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hello just dropping by to say that your art is so wonderful and it makes the world a better place and i love it SO MUCH!!! i can't even put into words how excited i get when i see you've done something new! it's just so beautiful and delightful and you're one of my favorite people! i hope you're having a great week!

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omg ANON it is too early in the day for this flood of kindness Q_Q (i kid it’s almost 1PM where I am) but for real, that’s such a warm, encompassingly lovely thing to say about me lordie ;___; 

Thank you so much for looking forward to my new pieces and enjoying what I do, that legitimately means the world to me as a creator <3
Being able to evoke feelings in others whether it be warm n fuzzy or melancholy and reflective, is honestly all I aspire to do *fist clench* 

Your words keep me fired up to work hard and persevere through all the potholes that come w art blocks/feeling frustrated w my art (because honestly, no matter how long you’ve been drawing for or what your skill level is, art block and fear of stagnation can come atcha at any time)

I hope you have yourself a flippin great weekend Anon, cus you sure made mine a whole lot brighter ;u;

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They've been playing new episodes this week on PBS leading up to the last day of school one, and I think the animation has been getting better. They played the Dr. Who parody/Missing Wally episode, and the running scenes in that are so much better than the ones in the Prunella gymnastic ones. I do wish, though, they'd quit doing episodes where both halves are about the same people. Mix it up!

that’s good to know! i haven’t seen the newer episodes so i’m not the best judge but it’s good to hear that maybe they’re findin their feet a little more with regards to the animation :0