curved hilt


this one features M’s weapon design because it’s my absolute favorite! it’s a long trailing-point curved blade, with a hilt design that i worked out for quite a while, but i super love it now!

for those of you that were interested, this and N are both available as prints in my rb!

in want of stability

Summary: The illness of the king was sudden and unexpected–but then, such things never are. (royalty reader/ royal guard Taehyung)

A/N: started watching netflix’s new series The Crown and wanted to write a drabble based on it. 

He shut the door as quietly as possible, his hand cold and still on the gold handle. His thumb brushed over the dragon carved into the hilt, the curve of its small fangs digging into his skin. An ache had settled into his chest since that morning, when the doctors had been called in for the last time that week. A faint sob was heard just beyond the door. There were only a couple hours left, at best.

The king would soon pass.

The man who had taken him in as a child when he was living on the streets. The man who had provided for him, raised him, had trusted him with the most important duty of the royal guard, the protection of the treasure most beloved of his heart: Her Royal Highness, the princess.

Soon to be the Queen.

Taehyung took a long breath, his eyes closed, before he let go of the door and walked down the hallway, nodding at the soldiers stationed around the windows and doors, the small clusters of servants quietly expressing grief. Darkness had fallen in the world outside the castle, but the candles continued to burn brightly against the walls, casting light upon the portraits of royal ancestors. 

He found you in the library. The place where you were most at peace in the palace. Tucked away into a corner, in the armchair you’d claimed as your own when you were six and finally tall enough to climb onto the seat. Your face was hidden behind your knees, your arms wrapped around them so tightly that your knuckles were clenched white. You looked so small there, so young, that the memory of that young girl, the precocious princess, came to mind again, your finger held aloft as you had ordered him around stacks of books like a servant, pink-cheeked and smug. For a moment, his heart tightened in his chest, so fiercely he couldn’t breathe.

Taehyung smothered the grief that arose at that image, shoving it behind the walls of his mind until his nails no longer bit into his palms until they bled. He wrestled control over himself again–he couldn’t afford to break. Not now. Not when you needed him the most.

“Your Highness,” he calls softly, taking several steps further into the aisle.

Your head jerked up immediately, one hand rising to wipe the tears from your cheeks. “Taehyung. I–I was just about to come back. I just needed a moment to–to–” your eyes suddenly widened in horror, your face paling. “Are you–has my father–has he–”

“No,” he replied calmly, taking the last few steps until he stood by your chair. “Not yet.”

“Oh, that’s…that’s…” You trailed off in silence, your legs descending from the chair until your bare feet touched the rug.

“Where are your shoes, Your Highness?” He murmured, frowning at the pale, almost blue color of your toes. He bent down onto one knee by the armchair, his hands pushing the hem of your dress back slightly in order to grasp your foot. “Seokjin will fuss at you.” He said it without thinking. Seokjin was the royal family physician–obviously, he had much more important concerns at the moment.

He looked back up at you, his eyes trailing over your face. Tear tracks down your cheeks and rubbed-raw eyes, messy hair from where you’d been running your hands through it, dread and grief and fear in your eyes. Still, you were the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. His thumb stroked along the bridge of your foot, your skin as cold as ice.

You stared down at him, your expression slowly crumpling. “Taehyung… I’m not ready.”

Just barely of age. Tall enough to reach the top of his shoulder only on your tip-toes. Sheltered from pain and heartache and evil your entire life. Such small, fragile hands. Hands that had never held a sword. How were you meant to lead a kingdom on the brink of war, your country hanging be a thread within the shadow of an old enemy?

No. You weren’t ready. 

Taehyung met your eyes. “You don’t have a choice, Your Highness.”

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A/N: <3 (it’s not really the gif i wanted, but it’s impossible to find a serious gif of Taehyung)

One thing I immediately notice about Ahsoka Tano’s new lightsabers...

Their hilt is curved.

Now… who does Ahsoka know who fights with dual curved hilted lightsabers? Who is really the only person in the galaxy who fights with dual curved hilted lightsabers?

Who was the only non-republic person Ahsoka knew on Coruscant after she left the jedi order? Who was the only person who was willing to actually help and defend her while on the run?

I feel like I know where Ahsoka went after she left the order…

anonymous asked:

Which Star Wars villain do you think has the coolest lightsaber? (I've always loved Dooku's cause of its curved hilt)

People always make jokes about it, but I like Darth Sidious’ lightsaber design


well even tho i just hit 600 i thought i’d do something to celebrate reaching 500! (art by howtogetawaywithpaint)


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