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This started as a headcanon, but got a little long for bullet-points, so here we go. A little meandering from my tired brain on Flintwood. I don’t do Valentine’s Day, so this is belatedly in lieu. Dedicated to the lovely Flintwood squad at large.

Premise: Marcus uses numbers to manage anxiety. He keeps count of their kisses. One day, he slips, and he says the number out loud.

Kissing Oliver is always different each time for Marcus. He keeps count, and he isn’t sure if it’s because he doesn’t know how else to cope, or if it’s because each one bears remembering. It might well be both. Numbers help him to keep the chaos in his head ordered in the same way that Quidditch strategy does. He’s never told anyone. He never plans to.

There’s the first time, when their blood is boiling mid-argument; there’s a cut on Oliver’s lip and Marcus’ eye is swollen from where the other punched him. Oliver’s mouth tastes like blood when he closes in, firstly just wanting him to shut up, to stop talking, to stop being so tempting and beyond reach, to just stop, but then Oliver yanks his head back and bites his lower lip, turns what should have conquered him into silence into yet another challenge. Marcus is really, really bad at resisting challenges. As it turns out, he’s even worse at resisting them when they come in the form of a Gryffindor Quidditch captain, whose hair is always a mess and who, as it turns out, makes not kissing him seem like a sin.

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Rucas AU | The Bet [12]

[ Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten - Part Eleven]

Prompt: After damaging $1000 worth of private property on a dare Lucas needs a quick way to make the money to pay the guy back. When Charlie Gardner suggests a bet Lucas takes him up on his offer. And what is the bet? Get into the pants of Riley Matthews, the schools very own goody two-shoes princess.
Word Count: 2,623
Chapter: 12 (Final Chapter) 

AN: Trigger Warning! This chapter does include graphic description and does mention death. HOWEVER I do promise it doesn't end as sad as it starts. 

♡ ♡ ♡

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Young Wizards || I have loved the stars too fondly

I just remembered that this didn’t post a few weeks back? So, uh, no longer quite as time relevant but have a Young Wizard’s fic about Cassini

(Yes, I am having emotions about a spacecraft. I figure Nita and co probably would too)

No matter how many years of wizardry she had under her belt, Nita thought she would never get used to popping into existence in the orbit of a different planet.

Spot whirred, a readout of their cocooning shields and atmospheric wizardries running over his screen as Dairine did a final paranoid check. Bobo whispered the same stats in the back of Nita’s mind as she took a moment to take in the view. Far, far below her feet there was a distant echo, a trembling beneath her breastbone like the last rings of a tuning fork. She smiled. Jupiter was saying hello.

Next to her Kit scanned the horizon, anxiously, breathing a sigh of relief as Cassini drifted into view from the direction they’d expected.  While there were ways of dealing with it, none of them wanted to get picked up in the satellite’s final broadcasts.

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Day6; Lonely Roads

Summary: 5 synonyms for the word loneliness and the 1 antonym that doesn’t exist.

Gen fic / 5 Things + 1 / Inspired by the Hi Hello MV and too philosophical for my own good

read on ao3 here

i. aimlessness

There’s something lonely about this road.

Sungjin can’t seem to find an end to it. It stretches and stretches and stretches still, until it seems to blend with the horizon, where it fades and dips, curves around the edges of the world and disappears into its distance.

This road is lonely, almost forgotten, but Sungjin doesn’t mind it. For him it’s easier this way, because the signs are faded too, worn down into faint green scratches and the dull glint of rain-rusted metal. The directions are lost with them, leaving all those who pass through to the fickle hands of fate and luck. But that’s fine, that’s good, because Sungjin lost his map a few good miles ago and didn’t bother picking another one up when he passed by the gas station at the last rest stop.

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More Than My Whole Life


Prompt Rating: M/E

Note: Requests are currently closed. I will make a post with guidelines when they are open again. As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M.

So yeah this is a princess/knight-ish story but there’s some elements of it that may require suspension of belief. The language is somewhat dated and formal but kevlar and firearms exist.

Also posted here:



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Let me run
let me fly on wings
made out of days full of counted breaths
wings made out of what I overflow with
I’ll disappear around the curve of the world
just far enough that I won’t be forgotten
but far enough that I wont be here
I will be somewhere else
breathing different air
soaking up new light
touching new lives
that will be enough
I hope
—  A.O.A.M. || Leaving 
We’ll Make It Work (Joek) -Part 2/Cut Scene

Warning: Literally just pure smut. Nothing but smut. And a cute Joeck moment at the end. Enjoy

Cut scene from We’ll Make It Work

No, they couldn’t stop now.

They were both too far gone.

Joe’s hands found their way back into Jack’s hair, tangling with the locks as he tugged lightly, a growl vibrating through Jack’s chest.

“These clothes…” Jack mumbled against Joe’s lips, his hand’s trailing under the hem of Joe’s shirt. “Are very inconvenient.” He began to push it up, his hands running back down along Joe’s muscles.

“Don’t be a bloody tease.” Joe snapped, hissing as Jack’s thumb ran over his nipple.

“Me? A tease?” Jack asked, sitting up as he straddled Joe’s hips. “Never.” He smirked as he pulled Joe’s shirt up, the smaller boy lifting off the bed enough for it to slip over his head. The article of clothing was tossed away, landing somewhere in the room, but neither boy paid attention to it.

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Shakespeare described King Richard III as being a “bunchback’d toad” but King Richard III had a twisted spine instead. He had scoliosis or an abnormal curving of the spine. Richard had a curvature around 70-80 degrees.

