only grew deeper.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but can I have some hcs about the RFA+Saeran getting in a steamy make out sesh with MC? It doesn't lead to sex but it's still >////< sorry if this is weird.

It’s not uncomfortable or weird at all, nonners! I only hope I did it justice~ I’m so terrible because I had to stop myself from having it lead to Sin in some parts but don’t worry I succeeded


  • It starts with them simply cuddling together and MC placing a sleepy kiss on Yoosung’s forehead
  • Leading him to return the favor by giving her a peck on the nose and making her giggle
  • Then her kissing both of his cheeks
  • Finally the game ends with him pressing his lips against MC’s for a long, deep kiss that lasts until they need to take a break for breath
  • They’d stare into each other’s eyes for only a moment before MC rolls on top of Yoosung, resting her leg between his thighs, and resuming the kiss so that she’s in control
  • Slowly and torturously running her tongue along his bottom lip and making him whine
  • If Yoosung tries to speed it up at all or if his kisses grow more desperate, MC deepens the kiss even more, forcibly slowing him down
  • MC makes Yoosung absolutely melt and he moans into the kisses


  • At first, he’d look deeply into MC’s eyes before kissing her, stroking his hands down her face and neck and resting in the space between her neck and shoulders
  • Then having her sit on his lap while he runs his hands down her sides and they just lazily kiss but the way he does it is somehow entrancing and it’s extremely difficult to pull away
  • But eventually he has trouble holding himself back and start breathing heavily and lowering his voice to a deep growl, whispering in MC’s ear and trailing kisses and bites down her neck
  • Once she moans he loses it though
  • He either pulls her as close as possible to his body or he flips on top of her, pressing his lips roughly against hers and absolutely devouring her
  • He can’t stop wanting to touch everywhere at once so he’s roaming all over the place while he kisses MC over and over again
  • When MC runs her hands under his shirt and up along his chest he shivers and bites her neck


  • She has a hard time not smiling when she kisses MC
  • They also can’t keep their hands off each other if they happen to pass by randomly
  • And it’s very distracting, if they see each other and go in for a kiss they’ll find it hard to stop
  • MC’s a little bit bolder than Jaehee when it comes to making out, so she’d pull Jaehee close by the hips and kiss her, sometimes teasing
  • Jaehee blushes a lot but absolutely loves it, and it gets steamier at a slow but steady rate, starting with each of them making slightly stronger moves and doing things that the other particularly enjoys
  • Until they’re all over each other and kissing and licking and biting in all different places, but it’s a really organized kind of chaos
  • Jaehee doesn’t really make any ~spicy~ moves, she sort of leaves that to MC, but she’s actually a really good kisser and the two of them can end up kissing for hours and not notice


  • Hoo boy, kissing this man would escalate so quickly
  • It depends on the day of course, but sometimes Jumin will come home from work and MC will greet him with a cheery “hello” and a cute peck on the lips, and he’ll just grab her and go to town
  • MC absolutely loves this because she never knows when he’ll come home and be in that mood, or if he’ll give her pleasant, sweet, gentle kisses for the rest of the night… it’s a guessing game
  • When they first started dating, Jumin wasn’t the biggest fan of using tongue while kissing but now he’s an absolute master at it and in fights for control he will always win
  • He’s usually on top of MC but sometimes he likes to sit her on his lap and kiss all over her body, his hands roaming everywhere, squeezing her curves, hips, ass, thighs, everywhere I say
  • Worships MC’s neck with a mix of feather-light touches and then suddenly biting her or giving a really deep kiss
  • Loves giving hickeys and (secretly) likes it when MC tries to mark him, but sadly he can’t let her do it that often
  • Also adores it when MC moans his name in between kisses


  • He’d be a tease about it, like he would start making out with MC very fiercely and then as soon as she starts getting into it he’d either stop or start giving considerably lighter kisses
  • But after a little while he tires of the game and just wants to kiss MC and never stop
  • Dirty talk mixed in between kisses
  • Even if they haven’t gotten rated R yet, he still loves making MC beg him to kiss her harder or more
  • Their makeout sessions will carry them through a lot of different rooms until they reach the bedroom, like they’ll start kissing in Saeyoung’s work room and then make their way elsewhere while never breaking the kiss
  • A lot of times they’ll laugh during makeout sessions, like Saeyoung will say a dirty joke and MC will crack up but he’ll still be kissing her while she giggles
  • Sometimes tickle fights will turn into makeouts too, when he sees her laughing, flushed face and can’t help but want to kiss those lips


