curves ahead

Okay, but does anyone else see an enraged Castiel fifty miles away from the bunker, hauling ass back to Lebanon because he made a promise? He was with Sam, willing to be by his side during his time of need, and an unknown intruder zapped him away–ripped him away from Sam.

Castiel whispering under his breath apologies, asking (demanding) the driver for the fiftieth time to drive faster, willing the engine to push its limits. Cas giving the driver clipped answers, replaying the scene in his head. Sam by his side, blinding light, a bent road sign marking CURVE AHEAD, headlights coming and going, and–can’t this vehicle go any faster?  

Castiel redialing Sam’s number and listening to Sam’s voice tell him for the fifteenth time to leave a message. Cas forcing himself to concentrate, to control his true voice because the small crack on the driver’s windshield wasn’t there before. Millions of scenarios, strategies, and what ifs resonating with his grace because he promised.

Castiel promised. 

*wraps self back in blanket*


Took some quick digitals for a job the other day. There is no editing, no filters, just some natural light. So this is my #IamNoAngel post. Some have said that this campaign is skinny shaming, which I am not about, but I don’t think that what this campaign is about either. I see it as an effort to show women that don’t need to look like a VS model to be beautiful or sexy, that all shapes and sizes are beautify. No shaming in either directions, just positivity!!

Monterey with amazing photographer: @michtakespics | makeup: @santanamakeup | hair: @fhmgalore 🦀🐬 @naturalmodelsla

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My hair and make up from my shoot the other day was so good, I couldn’t help but take a couple pictures before I washed it all away in the pool. Swimsuit is from Robyn Lawley’s line.


Okay curvy ladies, you need to get your butt over to right now!!! My friend heynataliealvarado just shot all the new product! Isn’t she freaking gorgeous!!!! 


I am so blessed to have so many strong and incredibly smart women in my life!! Last night I had an amazing time with many of these women from @naturalmodelsla. We all have different stories, but they are also very much alike. We all grew up looking at the same images of beautiful women in the media and because we didn’t think we measured up to their beauty, we felt poorly about ourselves. Now we are working to change the ideals of beauty and help others changer their perceptions as well. But it always starts with loving yourself!!


Disagreement about Miss Korea pose 😂😂

Wenhan tho👌🏼😂 dat S Line + 💪🏼💪🏼

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