One of the bookcases held a display of weapons: things she had picked up around the world. A thin misericorde, a curved kris, a trench knife, a shortsword, and dozens of others. But the one Jem had picked up and was staring at was a slim silver knife, its handle darkened by many years of burial in the dirt. She had never had it cleaned, for the stain on the blade was Will’s blood. Jem’s blade, Will’s blood, buried together at the roots of an oak tree, a sort of sympathetic magic Will had performed when he thought he had lost Jem forever. Tessa had retrieved it after Will’s death and offered it to Jem; he had refused to take it.
That had been in 1937.
—  After The Bridge

derek x lydia; unedited; 1000+ words; for queendoms
to satisfy my need for allison-mourning and dydia at the same time

They pretended nothing had happened because it was easier that way, but they all know. They sort of tip toe around her. They turn their heads away when she walks into a room, when her make-up is not as perfect as it should be, when they can see the barest of red around her eyes. When she talks and there’s that slightest quiver to her voice that just betrays her confidence, they pretend they don’t notice. It drives her crazy. She wants to scream. She wants to say aren’t you guys sad too? Can’t you guys feel that emptiness? Can’t you feel the empty air where she belongs? But she doesn’t. She presses her lips together and lifts her chin up a little higher and straightens her shoulders, her back taut and straight, red curls lining that smooth curves and gives off the most elegant air of mourning that Derek Hale has ever witnessed.

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Closed RP| Nosefornews


Alice found herself leaving the library that afternoon after finding it almost impossible to concentrate. She scowled as se flipped through her notebook. There were small crude sketches of lizards. She would need to practice. She wasn’t watching where she was going as she did so. She sort of expected the world to curve around her.

Alive muttered to herself about wing span and dropped the notebook after an elderly woman  bumped into her. She scooped it bac up and started walking again, only to bump into someone at the corner and losing her notebook and her pencil. “Sorry.”

She knelt down and picked up the notebook and reached for the pencil.

Adios, Spana

In the future, we will all be memes for 15 minutes. Eventually, as the cycle of creation, consumption and destruction becomes shorter, we will reach a meme singularity where the creation, consumption and destruction of said meme is the actual content of said meme.

The time it takes to for the initial meme to unfold, offset by a microsecond to consume and destroy, to create the loop is a paradox of infinity reflecting around and curving back.

Wait… Did that just happen?


All Jokes Aside

A/N: Just clearing out my drafts…..

Before I go back to being MIA, I just wanna be serious for a moment. And to anyone who gets offended by this, fuck you, your feelings, your opinion and your life. In That Order.

Now as funny as the curve seen around the world was, this is a serious issue that really bothers me about the whole situation. And the scary part is you have people mistaking obsession and insecurity as relationship goals.

Her award was to be about her, her accomplishments in music, her influence in the industry and the importance of her career moves. This nigga had the gall to make it about him and his feelings about her. Thinking, with all bias put to the side, how much of his actual speech was about her career and journey in the industry? How much of his actual speech that was about her career does anyone even remember?

This is the issue I have with him, from the moment her winning this award was announced, he took it upon himself to insert himself into it. The billboard would’ve been nice if he didn’t have to make it about him by putting his name up there too. His name was just as big as hers as if this was actually about him.  From that moment, all people were talking about was Drake did this and Drake that but I thought this was about Rihanna. I thought she was getting the award, not him.

He just has this irritating habit of injecting himself in other people’s moments. People claim how in love with her he is, he is in love with the attention that comes with Rihanna. He’s in love with the influence her presence brings and he relishes in the rumors because that’s what makes him relevant as her starpower is way more than his.  He has to be around her because that’s the only way he can appear like he’s some sort of alpha male. That’s not love. That’s insecurity. That’s selfish. That’s self-centeredness.

You don’t use someone else’s moment of honor to bring attention to yourself if you love them. You don’t use someone else’s accomplishment as your soapbox to further whatever personal agenda you have if you love them.

Seriously, why does he try so hard like who are you really trying to convince? If you ain’t got it by now then you just won’t ever get it.

He’s like a narcissistic little black hole, always popping up out of nowhere, swallowing someone else’s light.


Disneyland …..Dubai!? 

According to an anonymous theme park construction board, you’re looking at “commissioned” artwork for a mini-Disneyland in Dubai. 

Although not official in any capacity, yet, these pieces offer an interesting look at new concepts for Disney’s parks around the world. Of note is an curved and European inspired Main Street that’s redolent of Hogsmeade from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Carsland and Pixar attractions to the west, and Star Wars land where Tomorrowland should be. 

If Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios were to ever receive their oft-rumored Star Wars and Carsland expansions, this is what they could look like. 

Fascinating, to say the least…. to think, we’ve seen more of this not even announced park than we’ve seen of Shanghai Disneyland! Not only that but this is representative of The Walt Disney Company in the 21st century- a collection of branded properties. Fantasyland, Carsland, and Star Wars. There isn’t much room for originality in this small idea for a park.

  Enjoy, and let the speculation begin. 



latest Curves Around the World theme - Belts. In this post I show how a belt can make all the difference in a look. So many different combinations can be had with belts - be it skinny belts or chunky statement ones. Belts can add a pop of colour, spice up a simple look or cinch in the waist if the outfit is kinda loose at the midsection. For this look, Im wearing a Cotton On Kimono jacket and tank top (sz L), a River Island stretchy denim skirt, Lovisa earrings and mint green Rubi shoes. Love the ikat print of this blazer!