  • Fierce makeout sessions, more often than not without warning
  • He barely takes time for breathers and only for about a second before he dives right back in
  • Does this thing where his hand travels up MC’s body and rests on her throat with slight pressure, not choking but so that MC knows he could if he wanted to
  • Kisses very roughly and with a lot of dominance, and gets encouraged when MC moans for him
  • He likes it when MC wraps her legs around his waist while kissing or pulls his body flush against hers, there’s basically no space left between them when these two make out
  • When things start to wind down though, he gets surprisingly gentle
  • And he’ll slowly press languid kisses to MC’s neck and lips, which feels really loving and it’s a huge contrast

the background in this pic was terrible before and I’m replacing it, so sorry to the people who reblogged it and everything ^^; Still not the best but I like it better now. Reminding myself to do BG practice…

The Nymphs from Rayman Origins (plus Voodoo Mama)!

I’ve wanted to draw them since forever so I’m glad I finally got this done.

Holly’s my favorite ^^

Here In My Room -1

So there is discourse in the fandom, everyone is fighting, and I started a maybe wip/definite smut to try and get everyone back on the same page.

That page is definitely containing explicit descriptions of sexual acts, unbetad but lightly edited, and in the third person. (For those who prefer self-insert, I did leave physical descriptions of the ofc vague.)

Merritt leans against the doorway, well-manicured and polished but doing nothing to hide the amusement she feels. She takes a silent sip from her glass, lips already stained red from the wine, letting him stand before her in uncertainty. She doesn’t mind, her last client left an hour ago, and she’s always had a bit of a weakness for him, bending rules that were meant to be iron-strong.

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RG Veda thoughts #1

So let’s talk about RG Veda!

As CLAMP’s earliest and oldest work (it started before I was born I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING) I’ve been increasingly surprised by just how much I’ve been enjoying it. Given it does start out very seriously, but before long you get to see a lot of CLAMP’s trademark personality slipping in and really letting you connect with the characters more than you could before. It’s nice to see that their silliness and self awareness started so early in their career. 

Of course, because this is CLAMP, their other trademark content pops up a lot too. And by that I mean horrible tragic sadness of every possible kind. 

Because CLAMP. 

Due to that, and also to avoid spoilers for anyone who might want to read this later, I’m putting everything behind the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on chubby mcu ladies? personally i love me a chubby natasha

My thoughts on chubby MCU girls are that I would die for all of them, anon.

Chubby Natasha is definitely a lovely thought – badass fat Black Widow, looking fucking amazing in her little catsuit getup, just curves everywhere? Perfect round belly in skintight leather, and thighs for days? YES.

But also: chubby Peggy, just this perfect exaggerated hourglass? All hips and full breasts and just…oomph. So good.

And my personal favorite – just-starting-to-get-plump Wanda, who is kind of freaking out about it but also kind of loves it? And vacillates between hiding it in hoodies or absolutely flaunting every soft new inch in the most ridiculously tight shit? And Steve is the best adopted daddy ever and when she gets all fixed up in some scandalously tight cocktail dress, he’s like, “You look really nice,” because he knows she’s been iffy about it, and he is an angel on earth. (He does lowkey want to punch anyone who looks at her, though. He doesn’t – he knows this is wrong and she can take care of herself – but it’s a compelling thought.)

Let’s take a minute to talk about the anterior pelvic tilt, shall we?

An Anterior Pelvic Tilt is a posture problem that naturally occurs in many people when they sit for hours each day. It’s caused by a “shortening” and stiffening of our hip flexors, which causes our lumbar curvature to increase while our hips tilt forward. While some degree of poor posture is going to happen to anyone who spends time sitting at their computer, lots of us consciously exacerbate this problem without realizing that it’s hurting us. 

Check out the image posted above - This pelvic tilt looks really odd when a man is photographed in profile with an anterior pelvic tilt, but when most of us see this posture, it’s presented in a slightly different context.

