curvedcat draws


I’ve been randomly adding pieces to this, until it became one. I would love to make more GG animated tibits in the future, it is a lot of fun indeed.

Last week, while I was working on a commission, I looked at my IKEA work lamp and thought - this could be a good objecthead character. (or maybe it was a subconscious attempt to adapt ModMad’s shenanigans, I don’t know anymore) I guess, I just have a thing for big eye-looking things, lmao.

Despite ikea and all, I kept him hungarian with the name Attila, because somehow, I found a lamp with a hungarian accent hilarious. Don’t ask. Also he could swear in a long, weird, alien-like manner, Also, he would be either an architect or a furniture/interior designer. I think it’s cool, like, these are dem things I’ve been always amazed by, but never could do. And that is all right now, frankly. I’m 100% sure this is not too original, since many people must have a similar lamp and similar thoughts like mines - infact, most of them probably have been visualized this idea already. Still, it was fun to play with it. *ollies out*


So a year ago or so, I took a lame attempt to try out myself in the 24 hours comic day. (My second attempt, actually.) The theme was time, but it was up to you how to represent the time scale. You could either go with 1 sec/per page up to 1 billion year/per page. So in the end your comic would either represent 24 seconds or 24 billion years - depends on what kind of scale you have chosen. I couldn’t finish the comic though, but the reason I’m uploading it in little pieces, so I might be able to add the last few pages sometime. Another reason why the main character is a dead ringer of my oc Bozovanni de Luca it’s because I based the environment and story around him. Wich is kind of silly, because intentionally in DownTown Intrigues he has a little bit different story - so even though I’m tagging this as DownTown Intrigues, there’s not too much relevance between them. It’s more like an experiment. A spin-off. Anyway, hope you’ll dig!

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