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mikannie week day 1: High School AU

Title: Bad

Summary: Mikasa has been her school’s token goth and bad girl for years, so when Annie Leonhardt transfers and tries to be the baddest bitch, Mikasa puts up a fight.

“Eren,” Mikasa said, grabbing his collar and pulling him until his brown ear was close to her lips, “who is she?”

“Who, the blonde?” Eren asked, pointing at the short girl in a bun, black jacket, and loose red tie. Mikasa smacked his hand down and hissed, “Yes.”

“Oh. Annie-something. Transferred here from God knows where.”

“I-I-I wouldn’t mess with her, Mikasa,” Armin said. He took a bite of his sandwich and downed it quickly. “Jean told me she set a fire in her last school.”

“Jean’s an idiot!” Eren shouted. The cafeteria got a bit quieter. Mikasa scanned the room for Jean but did not see him, however, she did see the girl, Annie, her cold-grey eyes on her. Her stomach turned into butterflies.

Eren continued, “An upperclassman told me she punched a teacher.”

“I doubt it,” Mikasa said. Her fingers tugged her choker to one side as she observed Annie. The tips of her toes barely touched the floor, and her fingers, legs and face were all thin and frail. “She’s so tiny.”

“Well, k-kids are already a-a-afraid of her.”

Mikasa let go of her choker. This girl could potentially be seen as the baddest girl in school. If she won that title, that would not only be humiliating, but also dangerous to Eren and Armin, seeing as her rep was often the only thing keeping them safe from their idiocy.

Looking back over at Annie, Mikasa saw her chewing a tuna sandwich, looking at nothing in particular. “I suppose I’ll have to see what she can do.”

… … …

When Mikasa first heard the loud, gritty guitar, she thought the lunch lady at the cash register was playing her music again, and just ignored it and took a slice of pizza. She was surprised to find the lunch lady speaker-less, until she turned around, ready to go to her table, and saw Annie Leonhardt at her own.

A small amplifier was plugged into the wall, and plugged into that was a chord leading to a red-and-white guitar. Annie strummed furiously, her left hand switching positions every eight strums. Mikasa recognized it as the chords to My Chemical Romance’s “DESTROYA.” She would’ve been lying if she said she didn’t find Annie biting her lip, chest pulsing to the beat, kind of hot, anther heart skipped when Annie looked up at her, flicked her eyebrows and smirked. But Mikasa forced a scowl and walked off.

As Mikasa made her way to her table across the cafeteria, she heard the chatter of the other tables.

“She’s going to get in so much trouble!”

“You think she cares? She’s crazy.”

“Do you think a teacher’s gonna stop her?”

“Uhh, maybe. Oh, you know. I heard she punched a teacher at her old school.”

“I’d like to see Mikasa Ackerman take her on.”

Mikasa scowled at the last bit she heard. She sat between Armin and Eren with a thud, thinking, ‘I’m going to have to remind them who’s boss.’

… … . .

It seemed that the whole school was gathered around the graffiti, talking and pushing to get a better look. Mikasa knew her separation, sitting on the bench in the schoolyard, was a dead giveaway, but that was part of the display. “They squash personality and cut creativity with axes,” a loud boy said, syllable by syllable, “they teach us fake history but nothing about taxes. Damn, that’s deep.”

Mikasa felt herself tense as Annie came into view. She was carrying her guitar, clad in a black sweater far too big for her, a plaid skirt and her signature bun and red tie. She walked down the sidewalk until she spotted the graffiti and curved into the grass. Mikasa watched her read the graffiti, thinking, 'What do you think now, bad girl?’

“Who would do this?” a high pitched voice that Mikasa recognized as Christa Lenz’s said. Annie looked to her left as Christa said this, her eyes locking with Mikasa’s.

As Annie approached, Mikasa sat up straight and crossed her arms, looking Annie dead in the eye.

“What’s your problem, Ackerman?” Annie said, crossing her arms. “You’ve been acting like a freak since I first met you. Or are you just a freaky goth?”

Mikasa stood up at her full height, which was at least a full half foot taller than Annie. She seemed to notice the height difference, but only lifted her chin in response. She had guts, Mikasa had to admit. “My problem is that you think you can transfer her from some preppy school and claim the title of 'bad girl.’ Well, Leonhardt, I’ve had that title for three goddamn years, and I’m not going to be lose it to some pipsqueak.”

Annie scowled. “You think you, an emo shit-”


“Goth shit, can be the baddest bitch here? I can kick your ass six ways and sideways. I’m not afraid of bull.”

“Oh really? Then prove it.”

“It’s on.”

The bell rang and Annie and Mikasa lingered, staring at each other like it was a contest. Then Annie turned away and joined the sea of students entering the building, and Mikasa couldn’t help but wonder what she was getting into.

… … …

A growling sound greeted Mikasa as she left English. She looked to her right and saw a blonde on a skateboard. She had to stand on her tip-toes to be sure, but it was Annie. That red tie was unmistakeable.

Idiot, she thought, though she did not stop watching. One slid down on the hall’s floor a few feet in front of her. She jumped over him, and Mikasa’s stomach lifted with Annie’s hovering feet. She and her black skateboard landed with a clap, and the humming continued. Mikasa had to admit, that was kind of awesome, but this show couldn’t go.

As Annie approached, Mikasa lifted her right foot. When she was just a foot or two away, Mikasa stuck her foot out. She winced as the skateboard pinched her big toe, but collected herself with pride as Annie continued forward and fell off.

Students began to laugh as Annie got back on the board. She glared at Mikasa– she couldn’t stand that icy, stabbing look– and whispered, “Asshole.”