Scroll through #fitspo and you’ll see this everywhere:

That curved spine, with the chest pushed up and booty popped back? That’s poor posture. That’s an anterior pelvic lift that can eventually cause lower back pain, hip pain, flat feet, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, weakened pelvic muscles and even permanent damage to your back. Making your butt look rounder and your waist look thinner is not worth the damage that repeatedly standing like this will cause. 

We tend to associate healthy and “fit” women with this particular posture, which is messed up. It twists our perception of what healthy and muscular bodies should look like - Instead of actually displaying proper posture and a strong stance, women are instead taught to display their bodies in a way that’s more sexually appealing. The media teaches us that showing off a big, round butt and tiny waist is apparently more important than treating our bodies safely. 

If you can help it, don’t emulate this style. Posture is something that we often take for granted, so it can be incredibly difficult to hold your body in a new way that feels unnatural or unflattering, but getting rid of this anterior pelvic tilt is worth it - We need to stop normalizing this posture and promoting it as fitness. 

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What about BTS' reaction to walking in on you getting dressed (but you haven't done anything dirty yet because you wanted to wait until marriage for that) and are shocked that you have a really curvy body because you usually have baggy loose fitting clothes on

Jin - He would open the door, freeze, and then shout he’s sorry before slamming the door shut. He would be on the other side of the door, shocked at what he just took in. Curves… everywhere… how could he not know about that? He would wonder why you cover that luscious body with baggy clothes. Were you shy? Did some one or something make you feel insecure? Were people rude to you? He would be shocked, but still let you wear the clothes you want. He’s not the kind of person to just come out and talk about those kind of things, he is a gentleman after all. However, the next time you two go shopping together, he would point out a bunch of clothes that he thinks would look pretty on you. 

Suga - Would open the door, look you up and down, and then leave silently. He would go about his business as usual, maybe even say he is sorry for walking in on you, but wouldn’t make a big deal about it. He would wonder, however, why you chose to cover up all that. He isn’t much a person to judge others on the choices they make for themselves (unless they are bad or hurtful), but he knows you are a beautiful person, and wonders why you aren’t rockin’ that shit with pride. He would ask you if it because you are insecure. If the answer is yes, he would leave you to your own comfort, but maybe amp-up telling you that you are pretty. However, if it because some one else made you feel that you have to cover yourself, news flash, he’s gonna tell you that you don’t need to be affected by anyone’s shit. He would tell you to do what you like and forget about what others have to think. 

J-Hope - He would open the door, screech playfully, and then close the door. He would repeatedly say he’s sorry through the door until you tell him to go away. He would smirk every time he thinks of your curves, but wonder why you hide everything below such baggy clothes. He would ask you about it later, when you are less embarrassed about the incident. He would tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid to show such beauty off, and he might even be willing to take you shopping to find something to better suit you. It’s no joke that he loves spring weather, and would want you to be pretty and comfortable for the season in some pretty clothes. If you felt uncomfortable with some of the things he picks out, then he would meet you half way, and allow you both to pick things you like and try to meet in the middle. He just wants you to be your beautiful self, and be able to walk around with confidence instead of feeling like you have to hide everything. 

Rap Monster - He would open the door, do a little nervous jig, and then close the door. when you finish changing he would apologize for walking in.  He would wonder about those curves of yours, and how long you have been hiding them from him. But most of all, why? Did you need feel comfortable with yourself? With him? Did something happen in the past that made you feel insecure or hurt? He would wonder these questions a lot, to the point where he feels he needs to ask you about it. If there is something wrong, or something that he feels he can help you with, he wants to know. It upsets him to know that such a beautiful minded and bodied person is closing herself in from the owlr. dof course, he could probably see it if you find it to be tedious, a lot of curvy girls get harassed by people all the time, and he would hate for you to have to be exposed to that. but he’s hoping he can at least talk you into being a little more trusting with him. He respects your choice for not wanting to be sexual until after marriage, but he wants you to be confident in yourself, and one way to do that is to know that you have a rockin’ body and the right to say know to as many people as often as you like. It’s very empowering. 

