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My hair and make up from my shoot the other day was so good, I couldn’t help but take a couple pictures before I washed it all away in the pool. Swimsuit is from Robyn Lawley’s line.

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How do you feel about Scylla?

so all the tales about scylla & charybdis follow the odyssey, which is a story that’s really anxious about women. you’ve got the beautiful powerful witch circe, who turns odysseus’ crew into pigs; helen, for whom the kingdoms went to war and were washed red; penelope, who’ll destroy her husband’s livelihood if she’s unfaithful; clytemnestra, who saw her king and husband dead; the maids in odysseus’ house who sleep with his enemies; the sirens, whose voices enchant & ruin men.

scylla and charybdis are homer’s most monstrous women, lurking in a narrow strait in the tyrrhenian sea. on one side there’s charybdis, who swallows the sea, gurgling in delight as she retches water up and wrecks ships on the rocks. charybdis is a place and a person, she’s the sea as devouring space, as voracious woman

and on the other side there’s scylla, she-dog of the sea, a six-headed woman with rows of shining teeth and a snarling pack of dogs below her waist. her voice is like dogs howling. she’s a dozen male fears about women, a monster made of appetite and power and ruthlessness (when clytaemnestra murders her husband in agamemnon, she’s called a hateful biting beast, a scylla living in the rocks). in ancient greek mythology, women–especially dreadful and powerful women–are often associated with dogs: the canine goddess hecate, the harpies, the erinyes (furies). dog is also an insult thrown at frightening women: in agamemnon, clytemnestra is called dog (κύων); in the iliad and odyssey helen is called dog; in hesiod pandora has the mind of a dog. it implies deceit, violence, and shamelessness, lust. but beneath the insult there’s fear: of women who can’t be controlled, who dupe and defy and emasculate men

circe warns odysseus that scylla can’t be fought, but he doesn’t listen. then there’s a scene that could’ve come from the iliad, where odysseus puts on his shining armour and readies himself to fight. you think there’s going to be a great battle and aristeia, a hero’s glorious rampage against his enemies. there isn’t. scylla can’t be fought, evaded, deceived, placated; he can’t fool her like he fooled the cyclops because the roaring of charybdis drowns out all his clever words. if anything, the aristeia is scylla’s: in one swoop she eats six of odysseus’ men, and he’s lucky to survive. when his ship slinks away it’s not glorious, it’s humiliating

the word used to describe scylla’s voice, λελακυῖα (from λάσκω, “shriek”), is used for dogs but also people; specifically, women crying funeral laments. scylla seems like the fitting downfall for the achaean schemer who conceived of the trojan horse–an artificial monster of war with many heads and many arms in its belly–the man who made possible the sacking of troy and all the death after

so basically i like to think of the two of them, yearless and undying, old monsters from a gone world that was never kind to women, admiring each other across that narrow strait, together wrecking and eating all the men who dare to trespass in their strange wild hidden corner of the sea


I am so blessed to have so many strong and incredibly smart women in my life!! Last night I had an amazing time with many of these women from @naturalmodelsla. We all have different stories, but they are also very much alike. We all grew up looking at the same images of beautiful women in the media and because we didn’t think we measured up to their beauty, we felt poorly about ourselves. Now we are working to change the ideals of beauty and help others changer their perceptions as well. But it always starts with loving yourself!!

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does london have any monsters? tell me about them please.

there’s corpse-candles shivering over Hackney Marshes, and the River Fleet running oil-iridescent with souls, and walls on Brick Lane that sprout graffiti in a tongue not spoken on any streets, and Wandsworth foxes scrabbling through rubbish bins and screaming omens in the grey hours.  

at Crouch End there’s a man with a huge pale face who cuts your shadow from your heels with a pocket-knife and traps it in a takeaway box. he used to sell them at Gast Market, until it was replaced by squat office blocks; now he puts them to work, stealing scrap metal to be melted down for charms.

after the ruin of the White City, the ælf queen moved her court to the abandoned Strand tube station and built a new throne from the starwhite bones of Gogmagog, the last giant. she still hunts humans for sport on the Underground; she takes the noisy ones first.  

the beast of the Thames sleeps amongst the ship-husks and live bombs and shopping trolleys, and its whalelike breathing is the ebb and flow of the rivertide.

Old Kent has bare sockets for eyes. unheeding of cars and concrete, he walks his road to St. Thomas-à-Watering, where the martyrs hung. not seen, unless looked for.

on the Isle of Dogs the demons like to ride the warm bodies through the crowds. time and toil have made them sunk-eyed and decrepit, chewing toothlessly on dream-dregs, secondhand hope. Hell has forgotten them.

(four provinces of Hell fought a turf war over Canary Wharf when the first glass tower went up. last year, by unspoken agreement, they withdrew all their soldiers. the bankers do very well on their own.)

of the Seven Sisters only one remains, with moulted wings and a long beaked face and bones like a birdcage. she haunts Harrow-on-the Hill, eats apple cores and insects, deals cards to strangers. when she sees you, she makes a sound like the distant roaring of your future.

the dark of London town is older, deeper, hungrier. it’s the mask and the face of the city, the surge of blood through all the heartways; alive and not alive. it holds the bones of the city close, and waits, and endures.


Okay curvy ladies, you need to get your butt over to right now!!! My friend heynataliealvarado just shot all the new product! Isn’t she freaking gorgeous!!!!