Mikasa watched her swerve around her foot and continue to skate down the hall. The laughter slowly faded.

What Annie was doing was cool, but not bad. This would be her advantage– she knew how to break the rules where it mattered most. She’d show her who’s bad yet.

… … …

Annie couldn’t decide whether she was happy or angry that Mikasa was wearing that outfit. She walked into health class just seconds late, wearing a dangerously short black mini skirt, a low-cut black blouse, fishnets that pressed into her thick thighs, and spiky boots, bracelets, and a dog collar. Annie felt her southern regions ache as she took in her curves and lumps, and she had a feeling she wasn’t alone in that sensation.

“Miss Ackerman, that outfit is distracting to me and the rest of the class,” Mr. Shadis said. His lips were pursed and Annie couldn’t tell if he was staring at Mikasa’s boobs or legs. Perv.

“That’s your problem,” Mikasa declared, then walked over to her seat behind Annie. She watched her thighs bounce, then turned to Shadis. He looked frustrated, although for what reason, Annie couldn’t tell.

Mikasa had said that with such a quick, over-casualness, she had to have anticipated that reaction. So she wanted to play dirty? She wanted to really break the rules? Annie could do that.

… … … .

The lockers next to Mr. Zeke Jaeger’s room (Annie’s homeroom, Mikasa had surmised) were graffitied. There was a red A, an orange N, a yellow N, a green I, a blue E, and a sloppy, purple exclamation point. Mikasa stared at them, back against the wall.

'So Annie’s gay,’ Mikasa though. she couldn’t say she was surprised, but her breathing did grow noticeably faster. Goddamnit, she was gonna kill something if she was crushing on this girl.

That aside, this was a wise choice. The teachers would hate this for a number of reasons, the girls would fear her, and the talk about it was already exploding right next to her.

“I told you she was a dyke,” Hitch Dreyse told Marlowe Freudenberg.

“I bet Jaeger will flip,” Jean Kirschstein laughed.

The classroom’s door opened. “Come on in, guys,” Mr. Jaeger said in an exasperated tone.

Mikasa followed Hitch and Marlowe inside. This was not over yet. She had an old, but good trick up her sleeve.

… … … …

Mikasa, as usual, did not take notes during health. She didn’t even take out a notebook. Except this time, she took out an unopened box of thumbtacks. She opened it and took out just one, and Annie watched her play with it for most of class. Her fingers were thick with long, black finger nails, but they expertly twisted the tack and flipped it.

When Shadis left the room to talk to the French teacher, Mikasa dashed out of her chair and towards his desk. Annie heard the thumbtack drop. Someone gasped and others laughed and Annie just watch Mikasa cooly walk back to her seat not even looking at Annie. That was disappointing.

She sat down just as Shadis entered the room, and the class went silent as he made his way to his desk. Annie’s heart stopped as he began to sit, then winced when he yelped.

“Oh, ffffuu….” Someone snorted as he reached around to pull the tack out of his ass. “Alright, who did this?”

Everyone was extremely silent. Annie looked at Mikasa– her arms were folded.

“Really? No one?”

More silence.

“Alright, then, you’re all in detention on Saturday! I swear, you students are atrocious, between this, Miss Ackerman’s blatant disregard for the dress code, and that graffiti yesterday– I know what those colors mean, and it’s disgusting! Don’t–”

Annie tuned out his ramble. so this guy was a homophobe and a pervert. Why, she’d like to-

Suddenly, she had an idea.

… … .

Mikasa knew Annie had something up her sleeve when she sat down at the desk right next to her. She kept an eye on her all through class, and she noticed Annie glancing at her frequently, too. But she wasn’t holding anything out of the ordinary, and was acting normally (aside from watching Shadis intently), so Mikasa was unable to predict her trick.

Meanwhile, Shadis was talking about why abstinence is safest. “….and it is important to wait until you’re very ready. As you all know, sex is between a man and woman–”

“Is it, though?” Annie shouted. Everyone looked at her, including Shadis. Something was about to happen.

Shadis huffed. “What else would it be?”

“Ha. Watch this.”

Mikasa didn’t remember much of what happened next. She saw Annie’s hand reach for her, felt a tug on her pentagram pendant, and then her lips slammed against Annie’s. Her eyes flew shut on instinct.

It was all over. Annie was no doubt, the baddest, most fearless girl in school. But her lips were surprisingly soft, thin and very warm, and Mikasa’s heart and lungs weren’t working, so she kissed back. Their tongues rubbed briefly– it tasted odd, bitter, but beautiful.

When they separated, the entire class was whooping, cheering, clapping and laughing. Shades was scowling so hard his eyebrows threatened to invade his pupils.

“OFFICE! NOW!” he barked. The class continued to roar.

The two girls quickly got up, very cautious to make sure their shoulders weren’t ruling. They walked towards the door.

“I win, by the way,” Annie said as soon as the door shut behind them. They walked down the hall together.

“Congratulations. You’re the worlds biggest rebel, without a cause.

"Well, you could, you know, give me one.”

“What does that mean?”

Annie drew a deep breath, and they turned left. “The poetry you graffitied was pretty good. Do you write a lot of poetry?”


“Cool. I’m into chicks who write poetry.”

Mikasa’s breathing went shallow, and her stomach fluttered in anticipation, but she cooly said, “Really? Why?”

“I sing their poetry to them while I play. It’s kind of uniting and romantic. Plus, they’re like wise princesses you have to fight for. I’d fight for y–them.”

Mikasa pictured Annie serenading her on the guitar at lunch, then imagined her drawing a sword as Mikasa hid behind her. They were images she was not comfortable, but they made her face flush, and she was a little more okay with Annie being the bad one.