Jimin - He is going to slam the door quickly when he walks in on you, but he is not going to be able to forget what he saw. Those curves would be ingrained in his mind forever. When you come out from changing, he would tease you a little about what he saw, before asking playfully why you hide yourself from him. He would know that you want to wait until marriage for sex, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy seeing you a little until then. He would wonder if you trust in his self control. He may be a goofy kid, and always want to have fun, but that last thing he wants you to think of him is that he is disrespectful or would push you into anything you don’t want. He would ask you for what reason you decided to hide your curves, and then ask if it were a possibility to see you in something a little more flattering. If it means going out shopping, you have picked the perfect guy. He would love shopping for some cuter clothes, and meet you half way in the decision making. He wants to see your curves a little more, but there are ways to do so without showing a bunch of skin. 

V - He would walk in, see your curves, blush, and then walk back out. He is a very affectionate person with the people he loves, so he would have some idea of what was beneath those baggy clothes of yours, but seeing it is a whole other story. He would be shocked by your beauty, and wonder why you didn’t share it. However, he would respect your decision in the clothes you decide to wear, he’s sure there is a good reason for it, and he would hate to put any pressure on you to change. However, I think he would be more clingy, eager to feel those curves below the tents you call clothes, and remember the glorious image he saw of your body. Don’t take this the wrong way though. He just wants you to know that he loves every part of you just the same, no matter what. 

Jungkook - He would walk in on you, gasp, and then high tail it out of there. He wouldn’t be able to forget your curves, but I think he is the one person who wouldn’t say anything about it. He would allow you to go on as you chose but still wonder to himself why you chose to dress like that. If anything, he would ask some one around you about it, to see if they know, because he would hate to confront you with it, seeming like he thought it was bad, and upset you. He would wonder if you had some bad experiences in the past, if some one made fun of you or harassed you. He would hate the idea of some one harassing you over it. You are a beautiful person in his eyes, and ultimately he just wants you to be able to comfortable. If that means wearing baggy clothes just because you like it, the so be it. But if it is because you are afraid or insecure, he would talk with his hyungs about maybe a way that he can help you come to terms. He wants you to be able to see yourself the way he sees you. 

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Timeless (2/2)

read the first part here if you want to (doesn’t really matter tbh ahah)

genre: fluff, slight smut

characters: kim taehyung

word count: 3278 (i never edit anything do i OTL)

“Sorry for sharing your sleeping bag without asking, by the way; I hope you don’t mind.”

a/n: part two of this weird scenario with a nice smutty feel to it this time <3 (i got a bit off from what i had originally planned but oh well)

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Warm… So warm.

You awoke to the sound of crickets again, the distant noises echoing throughout the humid, unfamiliar space you were currently encased in; sunlight basked through the open shelter, thick wooden poles dry from the heat, bugs buzzing lazily around you as you shook your head, wooziness covering every inch of consciousness. Your mind was foggy, disentangled between a thin line of reality and everything else.

Where the hell am I?

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Mutant...Part 18

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21)

Staring at his chest as you feel him slowly remove your wine glass from your hand, your eyes slowly pan up to him as his unblinking eyes take in the electric blue that is still flickering behind your Y/C/E eyes.

The lights in your apartment keep flickering, trying to find the energy to stay on as you consistently drain them for your own selfish purposes.

As the two of you hold each other’s gaze for what seems like an eternity, you finally watch Spencer quickly drain both glasses down a throat that you wished you could sink your teeth in before he drops both of the glasses onto your carpeted hallway and closes the gap between the two of you.

His hands are everywhere.  The curve of your cheeks.  The small of your neck.  The dip in your back.  His tongue lands heavily in your mouth as you take in a deep breath through your nose, soaking in his smell as your arms cling tightly around his neck.  Your hair crackles and your skin surges and the sprawling electric wings wrap themselves wholly around Spencer’s body as he presses his warmth into yours.

Time was racing.  It felt as if the clock was spinning itself on the wall as the two of you begin to sink to the floor.  The fluff of the carpet was a stark contrast to the skin Spencer was biting on your neck as your hands work his shirt up and over his head.

He moaned with the electricity coursing through his body.

As your wing tips slowly flutter down his spine, his mouth finds your swollen breasts as he gropes and kisses them with a fury.  His spit is trailing down your body and your clothes are pealing away, revealing every curve and dip to him as you arch your back into his warm, plump lips.

“You are breath-taking,” Spencer murmurs before shivering once again at the touch of your fingertips.

