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My hair and make up from my shoot the other day was so good, I couldn’t help but take a couple pictures before I washed it all away in the pool. Swimsuit is from Robyn Lawley’s line.

ok i’m lowkey trying to follow more general ya lit blogs because my dash is Kind Of Dead, so if u post any of the following please rb and i may check u out?? also if u put what u blog abt in the tags that’d be super helpful!! (and if mutuals could boost this i’d be grateful 💕)

  • simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda
  • six of crows
  • vicious
  • rick riordan books
  • generally anything ya with diverse characters?? so like nina lacour, robin talley, malinda lo… ygm
  • also aftg i guess i like that series whatever

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Hey yo so... uh... I'm a little confused... sooooo if Jeremy n Michael are'nt actually canon... (or they r? I'm not really in the fandom yet oops ) where did "boyf riends" (if I wrote it correctly ;;) come from??

its from the script. rich (who was a bully at the time) writes ‘boyf’ on jeremys backpack and ‘riends’ on michaels so that when they stand next to each other their backpacks read ‘boyfriends’


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Neil and Andrew in the car, finding out that the breaks have been meddled with and they cannot stop the car or they'll end up dead so they jump. Idk who did that but maybe his dad's folks ? Thanks

Okay, I altered this prompt a little (doing research and all), but I think the main theme is here. And I was determined to make it short! Hopefully you still like it.


Andrew revved the Maserati’s engine a little higher before he slipped it into fifth gear on the highway and caught the flash of Neil’s grin in the dim light of the car’s interior illumination and the gleam of his tousled auburn hair falling into his eyes in the occasional overhead lamps on the road. They were a couple of hours outside of Chicago on I-55, were driving for the hell of it and the chance to get away from the congestion of the city and to do something other than Exy, to hit the open road for a little while as they sat side by side in a quiet, peaceful contentment. The cats had enough food and water to last until they returned tomorrow, there was a full pack of cigarettes in the glove compartment and they knew the road well enough to plan stops for fuel and food at opportune moments.

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First Look: The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The new S-Class celebrates its world premiere with extensive innovations at the Auto Shanghai. Among the highlights is an all-new and highly efficient engine range with a series of new technologies for electrification of the powertrain. Intelligent Drive takes another step towards autonomous driving. And the undisputed leader in the premium segment with regard to comfort and wellness sets new standards in the interior. The market launch of the new S-Class starts in the European markets in July of 2017.

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first kiss

The sun cast a caramel glow over the sleek curve of the Mustang in the driveway. Clay ran light fingers over the paint, and the sun-warmed metal bit at the new callouses just beneath his nails. His therapist had said the guitar lessons might help him process some of his emotions, some of his pain. Most days, she was wrong. But Clay kept showing up and strumming out new, awkward chords for those days when she was right.

With a squeal, the screen door opened and Tony stepped into the receding light. His boots were scuffed and loosely laced, coming up over his jeans. A leather jacket weighed on his shoulders. He’d gotten his hair cut a little shorter after his breakup with Brad, citing new beginnings.

New beginnings, Clay thought. We could use some of those around here.

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