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Going to give my blog some more attention! Okay so, it’s been a few months after quest now, and my leg armour has come in! So last night I ran around Ballarat Swordcraft with a heap of armour and something very new to me; A SWORD AND SHIELD. Crazy to think, but I’ve pretty much only run as an archer in my entire year and a bit at swordcraft. So I picked up a sword and shield and gave it a go, and man are my arms tired! It was a lot of fun and felt like a completely different game. I was pretty terrible. Archery is like second nature to me now, so I had a lot to concentrate on with the shield, what they were doing, what I was doing, and just generally trying to get a hit in. It was a big learning curve but awesome fun and can’t wait to start training and getting better and better!

And some photos of me being a dork!

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yooooooo Can I get headcannon for paladins (plus Allura an Coran) who have a curvy s/o that has hip/knee pains (cause dang, curves are awesome but can be painful)

(I feel you here. I have a lot of hip problems myself.)


  • He’d be sympathetic to his s/o’s problems, and tell them to let him know whenever they were in pain.
  • He does some research on some stretches that help make the pain less frequent and suggests his s/o tries them out.


  • He’s surprised to learn of his s/o’s hip/knee pains. He never knew that having a large bust or hips could cause someone so much agony.
  • If his s/o ever told him they were having pains, he’d just pick them up and carry them to wherever they were going to hopefully lessen it a little bit.


  • This boy already knows that beauty is pain and he’s already fully prepared.
  • He has designated spa days about every other week where he’ll just pamper his s/o with massages, warm baths and hot rocks.


  • He’s super worried about you all the time and will ask you if you’re okay, even if it doesn’t look like you’re in pain
  • If your hips/knees ever start hurting while you guys are out and about, he immediately starts looking for somewhere you two can sit to rest for a little while.


  • They’re more observant after their s/o tells them they have hip/knee problems because of their curves and will almost always be able to tell when their s/o is in pain.
  • They always let the group know their s/o is in pain and that their s/o needs to rest for a little bit if they’re too shy or courteous to say so themselves.


  • She immediately apologizes for pushing her s/o so hard and tells them to sit or lay down and rest for a little bit.
  • She becomes a lot more lenient with her s/o when it comes to physical activity and will ask her s/o if they need a break when they’re doing anything that requires a lot of manual labor.


  • When his s/o first told him, he got super over dramatic and acted like they were about to die.
  • He’s super careful with his s/o’s pains, though, and always takes care of them whenever their hips/knees start to hurt.

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When I was about 8 years old I had this bikini that I loved to wear, until the day came that my mom told me that I probably shouldn’t wear it anymore because it didn’t look flattering for my “body type”. I may have been young, but it didn’t escape my notice that my sisters were still allowed to wear their bikinis in our pool. I know she meant well, but looking back she probably has no idea how damaging it was for her to do that to me. It took so many years of hiding and hating my body for me to learn to love it. Today I finally felt brave and confident enough to purchase my first bikini to wear after fourteen years… And damn, I look awesome!