But his lips kept traveling lower, and his girth kept growing beneath his pants, and your limbs were trembling with want and need as Spencer wasted no time in settling right between your legs.

Your short, curly hairs were lit up with dancing blues and whites, bouncing and crackling as Spencer just stares in wonder.

“It doesn’t hurt,” you breathe, anticipating his every move as his eyes flicker up towards your flushed face.

And as he dipped his lips to your wet core, his tongue probing and swirling as he sinks farther and farther into your all-encompassing lips, the electricity tingling the tip of his tongue ricocheted all the way down to his toes.

And he matched you orgasm for orgasm all through the night.

Fluttering your eyes open as you take in the bright morning light streaming through your window, you raise your arm to stretch as Spencer’s hand falls from your side and down onto your breast.

The lazy movement caused you to turn over as you smile as his half-asleep gaze.

“Morning,” he croaks as you smile kindly at him.

“Morning,” you breathe.

“How are you feeling?” he asks.

“Sore,” you chuckle lowly as a sloppy grin breaks out on Spencer’s face.

Something wasn’t quite right.

“Spencer?” you ask as you slowly lean up.  “Are you alright?”

“Of…course…” Spencer murmurs.

At least, that’s what you thought he said.

But you watched the confusion waft over his face as he rolled over, and you saw how lazy one side of his face had become.

Oh, no.

Scrambling out of bed as you throw on the first clothes you can put your hands on, you rush around to Spencer’s side of the bed as you throw his good arm around your shoulders and stand him up.

“We gotta get clothes on you,” you breathe as Spencer tries to articulate his nonsensical syllables.

But you knew what had happened, and tears welled in your eyes as you scrambled to get his clothes back on him.

Your electricity had short-circuited his own electrical currents.

And he was having a stroke.


Blue Frame Astray Gundam (Second L)

1/144th scale | High Grade

Panel line + decals + topcoat

jesus backflipping christ this kit is such a hot mess

It’s silhouette is so busy, the colors are scattered, and the there are angles and curves everywhere.  It’s hard to pose, back-heavy, and some of the parts come loose.  I think it’s one of my favorite High Grades.

It’s just got such anime style.  Its weapon is a backpack that turns into a giant sword (for a giant robot) that is also a gatling gun who thought of this

I love it.  Oh, I love it so much.  If I had to have only one Gundam, it’d be this one, it’s so very over-the-top.  And it’s blue!  Blue is my favorite color!

Anyways, I added some extra decals from the HG Thunderbolt I posted earlier, so that’s why it looks even busier.

themetaisawesome  asked:

Pardon me if someone already did, but has anyone ever asked you what you would do if you had to survive in an Others-infested Westeros, a la zombie survival plan? Let's say you could choose any location in Westeros as your homebase, and you could recruit any five characters to help you survive the War for the Dawn. Which location would you use, and who would you recruit? (and no cheating by hopping on a ship and sailing for the Summer Isles)

Well, if I were stuck in Westeros during the invasion of the Others, the first thing I’d do is jump on a ship to the Summer Isles… oh damn, you caught me. ;)  Darnit. What am I to do, then…

OK, any location in Westeros, any characters, and they’ll actually listen to me? OK, fine.

Location: Storm’s End.

Yet Storm’s End endured, through centuries and tens of centuries, a castle like no other. Its great curtain wall was a hundred feet high, unbroken by arrow slit or postern, everywhere rounded, curving, smooth, its stones fit so cunningly together that nowhere was crevice nor angle nor gap by which the wind might enter. That wall was said to be forty feet thick at its narrowest, and near eighty on the seaward face, a double course of stones with an inner core of sand and rubble. Within that mighty bulwark, the kitchens and stables and yards sheltered safe from wind and wave. 

Never fallen to siege or storm (how Aegon & company conquered it we’ll find out in TWOW I suppose), and its walls are imbued with spells that keep it safe from harmful magics. Possibly built with help of the Children of the Forest, or designed by Brandon the Builder. So I’ve got protections similar to Winterfell, but I’m also far south enough that it should take a good long while for the Others to arrive. (Hopefully they’ll be defeated before they get that far.) And it’s got plenty of room and resources.

OK, now… five characters. I’m making this hard for myself by excluding Dany, Jon, and Tyrion, because they’re needed at the front. (Losing Tyrion was a wrench, as well as Dany because of y’know dragons.) Also Bran’s extremely important to the fight, and also Arya will probably be at the front too, so alas, neither of them can hide out in Storm’s End with me. I’d also like someone with an army (because “you and whose army” is a great threat, plus hey, cannon fodder), but I assume the rules of this thing means I can only select individuals. Maybe if I got to Westeros early enough, I could convince Aegon and co. not to leave Storm’s End. (Is Storm’s End empty, btw, or would it have its normal complement of servants and such?)

But enough dithering. My five:

Thoros of Myr: The benefits of Melisandre without the craziness. That is, he can see the future and resurrect the dead (on our side). Could have useful knowledge about R’hllor, which may be relevant, never know. Might be able to teach people how to light their swords on fire, which couldn’t hurt. Also, he has healing skills (just in case something happens to my next guy), and is an evident survivor.

The Elder Brother: An amazing healer, and it couldn’t hurt to have even more gods on my side. (I’d love to see him and Thoros talk, too.) Ex-knight, might know some strategies. And he’s also the closest thing in Westeros to a therapist, and lord knows this group could use one. (Everyone in Westeros needs therapy, truly.)

Sarella “Alleras” Sand: Not a maester yet, but on her way, and I really need a tech person. Also knows how to use glass candles (one of which she’s bringing with tyvm) so we can get info from the front, and may have learned other magic too, and maybe even metalcraft. Plus, she’s awesome, and I want to talk science with her.

Sandor Clegane: Because. OK, he’s a warrior, a survivor, and it couldn’t hurt to have him with. Yeah, he’s got a bad leg, but still. You’re asking me this question, this is what you get. Maybe I can acquire a Valyrian steel sword for him, too, from where I dunno, but somewhere. [The only person who has one right now who I’d be willing to have on my team is Brienne, but (a) she’s busy and will probably be at the front too, and (b) my fifth slot is full, sorry Brienne!]

Sansa Stark: Because. Well, you’re not letting me go to the Summer Isles and take her with, so we’re just going to hide out safe in Storm’s End tyvm. Plus her presence will keep Sandor motivated. And yay, another person to talk to the EB. :D  And she, at least, is taking Littlefinger’s Valyrian steel dagger with her before she comes to safety with me.

There, I hope that satisfies. And I’m stocking up on dragonglass, ok? Well, you didn’t say I couldn’t…

I'm so sick of the plus size clothing industry.

I have huge boobs. Like…huge! I currently wear a size 42H, but because sizes above this aren’t carried in stores I’ve never been able to find my true size. I pay $50 at Lane Bryant for one bra that doesn’t even fit correctly. And recently, the underwire in these $50 bras has been snapping in half!! So what exactly am I spending my money on here? The brand? If I could pay Walmart prices, I would because these bras I definitely Walmart quality. Bras are deemed a societal must for women with large breasts, and yet no one is willing to provide a wide range of sizes. Last night I spent $80 on two bras at Lane Bryant. Would you like to know what they look like? Ivory. And black. In fact, the black I had to order because they didn’t even have my size in the store! This is sending a clear message to plus size women: You are not attractive. You don’t need sexy lingerie because no one is going to see it anyway. You don’t get lace. You don’t get color. You should be thrilled with our mediocre service and quality because you’re lucky we’re even catering to your market. “Plus is equal?” Lane Bryant, do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up.

Now let’s talk pants. I tried on those Lane Bryant pants that were oh so expertly designed. You know who they were designed for? The far end of the plus size spectrum, in which the girls have the socially acceptable “Coke bottle figure” featuring a flat stomach and full, curvy hips. Do you know how many women I’ve seen in real life that actually fit into this category (and thereby, the pants)? NONE! Women have tummies! Women have pooches. There are bulges and curves everywhere and that’s okay!

Dissatisfied with that selection, I went to Torrid. Same. Fucking. Thing. Not only were these pants catering to the same ridiculous idea of a woman’s curves, but the material quality was teeeerrible. It was flimsy and thin and you could just feel was going to wear out in three months… That being said, I fucking bought them. I hate that I have to fund such a disgusting waste of marketing research but I have no choice. My pants don’t even have front pockets!! Ugh..

For more rants on the subject, fats wrote a great article.